Trump Charity Ordered To Halt Further Solicitations Due To Alleged Violations Of State Law

495px-Donald_Trump_by_Gage_SkidmoreLast night I appeared on Fox to discuss the Trump tax disclosure and my view that such use of debt or losses to avoid taxation are allowed under federal law.  This is not say that such practices are based on good tax policy but rather that such practices are not unlawful.  Conversely, I have previously stated that the allegations over the status and operation of the Trump Foundation do raise potential liability.  Now, the F0undation has been ordered by New York AG Eric Schneiderman’s office to  “cease and desist” from soliciting charity contributions.


Any charity that solicits more than $25,000 a year from the public must obtain this registration before raising money and submit to annual audits to assure that no money is used to benefit the officers through self-dealing. Schneiderman could move to enjoin the charity and even force the return of past money raised by Trump.  What is known is that the Trump Foundation took in at least $1.67 million through Trump’s website.  Trump has reportedly given at least $5.4 million between 1987 and 2006.

Now the Foundation has been ordered to “immediately cease soliciting contributions or engaging in other fundraising activities in New York” and provide financial documents to the state Charities Bureau within 15 days.

I still remain surprised that Trump attorneys did not insist on the proper certification and annual auditing required under state law after the Foundation began to solicit significant contributions.  That failure has now led to the suspension of fundraising operations at the Foundation and, while unlikely, the prosecutors could ask for all of the prior contributions to be paid back to the donors.

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  1. I must say it’s high irony that so many self-righteous Righties were SOOOO deeply offended when Michelle Obama bared her arms in a sleeveless dress but aren’t bothered at all that Malaria Trump has made all this soft-core porn or that Donald himself seems to have at least made several sex tapes and asks Americans to watch more porn when he’s up tweeting at four in the morning.
    Yessir, no hypocricy there. None at all.

  2. The reports keep rolling in about what a lying SOB Trump is.
    Today we hear from one of Trumps own bankruptcy attorneys:

    “In one document, bankruptcy attorney George Miller reveals that when meeting with Trump, “it’s always been our practice to make sure that two people are present, and we don’t have a problem with people lying.”
    Miller calls Trump “an expert at interpreting things. Let’s put it that way.”

    The attorney went on to say:
    “Miller calls Trump “an expert at interpreting things. Let’s put it that way.'”

  3. Fallon’s audience is 36 Dem/31 Rep. Kimmel is 34/33. Colbert’s audience is 47/17. He won’t last much longer unless he changes, but liberals are stubborn. Look @ Olbermann. WTF is he doing now, local sports in Akron?

    1. yep, Olbermann was great. Remember his epic rant when he went after HRC’s assassination remark? That finished him. Replaced by Maddow – super bright, but an open HRC surrogate.

  4. What about Clinton foundation…are they clean of any wrongdoing
    Are those foreign government /donors donations legal???
    Is it legal that the Clintons are using foundation money for their personal expenses???
    What about the Haiti money scandal???

    1. Clinton foundation came out of Haiti looking 1000 times better than the Red Cross.
      And they are rated “A” by several charity watch orgs.

      Nearly 90% of their funds go towards the actual charities.

      The “introductions” they did for donors seem stupid, but no different than any Congressional Rep or Senator in history.

      1. Looking better than the Red Cross is classic, “Damning w/ faint praise.” I have gone on many rants here how the Red Cross is just a bureaucratic leech that cares little about people. Briefly, I worked in a horrible Hurricane Agnes disaster area in 1972. The Red Cross were nasty, uncaring, a-holes. I fell in love w/ the Salvation Army and contribute generously to that organization since then.

        The Clinton Foundation is a slush fund that allows pedophile Bubba to span the globe “dicking”[per Colin Powell] teenagers.

        1. Nick, good to know that the Salvation Army is honest – just received a letter asking for contributions to families for Thanksgiving and now I will donate. The only other organization I support is Doctors without Borders.

      2. That 90% figure is a lie that was produced just for the campaign. Legit agencies that rate charities say it can’t even evaluate the Clinton Slush Fund because of they way they move money around to hide their activity like a Colombian Cartel . But, lemmings like you just eat that crap lie up.

        1. Charity Navigator gave the Clinton Foundation after it started receiving 20K donations from the Clinton Global Initiative. Charity Navigator has lost much of its credibility over their ties to the Clinton Foundation and CGI. The Clinton’s corrupt everything and everyone they touch and attack those who don’t play ball. JT has seen this first hand. Why do you think he keeps on them? Who do you trust more, the Clinton’s or JT?

          1. The Clinton’s operate just like the Mafia. They have been dubbed the Ozark Mafia for a reason. I see Bubba is ripping Obamacare. For Bubba, that uppity Negro never understood his place. He should have been, “carrying my bags.”

            1. But Nick – didn’t Joe Biden say he was “clean and articulate”?? Liberals want to pretend they are not as racist as some people who identify as Conservatives.

              1. Autumn, Exactly. Some liberals are smile to your face, stab you in the back racists. And regarding the Salvation Army, I can cite many examples of true compassion. They annually are one of the highest rated charities. The people who run the Salvation Army are the real deal..Jesus like.

        2. Your information is completely out of date. Surprise surprise.
          That agency that “didn’t know how to rate the Clinton Foundation” now gives it an overall score of 94% out of 100.
          But stick with your version. It suits you and fits your never-changing narrative.

    1. There is not one single fact check org or news outlet that didn’t have Pence lying 5:1 over Kaine.

      Only in the distorted minds of Trumpians.

          1. Used to be a Colbert fan until he threw Bernie under the bus. He’s fallen in line to please his corporate owners and shill for Hill. Not amusing anymore.

            1. Autumn,

              Colbert was funny when he played a caricature of O’Reilly. Now he has become a caricature of himself. His ratings are horrible. The guy who plays it the straightest, Fallon, has the best ratings. I mean he’s a liberal but he is a comedian first. Colbert is a liberal first. That’s a cardinal sin for comedians. There should be no sacred cows. That little weasel Seth Myers also has horsesh!t ratings because he is blatantly partisan. You never knew Johnny Carson’s politics, he slammed everyone..Leno as well. The depressed and unfunny Letterman paved the way for partisan politics. Letterman did not start out that way, he got swept up in the liberal wave. He got hooked into a loveless marriage, became angry and depressed, and that is the perfect formula for becoming liberal. Letterman played it straight when Carson was still alive. He worshiped Carson. But once Carson died Letterman let his freak flag fly.

              1. Nick, wow, thanks for the pop culture lesson – I miss a lot because I didn’t grow up here. Also, I never got Letterman – his ironic style seemed brittle and unfunny though I did enjoy the Chappelle interview. Although I’ve lived in the US since 1984 I am still “catching up ” in many regards. Came across a book some years ago called “For Common Things” by Jedidiah Purdy (now a law prof at Duke) – he wrote it when he was young and his perspective helped me understand why my peers were drawn to Letterman and brutalistic sarcasm.

                Comedians such as George Carlin, Lewis Black, Roseanne Barr, Gilda Radner, Chris Rock, Richard Pryor, Robin Williams, Eddie Murphy, DH Hughley and Dave Chappelle I “got” instantly because they are speaking to and for the human condition. The contemporary female comedians such as Margaret Cho, Amy Schumer, and Sarah Silverman I just find grotesque and not funny.

                I adore Jimmy Fallon – it was a risky move on his part to “humanize” Trump =)

              2. He got hooked into a loveless marriage, became angry and depressed, and that is the perfect formula for becoming liberal. Letterman played it straight when Carson was still alive. He worshiped Carson. But once Carson died Letterman let his freak flag fly.

                Letterman was unmarried from 1977 to 2009. He’s been appended to his current wife since 1986, but he’s been serially unfaithful to her. (She, in turn, was the side dish while he was shacked up with Merrill Markoe; live by the sword…). By some accounts, at least five of his employees he’s been involved with (though Merrill Markoe and Stephanie Burkitt are the only names known to the public). You can’t ‘trap’ this man. He’s too strapped for ordinary decency to be able to trap him.

  5. Pence definitely won on keeping his cool.

    Kaine beat him hands down on facts and telling the truth.

    Given that Trump supporters don’t care about facts or lying, for them it’s 100% win for Trump.

    A lot of people think this was Pence’s first 2020 campaign event. Since he knows Trump is going down, he’s thinking ahead like a good politician.

    1. Clintonista talking points. Wipe the Hillary feces off your nose, dog boy.

      1. I guess Darren only censors comments when it’s not one of his buddies.

        Nice civil discourse as usual

    1. NEITHER won on style. Kaine was a girly, smarmy a-hole and Pence was kinda creepy. You see, when you think for yourself you have credibility.

  6. Trump has been shown up by both Hillary and his own vp and yes, even Kaine performed better than Trump Trump will back in the spotlight on Sunday night.

  7. Pence was prepared and he hung Trump out to dry so I guess he won. He might have stopped Trump’s slide but that remains to be seen.

    1. LOL! I saw that talking point, “He didn’t defend Trump” evolve last night. It was IMPOSSIBLE to defend every charge since it included kidnapping the Lindbergh baby. I didn’t watch the whole debate[baseball was much better] but I saw Pence defend many shoot from the hip charges including, on 2 occasions, “Trump hates all Mexicans.” Most people didn’t know either of these guys. They came out of that debate thinking one is a smarmy a-hole. Guess which one, SWM?? As I’ve said, in my lifetime the VP is most important this election since it’s likely neither Prez will complete the 1st term and certainly will not be a 2 term Prez.

  8. Kaine is obviously sexist the way he treated that moderator. Good thing he’s not running w/ a woman.

  9. LOL. The Clintonistas are deflecting. They are embarrassed about TONIGHT. The Presidential debate is history. Gloating is not helpful. Try and help your poor VP. I think he sh!t himself. VP is particularly important this election because I doubt either Prez candidate will make it full term.

  10. Where does Tim Kaine buy his meth laced jackass pills? From a super predator? The Clinton;s have that poor SOB so tightly by his partially distended gonads he does know whether to poop or go blind. I was flipping to the debate during breaks in the baseball game. I mean damn. WTF happened to that guy?

  11. Clinton’s debate performance was inspiring. She certainly succeeded my expectations. She sent the Donald spirally downwards. Of course he helped himself continue the downward trajectory in the aftermath and has yet to recover.

    1. If you found her performance inspiring, then you may want to check out one of those new Hasbro robotic dogs, or robotic cats! You can buy them, and them pay them to make the sounds you like! Here, this blurb is just for you:

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      Previously, Hasbro’s line of senior citizen-targeted toys was exclusively feline-focused. Consumers could purchase one of three different colored cats. So what’s in it for those who welcome a robotic cat or dog into their life?

      For starters, no potty-training related accidents. There’s also no need to purchase food, no need to take your robotic pet for a walk, and no fear that your pet will dart out the door.

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      Pairing a senior citizen with a robotic companion isn’t a new concept. Digital Trends notes that an emotionally intelligent robot was introduced into the homes of several homebound senior citizens during a trial in the Netherlands. Most seniors responded positively to the presence of the “care-bot.”

      Hasbro’s robotic companions can be purchased on their website. The cats are available for $99, and the puppy is available for $119.

      Squeeky Fromm
      Girl Reporter

      1. Maybe you need the companion. I have a husband, children, soon to be grandchild and lots of friends. 🙂

        1. I have my books and my poetry to protect me. Plus several guitars and three real cats. Sooo, I am happy! And I don’t get inspired by canned speeches from a crooked political hack.

          Squeeky Fromm
          Girl Reporter

            1. I was talking about protection in the emotional sense. Probably that is because I am reading some stuff about our culture’s wounded “feeling” function. That’s “feeling”, not feelings, which is a Jungian type thing. Those first words were from a song, based on the metaphysical poet, John Donne’s poem.

              For protection in the physical sense, oh Hell Yes! I have my guns! Including my AK-47 which will do a ton of protecting! Here, this is an informative introduction to home defense! The AK47 comes at the end:


              Squeeky Fromm
              Girl Reporter

              (Oh PS, and if you wonder why a girl needs a 30 round clip, watch this poor innocent little Asian-American girl whose home was invaded by three feral black savages! Sheaccomplished what she set out to do, but ran out of ammo, which is a lot less likely if you have a sweeper!

    2. She got under his orange skin so bad he was up at three in the morning RAGE tweeting four days later!

      Now that is some serious psych!

    3. really? “downward trajectory” when Trump is filling stadiums around the country and other venues and is getting millions in contributions? And even the alt left considers him to be less dangerous vs HRC? What are you smoking?

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