Something Wiki This Way Comes: Investigator Alleges That Murdered DNC Staffer Was In Contact With Wikileaks But Family Contests Story [UPDATED]

The family of Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich has continued to investigate his murder for over a year — unsatisfied by the conclusion of the D.C. police that he died in a botched robbery.  There have long been rumors that Rich may have been the source of embarrassing emails given to Wikileaks and that he was murdered by someone in power.  Now, almost a year after he was shot and killed, the family’s investigator has revealed that Rich was in contact with Wikileaks shortly before his death. [UPDATED:  The family reportedly denies that it hired the investigator, Wheeler, and also denies that there is evidence lending credibility to these theories of a Wikileak connection] [SECOND UPDATE: Fox has now withdrawn its story on Rich]

The murder occurred around 4 am and was quickly declared an attempted robbery.  The police noted that the neighborhood had been plagued by robberies.  Yet he was shot in the back and nothing was stolen.  There was also sighs of a struggle.  It is possible that an assailant panicked in the struggle after shooting Rich and simply ran, but family and friends have alleged that it might have been a murder designed to look like a robbery.

Investigator Rod Wheeler said that there is evidence on Rich’s laptop connecting him to Wikileaks.  The former D.C. detective has said that he believes that there was a cover up and that the authorities are still holding on to the computer which could establish the truth.

He is quoted as saying “I have a source inside the police department that has looked at me straight in the eye and said, ‘Rod, we were told to stand down on this case and I can’t share any information with you.’”

It is hard to really judge the basis for this allegations without a review of that computer.  Given the ongoing conspiracy theories and the unresolved murder, it would make sense for the computer to be made available for review.  The family however does not support the account of Wheeler.  It is often said that the most obvious explanation for a crime is often the true one.  In a city with a high level of crime, it is perfectly plausible that Rich was the victim of a street crime.  However, given his position, the public should have a greater level of information on the evidence gathered at the scene — particularly since there is no apparent leads on the culprits.  In the end, the police account could well be sustained, but the family has raised good-faith concerns over the investigation.


142 thoughts on “Something Wiki This Way Comes: Investigator Alleges That Murdered DNC Staffer Was In Contact With Wikileaks But Family Contests Story [UPDATED]

  1. Well, here is one fact:

    Yes, there does appear to have been a Wikileaks reward for Seth’s killer(s).

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

    • Yes, and why would Wikileaks post a reward to find the killer of just some random, unfortunate robbery-gone-wrong murdered DNC staffer?

      He obviously means something to Wikileaks in particular.

  2. Turley

    You are pathetic in publishing this pile of crap. This guy Wheeler is a Fox commenter and was fired from the MPD. He is on record ‘revealing’ an underground gang of armed lesbians were raping girls in DC. He also pulled back his eyelids in order to describe what a male Chinese suspect looks like. This was done on TV.

    Nothing but a pile of crap. Oh, and the family is also calling this crap.



    Democrats killed/”died” in close temporal proximity during the 2016 election:

    Seth Rich July 2016
    John Ashe June 2016
    Victor Thorn August 2016
    Shawn Lucas August 2016

    Executive Actions:

    JFK 1963

    MLK 1968

    RFK 1968

    • Yes, but there are all wild coincidences. And research has shown that when too many wild coincidences occur, the results can also coincidentally be deadly.

  4. So according to this ghoul-like person Bauman:

    “Wanna know what I think? I’ve known the Rich family for a year now…they are some of the sweetest, most gentle people I’ve ever met.

    They are a grieving family seeking answers, trying to get to the bottom of their sons murder. They don’t have the money to pursue the investigation the way that it needs to. So, they have been approached by “good samaritans” who are claiming to be interested in helping get to the bottom of it, and when they accept their help, they find out there is an ulterior motive behind the help.

    Because they are loving and trusting, and just want answers desperately, they accepted the help not knowing that their sons legacy would be contorted and manipulated so that every time there is a flare up in the Trump/Russia story, that their son would be used by Russia and allies to try and distract everyone, and guess what…it’s working.

    The emails are doctored, their timing is suspicious, the private investigator wasn’t hired by the family…he was hired by another person who was “just trying to help”

    So now, these poor folks have two massive problems, a murder that still hasn’t been solved and a son’s legacy which has become a manipulated, fake news story.

    I’m sick to my stomach by how disgusting this is. I hope to G-d that the folks who have used Seth and used the Richs get what coming to them in this world or the next.”

    Unquote the establishment “spokesperson Bauman”:

    One can only imagine the terror the Rich family has been put through – “your son was linked to Assange, a possible terrorist, surely you two don’t want to be arrested and interrogated do you?” this poor family who doesn’t even dare publicly question the circumstances under which their child was assassinated is to be pitied.

    • This is simply not true. Many of those involved with the Clinton leave their employ with their toes sideways and even down, as well as toes-up.

      And regardless of the position of the toes, none of the circumstances of the deaths of Clinton associates and employees was suspicious and the reported anomalies are merely wild coincidences.

      For example, when former Clinton associate Vince Foster was found dead, no bullet was ever found in Fort Marcy Park, even though Foster supposedly shot himself there; the gun that was found in his hand has never been positively identified as his; Foster’s fingerprints were not found on the gun; Foster’s car, a 1989 gray Honda, was not at Ft. Marcy Park when he died; the .38 revolver found in his hand was not the gun that killed him and he did not own it; the caliber of the gun was too large to be consistent with the small hole in the side of Foster’s neck; and Foster’s so-called suicide note was a forgery, said nothing about suicide, had no fingerprints on it, and, according to handwriting experts wasn’t even written by Foster.

      But all of these are just wild coincidences. And they only prove the well-established rule that when too many wild coincidences converge, the results can be coincidentally deadly as well.

  5. Wikileaks is an elaborate CIA/NSA tool and does nothing to reveal truths but simply sprays paint over facts and twists concepts with false flag releases. Assange has too much freedom and accessibility to the Press to be some “Heroic Figure” under house confinement. Name a figure who the CIA wanted who was held under similar circumstances who the CIA did not get. Assange is nothing, a fraud. a front. Anyone who believes Assange is this all powerful Champion deserves to be mislead.

  6. I think you’ve lost your shit Jonathon. Was Rich killed by Hillary Clinton? Some people are starting to say that it looks that way. Now for wild speculation about that for the next several hundred words and … this little caveat: “In a city with a high level of crime, it is perfectly plausible that Rich was the victim of a street crime. However…”

    What happened to you Turley? You come off crazier and crazier with each entry. I used to enjoy your perspective. Now you seem transparently obtuse.

      • That is why I always try to hold back full judgement until all the facts are in. BTW, I found some stuff today on Youtube that you might like. This is the music from a documentary. I ordered a DVD, but youtube has this:

        Squeeky Fromm
        Girl Reporter

        (If you like this, you might want to check out some Doctor Professor Longhair music, too.)

        • LOVE them blues!! Thanks for sharing.

          My musical tastes are pretty varied – everything from Bach to Robert Johnson to Leonard Cohen, 60s, 70s pop, 80s Euro new wave and during the last decade I discovered Philip Glass, Steve Reich, Laurie Anderson, David Byrne,…

          And I love “world music” –in particular percussionists from India, Africa, etc.

      • Yeah, huh? The O.J. Simpson case will never be solved, right? Can you say “democrat leadership” including the donor class?

        What if we got Lyndon Johnson, J. Edgar Hoover, Allen Dulles and Carlos Marcello in a room with a batch of truth serum? Would we solve the JFK assassination?

        What if we got the democrat leadership in a room with a batch of truth serum?

        We will probably never no who killed Seth Rich because we don’t want to know who killed Seth Rich.

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