White House Staffer Leaks That Trump Ignored Written Warning “DO NOT CONGRATULATE” Putin On His Reelection

440px-Official_Portrait_of_President_Donald_Trump225px-Vladimir_Putin_official_portraitPresident Donald Trump is under intense fire for congratulating Russian President Vladimir Putin on his election — an election widely denounced as a sham.  Putting aside the propriety of an American President congratulating an authoritarian figure (who is accused of interfering with his own election), the most notable element in the story was a leak that said Trump’s national security staff not only warned him not congratulate Putin but included in his briefing materials in all-capital letters the warning “DO NOT CONGRATULATE.” The speed of the leak is astonishing even by the measure of the Trump Administration. It appears that the leaks may have occurred within minutes of the call.   Chief of Staff Kelly is reportedly irate with the leak and for good reason.

This leak is only the latest example of the work of staff close to Trump to get damaging information out into the press.  The lethality of these leaks is also unprecedented. These leaks are clearly designed to seriously undermine Trump and some seem intended to push Trump toward impeachment or indictment.  This means that Trump is working closely and daily with people who are actively seeking his demise. I can not recall a president in a similar position.

This leak seemed to be virtually immediate.  It was fast, lethal, and calculated.  It triggered various members, including Republicans, to denounce Trump’s decision and also led to a truly painful press conference with Sarah Sanders.

Like his decision to invite Russians into the Oval Office after the Comey firing (with Russian but not American photographers), Trump’s decision to congratulate Putin is baffling. He must have realized that it would fuel speculation over his relationship with the Russians and seeming reluctance to confront Putin.

I share the negative view of Trump’s decision to congratulate Putin. However, I do not see how this White House can function with this level of leaking from his close advisers.  This is not the usual type of leaks that we have seen from the White House and it is not “deep state” actors.  These are likely his appointees who are secretly working for his demise even at the risk of a criminal charge.  The motivation is not clear but multiple people appear to have taken on a mission of either alerting the public of problematic conduct or hastening the end of this presidency.  Since these are people who were affirmatively selected by the President or his closest aides, it is a remarkable role to take on after only a year of governance.

Trump himself is calling for an investigation, noting that only a small group was privy to the information.

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  1. @Natacha, March 21, 2018 at 12:57 PM
    “Jill, honey, there is no ‘deep state’. Hannity is being paid by extreme right-wingers to convince gullible people like you that Trump is a victim of some secret power group.”

    Ignorance is bliss only as long as it takes for reality to come around and take large chunks out of your hind parts, Natacha.

    Many non-partisan analysts/observers (and non-Trump voters) have pointed out the reality of the Deep State and the power it wields.

    Here’s only one example of many I could call attention to (and assuming you’re not being willfully ignorant) to begin educating you regarding the reality of the Deep State:


  2. Barring an organizational or legal inquiry, why has not American “journalism” held a mass interview with the “White House staff” and directly asked each member, individually, if he/she is the leaker? What happened to investigative journalism?

    If extramarital affairs are unacceptable, why are leaks and leakers acceptable?

    Journalism has been replaced by perpetrators of indoctrination and, irrationally, they are always one-sided; they are always liberal, collectivist globalists.

  3. I could be wrong, but this situation has all the earmarks of a canary trap — a common intelligence tool for trapping leakers. There are a number of variations of canary traps, but what they all have in common is creating information that is simply too irresistible for a leaker to NOT leak it — aka bait.

    It’s how they caught Adam Schiff as being one of the Congressional leakers. They provided Schiff access to an email sent to Trump Jr. on September 14, 2016, which offered him access to Wikileaks documents that were either hacked from the DNC or leaked by someone in the DNC.

    On September 14, Wikileaks had already released those documents, so there was nothing at all unusual or illegal about the email or someone offering Trump Jr. access to documents that were already available to the public. But before provide Schiff access to the email they changed the date to September 4 — which was BEFORE Wilileaks released the DNC documents to the public.

    The email then appeared to be offering Trump access to DNC documents that were not available to the public. That made the email irresistible to Schiff for use in his fake Russian-collusion media campaign, and he leaked it — and it became a huge story for several hours, until the media was notified that Schiff had gotten the date wrong.

    That’s how Schiff got busted for that leak, because the DOJ leak-hunting team knew exactly who they provided access to the email with the September 4 date. It could only have been through Schiff that the press got that leak.

    This situation with Trump congratulating Putin sounds similar. The DOJ leak-hunters probably knew how controversial it would be for Trump to congratulate Putin, so they probably encouraged Trump’s notes about not congratulating Putin to be exaggerated with all caps and also encouraged Trump to go ahead and congratulate Putin — knowing that this would be irresistible to a leaker intent on undermining Trump — while the leak-hunters kept an eye on the small group of people that had access to the related information.

    People seem to forget that Sessions announced the formation of a special leak-hunting team and expanded efforts and resources to catch leakers back on August, 4, 2017:

    “*** Third, as I said, we tripled the number of active leak investigations. In response, the FBI has increased resources devoted to leak cases and created a new counterintelligence unit to manage these cases. ***”

    Like I said, I could be wrong — but the whole set up looks to me like bait laid out for a leaker.

    1. WB – the last thing needed is the FBI investigating it. Until Mueller, Strok, Ohr, etc. are fired and the organization is cleaned up.

      But I do hope you are right that it is a trap.

      1. Mueller is Mueller — a wild card. We won’t know what he’s up to until he’s done. But Strzok, Ohr, and others are pretty much under house arrest — cooperating witnesses in both the Inspector General’s investigation and the parallel criminal investigation by a DOJ prosecutor from outside Washington D.C. that Sessions appointed some time ago.

        I think the FBI and DOJ are in the process of being straightened out. It’s just that the news is dominated by a big bunch of rhetoric from the clowns in congress and media that haven’t been paying attention to the details concerning what’s going on.

      2. Nah, we don’t need no stinkin’ FBI. Communication is shared, it no longer needs to fill the interstate crime service. Shut it down. Close down the 15 of 16 “intelligence” agencies. Save the world some grief.

        1. Oh yeah, agree, “It’s a trap,” as Admiral Akbar would say. Another reason why we need to close that mess up. Fire sale on leftover furniture. Wiretapping supplies…

    2. Adam Schiff was ‘busted’..?? I never saw that story. Is Schiff facing censure for that ‘leak’..?? Again, I haven’t seen that story. Perhaps it was fabricated by right-wing media.

      1. That’s right, you haven’t seen that story — not in the MSN and not in what you call the “right-wing media.” Nonetheless, it’s why Schiff was severed from interaction with the House Intel investigation. And it’s one reason why the DOJ has been so reluctant to produce documents requested by the Committee.
        It will probably come up in or shortly after the Inspector General issues his report. That’s when the indictments will begin.

        1. Haha. More of this type of material, please.

          this is to “sometimes, I just make sh*t up for the hell of it” willie

          1. Marky Mark Mark – just because a piece of evidence does not fit your narrative does not mean it not true. You really need to open your mind at some point, it would do you good. There is a whole world out there you haven’t seen.

  4. That the Russian election was a sham is irrelevant. Putin is the President of Russia, a formidable foe or, as in WWII, a valuable ally. To curry good favor is not a bad idea.

    President Trump will speak with the world’s most evil leader, Kim Jong-un. That is a good idea and worth a try.

    1. Trump loves him some dictators. And I’m sure he’s scared of polonium tea.

  5. In international affairs your allies in a war do not have to be your frat brothers from college. Anyone remember who our great ally was in WWII? Yeah. Stalin and the Soviets. Against Hitler. Yeah.
    So Putin and the Russians could be our allies against ISIS.

    1. Sorry comrade. Roosevelt didn’t congratulate Stalin for keeping his gulags full.

      this is to “Pravda Faux News is my beacon of truth” liberty hater

      1. Marky Mark Mark – Roosevelt thought he could handle “Uncle Joe” but he couldn’t. Uncle Joe handled him. Just as he knew about the atom bomb before Truman told him about it. His spies were one or two steps ahead.

        1. Stay focused. Don’t get distracted. The issue is the day glo bozo congratulating a dictator who won a fake election. That’s not how patriotic American’s operate.

          1. Marky Mark Mark – you are not a patriotic American and would not know how one acts. You neither walk the walk or talk the talk.

          2. We are focused and proud that Trump congratulated Putin. Very presidential. Aren’t y’all always complaining he’s not presidential?

        2. That, Paul, is because the left was always sympathetic to the communist Russians and even spied for them. Obama was a pansy. The left’s sympathies are with anyone but the USA.

  6. While I enjoy reading this blog on occasion, in the final analysis life is lived in our vicinity, locally. What goes on in DC day after day has nothing to do with my family getting fed, our bills paid, our goals realized and our happiness.

    Politics, no matter the leaning, is theater. If anything the players have gotten better but the audiences completely mad.

    Bill Clinton did this to us, nay those who elected him….twice. It has been down hill since

    1. Yea, cause Reagan is the gold standard or some other BS. The only good R president in my lifetime was Eisenhower and I am too young to really remember him. All since have worked to demonize and divide, it gets old.

    2. Francis,

      Riddle us this:

      What is the commie/Nazi/Dem ERISA crap, what does have to do with Cancer treatment & the unconstitutional DC Govt & how does it deny your families constitutional Rights for a $million plus?

  7. I believe, Jonathan Turley, that when you state “these are his appointees”…””these are not deep state actors”, that you are in serious denial about the extent to which unelected, agency bureaucrats have seized de facto control of the machinery of all three branches of American government. This has been a chronic condition afflicting the Constitutional governance of America since the end of WW2, as noted by Eisenhower’s farewell address, and, furthermore, it has gotten exponentially worse since 9/11.

    1. Tinfoil sale down to the piggly wiggly this weekend. I thought you’d want to know.

      this is to “I believe that the ‘Deep State’ put sugar in my gas tank” froggie

      1. Marky Mark Mark – how much is the Deep State paying you to defend their sorry a$$es? Even someone from the bottom of his law school class should be able to recognize the Deep State. Subscribe to Judicial Watch and you will be able to see the Deep State in action every week, unless they are paying you off, of course. We would want you to bite your master’s hand.

  8. So it’s better that the public doesn’t know this information? We can’t see this leak first as a public service rather than as a betrayal and part of a plot? Come on, Jonathan.

    1. A public service? By whom? The warmongers who are funded by the military industrial complex?

      1. T rump and his Saudi pals are killing killin in Yemen. T rump has secret wars in Africa . He is a war machine with more nukes.

        1. Citations Ken, citations! Cripes, even the NY Crimes would be something. How about a tax on useless packets of data?

  9. It may be that Trump doesn’t take it seriously any more, if he ever did. And he may be right. Even if both houses of Congress go the the Democrats in November, impeachment will be risky. Mueller has to deliver the goods, and it’s doubtful. His protection is what got him elected in the first place: his enemies are hated SO much more than he is, he’ll take his chances. We know how good he is at hitting his targets.
    Still, do the leaks prevent him from functioning as president? It doesn’t look like it. But I, for one, wish that Kelly will be able to fix the problem.

  10. Why wouldn’t Trump congratulate Putin? The head of state of one of the most powerful nations – I want Trump to have a good relationship with the man! They are busy developing all sorts of weapons and apparently have the ability to mess with our Navy ships!

    1. You all should have listened when you had the chance…..

      The Internet is the first thing that humanity has built that humanity doesn’t understand, the largest experiment in anarchy that we have ever had.

      Eric Schmidt

  11. Ground zero of everything that Trump does vis a vis Russia is:

    1. The Russian government and Russian security and Russian oligarchs = Russia mafia.

    2. #1 has Trump by the balls on multiple fronts.

    3. It’s likely that Mueller’s team has numerous dead man switches in place.

    4. Trump has no one to blame for this mess but himself. Karma.

  12. On the one hand, tough talk to the Koreans incited the rancor of so many nutcases because they wanted to believe Trump would get us into a war. On the other hand, a similar gesture made by every President to enemies of our nation and tyrants is considered a horrible thing to do. The nutcases can’t keep their eyes on the ball. They have been too busy looking at his tweets and comments to notice how much change occurred while they were looking in the wrong direction.

    The leaks of this nature only provide more proof of how dangerous the deep state has become. The fact that Trump can withstand the attacks from the left and the right along with illegal activities of the FBI and other players of the deep state while wresting the government out of their hands only proves that Trump was the right man at the right time.

    1. This “Deep State” organization which you have so cleverly uncovered is alarming. I appears that through your perseverant sleuthing, you have revealed to the world a nefarious cabal of ne’er-do-wells, undoubtedly hell-bent on eradicating our ‘Merican way of life; our love of apple pie and reality TV; fluoridating our precious bodily fluids; or some other such dastardly deed. Nice work, Inspector, nice work indeed.

      this is to “Inspector Gadget” allan

      1. Continue as you have Mark while the President rectifies many of the problems created by the Obama administration. You are so easily distracted from what is actually happening.

      2. Marky Mark Mark – you are a one-note band. Was that a third-tier law school you went to because your thinking is not very deep or original.

    1. Either John Miller or John Barron leaked this. They were very active back in NYC in the 1990s.

    2. Agreed. Very disappointed he hasn’t cleaned house. Very easy to trap the leakers.

      1. True, as POTUS, Trump seems like they are ALL out to ‘get him’ along with the Liberal/leftist Media types who are NOT mentioning that Obama talked w/Putin in 2012 election, and this time, France, Germany, etc. ALL CONGRATULATED HIM. He needs to tell these “Pamper Leakers to STHU, and when he finds out WHO is LEAKING HIS EVERY MOVE…FIRE THE BAS*ARDS.”



        NEW BOOK DETAILS ALL THIS: “SECRET EMPIRES”…..By Peter Schweizer………….

        1. Obama congratulated Putin on the election years ago, before the invasions of Crimea and the Ukraine and before Russia interfered with our election.

          1. False equivalencies is a topic included in training for American conservatives and Russian bots.

            1. Yup. I think Trump is overwhelmed, shocked, and furious to discover that the government doesn’t work the way his private, family business worked, one in which he, as CEO, had absolute power over everything and everyone and where he hired his own lawyers to blackmail and pressure people into doing what he wanted [lawsuits, settlements, NDAs].

              He’s a toxic brew of narcissism, sadism, a sleepy, hungry, two year old in the grocery store, Roy Cohn, and some worsening cognitive issues.

              Great article just posted on NDAs in the WH:


              1. Love how you folks go along with the proven complicit media. Got some rusty gold pieces I’m trying to unload for quick cash if you’re interested.

                1. Linda – you own 525 businesses and only 4 or 5 go bankrupt, you are far more successful than the national average. If Trump were hitting the national average, 100 of his businesses should have gone bankrupt. Don’t worry about it. It just shows you know nothing about doing business.

                    1. Linda – when you have a bankruptcy, the price of borrowing money goes up. It may not be that credit dried up in the US, but that it got too costly. If you knew anything about business you would know this. It is BUS101.

                    2. Borrowing gets costly or unavailable when the debtor is associated with high risk factors.
                      Cheap loans, say, from someone like Putin, may accompany the grooming of a potential political candidate in another country. The expectation in the transaction may be something other than loan repayment.

                    3. Linda, you can hypothesize all you want to about credit, but to draw a conclusion one needs a factual basis something that appears not to be understood by you. When the Germans loaned Trump money it might not have been because he couldn’t get a good loan in the US rather maybe the German bankers thought he was such a good investment that they underbid the American firms. You don’t know and neither do I so you create the conclusions that you desire. For you, the truth is low down on your list if it exists at all.

                    4. Trump’s tax returns would provide factual basis for further analysis- loan sources, rates, delinquencies, etc. Questions arise when a debtor’s loan interest rate is significantly lower than another borrower, who has a similar financial history or, a debtor is allowed to accumulate delinquencies, etc. It’s possible Mueller’s access to Deutsche Bank records will provide factual basis for reasonable conclusions.

                    5. “Trump’s tax returns ”

                      Linda, you are neither an accountant or the IRS so Trump’s taxes are no concern of yours. Trump has been audited by the federal government many times. He has also been audited by commissions everytime he tried to open a casino and audited by NYC everytime he tried to build a building. If you don’t like the fact that he didn’t release his tax returns then you file your complaint when you pull the lever at the voting booth.

                      He is President. Let him govern. He only controls the executive branch and when his term is up you can vote for a different candidate. That is the democratic way our Republic functions. Mueller should have nothing to do with anything not Russia related starting at the time Trump announced his run for the Presidency.

                      My understanding is that Chase, who he has worked with in the past, was more than willing to loan him money.

            2. Saying “false equivalencies” without even knowing what it means is in your training manual, Linda..
              You repeat the same robotic idiocies endlessly, but it doesn’t make them any truer.
              Or strengthen your case.

            3. Talk about a bot….you are by far the most mindlessly repetative person? who posts here, Linda.

              1. Tom Nash – it is a toss-up between Linda, Marky Mark Mark, and Patriot.

                1. Paul C. Schulte,
                  – There’d be a need for advanced, specialized software to prove it, but I think a review of these threads shows Linda WAY in the lead in the category of “Mindless, Repepitive Automoton”

                    1. 😉 redundent…redundint…redundant.

                      I understood you the first and I agree.

        2. Welcome to bedlam. You’ll fit in nicely here. Other’s have the same syndrome you do.

          1. Marky Mark Mark – you have the “troll syndrome.” Now, you are either doing this because of a mental illness or you are being paid by some organization. Which is it? I am voting for mental illness, but that is just me.

    3. It’s even more worrying that President Potemkin is becoming increasingly paranoid, isolated, and incoherent to go along with his baseline incompetence and unfitness for office.

  13. There are several issues here. The first is glaring hypocrisy. Trump is hosting the torturing reformer MBS on his charm offensive in the US. To me, if there is something Trump should not do, it would be hosting a torturing dictator, but hey, they buy all our weapons, the want to kill Iranians, and we make a lot of money killing Yememi civilians with our weapons, purchased by Trump’s good friend, MBS.

    If I had to pick something to be offended about, that would be it– that and all the other dictators we arm and hang out with. I see no reason to congratulate Putin but in the scheme of what the US does around the world it pales in comparison to our other actions . I don’t understand why so few people notice that the US itself has jokes for eletions, that most of our BFFs’ leaders are evil just like US leaders. They are all war criminals and it’s sickening to pretend the US is some beacon of morality who bestows legitimacy to other war criminals!

    As to the leaks. The deep state is playing out all sorts of crap right now. That’s why those are happening. The sooner we can get clear about our own nation, the better.

    1. Ret. Lt. Colonel Ralph Peters in his resignation letter to Fox,” (Fox) uses scaremongering with lurid warnings of a ‘deep state’ “.

      More important than what you’ve written Jill (if you are American and not Russian) are the schticks by both parties. The GOP uses “patriotism”, which gets its boost in authenticity by Dem globalists from the tech field (not that Repubs don’t have a slew of them, too), who invite immigration so that they can hire the tech savvy among immigrants, to keep American wages low.
      Then, there’s the “we care about people of color” schtick from Dems, which attracts liberal voters. The end result of that messaging is the middle class lost its public schools, fleecing them of the money they intended for their kids’ education. The Democratic schtick gets its boost from the GOP’s overt racism.
      The primary losers in privatized education are people of color who can be denied admittance to the schools. Secondly, it’s the middle class forced to buy private education. The winner, men like Bill Gates and Z-berg, who are investors in the largest seller of for-profit schools-in-a-box and, Republican and Democratic politicians.

      1. I’m definitely Russian, all the way!

        I did not say anything about parties here. Please read what I wrote before you respond. I am making a much different point. Feel free to make your own point but don’t link it to mine which has nothing to do with yours!

        1. Jillinski, I thought this was a good article about the Russian election. Their elections look cleaner than ours – paper ballots, video cameras – hell we couldn’t even get exit polls during the primaries!

          “On March 18 Russia held presidential elections. Everybody (with a brain) fully expected Putin to win, but hardly anyone expected him to win this big, or with this high a turnout: 67.47% of the eligible voters turned up at the polls; of them, 76.67%76.69% voted for Putin. In case you are still wondering whether Crimea is part of Russia (trust me, it is) the turnout there was 71.53%, of whom 92% voted for Putin. And in the once separatist republic of Chechnya the turnout was 91.54%. Record turnouts were also observed outside of Russia, among the very large Russian diaspora. Over half of all Russians voted for Putin.

          Equally notable was the manner in which the elections were run: the process was public and transparent, using paper ballots counted by hand. Polling places were equipped with video cameras. Ballot-stuffing, which was a problem with previous elections, was detected in a couple of places, and the tainted results were disqualified. While during previous elections people could only vote where they were registered, now they could declare their location and vote wherever they found themselves, even at airports if they happened to be traveling. While the previous presidential elections in Russia were followed by a wave of protests, with numerous people complaining about fraud at the polls, this time these voices were scarcely heard. And while in previous elections opposition candidates got considerable traction among the Western-leaning educated elites in Moscow and St. Petersburg, this time the entire country was quite uniformly pro-Putin.”

          A Dry Run for Russian Democracy


          1. Autumnova,

            Those exit polls were not matching the required outcome! That’s why they had to go!!!

            1. Yup, and no mention of the fact that Democrats Abroad voted 68.79% for Bernie. They understood the danger HRC presented to the world.

            2. Putin and his oligarchs have stolen from da Russian people and have stashed their money in da oligarch Trump’s properties. You are either fools or don’t give a damn about human rights, Hope da young kids against guns and da woman in da hats whip your autocratic asses this fall. You go Stormy girl and all da women that T rump has attacked, You speak up Russian honkers against Putin and T rump.

              1. Original Ken,
                Thanks for highlighting the damage done by people picking up paychecks from oligarchs to undermine democracy.

          2. If ya goofs knew anything ya would know it would be Jillinsky in Russian.

      2. Peters’ letter was brilliant and, while it won’t impact their evening show craziness [it will probably make them crazier] , I’m sure it was a shock to their management. Good for him!!

    2. Jill, honey, there is no “deep state”. Hannity is being paid by extreme right-wingers to convince gullible people like you that Trump is a victim of some secret power group. Yesterday, one of Fox’s contributors refused to continue his contract because people like Hannity and the ugly snarky bottle blonde just make stuff up to try to support Trump. So pathetic.

      Trump’s just a fat reality show performer with a YUGE ego that wanted the power and prestige of the Presidency of the US to brag about. As today’s post shows, there are still some patriots in the White House who want the rest of us to know the truth.. Contrary to Jon’s opinion, we, the public, have the right to know that this fat dumbass won’t follow the sound advice given to him by those who have sense enough to know that it’s against US policy to congratulate a murdering thug who cheats his way to power. Trump’s stupidity and inability to follow sound advice is what you really should be afraid of.

      1. Natacha, I won’t comment on your patronizing response to Jill, who contributes frequent thoughtful points to this blog. However, it’s a shame that you can’t seem to understand that career civil servants who are in government, administration after administration, and who make decisions themselves on the behalf of government day-in and day-out, would have large influence over bigger policies and actions of government over time. Kind of like how gravity works, but you can’t see it. Hopefully that illustration helps.

        1. Yes. career civil servants develop an expertise in governmental policy. Unfortunately for the incompetent, competent people are better at what they do than the incompetent. While I’m sure you’re good at something or another–although not grammar or punctuation–No one wants you to perform brain surgery. Yes, Virginia, government service, and public policy are complex topics, and don’t come easy to the neophyte. Experience matters. So what you call “Deep State” is really nothing more than experienced public servants doing their job.

          this is to “but jeb down to the justice of the peace office doesn’t make me feel stupid” slohrss29

          1. Marky Mark Mark – you realize that you have made some new enemies here tonight? People who can tear you a new one? Are they paying you by the comment? I hope the money is worth it.

      2. If ya ever want to find a group of ladies that hate feminists, Democrats and anti gun teens, come to da Turley’s blog. These are da women that love da orange porno king and think da women even da hookers in Russia are lyin.

          1. slohrss29 – thanks – I needed a laugh. Ken gets so tiresome with his hooker obsession.

            1. It’s a little unnerving how our Ken identifies with all that creepy stuff he posts… projection and all.

              Eeeeuuuuwwww….. Oh well, what are you going to do. Better him mixing it up here then… well….

              1. D Trump presidency is about sicko stuff. Three ladies suin today. Could be his undoin.

            2. Autumn – Ken is tired of cruising “hooker alley” for his hookers but he can’t afford a better class of hooker. Escorts are completely out of his price range. 😉

              1. Paul, LOL =) As is the beautiful Melania. Bet Ken Doll has a yuuge collection of her photos!

                1. Autumn – well she did do those soft porn shots. He probably has the full collection. 😉

        1. Marky Mark Mark – neither you nor Natacha have known the truth for the last five years, maybe more. You are both Manchurian Candidates.

      1. “T rump likes those guys and gals that play rough.”

        … and you like it when a bunny rabbit plays rough.

    3. Good point Jill. Since he sends an allowance to both parties, he gets a pass. That’s how it works. It’s sad when these clearly made points are beyond the understanding of so many.

    4. I guess whatever slant exists above is derived from Al Jazeera a harbinger of terrorists something the Saudis seem more willing to fight today than before. MBS is probably not a nice guy, but he is pushing reform in Saudi Arabia that is beneficial to peace in the world, but not so beneficial to the Wahhabi doctrine that feeds much of the terrorist activities we have seen in our own country. Then again for a harbinger of terrorists that might not meet Qatar’s needs or the needs of Al Jazeera that they own.

  14. More likely the scenario is that the Trump Admin are all having a good chuckle that they can so easily send a fragile media into such blithering idiocy……..

    1. That sounds right. It certainly seems to work with Professor Turley and the usual suspects in the comments.

      1. Point made. Trump seems to be very good at getting the media to step on the rug, then pulling it out from under them. They keep falling for it.

    2. Yes, you are right, in a sense. This is all a big game to them because as time goes on, Fatso’s stupidity and lack of qualification become more and more evident. The media are OUR voice, the “our” being the majority of Americans who: 1. Didn’t vote for Fatso; 2. Think he’s unqualified to serve as President; 3. Who don’t approve of what he’s done so far and 4. Want him gone, ASAP.

      1. re: “The media are OUR voice” Speak for yourself Nutchacha. The Legacy Media is failing – pretty soon there won’t be anyone left outside your cult who believes their version of the news..

            1. Do you like Putin’s chemical weapons T rump did not say boo. Da hookers and Putie got somethin bigly.

              1. “Do you like Putin’s chemical weapons T rump did not say boo.”

                Yes, I agree, I think those false flags are pretty too.

  15. RIGHT! DON’T CONGRATULATE HIM!! Because it’s a really good idea to “dis” someone who has enough nuclear weapons to fry the world three times over.

  16. I really do not see a problem with him doing, it is more of a problem if he does not. The problem is the leak. My guess is the CIA guy in the room, they are not happy with their new boss.

      1. Don’t worry, Paul. YNOT is off its meds. That’s what happens at the end of the month. Those government supplied meds run out. Ignore the worthless fool.

      2. YNOT – Reading is your friend. “We” know the CIA has a secure dropbox for the NYT and the WaPo. They just upload a memo to the secure dropbox and it is instant news.

      1. Yes. Interesting point there. Read about that a while back. Seems like he is running them through and out pretty quickly. Who knows???

      2. Original Ken – she is not approved yet. Depends on who is giving the briefing. I do know the NSA does not trust the CIA or the FBI.

      3. Rand Paul promising to filibuster if need be. Tweeted Feinstein to speak up. Loser DIM crone.

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