“The Truth Hurts”: Trump Joins In On “Fredo” Mockery Of Chris Cuomo

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As many of you know, I am a constant critic of the loss of civility in our society. For that reason, I was not critical of CNN host Chris Cuomo when he reacted angrily to a guy who went out of his way to insult Cuomo by calling him “Fredo,” a reference to the weak, older brother of Michael Corleone. After calling Cuomo “Fredo,” the man mocks him further by saying “I thought that was who you were.” Cuomo responds with profanity, which is captured on video and went viral. I am sympathetic to Cuomo when people believe that they have license to insult celebrities and suspend basic rules of civility just because someone is on television. It is particularly disturbing to have the President of the United States join in the mockery and lower his office to the level of a troll.

In the  viral video Cuomo is captured slang “No, punk-ass b—-es from the right call me ‘Fredo.’ My name is Chris Cuomo. I’m an anchor on CNN,” Cuomo responded. “‘Fredo’ was from ‘The Godfather.’ He was a weak brother and they use that as an Italian slur — are any of you Italian?… It’s a f—ing insult to your people. It’s an insult to your f–kin’ people. It’s like the N-word for us. Is that a cool f—ing thing?”

First, two points of needed clarification. First, the analogy to The Godfather is misplaced. Fredo was the older brother of Michael and was upset for that reason in being “passed over” for head of the family after Sonny was killed. Chris Cuomo is the younger brother to Gov. Michael Cuomo. Moreover, being a CNN host is hardly an example of a failure. While Cuomo has garnered much opposition for his criticism of Trump on CNN, he remains a major media figure — hardly the sleazy sycophantic figure of Fredo.

Second, while Cuomo says that “Fredo” is the Italian version of the “n-word.” To answer his question to the heckler with the camera, I am Italian and it is not. (What is weird is that Cuomo himself once joked about being the Fredo of the family).

To his credit, Cuomo did apologize though the one most responsible in my view is the heckler: “Appreciate all the support but – truth is I should be better than the guys baiting me. This happens all the time these days. Often in front of my family. But there is a lesson: no need to add to the ugliness; I should be better than what I oppose.”

Trump however decided that it was appropriate for the President of the United States to come down in support of some bar troll who likes to insult celebrities. “I thought Chris was Fredo also. The truth hurts. Totally lost it! Low ratings @CNN.”

This tweet, like too many from the President, caters to the lowest common denominator in our society. It not only supports uncivil and rude conduct but actually joins in heaping insults on someone viewed as a critic. While many may enjoy this type of WWE banter, many of us do not. Many of us still respect the Office of the President as a symbol of our highest — not lowest — aspirations.

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  1. Actually, those Cuomos seem to have a bad temper. It was never really reported, but it was well known in political and media circles in New York State that Mario had a habit of calling reporters and others who had offended him by phone late at night to administer lengthy and angry tirades. He was a gentleman most of the time, but he sure had that side to him. Maybe it’s hereditary!

    1. Not late at night. At 6:00 am. It was reported, but not widely disseminated. This sort of activity supposedly was at its peak around about 1986.

      An experienced pol of my acquaintance concluded around that time that the man was a megalomaniac.

  2. The more I read these posts, the more I realize that there are 2 kinds of people in this country- those that are like-minded with Trump and those that are not. There is no elucidation for this incomprehensible and irreconcilable difference. I’m not a religious man, so I’ll just thank my lucky stars that I’m the latter along with Turley.

    1. The President, is trying to take Nixon’s foulest Move, by Reigniting to Civil War for Votes, at least That was Nixon’s plan. I fear that Trump wants the Real Deal, and IS Inciting that.

      1. politics is about groups. one way or another, subtle or not.

        you got your groups and we got ours. it’s you who says some groups are more equal than others, not us, since you say we can’t play at the game.s the way you have.

        what you fear is your adversaries using the tools that you have used against them. indeed.

        ok well then you SHOULD fear “the real deal” because that’s when group rubber meets the road. when the old ancient law reasserts itself and accounts are reckoned the old fashioned way. it’s not that different in a way, just simpler and a lot less subtle

            1. Don’t know why Turley’s Comment ‘likes’ never finish loading Sir, but Properly Trained, is Why Liberals, Who Made this Country a ‘thing’, Do go into the Service. As Life Has proven to “Me”, and many Others, Human “Evil”, never goes a’Way, only hides in those bushes, waiting for Fear & St00pidity to Reign, & then Grab their Main Chance, once the Lessons of the past’s battles to even Have “Civility” as a Goal. Not a single “Right”, in the Universe except Eat or Be Eaten, maybe Suddenly, but even dodging That, the Scavengers get You in the End.
              All those ‘fancy’ Words, on “Just a piece of paper”, all that once kept the Warlords Away. That, the Entire Concept of a “Nation”, & Rule of Law/ Not Man”, all being Gleefully tosed for Mammoon, when it comes down tuuuit/ Screw Any Future, Greed.
              Bring On the Planet Breakers, Tharr’s Gold at the Centre of That Rock. “My” Ultimate Sci Fi Nightmare, but the Book would be redundant & derivative, Like Trump, a Script that Would get Tossed, Laughingly, out the door.
              Ps: Google “The Authoritarians”@Free Book, outta that Commie Hellhole@Canada, Manitoba Even, That lays out how 1/3 approx, of Any Human Moiety, Wants to Be Ruled At, because they’re basically overwhelmed@Life in the Modern Age, and Need That level of Direction, Trains running on Time stuff, to Not feel Fear at just Existing. That, is pretty Weak, indeed.
              Want to Live in That Worlde?

        1. kurtz imagines himself some primordial warrior waiting for his chance.

          A lot of adolescents feel that way.

          1. right i am a primordial warrior. felt that way, feel that way every day. thank God for it.

            in my blood runs the DNA of ten thousand generations of humans who survived. yours too, even if you don’t get it

            chances come every day, you take some and pass on others, and miss some too. every day is a struggle and opportunities abound

            1. Probably like you kurtz, I’m a spoiled American, but I try to remember how f…ing good I’ve got it to be alive here now, surrounded by wealth and relative peace, and not during one of those primordial struggles like the Civil War or WWII. Of course when a kid that’s what we all played at all weekend long, but I grew up.

              1. well big boy i wrestled, boxed, shot and did MMA before they called it that

                If i werent so busy I would do it just as much as I did then, but that kind of thing doesn’t pay the bills.

                but I’m freeing up time in my schedule for it, while I still can.
                i’m not dying at a damd desk

                I got one hour a day wasted jibber jabbering here tha i can divert to that

                you’ll know when I am back in action because i wont be here to jerk ur chain much anymore

                1. Fine, and i played sports until injuries and slow turn around took that away and at my advanced age take long bike rides. However, neither of us are bullet proof and we’d be fools to want to get tested for it. Not to mention you’d be hard pressed to name a better time to live or place to live across those 10,000+ generations, no matter how cranked up we become over 1st world problems.

            2. Clapping!
              Take a bOw, Mr. Kurtz!
              Then Check your perimeter.
              These Clowns are Sloppy, no nuttin about maintaing a Guard.

        2. Tribalism, not ‘Money”, it’s just a tool, for the Evil, that Tribalism extended is at the Root of.
          We truly are, all pink under that supericially decorated skin.
          One Speci, the Greatest of the Great Apes, in Truth.
          Live Up to Our Promise, not Down in the Dirt, that way lies Hell, for reals.
          Living in it, now, See what Our Hubris, is bringing to the Closed Aquaria We Do inhabit, for now.
          There Is No ‘Out’, just Nature doing its thing, recycling it Back Into “Us”.
          That Is Karmic, but the Rest of the Biota we Are Killing with Our Beta Testing, is going to have Hell, rebuilding After We’re back to the Stone Age, if we make it that far, doubtful, eh?
          Study Up.
          It Matters.

          1. It does matter and conservation should include the best of what we have accomplished as humans, which is all pretty amazing. It can go bad, nothing guaranteed, and with increased power and numbers, it is more and more in our hands.

    2. well jeff why don’t you try and elucidate us peasants hmmm? or are you that far above us?

      1. I did not make any moral judgment. I simply stated the obvious- that there are 2 different types of people vis-a-vis Trump, We shall never see eye-to-eye on this man. Maybe you can explain it because I can’t. We will have to wait for the judgment of history as well as to count how many of the current Trumpists on this forum ultimately turn their backs on him once he is removed from power.

  3. I always liked Tom Hayden. And by the way, Hayden was based on a figure in the Chicago Outfit called the Hump


    and a person of Welsh descent. ie, not Sicilian. A Wasp, to use a different term.

    the information about him mostly comes from Bill Roemer, a FBI agent who investigated the Outfit in Chicago for decades. If you’re interested in the history of the Outfit, there was no better chronicler than Bill Roemer, who wrote many interesting and readable books on the topic.

    Bill Roemer was the uncle of Tim Roemer, the Congressman from Indiana, and one time head of the DNC. This is a very fine family of Democrats and lawyers and Notre Dame graduates. If some other prominent families were as competent at public service as them, this country would be much better place.

    A lot of strong Democrats supported Tim Roemer, when he ran for head of the DNC, (Pelosi for one) but being a pro life Catholic did him no favors with the Leftists. Apparently he was considered too conservative. He lost out to Howard Dean, who bungled the job.

    In retrospect, we can see that he opposed NAFTA, because he saw how it would incentivize business to offshore. This has been one the successful rhetorical issues of Donald Trump, and it’s resonated out here in “flyover” ie the Rust Belt. Tim Roemer was a native of the Rust Belt and was in tune to these specific concerns of the people. Guess what, Donald Trump has been too. Sane trade and industrial policy is an election issue out here that man times the voters of both parties see “eye to eye” on and look for it in a candidate.

    Well, I guess Tim Roemer was smarter than he was given credit for when he was still active in electoral politics. Probably some Democrats out there don’t even want people to know how many Democrats used to be pro life too. The number used to be, quite a few. Quite a few.

    Sometimes today when the Democrat party is so full of strident, irrational, hyper-partisan voices, it’s easy to forget the many tremendous contributions that many fine Democrat leaders have made to our great nation.

    Excuse me Democrats if I am embarrassing you with this praise.

    1. Not ’embarrasing’, more Sad, than anything else.
      The Clinton’s Sold the Soul of the Democratic Party, to that Bull on Wall Street.
      I have Not, and Never Will Vote for a Clintonite, or a pusher of the DNC’s dreck.
      However, what has Happened to the Once republican Party, once of Lincoln, on its best days? Its mutated into the Repugnican’t’s.
      My family that Supported them since ever, still seems to think nothings changed.
      It brings to mind Upton Sinclair’s famous quote: ~”It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding it.” ~
      They Did get what they Voted for, in 2008.
      The Irony of That! Three Generations building up the Imperial Valley, California, refuge from the Dust Bowl it was, into the “Winter Salad Bowl of North America”, put 50% to 80% of the profits every year Grandpa & Grandma were alive, into Missionaries, Gideons, & The California Republican Party, on the 1st Call list, for the folks that set the Nation on course, to finally Lose the Revolutionary War, all these years later.
      The Imperial Valley, no longer growing much of Anything, except Big Bales of Alfalfa Hay, to send to Japan, to feed the Cattle We used to Ship them, Lost in the FDA’s non action early on ‘Mad Cow’ Prion Disease. Best Water Rights in the West Ever, sold to the Coast, to build more Golf Courses, & McMansions in a Desert, Unsustainably. No Matter, pedal to the metal on ignoring Climate Change for Short Term Profit, I’ll be Fishing for Sea Bass, over the olde homestead, at -56ft below Sea Level, before I die.
      Ps: I’ve spent the last two decades doing Neuro Care, have Seen end stage prion disease, not a fate to Wish on anybody, eyes looking out saying ‘kill me’.
      Family unable to let the poor sod go.

      1. To finish the 2008 end, it did not catch up to “Us”, until 2010, after Dad had died in 2008. Within Hours, “Jerry”, who had been a friend of Uncle Hank, who had retired from Missionary Aviation Fellowship, was Gifted a Construction Biz & Contracts to insure His Good Karma was rewarded, died in his late 50s of Bone Cancer. Jerry swooped in to Marry his Ailing Wifely.
        Jerry, a Convicted Banker/ Embezzler, Got a Pardon & Exohounoration from Arnie the Governator. Dad Would Not Listen to Warnings about putting the Family Trusts Money with a Convicted Embezzler, to much a Guppie, as Honest Christians are, Placed All of the Family Assets, in His Hands, paying out at Ponzi rates, that made Dad Happy, whilst being told that “We”, were being ‘Gifted’, a ride with the Big Boys, when in truth, We supplied the Cash to start up his Next Ponzi Sceme. Never Trust ANY Supposed Xtian, who uses name like “The Convenant Group”, it Is a Lie, all-ways.
        AS soon as Dad was barely Cold, hours later, likely as Soon as Jerry heard about it, He Signed my Dead Fathers Hand, to the Extension, that Was Supposed to End, upon His Death. 4 Million plus Dollars Went p00f.
        Nobody has the Will, to pursue this Criminal, Pardoned & Exhonorated, Or not.
        He is Back at his games again, looking for His Next trough to feed from, after empyting Ours. The “Good Christains”, not willing to pursue it.
        Guppies never do.

        1. you need a lawyer not a preacher, to handle that case. there’s plenty in california. shop the case, use avvo it’s easy lookup

          1. another thing bruce. we work for money that goes to buy food. most lawyers are just mercenaries. I am., i pick cases that seem just to me but every single one has to have an angle to “pay” its way. or no can do.

            we leave it to preachers to pose as utopian fixers. the only thing I’m trying to fix most days are my clients problems when they pay me to do it. simple as that.

            and you see, sometimes people get what they pay for. they pay for nothing, they get nothing in the form of lies, which masks a hand of fraud slipping into their pocket. it’s the daily digest at the shop, for me

            1. We’re in NW Ontario, Just got “My” 1st steady income last August, in the near 15 years in Canada, So Money Is one problem, Would Have to be Pro Bono, Like the Other Lawsuit I Should be able to file, reneging on a Work Comp Win in Court Hard Won, for Lifetime Medical Care, of a Spine Unfixable w/ out making it Worse, Still, No Advances in Spinal Surgery & Multiple Level Fusions worth Spit yet. But The Medical Care ain’t Cheap here even tho Single Payer, but I’d be Dead Down in the States, No Question. Just had my Pacemaker Replaced for 0$CAD.
              As a Perment Resident, which I did Not Apply for, until getting a Bets Tester Award from Phizer, for Losing 23% of My Heart. That paid of the 60,000$CAD that was left after paying@100$CAD a Month, since July of 2007, after Two & 1/2 Weeks in Cardiac Intensive Care, Two Temp Pacemakers, a Lifeflight from Thunder Bay to Hamiltor & Back, both of Us, to get two Stents, Another Temp, My Widowmaker Obliterated, but still a trickster, Died 3XXX, Last time looking the Doctor in the Eye.
              Let me tell yah, Blood flow Stops to the Brain, Yer Dead/ Full Stop.
              Very Boring, Nothingness. “.”
              Only a Small part of the Maslow dumped on us the last Decade, have had Other things to Deal With, too many to list here, But I Have been Working full time Here, Caring for Family, Earning My Keep, by Keeping Three other Citizens Together, Alive a decade longer, than Would have been Otherwise, Institutionalized, in Like Places I used to Work the Previous Decade, To get back My Self Worth, after ending an Two Decade run of Hard Outdoor Honest Work, a decade@Sea, One on Terrestrial, working jobs few others could, or Would Want To. 7 out of the 10 most Dangerous, according to OSHA. It took grubbing for Xmas Bonuses to finally end That, Only Injured because Deffered Maint, Part already on Site, Uninstalled, A Spring Seat in a Cat 769 Haul Truck, that was Collapsed, never fixed, A 70ft Mountain of Loose rock, boulders the Size of a Fullsize Van, not being pushed off when the Foreman was Asked to do it, before the ‘Accident’ Happened. Provable Malfeasonce, not Worth a Work Comp Lawywers time.. Why?
              A 1920 Rigged Game, st00pid enough, to Trust a Self Insured for Workmans Compensation, When the Board, wanting to keep their Jobs, fighting of T boone Pickens@Friends Hostile Takeover attempt, by taking a 28% Employee Owned Corporation, to 1/2 of 1% Employee Owned Corpse. Of Course, No Money in Any of That, to Interest a Lawyer in that Corrupt Mess Down There.
              Have not been cross the border since 2008 in August/ September, to get all my dosh out of the Olde Homestead@50yrs worth, as Sisters given Trusteeship for Estate. HAD to sell a True Desert Institute, finished in 1908, started two years after the Name Change, from the Accurate placename given by Surveyors, of Alkali Flats, Changed in 1904, To “Imperial’, by Smell “A” RE Speculators, Into the Worst RE Market Sinxce the Depression, Totally Incompetent, Neither Ever was in Biz@All, Ever. Felt it was Dads Money, not Theirs, so Who Cares.
              Jerry Lives on the Shoreline, McMansion, Dock & Boat4it, On Orcas Island, plotting new Ponzies, no doubt.
              One of My Favorite places, many Weeks spent there, & Other San Juan Islands including Waldron, a Very Interesting Bunch.
              One of Many Reasons This Lifelong Committed Pacifist, Is Not Crossing that Border, till Sanity Returns.

      2. bruce, there’s a lot to unpack there. I’ll leave it to you to do so. thanks for the comment

  4. To Chris Cuomo: “Fredo” is not the equivalent of the N-word. I’m sure of this because people aren’t compelled to make it the F-word and can spell it out in full and speak it aloud without repercussion. I got the reference immediately from The Godfather. I’ll accept that it may be considered a racial slur although I wouldn’t have immediately taken it that way. If someone were to be called Judas for example, I wouldn’t think it a slur against Jewish people but a description of behavior.

    To Jonathan Turley: The World Wrestling Federation has been the WWE for decades. They were sued by the World Wildlife Fund for trademark infringement and hasn’t used the WWF moniker anywhere since 2002. Keep up!

    1. i believe the italian-american version is moulinyan, which means eggplant, but as eddie murphy informed us, is often shortened to as “moulie”

      maybe you are old enough to remember eddie murphy? i am, and richard pryor and red foxx too

      never caught his vegas act? check it out. maybe this won’t post but i hope it does. warning, bad words! a lot of them!

      1. I remember all those comedians although Red Foxx mostly from the tv shows which were far less raunchy than his stage act. I can recall Richard Pryor not insulting Italians but creating Italian-American characters talking to each other using some of those words. In context, they were mobsters that liked to keep him around because he was funny. I still am not aware of any word referencing any other people that can’t be spelled out in most circumstances. Of course there’s the backlash in some circles saying that’s too much political correctness and insist on their right to use the word whenever and however they please.

        1. Either of you remember Moms Mabley and PigMeat Markham? I saw them live as an opening Sunday matinee act at Miami’s Sir John’s Nightbeat club for the Flamingoes (“I Only Have Eyes For You”). I was a kid.

          1. I saw Moms Mabley do skits on television shows (probably Red Skelton but I’m not sure). I can picture PigMeat Markham but like former Attorney General Alberto Rodriguez, I have no specific recollection of him.

            1. She was a nice looking woman when younger. though looking bad was her schtick when older. Both were from the vaudeville age and ancient when I saw them as a kid.

            2. She sounds fascinating. I wonder if she was one of the inspirations for Tyler Perry’s Madea series, too. So many comics come from so much pain.

    2. Italian immigrants faced discrimination, but not anywhere near the same galaxy as the slavery that generations of black people endured. There is absolutely no comparison.

      Fredo is also not a racial slur at all. It means a passed over son for a more meritorious younger one. It’s a criticism of worth, not skin color. There were racial slurs against Italians which I will not repeat here.

      I remember when that happened with the WWF. I thought WWF had more name recognition, but World Wildlife Fund must have beat them to the trademark. At the time, the World Wildlife Fund was incredibly wasteful with all the unsolicited mailings and junk they would give out.

  5. Then again, Cuomo did show us his inner Fredo.


    I can handle things… I’m smart! Not like everybody says! Like, dumb! I’m smart… and I want respect!

    1. Chris Cuomo once referred to himself as ‘Fredo’ in radio interview

      CNN anchor Chris Cuomo, who was captured on a viral video getting into a profanity-laced exchange with a person who called him “Fredo,” once referred to himself as the hapless “The Godfather” character in a radio interview.

      Cuomo was interviewed by Curtis Sliwa on his AM 970 radio show in January 2010 about whether his brother Andrew might seek the Democratic nomination for governor.
      Sliwa said he dubbed the Cuomo family “la Cuomo Nostra.”

      “There is a group of people — politicos — who always hint they might run, but not necessarily plunge all the way, and they are members of la Cuomo.”

      “Who am I, then, Fredo?” Cuomo asked in response.


  6. I dislike all the name calling. Cuomo has said absolutely terrible things about Trump, and Trump has responded with insults. Trump is nice to those who are nice to him, and nasty to those who are nasty to him.

    Trump is a mirror to whomever he interacts with. If any public figure wants more civility from Trump personally, then they should be civil to him. There are people Trump used to publicly quarrel over, whom he’s now very civil towards, because they became civil towards him.

    If you want Trump to be polite first towards someone who insults him, or take the high road, realistically, it will not happen.

    That said, I wish everyone would talk about the issues, and not ad hominem.

    We also need to stop dumbing down our language. We are removing the racist definition of racist words, until they basically just mean they are angry with someone who disagrees with them. Take “Fredo” for example. It is in no way similar to the N word, nor does it carry any of the historical connotations. It means an elder who is passed over in a succession. It was also not a compliment.

    1. I dislike all the name calling.

      That sort of diction makes one sound like an annoying and not-very-capable elementary schoolteacher. Best avoided.

    2. PLease. More excuses from Karen for the most embarrassing low life to occupy the presidency since at least the 19th century, and Nixon is in that mix. At least when he told you a lie he honored you by making it at least believable, if not true. This guy says things which everyone knows is a lie when he says it, and with followers like Karen, gets away with it.

      Trump is not a mirror. No one in public life uses middle school insults except him, or if they did, he’d be “Fatso” to everyone. If somebody even implies criticism, he comes back on a personal level. People in his own party have suffered this fate.

      As president, you are going to be attacked and criticized harshly by somebody almost every day. This jerk spends half his day responding and mixing it up with people of no importance. Given how ignorant he is about facts and how ineffective he’s been working with even his own party’s congressional leaders, let alone on the world stage, this is a problem. He doesn’t know s.. and doesn’t care. Who would make a deal with a complete fool. But hey, he’s got a comeback for whatever Joe Scarborough said this morning.


      No, not you Karen, but you’re apparently trying to get there.

      1. “No one in public life uses middle school insults” really? i have heard quite a few from politicians in my day. they talk differently when the reporters are not listening. Trump’s different in that way, he prolly talks the same way all the time. that’s why people like him! he’s not fake. shallow? wrong? bad? maybe. but not fake

        personally i say HAIL TO THE CHIEF


      2. Spot On Anon1, on Almost all of that rant.
        Karen S, I believe from her writing here, is Not a Trump Fan.
        Not a mouthbreather either.
        She is Rightfully Concern about Trumps, & His enablers at the Repugnicant Digging for the depths of Humanities Bad Traits, for Political Gaines, that Even George Wallace in the Days before he saw Some light, Would have Never Said Publicly.

  7. In passing, I’d note that Fredo threatened physical violence on the person of his tormentor: he’d throw him down the stairs.

    Which kind of lives down to the stereotype of a member of the Italian Mafia.

    1. What’s curious about his father that as late as 1986 – 29 years after the Appalachin conference, 23 years after the Valachi testimony and 13 years after the Monachino testimony – Mario Cuomo was maintaining in public that their was no organization of Sicilianate crime families. It was bizarre.

        1. dagnabit, you just put me into youtube lalaland watching archie bunker for 15 minutes. man how i used to love that show when i was a kid. plus ca change, plus le meme chose

  8. Mario Cuomo was a man who had a good upbringing and respected the rules in his mundane life, but his legacy – 12 undistinguished years as Governor of New York and five children who are dismaying to one degree or another – is not the one you want to leave behind.

  9. I don’t like the loss of civility either. But Fredo could have disarmed the situation by simply being “tolerant.”

    That would be somewhere in the neighborhood of “celebrating diversity.”

  10. “I am sympathetic to Cuomo”__ Professor Turley

    Chris is a CNN anchor, brother to the Governor and son of the past Governor, Mario Cuomo. His language and inflection was that of a mobster something that many thought about when Mario Cuomo first became governor. That Professor Turley starts off with being sympathetic to Cuomo who has been wrapped in power for decades is a bit startling and worrisome. In that vein, to then comment about the President is quiet disconcerting.

    Don’t get me wrong. I get no joy from the President’s comment but after hearing the video I fully understand the temptation of anyone to repeat the name Fredo when referencing Chris Cuomo. Cuomo’s reaction was that of a mobster and shocking. One has to be worried that if someone dare insult him they deserve being pushed down the stairs.

    Civility starts at home and it appears from Chris Cuomo, Fredo, that such civility didn’t exist or wasn’t learned in Mario Cuomo’s home where Chris was brought up. Just so we don’t forget Chris Cuomo and CNN are continuously slandering the President and making all sorts of accusations that have been proven to be untrue. As Turley so often makes a point of the answer to bad speech is more speech and that seems to be what the President is doing with his limited ability faced by a one sided press that has prospered using lies and innuendo about him..

    video at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2NAwowhwi9c

    1. I was once acquainted with a family from the Bronx very well-connected in Albany and at Gracie Mansion. A scion of this family maintained that New York’s political operators had certain courtesies they extended to each other, courtesies the Cuomos flouted routinely. “The Cuomos have always been thugs at heart”. With that in mind, Chris Cuomo isn’t off script. (I found it amusing that in the society of skeevy people, the Cuomos were considered beyond the pale).

  11. So what you’re saying is that the President, who since before his election, has been uninterruptedly condemned, denigrated and falsely accused of the most odious of crimes by the Dem’s & the left-wing media, especially by Cuomo and his network, is not supposed to have an opinion about this foul-mouthed low-life? Sorry, but the times they are a changing, as has the WWE which is no longer permitted to use the WWF acronym.

  12. JT isnt reporting the entire story.

    Apparently when the Left threaten others with physical violence, its celebrated just like with Antifa.

    Fredo, Frodo, get over yourself, prima donna. Cuomo is a hypocrite for not being able to take what he dishes to just about everybody and get paid a 7 figure income.


    CNN’s Chris Cuomo Filmed Erupting at Heckler Who Called Him ‘Fredo’: ‘I’ll F*cking Ruin Your Sh*t’

    CNN’s Chris Cuomo erupted at a man in public who apparently called him “Fredo,” in a wild moment caught on video that went viral Monday night.

    The encounter between Cuomo and the man happened at a Shelter Island bar — that appears to be Sunset Beach — on Sunday. The video, surreptitiously filmed by the man Cuomo was shouting at, was uploaded to Twitter by a user who said he was sent the clip.

    “Punk-ass bi!ches from the right call me Fredo,” Cuomo told the man, who claimed he thought the CNN anchor was named Fredo. “My name is Chris Cuomo. I’m an anchor on CNN. Fredo is from The Godfather.”

    “They use it as an Italian aspersion. Any of you Italian?” Cuomo continued. “It’s an insult to your fuc$ing people. It’s like the N-word for us.”

    They went back and forth, and at one point Cuomo said, “I’ll fuc$ing ruin your sh8!. I’ll fuc$ing throw you down these stairs like a fuc$ing punk.”

    A CNN spokesperson told Mediaite in a statement, “Chris Cuomo defended himself when he was verbally attacked with the use of an ethnic slur in an orchestrated setup. We completely support him.”

    Cuomo is receiving support from outside CNN as well.

    1. Estovir, at “https://www.breitbart.com/the-media/2019/08/13/cnn-declares-fredo-an-ethnic-slur-used-by-ana-navarro-rick-wilson-on-air/“ Donald Trump Jr is called Fredo without any response from Chris Cuomo. Look at the multiple clips published.

      Then one can look at Slate: ”
      Comparing Donald Trump Jr. to Fredo Corleone Is Grossly Unfair. To Fredo.”

      I think Turley is not doing himself a favor by focussing on Trump instead of Cuomo’s outright threats that sounded like threats coming from a mobster.

      “I am sympathetic to Cuomo”__ Professor Turley

              1. On Your part, perhaps. More Likely just Hubris inside a Very Thick Bubble. “I” take Care of the “Insane”, Mostly locked up, if Not a forensic Unit, to Protect them from the Ugly Ugly “Normals”, Outside. I Do Know the difference, ergo, Not Insane, tho I fear Many so called “Normals”, are now, given License by the Most Ugly of “Americans”, cuz they’re So So “Execeptional”, in their Silly heads, that they Cannot even see the f00ls they are, Suckers for “Red Meat”, this Ugliest of “American’s, that fellow Uglies, Embrace. The rest of the World, looks on in Horror, Us Heading Headlong, into WWIII, As Fascist’s are Driving the Bus or the Cliff. All the WWII Vets “I” Grew Up with, Down the Memory Hole Our Media, just seems to Accelerate.
                Try a Look from Outside Your Bubble sometime.

                1. “Try a Look from Outside Your Bubble sometime.”

                  Bruce, thanks for the word salad.

                  One has to laugh at your comment while the information starts flooding in as to the improprieties of the left, the media and our intelligence community. Were you in the bubble that believed the Steele Dossier was accurate? Do you still believe that Trump colluded with the Russians after the Mueller report? If you do then let me suggest that you are the one living in a bubble soon to break even if you don’t notice it.

                  You sound as if you think threatening to push someone down the stairs is a normal thing. Maybe your work is getting to you. Maybe you are eating the meat given to you by one of the patients at your facility. I hope not and I hope your further resonses skip the hyperbole and have some data attached so we can discuss these things at a higher level. I am tired of dealing with the usual jerk on this blog so I am hoping for something better from you.

                  1. Allan says: August 13, 2019 at 5:12 PM to brucespoint

                    ” I am tired of dealing with the usual jerk on this blog so I am hoping for something better from you.”

                    Allan could always find another blog. Or maybe he could learn to ignore, scroll…

                    1. You added nothing to the dialogue on the blog and again it is you obsessing over me. I want nothing to do with you, but you will continue and then you will complain about my responses. I just want to make it clear that you are the offending party.

                    2. “I just want to make it clear that you are the offending party.” — Allan responding to Anonymous @ 6:44 pm

                      Grow up, buddy.

                      No one is ‘obsessing’ over you. Only in your mind.

                      You’re perfectly free to ignore any comment on this blog. Try it.

                    3. ““I just want to make it clear that you are the offending party.” — Allan responding to Anonymous @ 6:44 pm

                      Grow up, buddy.”

                      I just want to make it clear that you are stalking me. That is what you do. I am not interested in this type of stalking, only discussion. I can handle it Anonymous but I just wanted to make it clear and document that you are the stalker. That is what you are proving as we speak.

                      Good bye.

  13. Mr. Turley – I, too, mourn the increasing loss of civility in our society, aided an abetted by our President. While I appreciate all of the accomplishments of his administration, I am saddened and offended by his inappropriate responses to many situations and people. It reflects poorly on our nation.

  14. Trump lowered the office to that of a Troll, from the first day of his administration.

    1. That was Putin’s Plan, before the Election even got rolling, a “Win” for him, Not the USA, enabled by the Repugnate Party, that Lincoln’s Party devolved to after DiC Nixon’s Treason.

  15. Ahhh…but this was the same person who rebuked the Catholic school kid of standing his ground silently when some Indian con man banged a drum in his face for ten minutes.

  16. “Fredo” seems to be a mild enough allusion that the anchor of a worldwide news channel being triggered by it is odd.
    Would Walter Cronkite go off on a heckler who leaned into the consonants of his last name – “Krankheit”, a German word for “illness”?
    Cuomo’s accepting the offered insult as true enough to dignify with an angry rebuttal. That Cuomo accused an entire wing of American politics of using it demonstrates the anger which causes Cuomo to slant his network’s presentation of news so hard leftward..

    Before I read this blog today, I had no idea at all what “Fredo” meant.

    1. Cuomo didn’t accuse “an entire wing of American politics,” he accused the “punk-ass bitches from the right.” The left has punk-ass bitches too bit the entire left is not the problem. If you are on the right and don’t want to be considered a punk-ass bitch. You might consider not supporting them and calling out punk-ass behavior, tweets, and policies when you see them.

    2. Father figure for a Sane USA, Walter Cronkite, Lived in a Completely Different Era, in most Every way. He’d call this entire saga Insane, but likely respond the same, if not laughing his Azz Off, in Appreciation of someone Actually doing their Homework.

  17. Thank you!! We are all( many of us) completely fed up and appalled by Trumps behavior.

  18. Why is it wrong to take the low road when your political and media enemies do it daily. I like you Turley but you ride your high horse to often.

    1. One day Turley might have to learn what the left is all about when his horse ends up in the wrong mud. Alan Dershowitz is learning it as we speak.

    2. Jack Thompson says: August 13, 2019 at 12:39 PM
      “Why is it wrong to take the low road when your political and media enemies do it daily. I like you Turley but you ride your high horse to often.”


      Because it isn’t presidential.

      Having said this, Cuomo acted like a thug.

      1. Turley called Richard Sherman “a thug” after seeing his (Sherman’s) interview with Erin Andrews — and Sherman’s rant. But Cuomo isn’t “a thug”??? Hmmm.

        Still, Trump shouldn’t wade into this garbage. It’s not presidential.

    3. No public figures take the low road of personal insults the president of the US takes. That’s shameful and makes us all look like moral slobs for tolerating it.

  19. It appears that over the years, CNN has called numerous figures “Fredo”, intending to insult them. That included Donald Trump, Jr.

    Mr. Cuomo hardly seems justified in his outrage since it seems that the previous “Fredo” instances were intended to be derogatory.

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