New York Professor Faces Latest Termination Petition Over Allegedly Falling Asleep During Anti-Racism Meeting

KDgxhmwQMzAuTJG-800x450-noPadFor many professors, a story out of New York may seem like an academic sequel to the 1982 horror film “Don’t Go To Sleep.” Students are seeking the termination of Marymount Manhattan Theater Arts Associate Professor Patricia Simon after she appeared to briefly fall asleep during an anti-racist meeting held on Zoom.  Simon denies the allegations but Marymount Manhattan student Caitlin Gagnon started a petition which features this picture and also accuses her of “ignoring … racist and sizeist actions and words of the vocal coaches under her jurisdiction.” The petition has roughly 2000 signatories. It is an ironic twist on the woke movement where literally not being awake is now cause to be terminated.Professor Simon insists that the picture was a false image due to her bifocals and how she changed her angle to rest her eyes:

“I was not asleep as is implied at any point during the meeting,” she said, adding, “the photo used was taken without permission when I was looking down or briefly resting my Zoom weary eyes with my head tilted back which I must do in order to see my computer screen through my trifocal progressive lenses. I listened with my ears and heart the entire meeting.”

It is certainly true to have such false light images.  We previously discussed how President Barack Obama was unfairly accused of inappropriate conduct through such false light publications.  Obama was accused of checking out a female staffer with the use of a single photo. However, the full record showed that Obama was moving his head to speak with another world leader at a photo op and that frame just caught him at a misleading angle as the staffer walked by.

However, even if true, why is a professor dozing off in a meeting now a matter for termination?  Faculty meetings are a well-known cure for insomnia even when you care deeply about the subject.  I have seen colleagues virtually cause self-concussions by sleep-induced head bobbing. Even Vice Presidents and United States senators have been accused of falling asleep in the middle of a meeting in the Oval Office.  A senator appeared to fall asleep during the presidential impeachment.  Indeed, during a judicial impeachment, I was the lead counsel arguing on the Senate floor.  My family came to the floor to watch my closing argument and my youngest, Madie, fell asleep in my wife’s arms.  A Capitol Police officer came over to say that “there is no sleeping on the Senate floor,” even an infant.  My wife looked over at a Senator who had his feet up on a desk, head back with his mouth open, and snoring so loud you could barely hear my closing.  The officer contemplated the scene for a second and responded “YOU can’t sleep on the Senate floor.”

The point is that Professor Simon denies the allegation but, even if true, the first response of these students is to seek yet another termination of a professor.  It is an example of why many academics feel that they are living in an increasingly intolerant and hostile environment.  Some faculty are afraid to speak on contemporary issues or even defend colleagues (or free speech) due to the ubiquitous petitions to fire faculty deemed insufficiently supported of Black Lives Matter or the protests.  Simon is not being accused of racist statements but a failure to be sufficiently active in fighting racism. As is often the case, the petition lacks specific incidents that are now deemed unnecessary in this environment:

“This action has only capitalized on a pattern of negligence and disrespect that Patricia Simon has exhibited over and over again in her time as an Associate Professor, and Coordinator of the BFA Musical Theater Program. Professor Simon has a history of ignoring instances of racism in the form of racial profiling within the program, and enabling the racist and sizeist actions and words of the vocal coaches under her jurisdiction.”

She is accused of being “known to use her power to intimidate and bully the students in her program who have made efforts to advocate for themselves or for their fellow peers.” That is unrelated to the alleged dozing depravity caught on Zoom and virtually impossible to refute even the absence of any specific incident.  Students later added that she is “fatphobic”and rejected her claim that “I listened with my ears and heart the entire meeting.”

I obviously come to this with the bias of a faculty member who is disturbed by what I see has the loss of tolerance and free speech on our campus. We have been discussing these stories of petitions for the terminations of faculty throughout the country.  I can understand why students are upset at the image of what they view as a professor falling asleep at meeting dealing with racism.  However, this comes off like a rule that you cannot be woke unless you are literally awake. It belittles rather than reenforces the importance of the underlying movement to bring attention to the problems of racism and reforms.

Academics cannot function in an environment where even dozing off in a meeting is evidence of racism.  We should all engage in this national debate while retaining a modicum of fairness and toleration. This includes not assuming that a statement is motivated by racism or an image (like this one) reflects some deep-seated hostility to reforms.  This could be a case of sleep deprivation or a case of sleep depravation (or not, as claimed, sleep at all).  It seems like the only response for many is compliance or termination to demands.  I recently reported good news that one such controversy at Creighton did not result in a demand for termination after a professor called supporting police evidence of white supremacy.  Conservative students did not start with a petition for his termination.  Yet, it is not clear if the university and other students would have taken such an approach if the content of his criticism was directed at protesters rather than police.

There is an alternative for these students then a petition for termination. You can ask for an apology or explanation.  On these other issues, you can raise specific complaints against the professor with the Administration.  These avenues allow for due process for all parties.



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  1. In my early 20’s, in the Air Force, one of the civilian techs had a pair of skinny readers worn low on his nose so that he either looked over them normally with head down in what seemed a condescending manner, or through them when reading. He gave the appearance of being very arch. In my early 40’s when I first needed readers I also got a pair of slim glasses and suddenly I “got” the physicality of that “arch” look. Now my head had to go very low to look over the glasses when talking to someone and I looked the same.
    Now, I have numerous “readers” of varying strengths. Sometimes hanging more than one from my collar. I also have a couple pair of the graduated-strength glasses where you see at a distance through the top of the lens and closely at the very, very, very bottom sliver of the lens. I have to lean way back, just as the professor is doing above, to see close objects or the screen clearly. The rest of the visual field tends to go blurry in various degrees, leading to eye fatigue. It is handy some times and other times switching glasses is a lot easier.
    Most young people (as I was) don’t have any problems focusing at very close to very far distances. And most (as with me) won’t really “get” it until they are old enough to need those lenses themselves. I had no concept, and it wasn’t fuzzy images which first clued me. My first indicator was a lack of ability to concentrate, because, as I later reasoned, my brain was devoting too much energy to just sorting out the very slight blur in front of me, which I didn’t notice fully until after that first pair of readers when suddenly everything closer became crisp again, and with it, my ability to concentrate.

  2. Do people who censure others for micro aggressions ever look in the mirror?

  3. We can safely stand in line at Walmart, Target, grocery stores, Home Depot, the Post Office, etc and so we can definitely stand in line to Vote in November. No big deal. No safety issues. It is being addressed and handled. Just say NO to mail in voting that has no chain of custody and is ripe for voter fraud. Democrats intend to steal this election. We will not allow it to happen. We can and will stand in line to VOTE in November.

  4. When are we going to stop these little piss-ants from controlling our colleges and universities. As predicted, this nation is being destroyed from within!

    1. Answering your question, all it will take is to ask the petition-signers “What will yiou do if we tell you to piss off?”, and to stand ready to meet threats of violence (or actual violence) with an armed defense of free speech. It’s all it would ever have taken,but no one wants to admit that the nation’s leftist office-holders won’t suppress their own party’s violent fifth columns. Honest people worldwide will have to run out of patience with street theater performed so the Left never has to hold an election to get its way.

      1. Rudyard Kipling

        Macdonough’s Song
        “As easy as A B C”–A Diversity of Creatures”

        Whether the State can loose and bind
        In Heaven as well as on Earth:
        If it be wiser to kill mankind
        Before or after the birth–
        These are matters of high concern
        Where State-kept schoolmen are;
        But Holy State (we have lived to learn)
        Endeth in Holy War.

        Whether The People be led by The Lord,
        Or lured by the loudest throat:
        If it be quicker to die by the sword
        Or cheaper to die by vote–
        These are things we have dealt with once,
        (And they will not rise from their grave)
        For Holy People, however it runs,
        Endeth in wholly Slave.

        Whatsoever, for any cause,
        Seeketh to take or give
        Power above or beyond the Laws,
        Suffer it not to live!
        Holy State or Holy King–
        Or Holy People’s Will–
        Have no truck with the senseless thing.
        Order the guns and kill!
        Saying –after–me:–

        Once there was The People–Terror gave it birth;
        Once there was The People and it made a Hell of Earth
        Earth arose and crushed it. Listen, 0 ye slain!
        Once there was The People–it shall never be again!

  5. Just wondering, when is the lefts version of crystal night going to take place? Oh I’m sorry, it already has.

  6. Most meetings are conducted in a very boring, non engaging manner. During such, it would be a battle to keep my eyes open, even if the topic of discussion was impending nuclear doom. Low lighting, droning voices, lack of a hook or interest creating opener, and the subject matter is immaterial to the rate of somnolence.

    Entire industries have arose centered on maintaining interest and engagement of the audience during a meeting or presentation.

    1. You are bad, and here are reasons 1 through 999 on why you are bad. And here are 999 reasons why she is bad. And meat is bad. And fossil fuels. And the country is racist. And I hate the country. And the world is bad 947 ways, and Trump is bad 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 ways.

      Wait!! You fell asleep! FIRED! DESTROYED! DIE! Where is that lever to dump her chair into lava!!!

  7. A disturbing pattern of Turley commentaries is beginning to emerge under the guise of protecting academic freedom and freedom of speech, and that is reinforcing the message spoon-fed to Trumpsters by Fox News that “the Left”, “the Dems” and “the Libs” are somehow out to get anyone who doesn’t agree with them. Don’t believe it? Take a look at Turley’s most-recent posts, all complaining of people being falsely accused of racism, of bias and being censored or fired for expressing their views.

    All the while, Turley ignores the bigger stories, the ones with implications for the health and well-being of us all. The biggest one today, for me as a health care provider, is Trump’s attempt to control the facts about the pandemic to fit the campaign message. He claims that he’s done a good job with the pandemic, he tries to take credit for saving lives, he claims that the pandemic is under control, but there are just a “few hot spots” or embers that need to be dealt with but above all, the US needs to just re-open everything and deal with it. These are all lies. 40 of 50 states (80%) are seeing spikes in the number of new coronavirus infections, and deaths are mounting, too. States like Florida are worse than New York was at the peak of the pandemic. Hospitals are at or beyond capacity. New records for the number of infections are being set each day. Plus, his administration is going after the most-respected epidemiologist in America: Anthony Fauci, M.D. because he tells the truth about why cases are spiking: the US was re-opened before the pandemic was under control, and that was for political, not public health reasons. Trumpy Bear doesn’t like the CDC recommendations about schools re-opening, either. Parents can’t return to work if schools aren’t open, so who cares if some kids get sick? Some of them may get that multi-system disease and suffer a lot of fevers, muscle and joint aches and bodily pain. Some may die, especially the medically-vulnerable children with things like asthma, juvenile diabetes, juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, cystic fibrosis, congenital heart problems and other chronic health problems.

    What to do: control the facts by ordering that states no longer report new infections, ICU admissions, ventilator usage and deaths to the non-political CDC, which the fat dumbass cannot control, and instead to report them to the political HHS that Trump can control. Plus, Trump has pulled the U.S. out of the WHO. Does anyone walking the face of this earth believe that Trump won’t order Alex Azar to lie about the statistics that are being reported? I predict this: a miraculous decrease in the number of new infections is just on the horizon, which will be explained by the “deep state” previously lying about numbers to make the fat slob stinking up the White House look bad. Just ask that sage and political pundit, Chuck Woollery, if you have any doubts. Facts be damned. There’s a lying, dumbass narcissist with a very fragile ego who is about to get his fat ass kicked out of office because of his incompetence in mishandling this pandemic. So what if people have to die, including your own children? The fat slob needs attention and affirmation.

    Speaking of norms, yesterday Trump held a campaign rally, disguised as a news conference, in the Rose Garden. No previous POTUS has EVER done that, an act that is more in line with totalitarian regimes than a democracy. What’s next? “Make America Great” banners on the iron fences around the White House, a Trump flag flying over Washington governmental businesses? But, I digress. Turley is more worried about whether a woman fell asleep at a meeting or about some art curator being accused of racism.

    1. Natascha, Turley can’t write about Donald Trump. Instead the Professor hope’s to simply ‘run the clock’ until November with ‘Tyranny From The Left’ columns.

      1. How many participation trophies do you have, Seth?

        I’ll bet Natacha has even more than you.

    2. A disturbing pattern of Turley commentaries is beginning to emerge under the guise of protecting academic freedom and freedom of speech, and that is reinforcing the message spoon-fed to Trumpsters by Fox News that “the Left”, “the Dems” and “the Libs” are somehow out to get anyone who doesn’t agree with them. Don’t believe it? Take a look at Turley’s most-recent posts, all complaining of people being falsely accused of racism, of bias and being censored or fired for expressing their views.

      There’s nothing ;disturbing about it to a normal human being. Since you’re a fat head case, you don’t like it that the essential malice and stupidity of your confederates is the subject of commentary.

      1. TAB: I’ve actually attempted to have a rational discussion with a rabid Trumpster to whom I am related. He cannot hear facts because he has been conditioned not to believe anything that comes from any news source other than Fox, Limbaugh or Drudge. When you show him coronavirus disease statistics, he says the “deep state” is lying to make Trump look bad. When you point out things like the reports that Russia is paying a bounty to kill American troops in Afghanistan, that Trump is doing nothing about it, not even inquiring about it, his answer is “Russia, Russia, Russia”, a phrase which I know he heard on Fox. I’ve even pointed out to him that no other news outlet tells viewers or listeners not to believe anyone other than them, and that this is the stuff of propaganda. His answer is along the lines of “that’s what they said you’d claim”. He will argue to the death that Obama was born in Africa, and that his birth papers are forgeries.

        This used to be a rational person. He is now a disciple. I’ve seen it first-hand and it is scary.

        1. One other thing I forgot to add: just yesterday he said that states with Democratic governors ordered health departments to count gun shot wounds and other admissions as coronavirus admissions, all setting the stage for the miraculous decrease in coronavirus statistics that will be coming just in time for the election, to prove what an “amazing” job the Dotard is doing, and also to fit into the theme of the “deep state” that has been lying to us about the coronavirus. This is along the lines of previous arguments the Dotard’s “administration” tried to make that people with pre-existing and co-existing health problems who get sick with coronavirus and who die shouldn’t be counted as coronavirus victims because they had other heath problems, too that they claim “contributed”, so we should ignore the fact that the actual cause of death was the virus (because that’s what killed them, not their co-morbidities that merely made them more vulnerable). Sort of like the logic that the statistics on infections are going up because the number of tests is going up, so if you decrease the tests, you decrease the number of positive cases. The fat slob actually said yesterday that if you cut the number of tests in half, you cut the number of cases in half. His massive, wounded ego is a stake. He’s falling in the polls (which he also lies about). Something simply has to be done about coronavirus cases and deaths, and since the Dotard doesn’t know how to lead or to defer to others more knowledgeable, and he only knows how to lie, bully and manipulate, that’s what he’ll do, beginning with taking over compiling statistics on morbidity and mortality, shutting out the CDC and the WHO and trashing Dr. Fauci.

        2. TAB: I’ve actually attempted to have a rational discussion with a rabid Trumpster to whom I am related.

          I’m wagering he was very patient with you and doesn’t take you seriously. You’re never going to figure out why.

        3. My impression from news stories I have read is that very few children have been badly affected by covid 19. Am I misinformed? If I am, can you please provide statistics.

          1. Children can get multi-system inflammatory syndrome from coronavirus, which causes inflammation of all of their internal organs. It causes a red skin rash all over the body, fever, severe pain and can be fatal. It requires intensive care, oxygen, and other therapy.

            The CDC has a piece on it: Fewer children die from coronavirus than adults, but they do spread it to other family members. This is for well children without chronic health problems. Children with chronic health problems are more vulnerable, just like adults with chronic health problems. Fewer children have chronic health problems than adults do.

            Non one knows what the long-term effect of coronavirus will be for either children or adults. Will the “brain fog” clear up, can it come back later on? How about the scarring to the lungs? What is the long-term effect of this? Will it prevent children from playing sports in high school because they are short of breath? No one can know at this point. Time will tell. It cannot be seriously disputed that taking reasonable steps to prevent the infection in the first place is the best thing to do, especially for children. Getting coronavirus, even if you or your child doesn’t become critically ill, is not “harmless”.

            1. Word! Prevention is definitely the best cure.

              Or now wait…, this is the Turley blog comments section! I meant to say ‘herd immunity’ and Holocaust logic!! What was I thinking???

              1. When your idea of prevention is killing the entire economy off worst since 1929, and keeping everybody home even who needs to go out for good reasons (oh except for BLM which gets to go out for bad reasons) and then presuming to close down fall school attendance, then you have let your prevention be a cure that was worse than the disease in the first place.

                There is not just one threat to existence, ie covid. Or covid and Trump and racism, however you slice and dice it. There are innumerable diseases to be concerned about and treatment of disease and injury has been prevented along with a lot of other positive social activity like work and school. Don’t you get that?

                Suicides and ODs have gone up too. At some point there is a balance. You guys know that; but you keep on harping on COVID because you are obsessed with Trump as the bogeyman of all your supposed problems.

                It’s really obvious, and sad, how utterly divided Americans have become by our failed two party system.

                here’s a story from a newspaper I don’t like, but you do. wake up. COVID is not our only problem


                ignorance is a problem too. education aims in each semester to rectify it. the process is continuous and it must not stop

                see, one is tempted to believe, you guys really want America to fail. isnt that right? at least until the point at which you think all America will blame Trump and then vote in your guy. Then, it’s ok for life to go back to normal! We can see that’s the plan. Isnt that right?

                1. Only if you’re incapable of framing a reality outside the realm of politics alone, Kurtz. The evidence of Trump’s failure and ineptitude is just evidence. And the truth is, the only way back to your vaunted economic recovery and the dealing with the ‘things other than Covid that plague us’ is by getting clear of Covid, not in ignorance of the problem….

                  You know, like all the other industrialized nations have done?

                  In fact, Trump’s hack factor 10 jumping of the gun in opening up has insured the economic crisis to be exponentially worse than it would’ve been had we done it correctly. And of course the problem with that is the nations who opened more patiently are primed to further take business formerly dominated by the U.S.

                  But that kind of ignores the elephant in the room doesn’t it? That being that Trump caused massive destruction with trade policy even without Covid. He personally crashed the grain markets. And he did it well before Covid even existed. No accounting for a bad businessman in general, but so it goes.

                2. No ones idea of prevention is keeping everyone home Kurtz. It’s requiring masks, social distancing, testing – with reasonable results reporting – and contact tracing with reopening so we don’t have what we are having now – another crush on health care facilities and scared people staying home. This is killing the economy twice and producing exactly the opposite of what Trump claimed he wanted. It was short sighted and down right stupid. This was an opportunity for him to be a successful leader. Practically no one would have blamed him for the virus if he hadn’t dicked around for 3 months, started a halfhearted federal response and then quickly began sabotaging his own administration’s guidelines while refusing to even try to take control.

      1. Rhodes, you have no links to any known sources.

        If you have to resort to youtube videos, you dont have anything.

        1. Seth, I provided a link to the Covid deaths graph by the CDC, and the YouTube video is the 60 Minutes interview of Fauci from March 2020.

          You, on the other hand, never provide links. You just cut and paste articles that you didn’t write, while providing no source.

          When do you graduate from high school?

      2. You are a true Fox disciple. The snippet that Fox plays about Dr. Fauci is taken out of context on purpose, to support Trump’s attacks on Dr. Fauci. The complete context of his statement included the disclaimer that he was basing his comment on the state of knowledge at the time, and subject to further developments and information. Back at the time he said that, it was correct based on what was then known. Studies have since been done that prove the efficacy of mask wearing. It is truly despicable that a loser like Trump and his personal campaign network continue to attack the best-qualified infectious disease expert we have in the US by deceitfully playing edited clips of statements without the full context. It is even more despicable that a loser like Trump has politicized a pandemic infection and that he believes himself qualified to have a contrary opinion on control of an infectious disease to that of a physician with decades of experience and knowledge. It shows the depth of his depraved narcissism. Anyone who believes that Trump is qualified to have a voice on infection control is an unmitigated idiot.

        We’ve covered the death rate issue before, but here goes again: the death rate from coronavirus is down because physicians have learned that Remdesivir, an anti-viral developed for Ebola, is effective in treating coronavirus. Also, for people with severe lung inflammation, giving 100% oxygen, along with Dexamethasone, a corticosteroid, can prevent intubation and mechanical ventilation in many cases, which lowers the risk of dying. 100% oxygen is usually contraindicated because it can be toxic and depress the respiratory drive, but the lungs of coronavirus victims are so inflamed and scarred that oxygen toxicity isn’t an issue.

        So, the death rate is down, not because of anything the election cheater did, but DESPITE him. He and his personal campaign network continue to insist that Hydroxychloroquine is a safe and effective treatment for coronavirus, even though the FDA has revoked temporary emergency use approval. Doctors have learned to use Remdesivir and Dexamethosone to bring down the death rate. However, none of this can reasonably be construed to support Trump’s lie about the disease being under control, that we needn’t wear masks or that we should open up businesses and schools again, pretending there isn’t any crisis. Cases are skyrocketing. Hospitals are running low on both drugs, and drug manufacturers will be jacking up the prices once the current stock runs out. Trump has nothing to do with the reduction in the death rate, credit for which goes to doctors, but I have no doubt that he’ll try to take credit or use the lowered death rate to lure his disciples into believing that they needn’t wear masks, social distance, avoid crowds and avoid crowded indoor spaces.

        1. **Facts for Trumpers**

          I know they’re painful to read, but dear leader trumpy bear is incapable of leading the country through Covid. Facts on the ground are all that matter. And the above is a crash course in reality.

          1. Sorry but…”Facts” and Natacha do not go together like you seem to think. Just sayin’.

              1. Love how So says Cindy steps in to make a completely nonsense prediction about facts while providiing none at all herself.

                  1. My preferred pronouns are they, their, and them when being referred to in the third person.

                  2. I love ‘nonsense predictions’, especially when they turn out to be right.

                    And Anonymous? It might be our Squeeker.

                    The games people play….on the Turley blog.

                    1. Cindy? Squeeker? You flatter moi. But alas, no.

                      AS IF Squeeky or Cindy would comment Anonymously…..that’s a negatory….like, duh….

                    2. “AS IF Squeeky or Cindy would comment Anonymously…..that’s a negatory….like, duh….”

                      deny, deny, deny…but we’ve got your number

                      wink, wink

        2. Seems Fauci is not too busy to appear on the cover of In Style Magazine posing in his Ray Bans next to his swimming pool for their cover story called, “The Good Doctor” wherein he tells Nora O’Donell how “effective” and great he is at his job. And that he is “apolitical.” Oh really? Is that why Fauci sent email love letters to Hillary Clinton? “Tell her that her speech hit it out of the park and moved me to tears oh and tell her that we love her more than ever”…etc.. and we know Fauci’s wife is a Hillary fan girl who worked to get her elected. I don’t think “apolitical” is the correct word for Fauci. He’s a political operator whose been in Washington a long time and he is working on sabotaging Trump as much as he can without it being too obvious. What’s next for Fauci? The cover of People Magazine as a nominee for Sexiest Man Alive? Hollywood idiots have petitions going to get him nominated. That’s your first clue that Fauci ain’t all that he wants us to believe he is. When Hollywood starts a fan club for him AS IF he did anything extraordinary in this crisis besides get almost everything flatout wrong….that’s your Big Red Flag that the guy is a puny buffoon with an oversized ego who doesn’t want to let go of the power position he’s been hanging onto for too long. He’s going on 80 years old. Time to step aside now that he’s screwed up the coronavirus response. Intentional? It is certainly possible. The media are actively lying and sabotaging Trump, the Dems in Congress are lying, obstructing, and sabotaging Trump. And for all of them, the means (by any means necessary ethics be damned) justify the end goal: sabotage and remove Trump. Nothing is off limits for the Fake News Media and their Democrat allies.

          1. Case in point….

            “Having spent the past month surveying the wreckage across the US, I can only conclude that journalists have intentionally obfuscated the after-effects of these historic riots because they are fearful of “helping Trump” — a profane act of media malpractice.” -Michael Tracey (roving journalist and Bernie supporter)


        3. Natacha – couple of things: 1) the administration controls the supply of Remdesivir. So, if it is saving lives, Trump is saving lives. He sent several cases to AZ to help us out. 2) still waiting on those SAT, LSAT and BMI scores.

          1. OK, Paulie: The “administration” had nothing to do with discovering the benefit of Remdesivir as an effective treatment for coronavirus. Brave physicians decided to try this treatment to see whether it would help. It was their idea, not the Dotard or anyone in his administration. The “administration” confiscated the Remdesivir stocks to prevent other countries from outbidding for it, so people in other countries may die while we have a warehouse full of the drug. The fat slob election cheater is responsible for causing deaths, not saving lives, by lying about the risk, downplaying the statistics and trying to get Americans to pretend there is no coronavirus pandemic. He also doesn’t get credit for the brilliant physicians who decided to go contrary to the standard of care on administration of 100% oxygen, coupled with Dexamethasone, to see whether it would work.

            1. Natacha – let me put this as bluntly as Trump would. It is America first. Still, waiting on those test results.

        4. ‘If you haven’t heard left of center views on Fox News you haven’t been watching. We have more contributors from the left on our channel than our two principal competitors have conservatives — put together.’ -Britt Hume

          So, Natacha, turn off CNN and BSNBC, they are pickling your brain.

          1. You want to see what propaganda looks and sounds like? Watch CNN and BSNBC. They are chock full of it. And we don’t mean covefe.

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