BLM Protester Pleads Guilty To Trying To Cut The Brake Lining Of NYPD Van

There is a plea in the case of a Black Lives Matter protester, Jeremy Trapp, 24, who tried to cut the brake line of a New York Police Department van last year because he wanted to hurt police. What is most interesting is that the vehicle crime was handed in the federal and not the state system. Moreover, the case may indicate a move away from the more severe charges used under the Trump Justice Department in such cases.

According to new sources, Trapp attended a BLM protest but decided that he wanted to harm officers. In his complaint, FBI Special Agent David J. Williams stated that Trapp reached out to the wrong person about his lethal desire. It turned out the person was an confidential informant and Trapp told the CI “that the police were racist, that he wanted to harm police officers and their supporters, and that he had previously been involved in destroying property and burning a police car.” He also allegedly reported made threats to attack the Verrazzanno Bridge


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  1. One correction Professor. “Brake lining” is the padding on the brake pad or shoe that makes contact with the rotor. This individual allegedly attempted to cut the “Brake Line”. The brake line is what you’d cut which is the line that feeds the brake fluid to the caliper in order to put pressure on the caliper piston to activate the brakes. Cut that and you have no brakes. As Monk would say you’ll thank me later. 😉

  2. So I’ll ask again, in case you’re willing to answer my actual question: do you believe that there’s systemic sexism?


    I have three granddaughters and three grandsons.
    The white boys/men will suffer more discrimination than the white girls/women.

    1. Sure one only has to follow the adventures of the Clinton in never never land to prove that. They have been victimizing women for years and likewise been supported by the far left socialists posing as democrats and democratic for the same amount of time You want racism. Review the life of Poke A Haunt Us. I can’t think of any of the -isms that aren’t found actively promoted by the former Party of Slacery turned Party of anti civil rights.

    2. You don’t know what will occur in the future with anyone.

      But since you’re predicting: who do you think is more likely to be raped?

    3. “Do you believe that there’s systemic sexism?”

      Do you believe that there is systemic criminality in the black community?

      Do you believe that there is systemic power lust in the Democratic party?

      Do you believe that there is systemic discrimination of conservatives in academia?

      Do you believe that there is a systemic attempt to use the word “systemic” as a smear tactic?

  3. This is the way a representative form of govt is supposed to work.
    Elections have consequences. Unfortunately most voters lack even basic civics education. Academics encourage this ignorance. While the term prosecutorial discretion is mentioned, seldom is it explained that the voters are the people exercising that discretion. If Republicans were smart, they would be using this and other examples of what happens when you vote to support Democrats.

  4. Turley highlights “Black Lives Matter” in his title and again in the article. Nothing in the story ties this individual to Black Lives Matter, the links lead to stories that don’t tie him to Black Lives Matter though one headline from Fox News does so with no reference in the actual story. The person doesn’t look to be a member of Black Lives Matter nor is there any reference to his membership. So why keep throwing Black Lives Matter references into the mix? That’s a question I wish Turley would answer as to why he did? Fox News I can guess.

    1. Please enlighten other readers what a “member” of blackLivesMatter “looks” like! Other than seeing videos and photos of rioters, looters, arsonists, etc. in activities incited under the signs,tshirts and auspices of such a group, I have yet to hear what its/their “members” “look” like.

      1. Almost all of the actual Black Lives Matter members look Black. On the other hand, most of the violent protesters in marches where Black Lives Matter have attended along with other groups look white. This is not the only group where some people don’t really look like members though there are exceptions. There are very few Black Neo-Nazis, skinheads, and white supremacists. POrobably why they have barely been noticed by law enforcement for their activities the last few decades.

        1. What constitutes an “actual Black Lives Matter member”?

          AFAIK, there is no formal membership, only self-identification with BLM or not.

          It seems that Trapp is being associated by others with BLM because some of this occurred in association with a George Floyd protest. Of course, not everyone who attended the Floyd protests identifies with BLM, and some who oppose BLM and used the protests for their own ends.

          1. There are actual chapters recognized by the organization, some informal chapters, and some wannabe followers with no idea of the goals of the organization, Kinda like Republicans and Democrats.

            1. Thanks for elaborating.

              I’m one of the white folks who attended a peaceful protest about George Floyd’s murder, Breonna Taylor’s murder, … I haven’t thought much about BLM as an organization, only as a statement and decentralized movement. I support the decentralized movement, but I don’t know enough about the organization to know if I support them too. I just looked up their website; apparently their formal name is Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation, Inc. –

                1. Telling me what to think won’t get you anywhere. Part of what you need to know.

      2. Like you who smashes windows, steals products from stores. A mix of White and Liberal Democrat wing nuts.who may not particapte in looting and mayhem but are glad.

    2. “Trapp was attending a Black Lives Matter protest July 13 when he met a man he thought was another protester, but was instead a paid confidential NYPD informant, the feds said. Trapp spent time with the man, telling him he wanted to burn down NYPD station houses as well as the Verazzano Bridge.”

      “The person doesn’t look to be a member of Black Lives Matter”

      What does that mean?

      1. It means Anonymous, Jeffrey, and EnigmainBlackcom should be registered as WEAPONS OF MASS DISTRACTION. When they can’t win the argument, they nitpick or fuss about changing the subject.

        1. They aren’t real humans nor for that matter Citizens just pre programmed machines spitting out whatever the the DNC (Definitiely Not Citizens) makes up as their truth for the day in line with the number one rule of their socialist non existence.

      2. Here is the schedule of protests in New York that day. All of them conveniently considered Black Lives Matter protests by those with an agenda against Black Lives Matter.

        Your quoted portion is what I’m talking about. Why was this a Black Lives Matter protest when over a million people were demonstrating across the country, mostly white by the way.

    3. “Pigs in a blanket; fry ’em like bacon.” — BLM protestors
      “Trapp told the CI ‘that the police were racist, that he wanted to harm police officers and their supporters.'”

      If it quacks like a duck… whether Trapp “identifies” with BLM or not, it’s a distinction without a difference, but if you want to make a big deal about it, knock yourselves out.

      1. Not me making the link of this individual to Black Lives Matter. It’s Turley, Fox News, and now you. BTW, the police have racist beginnings, from slave patrols in the South and immigration control in the North. All to protect the property of elite white people. Has it really changed that much?
        I know policemen of all hues and have hired local police and state troopers in the past for off-duty work. There are fine people within the organization but to a person they help perpetuate a racist system by not rooting the bad ones out.

        1. That was the kkk who were created by the democrat party. Learn history you’ll find out much more on all racist history of the democrat party to include voting against freeing slaves and against their right to vote in the 1800s. Wake up!

          1. I’m sure I could tell you much more about American history than you could dream of. The Republican Party had lofty beginnings but started losing sight of those goals in 1877 and never looked back. Democrats have more blood on their hands and invented many of the tactics Republicans are clinging to today. Neither are to be praised but Republicans are the clear and present danger for the moment.

              1. Hello mespo, long time no hear. Was there something specific you wanted to address. I had someone trying to shove a incorrect version of history down my throat under the assumption I was clueless. I prefer to think I see things thru the prism of the truth, one that isn’t often related or taught. If you have a dispute on the facts I’d be happy to discuss them.

    4. E in black, what would you call a white guy at KKK rally. You would of course jump to defend him by saying no one knows for sure if he is a member of the KKK just because he is at a KKK rally. We know all your BLM buddies are a bunch of choir boys. An enigma in black? Unfortunately an all to common in darkness.

        1. E black. You make my point exactly. Black hood white hood no difference. BLM set the police station on fire and blocked all the exits to keep anyone from escaping. We appreciate your well thought out comparison.

              1. Please show me anything in the article tying Black Lives Matter to the violence? You aren’t documenting anything, just telling me what you believe. In the Capitol attack on January 6th, there is video evidence along with e-mails and social media links tying many of those people to multiple groups like the Oathkeepers and Proud Boys. Where is the documantion of Black Lives Matter people committing violence? I don’t doubt that some have somewhere along the way, but labeling everything a Black Lives Matter protest and accusing them of all manner of things mostly committed by white people is deflection. The best you have for me is “a city on CNN.” Do better.

    5. “Nothing in the story ties this individual to Black Lives Matter” — except for the fact that he was attending a BLM “protest” (read: riot and/or agitation event organized by Marxists).

      The article refers to this individual as a “BLM protestor.” He was attending a BLM “protest.” DId you want him referred to as “MAGA”? Maybe “Amish” would make you feel better?

      Your attempt at deflection is duly noted.

      1. Assuming facts not in evidence. Point to a fact in the story or any of the linked articles that demonstrate it was a Black Lives Matter protest or that everyone who came was someone without their own agenda?

      2. Turley refers to him as a BLM protester. The article and the links Turley provided don’t refer to BLM., except the Fox News title which says BLM but nothing in the article does.

    6. Hey enig,
      These crazy kids today are a handful, aren’t they? They’re just precious, is what they are.
      But, does Black Fecal Matter Trapp realize there are a ton of black policemen, as well as whites?
      He might want to inquire about that at the next Black Supremacist meet n’ greet.

      1. “Black Fecal Matter Trapp”

        This girl, Cindy Bragg will never grow up. She apparently thinks that “Black Fecal Matter Trapp” is witty or clever, but it’s juvenile, ugly and divisive.

        1. Aloonymous,

          LOL yeah, right. BFM Trapp wants to kill innocent law enforcement officers, but I’m the ugly and divisive one.
          Got it.

          1. Anony,

            Did you happen top notice that juror was wearing a tee shirt supporting the American Hating BLM Terrorist group? BTW: MLK’s principles were never supportive of groups like BLM, aka (Burn/Loot/Murder).

            Did you happen to read his own comments? He should have never been anywhere close to the jury side of the table.

            1. “He should have never been anywhere close to the jury side of the table.”

              This is your opinion. Had there been a true cause to reject him as a juror, the defense counsel could have moved to strike him for cause.

              “the American Hating BLM Terrorist group”

              They’re Americans, and they don’t hate America. They just have some different beliefs than you do. If you think everyone who has different beliefs than you hates America, that’s a pretty distorted stance.

              1. Yeah Right! BLM/Burn Loot/Murder with the aid of odd media , like the CBS crap media you posted are in my opinion for instigating over 30 innocent people killed in their Riots, ( So Far), over 2 Billion $$$ property damaged & an unknown amount of injuries of innocent people, etc…. Including crashing a peaceful, Permitted, gathering of Trump supporters on Jan 6/2021, ask for a 10 day investigation, & here comes, ….AKA Pucking Retard, son of a US General/Pysop, azzhole, Fascist/Commie antifa/BLM John Sullivan & about 200+/- of his like minded associates that did stop the Peaceful Transfer of Power of the Congress/Prez.


                Just because there’s plenty of Idiot White/Black/Asian/Mixed doesn’t mean you/anyone have to join those terrorist supporting Ahole like those Juror type fools.

                BTW: Next you or your family needs to call 911 for a cop, forget it, call your Meth Dealer Instead!

  5. Here’s a story for you, JT.

    “Darryl Howard, wrongfully convicted of Durham double murder, pardoned by Gov. Cooper”

    by Will Doran

    Darryl Howard spent nearly 25 years in prison for two murders in Durham that he didn’t commit. Now he will be able to get some restitution for those wasted decades.

    North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper, a Democrat, pardoned Howard on Friday. He has already been out of prison for five years, having been exonerated and set free in 2016 due to the efforts of lawyers from the Innocence Project.

    “It is important to continue our efforts to reform the justice system and to acknowledge wrongful convictions,” Cooper said Friday. “After carefully reviewing Darryl Anthony Howard’s case, I am granting him this Pardon of Innocence.”

    Two different Durham district attorneys who have since left office in disgrace, Mike Nifong and Tracey Cline, had a hand in Howard’s wrongful prosecution, The News & Observer reported in 2016.

    Nifong withheld evidence that someone else’s DNA was at the crime scene, The N&O reported, and Cline “told police there was no need to do an investigation into the DNA match” that linked the DNA evidence to a different man, not Howard, who had since been imprisoned in Tennessee.

    — News Observer

    Imagine living in America (or anywhere, but especially America) and serving 25 years in prison for a crime you didn’t commit, because a corrupt DA withheld evidence. The same corrupt DA served one day in prison, once upon a time in America, for contempt of court.

    (Mike Nifong belongs in prison, IMO.)

    1. Mike Nifong also tried to get several UNC lacrosse players railroaded into prison because a crazy stripper accused them of rape (she later murdered her boyfriend). Nifong finally went to jail for that one. The players were white and the stripper was black. I guess Nifong decided he needed a bonfire of the vanities to get reelected.

      For once, I agree with you. Nifong deserved prison.

      1. “Nifong finally went to jail for that one.”

        AFAIK, Nifong served one day — one day — for contempt of court.

        1. Then, yea, he deserves more. If your point is that he’s the poster child for systemic racism, he isn’t. He’ll do anybody dirty.

          There is no systemic racism. There is systemic lying about America.

          1. Diogenes: “There is systemic lying about America.”

            Ain’t that the dying truth! For instance, that the American election for president was stolen by Biden.

            1. You mean like when a transgender man competes against female athletes and insists that it’s fair? I guess in that instance, there is some sexism.

              1. “You mean like …”

                No. I mean things like wage disparities, hiring disparities, the prevalence of rape, etc.

                So I’ll ask again, in case you’re willing to answer my actual question: do you believe that there’s systemic sexism?

                1. All my female colleagues outrank me. My boss’s boss reports to a woman. She and her colleagues report up to another woman. And you know what? I don’t begrudge any of these women their success. They are all worthy and dear to me.

                  I’m probably not the guy you want to ask that question.

                  1. You didn’t answer the question.

                    It’s a yes or no question.

                    I didn’t ask about your personal experiences. It’s a question about the country as a whole.

                    Your response is like saying “rape doesn’t exist because no one I know ever told me they’d been raped.”

                    1. When one isolates income from the choices people make about work and family, women and men do similarly. I know you won’t like that answer, but that answer is supportable.

                      Women generally give more attention to children and that has an impact on their incomes. Women also choose STEM careers less than men and that has an impact on incomes, too. That is where the lion’s share of the income differences come from.

                      And before you start carping about how unfair it is women are sacrificing careers for children, they also get child custody, child support, and alimony far more often than men. They also get some preferential employment treatment, especially in the STEM fields, in order to encourage female participation.

                      If you arbitrarily tilt the playing field to equalize incomes by race and sex, that will in fact be racism and sexism.

                    2. And you’ve heard all these arguments. Why are you wasting our time? Because you and your idiot sociology professor can’t handle the truth.

                  2. You still didn’t answer the question.

                    So I’ll ask again, in case you’re willing to answer my actual question: do you believe that there’s systemic sexism?

                    Are you also going to tell me that women get raped more than men because they’re asking for it?

    2. Anon, since you brought up something that has nothing to do with the article that Professor Turley is writing about here’s a little piece of info you will be happy to hear about. Kristina Bohnenkamp: Trump commuted the sentence of Kristina Bohnenkamp. According to the White House, she has served more than 10 years of a 24-year sentence for a non-violent drug offense. Kristina Bohnenkamp is black. How in the world could a racist like Trump pardon a black person?

      1. “Anon, since you brought up something that has nothing to do with the article that Professor Turley is writing about here’s a little piece of info you will be happy to hear about.”

        So Tit has trouble connecting dots… Why am I not surprised.

        1. Anon, I’m trying to connect the dots between sexism and this guy cutting the brake lines on a cop car. Anon pulls out her connecting dots from her little bag of tricks, applies them liberally and pretends it’s all real. Sorry, thinks it’s all real

      2. “Anon, since you brought up something that has nothing to do with the article that Professor Turley is writing about here’s a little piece of info you will be happy to hear about. ”

        To which comment or comments are you referring?

  6. “‘I don’t feel safe!’: A Black man told police he feared them, and then an officer yanked him by his hair”

    “For every viral video showing police using excessive force, there are countless trust-eroding encounters that never get seen by the public. That’s often because no one died, or no one filed a lawsuit, or no one thought to ask, because the system is designed to keep police misconduct allegations private.”

    1. “But even though that hair-pulling encounter happened in the city last year, you probably haven’t heard about it. It didn’t draw public outrage. It didn’t draw much of anything. That’s because most people don’t know it occurred.”

      The reason few heard about a man having his hair pulled by a police officer last year is because BLM and Antifa were hogging all the attention by BURNING AND LOOTING DOZENS OF CITY BLOCKS AND KILLING AND ASSAULTING PEOPLE ALL OVER THE COUNTRY. They’re still doing it, BTW.

      “Hands up! Don’t shoot!”

      The Washington Post routinely exaggerates the prevalence of police misconduct. They lie shamelessly about specific episodes. The Post also covers up the racketeering by BLM and Antifa. So does most of the media.

      You told George he needed to challenge his assumptions. YOU FIRST.

    2. Some here say that the protest on July 13, 2020 were not BLM protests. A quick trip to reality land via Google can clarify it all. On second thought they may be correct. The leaders of BLM may have been busy elsewhere building their millions of dollars real estate portfolio. After their real estate high fives they may have made it to the rally to thrust their fists into the air in giving their all for “the cause”.

  7. “Black residents of Elizabeth City, N.C., thought police violence happened in other places. Then it came to their town.”

    ‘“This is a small town,” he said as the march went on without him. “We love everybody. We meet one another at Food Lion, we meet one another at Walmart, we meet one another at the local red light. So this is a loving and caring community, and we’re just asking for some police reform all across the country.”’

  8. Beer For My Horses
    Toby Keith

    Well a man come on the 6 o’clock news
    Said somebody’s been shot, somebody’s been abused
    Somebody blew up a building, somebody stole a car
    Somebody got away, somebody didn’t get too far yeah
    They didn’t get too far

    Grandpappy told my pappy, back in my day, son
    A man had to answer for the wicked that he done
    Take all the rope in Texas find a tall oak tree,
    Round up all them bad boys hang them high in the street
    For all the people to see

    We got too many gangsters doing dirty deeds
    Too much corruption, and crime in the streets
    It’s time the long arm of the law put a few more in the ground
    Send ’em all to their maker and he’ll settle ’em down
    You can bet he’ll set ’em down

    That justice is the one thing you should always find
    You got to saddle up your boys, you got to draw a hard line
    When the gun smoke settles we’ll sing a victory tune
    And we’ll all meet back at the local saloon
    We’ll raise up our glasses against evil forces singing
    Whiskey for my men, beer for my horses

    1. Have you seen the movie ‘Just Mercy’, George? Challenge your assumptions.

      “Just Mercy”






  9. I don’t see why this guy is being persecuted. According to Chris Cuomo his crimes are not that bad as he is anti fascist and that makes his cause righteous.
    It’s not like his actions are an attack on our democracy like putting on a bison costume and walking around the Capitol. The bison costume alone should be good for at least 15 years.

    1. I agree. He should get off with a slap on the wrist because his ancestors were slaves.

  10. 24 years of age crawling under a police vehicle to disable it with the intent of doing harm to the occupants or anyone else. What will this guy be doing and where will he be in 4 more years?
    Do you remember what you were doing at 24? For me and my spouse both working saving for our first home. I was even a registered Democrat (no longer).

  11. Antifa goons have openly said they want to bring down the government. Towards that goal, they attack police and police stations, burn federal buildings (sometimes with people still inside), burn and loot businesses, and terrorize ordinary citizens. They are armed, organized and dangerous. If that’s not terrorism, what is? The Democrats are treating them as thought they were just a bunch of unruly kids instead of committed anarchists. Whatever the Democrats think they’ll get from covering for Antifa is just not going to happen. Antifa doesn’t differentiate between Republicans and Democrats, or between good cops and bad. These anarchists are opposed to the entire system and they believe in violence. Problem is, they know how to destroy but, looking at CHAZ and the George Floyd Autonomous Zone, they haven’t a clue how to create.

    1. Antifa is a bunch of privileged ‘white’ kids going around destroying black communities and businesses in the name of Black Lives Matter or something.

      Is this what Joe Biden means by the biggest threat to the nation is “white supremacy”? Is he talking about the “white kids” of Antifa running around destroying cities primarily lived in by blacks and other minorities? Or is he talking about ‘white people’ in general as the problem?

      Hillary’s awful pick for VP – Sen. Tim Kaine’s son is an Antifa member, and just one example of ‘white’ privileged kids running around destroying things and terrorizing neighborhoods.

  12. Ok, the picture shows a cut “emergency brake cable”. Which means only that the E-Brake would be disabled. The brakes are operated under pressure lines made of steel and run along the frame back to each wheel. Almost impossible to cut with a pair of pliers. The professor is excused for this erroneous information, he’s not a mechanic, he is a scholar.

    1. And as is typical of so many in his generation, he thought cutting the e-brake would mean imminent death, like in a video game. What’s more distressing: the puerile ignorance and utter lack of knowledge or skills, or the puerile hate?

      I’m beginning to think these days ignorant is being too kind – so many of these kids are legitimately deficient. It stands to reason that our youth that can’t pass a basic math exam are probably not equipped cognitively to deal with stress, conflict, or their emotions effectively, either. At least not without guidance, which they generally refuse, at times it is indeed due to brain abnormalities, too. It’s my opinion that is why the overly simplistic one-solutionism presented by extremist cult leaders appeals to them.

      1. James,

        You are correct which probably explains why the majority of Trump voters were only high school educated- “low information” voters I think Trump called them. And clearly Trumpism has some indicia of cultism.

    2. Actually brake lines are quite pliable and if you’ve ever used a brake line bending tool you’d know what I mean. They can be easily cut actually with a good pair of pliers. But good catch on the emergency brake cable. If that’s what he tried to cut, then that is just another commentary on this new woke generation who apparently weren’t “woke” in auto-shop class.

    1. This guy — Jeremy Trapp — is a criminal.

      So are these cops:

      “Colorado officers who violently arrested 73-year-old with dementia laughed about incident afterward, video shows”

      “The officers fractured Karen Garner’s arm and dislocated her shoulder, according to federal lawsuit”

      Good cops — and there are many — need to police their ranks and get rid of the bad cops…

  13. There is a segment of the country (primarily Lefties) that hate its current structure.

    Many of these Lefties are also thieves as well as agitators (cf to Stalin).

    Small detour.

    I looked at yesterday’s blog.

    Anonymous must have written half of the posts.

    Have to conclude two things: from the sheer number of posts, Anonymous is unemployed, and he has the heart of a stalker.

    The decision not to read his posts was smart. Saved me from a lot of garbage, and freed up time.

    1. MonoColo-Great observation on Annie. It struck me as well that he and his cadre no matter what the subject matter they manage to name call,Trump or Fox. Someone brought this to my attention that there are companies employed by the useful idiot left to disrupt blogs with this tactic.

        1. Anon’s posts remind me of the old UseNet Flame Wars. A good response that remains valid is “Do Not Feed the Troll.”

    2. “The decision not to read his posts was smart…freed up time.”

      You guys are too funny.

      How much free time did it buy you? Just a rough average will do.


    3. “Have to conclude two things: from the sheer number of posts, Anonymous is unemployed, and he has the heart of a stalker.”

      Clearly, this person is not a profiler.

      Best to give up the guesswork. He’s not very good at it.

    4. “Anonymous must have written half of the posts.”

      Once again: anyone who wishes can post anonymously, and multiple people do. You can tell that it’s multiple people because of the differences the views expressed, in how various anonymous commenters words themselves, etc.

      You talk about “Anonymous” as a single person, which is ignorant.

      “Anonymous is unemployed”

      I can’t speak for the other anonymous commenters, but I’m retired.

      “he has the heart of a stalker.”

      That definitely doesn’t describe me. I think it describes Allan (S. Meyer) much better. He also often comments anonymously.

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