Terf Fight: Staffordshire Professor Under Investigation for Criticism of Housing Transgender Inmates in Women’s Prisons

We have been following the growing number of feminists denounced as Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminists (TERFs) around the world in free speech cases. These advocates have voiced opposition to transgender policies and laws that they believe “erase” or “marginalize” biological women. The latest such case is out of the United Kingdom where Staffordshire University criminologist Professor James Treadwell is under investigation for “transphobia” due to his call to keep prisons single sex for the protection of female inmates. In 2018, Karen White, a transgender inmate, sexually assaulted another inmate in a women’s prison. While Treadwell expressed his views on social media, he has been informed that he is being investigated for possible sanctions or termination.

On Twitter, Treadwell argued that transgender women should not be allowed in female prisons. He took that position in reference to research by the Prison Reform Trust charity, which found that more than half of women in prison reported having suffered domestic violence. The study found that 53 per cent reported to have experienced emotional, physical or sexual abuse as a child.

Treadwell tweeted that “Many [women] have been damaged by men time and again. I cannot see any case for now why we should do anything but #KeepPrisonsSingleSex.”

In 2018, he responded to the case involving Karen White by suggesting that transgender women not be housed in female prisons.

This is Treadwell’s field of expertise and he is voicing his concern for the safety of female prisoners. One can clearly disagree with his viewpoint. There are very few such cases and no study clearly showing that the inclusion of transgender inmates increases the level of violence. It is also not clear that the inclusion of such inmates has a detrimental impact on women with histories of abuse or assault. However, that is the point of this type of public debate and discourse. Knowledgable people can explore the data and the policies on a given question.

Rather than simply debate Professor Treadwell, activists have demanded that he be fired.

As always, my concern is not with the merits of such arguments, or even the manner in which they are expressed. Rather, professors have a right to express themselves even when they espouse offensive or disgraceful positions. As we have previously discussed, I have defended faculty members despite my strong disagreement with their views. One professor called for more Trump supporters to be killed. Another called for strangling police. Rhode Island Professor Erik Loomis, who writes for the site Lawyers, Guns, and Money, said he saw “nothing wrong” with the killing of a conservative protester — a view defended by other academics.  While sites like Lawyers, Guns, and Money feature writers like law professor Paul Campos who call for the firing of those with opposing views (including myself), they continue to feature a writer who has justified actually killing those with opposing views. I have opposed calls that extremist figures like Loomis should be terminated at their universities for speaking publicly on such issues. However, there remains a sharp contrast in how such controversial statements are treated by universities depending on their content or conclusions.

We previously discussed the case of Professor Gregory Manco who lost his contract with St. Joseph’s University over his opposing reparations on social media. He is now suing the university.

There are many feminists like JK Rowling who have raised concerns over the impact of transgender policies on women. The reaction was to ban or burn her books.

The attacks on such views is growing in the UK. In October, Sussex University feminist philosopher Professor Kathleen Stock resigned from her position after a relentless campaign to have her fired. Her offense? She said that she believes gender identity does not outweigh biological sex “when it comes to law and policy.” She did not try to silence others and was not accused o taking any actions as a teacher that were prejudiced against any transgender person. She merely stated what she believed.

In response, activists papered the campus with posters saying that they felt “unsafe” to have her on campus and labeled her “transphobic.” One group posted that

“We’ve f**king had enough . . . Transphobes like Stock are anti-feminist, anti-queer and anti-intellectual, they are harmful and dangerous to trans people. They’re spiteful bootlickers, with Stock alone spitting out years worth of tweets, articles and organising that makes her distaste for our existence abundantly clear.”

The “anti-intellectual” claim is almost comically ironic. . . if any of this was even remotely funny. There is no greater attack on intellectual discourse than a campaign to silence those with opposing views.

Rather than engage Stock in debate, activists attacked anyone willing to engage her on this issue. When there was an effort to have a civil debate over the controversy with Professor Stock and activist Peter Tatchell, there was a campaign of criticism of Tatchell for participating in any discussion. Stock was to be silenced not debated.  Tatchell yielded to the mob and withdrew with an abject apology.

The fact is that this anti-free speech movement is succeeding.  I have seen most top faculties shed all but a couple conservatives in what is now an academic echo chamber. This trend is discussed in my forthcoming law review article, Jonathan Turley, Harm and Hegemony: The Decline of Free Speech in the United States, 45 Harvard Journal of Law and Public Policy (forthcoming). We have also discussed the rising generation of censors on our student governments and journals.

The decline of free speech in the United Kingdom has long been a concern for free speech advocates  (here and here and here and here and here and here and here). Once you start as a government to criminalize speech, you end up on a slippery slope of censorship. What constitutes hate speech or “malicious communications” remains a highly subjective matter and we have seen a steady expansion of prohibited terms and words and gestures. Even having “toxic ideologies” is now a crime. As noted in a prior column, free speech appears to be dying in the West with the increasing criminalization of speech under discrimination, hate, and blasphemy laws.

The crackdown on free speech on campuses reflects how the anti-free speech movement is taking deep root within our educational system. It is an existential threat to higher education and could become irreversible with a rising generation of speech-phobic students. The problem is that few department heads or administrators want to risk their own careers in standing between a mob and a controversial speaker. The result is cringing obedience to a rising orthodoxy on our campuses.

You do not have to agree with Professor Treadwell to support him and his right to speak. Staffordshire University must now make a decision. It must stand with free speech and academic freedom or surrender any semblance of academic integrity to the will of the majority or the mob.


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  1. “The lunatics have taken charge of the asylum.”

    – Richard A. Rowland

    Awaken, Acknowledge, Realize and Accept Your Untenable Premise

    Before It’s Too Late

    “There’s nothing between the atoms.”

    – Anonymous

    Immutable Reality:

    – Men

    – Women

    – Psychotic Specious Counterfactual Piteous Frankensteins

  2. Jonathan: You are like the magician who wants us to focus on his right hand while the real action takes place elsewhere. In this column you want us to focus on the alleged threat to “free speech” at Staffordshire University in the UK. You then segue into your tiresome and repetitive complaints about attacks on “free speech” here at home. You allege the “crackdown” on free speech on campuses is an “existential threat to higher education”, “academic freedom” and “academic integrity”. Your slight of hand is an attempt to divert our attention away from the real threats to academic integrity right here at home. When ( see my previous comment) the GOP AG in Virginia can fire 2 Democratic counsels at UAV and George Mason University because they don’t support Trump’s “Big Lie” that’s the real “existential” threat to university independence and integrity. Apparently, that doesn’t concern you because your agenda is to attack liberal student activists.

    What is going on around the country is a right-wing and GOP attack on our Democracy– from attacks on Covid mandates, gerrymandering and other forms of voter suppression and the right of teachers to talk to students about race, Almost every day the attacks increase. Yesterday former House Speaker Newt Gingrich upped the ante when he appeared on Fox News. In commenting about the House Select committee Jan. 6 investigation Gingrich said: “I think when we have a Republican congress, this is gonna come crashing down, and the wolves are gonna find out that they’re now the sheep, and they’re the ones who will, I think, face the real risk of jail. Other GOP House members have made similar threats… against Liz Cheney and have even threatened to impeach Pres. Biden if they regain power. Forget that Liz Cheney and the other members of the Select Committee are simply carrying out their constitutional responsibilities. The GOP wants to shut down the investigation because almost every day it is exposing Trump’s “Big Lie” and the extent to which he was prepared to go to stay in office and cancel our Democracy. That’s the real threat you don’t want to talk about because Fox doesn’t talk about it either. I would love to see your employment agreement with Fox. I would imagine it says you will not disparage Trump, his political allies or Fox itself. Even if it doesn’t you implicitly knew Fox’s expectations when you agreed to appear as a “legal analyst”…to spout the Fox line on every issue. So far you have dutifully complied. You have given up the right to claim you are just a neutral university “academic” by becoming just another political hack.

    1. Oh Mr. McIntyre .. let me count the ways you are wrong. I do not agree with a single thing you wrote. It’s you progressives who are on the march and trying to ruin this great Republic. It’s us patriots who are trying to stop you. You suffer from a terrific case of TDS but that’s another matter. The Jan 6th “committee” is made up of extreme left-wing partisans who don’t want the truth, they only want to tarnish Trump and the GOP. Speaker Pelosi insisted that no real conservatives could be on that committee. They are NOT doing their job. they are running a kangaroo court. They are engaging in such malfeasance it’s an assault on our laws. They DESERVE to be investigated. As for Liz Cheney, you can have her. She’s only interested in her fame. I will rejoice when we Republicans take the House this November and she Speaker Pelosi her new office .. in an outhouse. Then your President Biden can remain POTUS but he will be subjected to non-stop congressional investigations. That will carry us to the 2024 election when I hope that man loses .. to either Donald Trump or Rick DeSantis. You are the political hack. And stop with the silly “Fox News is bad” rants .. it grows evermore tedious. But you have a nice day. See you at the voting booths. Respectfully, Harry

      1. “The goal of Socialism is Communism.”

        – Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

        Let’s be clear, liberals, progressives, socialists, democrats, and RINOs all pursue the ultimate goal of Lenin, and of Socialism by Lenin’s own pronouncement and admission, communism.

        Why mince words?

        Compare governmental structures in the U.S. with those of China; there’s a President, a Congress, and an appointed department, agency or bureau for every last aspect and facet of human existence.

        You don’t know you’re communist?


        The Founders gave Americans the one and only thing they could: Freedom.

        You rejected it.

    2. Dennis,

      Turley is an interesting case. As a Liberal, he is very useful to Fox in order to validate its criticism of the Left and the MSM, but he is not one of them, that is, a Trumpist, therefore, he will remain an outcast. It’s all-or-nothing with Trumpism; Turley always will be held with suspicion. Similarly, Turley will find no solace among his Liberal friends and colleagues. They know a sell-out when they see one. Even after he quits Fox, and leave he will, he will bear the ignominy of having legitimated Fox. He will carry that shame for the balance of his career, for one can no more wash-off that stain than one can remove the stench of having worked for One America News or Infowars. It’s a pity that a good man went bad.

    3. 50% of the electorate know that January 6th was nothing more than a mostly non-violent riot by unarmed, middle-aged, middle-class white people who couldn’t believe it possible that Trump actually lost to a zero like Biden, despite efforts by agent-provocateurs like Ray Epps to fan it into something more. When they couldn’t, the Dems (and their willfully captive corporate media) resorted to hyperbolic messaging to cast it as an ‘insurrection’, which it obviously wasn’t due to the lack of evidence of any serious effort to overthrow the government. However, that hasn’t stopped the frame-up and prosecution for insurrection; though unless they want to lose in a series of high profile jury trials, the prosecutors will likely end up reducing the charges, or offering a plea agreement to misdemeanors. However, it’s the treatment of this highly-politicized case that is emblematic of the way most of America views the current highly partisan administration, that has continuously done everything it can to divide this country further along every possible line because it refused to acknowledge the results of the 2016 election and screamed about Russian interference for 4 years, which turned out to be a massive concerted effort to mislead and distract the American people based on the incredible Steele dossier; paid for by Hillary Clinton and then turned over to the FBI. I could go on for hours about similar credible evidence of misconduct by the Democratic Party establishment, but in the end it’s the overall impression of their conduct that has led pretty much every poll to conclude the Democrats are going to pay a heavy price for it’s continuous gaslighting of the American people even since 2016 purely for political gain.

  3. Woman are 50% (or more) of the population, but are allowing the rights and safety of themselves and their daughters to be taken away by a handful of crazy and/or opportunistic males. It’s sad, but if they’re unwilling to speak up for themselves then who’s to blame? They’re letting opportunistic males destroy women’s sports, and opportunistic males invade women’s prisons because women’s prisons are preferable to them than male prisons. Woman have the vote, and they have their pocketbooks. They can band together and vote, as well as boycott anyone who supports these practices. If the young women on U. of PA swim team had any backbone, they’d all simply walk off the team. Unfortunately, you have too many women who are fearful of being labeled; fearful of not being a “cool” leftist, that they are being walked all over and the progress of Title IX and the women’s movement is being destroyed. It’s like they’re sitting around wringing their hands, hoping someone else will stand up and confront the problem instead of themselves.

  4. @iowan2

    I love it when leftists eat their own. And it has happened in every major revolution in history (i.e French, Russian Chinese). They truly believe they are creating heaven on earth but are actually creating misery and oppression but all done in the name of social justice.


  5. I’m waiting for some male JU CO star to walk on at a division one womens basketball team. One in the top twenty of rankings. The NCAA made a mess of the swim teams, Lets see if a high profile team will be so pliable.

  6. I need to find that Bob Hope joke. something like this.

    “I just heard that the State of California has just legalized homosexual behavior….I think I’ll leave before they make it mandatory.”

    The left is deep into “maiking it mandatory” remmember the ‘silence is violence’ chant. Mute acceptence is insuficient. Nothing less than full throated activism will be accepted by the left. And then, they will still eat you for the smallest missed opportunity to advance the agenda

    1. The left has always been deep into making it mandatory, it’s just that in the past, some of those ideas, *some*mind you, made sense for all of us. They have always been a totalitarian party, it’s just that now either through desperation, or absolute obliviousness, they no longer hide their motivations. That isn’t to say the other side has been perfect, either, but today’s DNC is pretty much a prelude to an American fascist party. They can’t even claim the lesser offense of Communism at this point. Europe has been plagued with this much longer than us, and to whit, even Britain and Ireland have dropped ALL covid restrictions. No one need fool themselves about what is going on in this country. Stop saying ‘democrat’. That party has ceased to be.

  7. Edmund Burke is wrong quoted as having said, “All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.” Generally speaking this is what is happening today…few stand up and push back against a Marxist/Mao-ist minority who are zealots seeking to dominate and control all the levers of power whether cultural or political.

    Edmund Burke did say something resembling the above quote in his “Thoughts on the Cause of the Present Discontents” (1770):
    “When bad men combine, the good must associate; else they will fall, one by one, an unpitied sacrifice in a contemptible struggle.”

    It is time to associate with like-minded Constitutionalists who believe in free speech; we collectively need to get smart and combine our efforts to push back in this fight to maintain our God-given rights to determine our own beliefs and opinions, in order to stop the erosion of all freedoms and to not to be ruled by the mob and lose all of our rights over time.

  8. Matt Walsh articulated it best. He asked transgender activists to define the word “woman.” They could not. They thought a woman was someone who identified as a woman, but they could not come up with a definition for woman. You can’t define a word with the same word.


    Children are getting pressured to change gender if they do not engage in stereotypical gender behaviors and opinions.

    1. At that point on the show everyone onstage was a male, so I think it is useful to ask What is a man? What is a man?

  9. If you have a dong you should only be in a male only prison. If you have one and dress like a female you should be in a separate unit in a male prison. If you don’t have a dong and dress like a make then female only prison and separate unit for ” no dongs”.

  10. Here are individual examples of what can and does go wrong when laws allow biological males access to women’s spaces:


    Male was claiming to be female in order to assault women


    Sex abuse victim files suit after being forced to share a bedroom with biological male in women’s shelter

    1. Convicted sex offender objects on the grounds that he identifies as an 8 year old girl


      Biological male entered women’s changing area at spa and exposed his genitals to girls. When a mother complained, she was labeled transphobic. There were marches against her and the usual character assassination. Turns out he was a registered sex offender.


      1. Biological male transgender raped girl in bathroom at school and assaulted another girl at another school. The school board covered it up, refused to let the father speak, and had him arrested for disorderly conduct when he objected.


        Personal experience:

        A few years ago, a man walked into the girls’ bathroom at my son’s soccer field. Told the mothers that he identified as a woman and had every right to be there. He had a camera and was accused of taking pictures of the little girls. Park employees told the mothers the law gave the man access. By the time the mothers fetched a group of furious fathers, he’d left. Police finally caught up with him hours later. The memory card of his camera had been removed at that point. There was nothing the police could do. Women and girls are told to keep quiet, hide their feelings, and submit when a biological male walks into a women’s restroom, changing room, shower, or shelter.

  11. The Left is a totalitarian movement.

    If you believe in the scientific definition of sex, then you’ll be harassed, and might lose your job. The Left seeks to silence and impoverish anyone who stands against them, no matter how small, whether it’s a girl who answers the phone in her Dad’s pizza shop and says they probably wouldn’t want to participate in a theoretical gay wedding, a baker who doesn’t want to be forced against his will to make a transgender cake, or a professor who points out the obvious safety concerns of housing biological males with biological females in prison.

    Our genetic code for sex is XX, XY, or intersex.

    My gender has been reduced to a state of mind. The Left would claim that being a woman is not determined by genes, reproductive organs, dress, manner of speech. It’s intangible. No wonder kids are getting confused about gender in record numbers.

    We women are supposed to be quiet and keep sweet while biological males wipe us out at our own sports divisions. We’re supposed to stand by the sidelines and cheer when a biological males beats female swimmers by two full laps at a collegiate swim meet. You can’t be a feminist unless you think that being a woman is an indefinable state of mind.

    Women are getting punished for speaking out against the unfairness and safety concerns of biological males in their sports and private spaces. It’s not the patriarchy silencing women, but the totalitarian Left.

    Stand up for what’s right. God bless the men who speak out for us, as well, because risking your career to protect others is courageous.

    Women and girls, you are being silenced. Find your voice and let it roar.

    1. “My gender has been reduced to a state of mind.” Clever, succinct, and worthy of argument from the “enlightened ones.”

    2. Karen says:

      “The Left is a totalitarian movement.”

      The Right is a fascist movement.

      1. @jeffsilberman

        Marxist b@@tard!

        You would have been singing the glories of the Cuban revolution circa 1960 and condemning those who opposed Castro and Che as “fascist”.

        My family left that “worker’s paradise” in the 1959. I wish well to do American leftists had to live under the conditions they praise and advocate for others.


      2. Jeff:

        Fascism creates a strong government, subverting individual rights, for the “good” of the country. It’s very similar to Socialism, except Gentile disagreed with the inevitability of class warfare, and the “common good” was of the country, not the working class.

        Conservatives believe in the Constitution, strong individual rights, free speech, and limited government. It’s impossible for Fascism to exist in such a framework.

        The Left opposes many Constitutional Rights, including but not limited to free speech, the right to bear arms, freedom of (Christian) religion, the Electoral College. The movement engages in Brown Shirt behavior, harassing and sometimes assaulting people whose speech they disagree with, and causing property damage. Ironically, Antifa engages in aspects of Fascism.

        The Left would create a powerful government at the expense of individual rights for the “common good”, as defined by globalism of Leftism.

        Under Capitalism, an individual has the right to sell the product of their labors, ideas, and goods. An individual has the right to buy, or not. It’s freedom.

        Under the Left’s socialism, the government owns the rights to your labor, ideas, and goods. Under Communism, the government owns all property, too. It’s slavery.

        It’s the Left who espouses many of the tenets of Fascism. In fact, much of the marketing of the NAZIS sounds like it would belong on modern college campuses.

        The right political spectrum, including Libertarians, would have people be free. The Left would enslave them.

        1. Karen says about the Left;’:

          “The movement engages in Brown Shirt behavior, harassing and sometimes assaulting people whose speech they disagree with, and causing property damage. Ironically, Antifa engages in aspects of Fascism.”

          Leftist shirts are merely brown your shirts are BLACK:

          Oathkeepers, Three Percenters, Michigan Militia, Proud Boys, Atomwaffen Division, Christian Patriots, The Order, Wolverine Watchmen, etc.

    3. Karen: here is proof that you are fully delusional, fueled by the fact that you are an uneducated ignoramus and disciple of alt-right rhetoric. The only “totalitarian movement” active in the USA is the ReTrumplican Party that: 1. continues to refrain against speaking out against the Big Lie, and fully endorses it, despite all proof that 2020 was a fair election; 2. knows it continues to lose strength, so it has to pre-cheat its way into power: furiously gerrymandering, passing laws making it harder to vote, limiting polling places in mostly-Democratic areas, curtailing early voting, curtailing absentee voting, making it difficult or inconvenient to obtain ID that is acceptable; 3. has already threatened to shut down the Jan 6th Commission if it gets the power to do so because they are uncovering evidence of the extent to which Trump and his enablers were willing to go in order to keep him in power despite the will of the American people; the plan could have succeeded but for those state officials who refused to knuckle under to pressure, and Mike Pence, who chose to do the right thing and comply with the
      oath he took to defend the Constitution. If trying to bully, lie, cheat, litigate and steal votes awarded to your opponent in order to stay in power (that you cheated to get in the first place) isn’t the textbook definition of a totalitarian, then what qualifies?

      You keep harping about transsexualism because you don’t understand it and don’t want to. What is the “scientific definition of sex”, and where is it written that the genitals you were born with determine your identity? And, no, your “gender” hasn’t been reduced to a “state of mind”, either. Transsexuals do not choose to be who they are any more than gay people do, and they don’t want to be forced to hide in the closet just because there are uneducated people like you out there who want to discriminate against them based on your ignorance and lack of empathy.

      And, you aren’t Helen Reddy, either, so stop trying to steal her lyrics, and especially the meaning behind them. Just another example of your superficial understanding of culture. No one is “silencing” women or girls. And, for millennia, biological males are the ones committing sex crimes. The few exceptions prove nothing other than you are looking for a reason to discriminate against transsexuals. Trump has been accused of more sex crimes than the few examples you provided.

  12. Turley says

    “The problem is that few department heads or administrators want to risk their own careers in standing between a mob and a controversial speaker. The result is cringing obedience to a rising orthodoxy on our campuses.”

    That is a problem. I witness it every day. Few Republicans want to risk their political careers in standing between their base and Trump. The result is cringing obedience to a rising Trumpism in the Republican Party.

    Ted Cruz
    Marco Rubio
    Kevin McCarthy
    Lindsey Graham

        1. I’m going to point out to you for what I hope is the last time, that using the word “retard” is offensive to those who were born with and/or who have acquired intellectual disabilities. It is insulting and degrading. This is especially true when you use this word because you cannot respond with facts or cogent argument to counter a position proffered by someone with whom you disagree. As an example of disfavor of use of this word, in the film “Ferris Buehler’s Day Off”, when the grandfather character is describing the Asian exchange student who is missing and tells the police he is wearing a red argyle sweater, in the unedited version of the film, he says “No, he’s not retarded” (implying that only a “retarded” person would wear a red argyle sweater). That line has been removed from the film because it’s offensive. There are lots of other examples. Grow up and show some sympathy for intellectually disabled people.

          1. Natasha @ 3:06

            “Grow up and show some sympathy for intellectually disabled people.”

            Your inappropriate language is no better than the person you are criticizing. Preferred phrasing is people with intellectual disabilities.

            Language is a moving target, it changes. We went from idiot to moron (or vice versa) to feeble minded to mental retardation (often shortened to retard in ad hominem comments) to intellectually disability.

            We have a prime example in public life these days, a geezer who was at best, on a good day earlier in life, mildly cognizant. He has progressed to soft in the head, and is declining towards dementia (a special case of intellectual disability) before our eyes. That his backup’s primary ability is being the living embodiment of a virtue signal is disconcerting. Ha ha ha Harris, sounds like a stutter doesn’t it? Could it be a clue how she got the nod for the job?

            Many people with intellectual disabilities do not want your sympathy. They want to be respected for the abilities they do have. We are all differently abled.

            1. “Idiot, imbecile and moron” were actual diagnostic terms used to describe persons with various levels of sub-normal intellectual capacity. “Moron” was the highest-functioning level of this group, and with assistance, morons could hold down jobs and live outside of institutional settings. Those terms aren’t used any more because they were adopted for use as insults and taunts. So, no, language is NOT a “moving target”–we have grown as people and have become sensitive to the fact that words can be insulting and hurtful to people born with certain characteristics, such as race or with certain incapacities, which is why, for instance, it is not acceptable to use the “N” word, nor to call someone who limps a “cripple” any more.

              And, as an obvious disciple of Fox, you keep repeating the argument that Biden has dementia, is mentally incompetent, something served regularly with the other slop and lies Fox puts out. Biden occasionally stutters, and only ignorant people like you don’t understand that impairment of expression is not the same thing as impairment of thinking and processing. This is just one example of how Fox manipulates you Trump disciples, plus proof that this technique does work.

              By criticizing using the word “retard” as an insult in lieu of a cogent response to an argument, I am not offering sympathy to people with intellectual disabilities. I am attempting to explain why this is not only ineffective and unnecesary, it is insulting. Someone should explain this to Ann Coulter. Calling people she disagrees with “retards” is common for her, and it’s wrong.

  13. If merely saying I was a girl would put me in close proximity to young, attractive women in places such as locker rooms, showers and sorority houses, where do I sign up??? And since gender is “fluid” s@@tlibs cannot question my “transition” because to do so would be bigotry.


    1. And since gender is “fluid” s@@tlibs cannot question my “transition” because to do so would be bigotry.
      Not sure about that Antonio. IIRC, lesbians are at odds with the trans sects because they keep insisting they are women.

    2. Antonio: you don’t seem to understand that a trans woman is no more likely to be attracted to other women than someone assigned female at birth who is a lesbian. Trans women do not align their identity with female as a ruse to get into locker rooms or showers as a means to gawk at nude women. That’s what people like you and Karen don’t understand, and it’s just proof that you are ignorant on the subject, in addition to falling for the alt-right rhetoric attacking transsexuals.

  14. The entire left today is anti-intellectual, from the politicians whose vocabulary consists of simplistic pejorative terms like “white supremacist,” to students and academics who either suppress free speech or reduce their own to vicious rants. They resort to bumper-sticker insults that tar entire groups with labels like “racist” in order to deny the humanity of their opponents, making it easier to condemn them and use violence against them. This is right out of the nazi playbook.

    There is no thought, logic or reason on the left today. Contrast the deplorable condition of leftist “thought” with the vigorous debates in conservative circles over various strains of conservative thought. If you want to think and speak without having raving maniacs stomp over your rights, you have to join conservative discussion groups.

    1. Racist, White Supremacy, White Privileged, Shout Down opposition don’t let them speak all methods used when you don’t have the ability to challenge truth. Here’s the elephant in the room when it comes to crime, who is committing the majority of the crime? No one asks.

      1. (True, in relation to proportional representation in population. Pure statistics, irrespective of underlying causation or contributive factors (excuses).

      2. What kind of “crimes” are you speaking of? Perjury, forgery, fraud, collusion? If those are the “crimes” of which you are speaking, then look no further than your hero and his campaign staff, children, administration officials and his attorneys.

    2. Giocon1 says:

      “There is no thought, logic or reason on the left today.”

      Well, at least we don’t engage in blood-curdling “Lock her up” chants enthusiastically bellowed by a raging mob.

    3. It’s coming…one day the shrieking XY-wannabes will push someone too far and end up getting kicked in their ovaries. Worse yet, they will not know why, they will never associate their behavior as the cause of their pain, whether from within or from the swift kick of another. Even worse than that: they’ll have the nerve to act shocked and surprised when it’s an XX being who does the kicking! Lesson that will not be learned: if you choose not control your own behavior, someone else eventually will for you and you will not be happy.

  15. “Treadwell is under investigation for “transphobia” due to his call to keep prisons single sex for the protection of female inmates.”

    Under investigation for stating the obvious, ridiculous! Why aren’t all women standing up for themselves when it counts?

  16. “The Truth! You can’t handle the Truth”
    –Col. Nathan R. Jessup, A Few Good Men

    This is the sad plight of so many “activists” who demand that all of society give way to individuals suffering from real or feigned confusion about what to do with what is between their legs. Years ago, a church of which I was a member insisted that transgender males be allowed to use women’s restrooms to aid in their transition. I objected– and ultimately left the church– because it seemed wrong that the sensitivities and safety of the many women, the elderly and young girls, who did not want to share a bathroom with a male should be ignored to accommodate the “needs” of one or two people. The truth is and was that with few exceptions, your rights end where my nose begins. One person’s transgenderism is and should not be a license to invade the privacy and security of the opposite sex. Unfortunately, if I dared express this Truth in England or in many American universities, the leaders and many professors, not to mention the activists, would insist on me being sanctioned. They really are people who cannot handle the truth.

    1. Honest to God, how many times are people like you going to cite this line uttered by the fictional character “Col. Nathan R. Jessup” from the film “A Few Good Men”? This line was dreamed up by a screenwriter, not some military hero. Why don’t you understand the outrageous hypocrisy of this character, who gave a “Code Red” order to harass a soldier for reporting the abuse he had endured, and who was willing to let two soldiers be convicted of murder and probably executed for carrying out this order instead of outright admitting that when they killed their fellow soldier they were only complying with his illegal order? You quote him as though he’s a hero or has a point. This character is NO hero–he’s a liar and coward whose order to punish the soldier for going outside the chain of command resulted in his death. The dead man had an undiscovered heart problem that made it difficult for him to keep up during drills, but he was punished for this and was refused a transfer away from his unit. The “Col. Jessup” character was coaxed into disclosing the truth only after being taunted by Tom Cruise’s character, portraying a JAG defense attorney.

      1. Natacha…………Honestlawyer graduated first in his law class, was editor-in-chief of law review, and the law books he has written are cited by the Supreme Court of Texas, which makes your pitiful little hissy fit directed at him over the use of a movie quote sad, but hilarious.

        1. None of these alleged “accomplishments” means that he is wise enough to understand that quoting a fictional character from a movie makes him look stupid. The fictional character is a liar and hypocrite. What patriotic military hero would give an illegal order to abuse a soldier as punishment for seeking a transfer, and then stand by while those who carried out the order were put on trial for murder in order to cover his own ass for giving an illegal order?

  17. Once again, women are sidelined. Their hard fought gains are eroding. There is no doubt that this movement (the distinction is made at movement) is a coordinated and well funded attack on the principles of society. How ironic that they can plaster posters across a university exclaiming their opinion yet will stop at nothing to shush opposition.

    What difference are these radicals than Charlie Manson’s “family,” Jim Jones. And the endless list of despots and their radicals who have come and gone and reeked havoc throughout history.

    When will the women’s movement and society in general wake up to the reality that this is not about equality but is about intimidation. How is it not obvious that a swimmer the size of an NFL linebacker cannot compete fairly?

    Most women prisoners have suffered sexual abuse and now they are forced to be in the same cell as male prisoners? Who goes along with this absurdity?

    Regarding their outlook on dialog, it is comparable to Dr. Evil’s communication skills with Scotty. Except it is more……Evil.

    1. Labeling something that someone simply doesn’t like or disapproves of as a “phobia” is obviously manipulative wordplay that we shouldn’t go along with. Or we can play the same game, by labeling trans-genders as bio-phobics; BLM members as white-phobics; liberals as con-phobics (conservative); sleezy politicians as ethics-phobics; you get the picture. This can be fun!

  18. The UK has crossed the Rubicon with respect to free speech,

    “But a Constitution of Government once changed from Freedom, can never be restored. Liberty, once lost, is lost forever.” – John Adams

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