Bailing on the New York Prison System: Murder Suspect Released Due to Lack of Security at Rikers Prison

A murder suspect, Darius Mungin, 20, has been released on bail. That alone is not necessarily new but it is the reason that is alarming. Mungin was released due to the utter lack of security at Rikers Island where he was attacked repeatedly by gang members. Mungin is charged with attempted murder in an Aug. 30 shooting that happened outside a Manhattan deli where a man was shot in the chest. The office Manhattan District Attorney expressed sympathy for his situation in agreeing to lower his bail to allow him to be released. I am less opposed to the bail as I am to the fact that New York officials cannot maintain a prison with a minimal level of security.  The lack of control over the prison is now a basis for release — a disgraceful admission by officials who continue to show utter incompetence and zero accountability. Where bail was once determined on the basis of the threat posed by a prisoner to society, it is now based on the threat posed by a prison to the prisoner.

Mungin has been held for two months and, according to his counsel, has been “victimized a number of times in six separate violent incidents.” In one instance, he was attacked by 12 inmates. Some attacks were caught on videotape and show the inmates with free rein in the prison. His counsel stated

“They punch him, stomped him, kicked him in the head, used whatever was available – these hard milk crates, baking pans, tablets, whatever, and literally took turns beating him and then left him there probably for four to five minutes. Then when they were done with him, they dragged him into a vestibule and then told corrections to come get him. And then corrections stood around for about four minutes before touching him and making sure he still had a pulse.”

Rikers has long been in the control of the inmates, particularly criminal gangs. New York officials have let this go on for decades with no accountability. It appears that we must now release murder suspects because the prison itself is too dangerous.

The question is why Mungen should be released and not other inmates who are left in this prison. Rikers now appears to be little more than a caged fight arena for rivaling gangs. Since New York officials lack the courage or commitment to do anything about this situation, other courts may soon follow suit with lowering bail amounts to protect inmates from the State of New York and its abusive correctional system.

Mungen’s family posted the required 10% of the bail amount and he was released on Feb. 8 on electronic monitoring.

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    “He who hesitates is lost.”

    – Cato

    “If you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime.”

    – Anonymous

    “Ain’t no use in complainin’ when you’ve got a job to do.”

    – Brian Adams

    “Git ‘er done.”

    – Larry the Cable Guy

    “Then the Lord said…”

    – Joshua

    “…every living thing…”

    6 Now the gates of Jericho were securely barred because of the Israelites. No one went out and no one came in.

    2 Then the Lord said to Joshua, “See, I have delivered Jericho into your hands, along with its king and its fighting men.

    3 March around the city once with all the armed men. Do this for six days.

    4 Have seven priests carry trumpets of rams’ horns in front of the ark. On the seventh day, march around the city seven times, with the priests blowing the trumpets.

    5 When you hear them sound a long blast on the trumpets, have the whole army give a loud shout; then the wall of the city will collapse and the army will go up, everyone straight in.”

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    21 They devoted the city to the Lord and destroyed with the sword every living thing in it—men and women, young and old, cattle, sheep and donkeys.

  2. Jonathan: Why a murder suspect being released on bail from Rikers is big news defies any logical explanation. So let’s move on to some really important news. The investigations into Trump’s financial fraud is picking up speed. Trump’s longtime accounting firm, Mazars USA, just sent a letter to Trump severing ties–saying his 2001-2020 financial statements “should no longer be relied upon”. That’s accounting speak for “you’re a fraud”. Mazars says its decision was based on the banking, insurance and tax fraud investigation of NY AG Letitia James. Mazars doesn’t want to be sued along with Trump. Do you think another reputable accounting firm will want to take on Trump as a client? And what are Trump’s prospects for getting new loans if his accounting firm will no longer affirm his financial statements?

    Mike “My Pillow” Lindell, a big supporter of Trump’s “Big Lie” about the 2020 election. is also in trouble. He has just been notified by Minnesota Bank & Trust that all his accounts are being closed effective Feb. 18. The Bank called Lindell a “reputation risk”. Dominion Voting Systems is suing Lindell for $1.3 billion in a defamation suit. The bank obviously doesn’t want to get embroiled in that lawsuit.

    Trump’s brand is also becoming a “reputation risk” for GOP voters. Polls show his support among GOP voter is eroding. Even GOP politicians are having second thoughts. Sen. Susan Collins has bailed out. Mitch McConnell is secretly backing candidates who will challenge Trump’s agenda. How long will Linsey Graham hold out? Does the GOP really want to back a candidate in so much legal trouble?

    1. Dennis, maybe something will be found that will incriminate Trump. However, there is one thing that we know for sure. Worthwhile news that we know for sure is that Bill Clinton received $500,000 For a speech he gave in Russia. Just imagine paying $500,000 For all that wisdom from “The Great One”. A picture of Bill giving the speech must reside in your place of enshrinement to “The Great One” in a special place in your home. In your shrine there must be a place for the exact replica of “The Blue Dress”. You must be also be making a spot for Hillary’s illegal server complete with top secret information. I know. None dare call Bill’s Russian speech influence peddling when it was so full of wisdom and encouragement. None dare call it selective outrage when it’s written by Dennis McIntyre.

      1. Thinkitthrough: I never was a big fan of Bill Clinton. So don’t hang that one on me. Monica in the WH and Clinton hanging out with Jeffrey Epstein on Rose Island is all we need to know about Clinton’s moral character. Marriage has never been an obstacle to either Clinton or Trump. Clinton and Trump are much alike in their use of power to satisfy lustful inclinations. Neither am I a fan of Hillary. She is part of the corporate establishment like her husband. Notice Democrats/Republicans are virtually identical when it comes to foreign policy. Both Trump/Biden were not reluctant to kill “terrorists” where ever they find them. Both continued a long line of presidents supporting Israel’s policies of apartheid toward the Palestinians. Re Ukraine Trump would likely support Putin because he is a fellow autocrat. Biden rattles the sabers but is unlikely to send US troops into Ukraine because that would be a red flag for Putin. It would be like Mexico saying it wants to join a Chines military alliance and invites in Chinese troops and military equipment to gather at our border. Would that be a red flag for any president? You betcha. Of course, there is a diplomatic solution. Biden could tell Ukraine to give up any idea of joining NATO in exchange for Putin’s agreement never to invade. I think Putin would go for it. But the foreign policy establishment in this country (regardless of party affiliation) really doesn’t want a “diplomatic” solution. They want continued confrontations with Russia How else to justify our outrageously high military budgets? The many military think tanks in this country would oppose any diplomatic solutions. Biden knows this and isn’t about to go against the “consensus” in the military/ industrial complex. So Clinton takes $500,000 to speak to the oligarchs in Russia. Do you think Trump would pass up that gig? So what is new?

    2. Dennis, bail reform is big news, because Democrats are pushing for complete elimination of bail. I know it’s very hard to connect the dots but you can keep on trying. Instead of having the dots make a dinosaur will have them make a zero to make it easier for you.

  3. Bail Reform: Mentally disturbed, criminally insane & a satanic monster

    It happened again. Assamad Nash 25, was charged Monday with murder and burglary in the death of 35-year-old Christina Yuna Lee. He stayed silent during his first court appearance on Monday. Prosecutors allege he committed the crime while out on supervised release for three other cases.

    Police said Nash stalked and followed Lee to her sixth-floor apartment on Chrystie Street in ChinaTown, NYC . Lee likely didn’t even realize she was being followed.
    “He followed her up all six flights and she never even knew that he was there,” said building owner Brian Chin.

    According to the criminal complaint, when officers arrived, the suspect “imitated a woman’s voice” and called out that they did not need police.

    About an hour later, officers knocked down the door. Prosecutors allege they found Lee’s body in the bathroom, with “40 stab wounds”, naked from the waist up, and they allege Nash was hiding under the bed, a knife tucked behind the dresser.

  4. One of the things not mentioned by commentators is that bail costs.

    If you get bail of $100K, you have to give the bail bondsman $10K as his fee for posting the $100K bond.

    Not a just system when inmates have to pay to avoid a life-threatening situation run by the state.

    And the Lefty politicians on NY allow that to continue.

    NY has the government that they elected.

    1. No, we don’t. Upstate NY cannot out-vote the hoards of poverty stricken dems voting for free stuff offered by the dems. We have no voice in the state because of the bloated cities full of grifters.

  5. It’s not that I’m unsympathetic to the guy betting beat on in prison… but I would love to get a comment from the guy he shot in the chest.

  6. New York. Turdy Turd and a Turd (33rd Street and 3rd Ave)
    Put a wall around that lame state

  7. I have a Lord of the Flies solution: Beginning with the most hardcore, violent lifer and working your way down, transfer them to San Clemente Island, off the coast of California. Give them supplies to build their own shelters, grow crops, livestock, etc. If they insist on running their own prison, then give them one to run.

    1. I have a better idea, just wall off several major sh*t-hole US cites such as LA and NYC, Chicago and Portland and turn them into self-running prisons. Since felons cannot vote, our states can now retain their balance of representation without the weighted load of welfare dems in each of those cities.

      1. We need to empty these once beautiful cities of criminals, not help them annex them into their own “CHOP” zones.

        1. That may sound nice, but where do you unload all the human garbage? The dems made this social class when it enacted “The Great Society”. I do think some form of cohabitational encampment would be appropriate.

  8. Rikers Island a real Escape from New York and an obvious need for S.D. “Snake” Plissken. 3 more years of Dems and the nation may mirror Rikers. What has become of the Democrat party?

  9. Sadly….it is not just Rikers that is run by the Inmates…..that is a nationwide problem…..just look at California’s Prison System for starters.

    Until you lock up bad actors in Solitary….stop all communication between Gang Members… shall never end the problem.

    Leftist feel good policies do not work with career violent criminals….hever have and never shall.

    Bring back mandatory Death Penalties for murder inside a Prison…be it Inmate or Staff that is killed…..and carry out the sentence…..that will work over time.

    Lifers who know they are not going to be released….have nothing to lose if they kill someone so what deterrent does society have to stop their killing?

    But….if they know they shall die at the hands of the Criminal Justice System for their crime of murder….a time and manner not of their choosing or by nature… they they have something to fear.

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