The White House Expected to Name Supreme Court Nominee Soon

Washington is abuzz this morning with rumors that President Joe Biden will name his nominee, an announcement that is expected as soon as today. As previously discussed, President Biden announced that he would only consider Black, female candidates — threshold criteria overwhelmingly opposed by the public. The pledge was as unnecessary as it was unfair. The three short listers — each with impressive backgrounds — are Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, a federal appeals judge; Judge J. Michelle Childs, a federal judge in South Carolina; and Leondra Kruger, a justice on the California Supreme Court. I have previously said that Judge Brown Jackson remains the frontrunner for the position.

The nomination would seek to put a Black woman on the Supreme Court for the first time in its 233-year history.

Biden recently interviewed all three candidates for the job.

Liberal groups have mounted a campaign against Childs for being too moderate and “tough-on-crime.” This concerted opposition campaign, including the Bernie Sanders–aligned Our Revolution group, has also painted Childs as anti-union and pro-employer. President Biden has been criticized for yielding to the far left on nominations in the past.

Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) has added his voice that the nomination should be “very expeditious.” What Democrats may be fearing the most is the type of nomination practices that they employed in the last three confirmations, including the use of the “Barrett Rule.


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  1. Jonathan: This is almost the end of Black History Month and you have marked it with silence. Judging from the racism that is daily spewed out by some of your loyal adherents that’s probably prudent. You don’t want to incite a rebellion by quoting from a few prominent Black figures. One of your followers calls Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson an “African”. See what I mean? But you have made your position clear. You call Biden’s nomination of a Black woman to the Court unconstitutional “affirmative action” and “unfair”. Unfair to whom? That’s racist code language for saying that other non-Black candidates should have been considered. Trump appointed 234 people to the federal bench–84% of whom were white. That’s “affirmative action” by any definition.

    The nomination of Judge Jackson has caused a deluge of racist comments. Ted Cruz has called the nomination “offensive”. Offensive to whom? Well, white folks. Last night at the CPAC white nationalist convention Trump called Jackson a “radical left zealot”. You know, like BLM. Josh Hawley, the right-wing Senator from Missouri and supporter of Trump’s Jan. 6 insurrection, also spoke last night and said by the appointment of Jackson Biden “is trying to shove critical race theory down our throats…” Again, racist attacks that the GOP hopes will provide a hot button issue for white Republican voters in November. On Fox Mike Pompeo criticized Biden for not considering “every American” in the nomination process. What Pompeo meant was “every [white qualified] American”. Mitch McConnel said he opposes Jackson because she is supported by “far-left dark money”. Shades of George Soros. I’m just waiting to hear someone calling Jackson is a “Communist”. Shades of Joe McCarthy.

    Speaking of qualifications no one, not even you, have said Jackson is not qualified to sit on the Court. That’s because she has more trial experience than even Chief Justice Roberts and because of her education, legal and judicial experience she is eminently qualified. Opposition to Jackson is animated by racism and bigotry. Which brings us back to Black History Month. I will end the month with a quote from Frederick Douglass who said: “If there is no struggle, there is no progress”. Fitting words to describe the struggle over Judge Jackson’s nomination. A hundred years from now historians will look back on the first Black woman to be nominated to the Court as well worth the struggle. It will be made part of Black History Month. On to the barricades!

    1. No matter how many times the offensive action of Biden is explained to you, you don’t seem to get it. That is a sign of one wearing blinders so that he can only see in the direction set by his master. Unfortunately your master is a racist.

  2. The world is at war.

    The world is at an inflection point in its history.

    And no nation makes any requests for perspective, advice or assistance from what is clearly the world’s premier, most sophisticated and most highly advanced civilization, Africa.

    Nevertheless, Americans are compelled to suffer the ensconcement of an African on its Supreme Court.

    America is truly Alice in Wonderland.

    Obama laughs all the way to the bank (of America, not Africa).

    Irrationally and incoherently, America continues to allow and suffer the delusions, and unconstitutional and still illegitimate acts of “Crazy Abe” Lincoln to this day.


  3. Congratulations Joe ‘would you trust me to drive your car’ Biden for finding the best black lady for the job. But think about the awful thing you’ve done to Ketanji Brown Jackson. Jackson will spend the the rest of her lifetime tenure under the dark cloud of knowing that the other applicants were disqualified because of their race and sex. Knowing that she was picked as a political prop for the Democrats ahead of the 2022 midterm elections. Because she can be counted on to deliver the goods for her progressive sponsors. She knows it. Her soon to be colleagues on the Court know it. Everybody in America knows it. It’s horrifying. Mr. Biden has done a grievous disservice to Ms. Jackson. To the Supreme Court. And to the American people.

  4. If you were trying to destroy America, you would use racism and sexism to select a Supreme Court nominee — just as Biden has done.

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