Turley to Testify before the Senate on Presidential Records

Twenty years ago, I testified in Congress on the Presidential Records Act and the need for reforms to preserve these records for history. This morning I will testify again on this subject before the Senate Committee on Homeland and Governmental Affairs in a hearing entitled Correcting the Public Record: Reforming Federal and Presidential Records Management.”  

The hearing will begin at 10:00 am in SD-342 Senate Dirksen Building & via videoconference. It will also be shown at 8pm on C-Span2.

The witness list and my written testimony are below.


  • Jason R. Baron

    Professor of the Practice, College of Information Studies
    University of Maryland
  • Anne Weismann

    Outside Counsel for Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington
    and the Project on Government Oversight
  • Jonathan Turley

    J.B. and Maurice C. Shapiro Professor of Public Interest Law
    The George Washington University Law School

    Turley.Testimony.Senate Homeland

75 thoughts on “Turley to Testify before the Senate on Presidential Records”

  1. Please tell Senate Democrats that Americans are fed up with their mendacity, particularly Joe Biden’s


    “The Price of Biden’s Excuses for Inflation Keeps Rising”

    ‘Make no mistake, inflation is largely the fault of Putin.”

    Even by the high standards of political mendacity, the attempt by President Biden last week to assign blame for the acceleration of prices that began just over a year ago to a war that began just under three weeks ago is remarkable for its cynicism, its dishonesty and its desperation.

    The cynicism is so sweeping that you have to sit back and marvel. How much contempt do they have for the intelligence of Americans to think that there are enough who would believe such a proposition?

    In fact we have a good sense of the depth of the disdain the president has for Americans’ understanding of their economic circumstances. In that same speech, to the House Democratic Caucus Issues Conference, he bemoaned that all his hard work doesn’t get the respect it deserves.

    “The American people just trying to stay above water don’t understand this. You tell them what the American Recovery Act was, and they look at you like, ‘What are you talking about?’ ”

    (He seems to have meant the American Rescue Plan, but the mislabeling proves his own point. If he doesn’t know what he’s talking about, why should they?)

    Cynical, dishonest—and above all desperate. The Democrats know time is rapidly running out. The depletion of their excuses is proceeding much more quickly than the depletion of U.S. energy supplies. Those responsible should pay a political price as punishing as the inflation Americans are enduring.”

    Wall Street Journal

    1. On June 4, 2020, Joe Biden tweeted this statement: “It’s hard to believe this has to be said but, unlike this President, I’ll do my job and take responsibility. I won’t blame others. And I’ll never forget the job isn’t about me – it’s about you.”

      It is safe to now say that Joe’s statement is false. Joe has done nothing but blame everyone for all his failures. The list of failures is sadly familiar to us: the Afghanistan failure, COVID failures, inflation failures, spending failures, energy failures, foreign policy failures, race relationship failures, southern border failures and skyrocketing crime failures. Now Putin is to blame for Biden’s inflation and energy failures.

      Joe promised to “take responsibility” and not “blame others.” He has failed to do that as well. His administration is a total failure

      1. President Biden fails credibility and leadership tests. Asked last Tuesday about gasoline prices, he said,
        “Can’t do much right now. Russia is responsible.”

        Biden told us in July inflation was transitory caused by oil companies, grocers, and meatpackers.
        It’s March.

        Americans struggle with higher costs of groceries and gasoline every week that passes. He seeks not energy independence for America we achieved, alas in 2019, but today outsources oil and gas production abroad and now has to accept demands negotiating with the world’s worst tyrants during this crisis he created. His subjugating energy independence caused the highest price of gasoline ever, and Washington spending trillions it does not have are both most attributable to inflation not seen in two generations.

        President Biden proposes spending trillions more as he doubles down pounding sand. A total failure as you write, Ruth Ladner.

        ⏤Altogether in just one year, the worst handling of the highest office with his weak pacifist ideology has wrought tumult, grief, turmoil, and peril the world over. Liberty wanes.

        Biden failed to see history’s arrival with the retort to his offer of exile out of Ukraine:
        “I need ammunition, not a ride.”

        Volodymyr Zelensky, exceptional inspiration uniting us all, leading his people and the free world our Biden cannot.

      2. Ruth says:

        “Joe promised to “take responsibility” and not “blame others.” He has failed to do that as well. His administration is a total failure”

        Perhaps, but you gotta admit that he is not a sexual degenerate and harasser of women as was Trump by his own private admission.

        1. Jeff C’mon man. We are taking about a President who is not only a serial liar ( not having the Trump vs. Biden veracity of lies conversation again) he is ” not all there”. By your own admission .How Trump treated women is contemptable. Not unlike many of the rich and powerful. But worse than Clinton? I am showing my age here in the dictionary next to a picture of Clinton is the word Misogynist. And yes there are pictures of Trump with Epstein. But Trump kicked him out of Mar-A Logo. There is eye witness evidence that Clinton was on Pedo island. No such accusation has been made about Trump. Clinton appears in the flight logs of Epstein’s plane dozens of times. Not one entry with Trump’s name.
          How you get from ” take responsibility ” and ” not blame others” to a “private admission” is astounding.
          And all of the ” touchy feely” pictures of Dementia Joe with prepubescent girls is beyond creepy.
          But sexual proclivities is not what this post is about and you know it. We all get that you don’t like Trump. I guess we should all be happy that you didn’t blame Fox for Biden’s incompetence.
          To state that inflation that has been out of control for months is now the fault of Putin’s fault is ridiculous. And the war in Ukraine has made the price of gas go up. But like inflation that has also been going up, for months. I am sorry but I am not going to be convinced of Dementia Joe’s explanations for both by a couple of TikTok videos.
          I, who know very little about how to run the United States government can easily IDENTIFY the problems. It is the job of the President to SOLVE the problems. It is always
          ” the previous administration” ,”Covid” and now” Putin.”
          I owned a trucking company. It was my job to anticipate problems and be PROACTIVE. Nobody wanted to hear the ” flat tire” story as to why their delivery was late. Nobody wanted to hear the ” weather was bad ” excuse. When the temperature was below zero I would let the trucks run all night because to turn them off would risk them not starting the next day. It cost me a lot but I never used the “Trucks didn’t start this morning “: excuse. I apologize retroactively to hypocrite Kerry for my actions.
          It is the job of the person in charge to take responsibility ( The Buck stops here), anticipate problems, have a back up plan, and then another back up plan if that doesn’t work.
          Somebody needs to be PROACTIVE. Not REACTIVE.
          Weather getting better. Dinner offer holds.

          1. Paul,

            What are you betting on these days? Which side will win the war?

            I don’t deny that Biden has lost a step or 2. I don’t deny that he stretches the truth. I just refuse to accept the lies of Trumpists, e.g., the election was stolen. I abhor all liars- both Biden and Trumpists.

            Clinton may have had sex on Epstein’s island. It would not surprise me in the least. I hope all the names of the men who slept with Epstein’s women are revealed. I’m surprised that they have not leaked out already. I suspect that they are paying these anonymous women secretly to keep quiet. Trump certainly seduced sugarbabies but he apparently was no pedophile, though he knew Epstein was one when he commented that Epstein liked them young. So the “sexual degenerate” characterization is fitting especially in light of Stormy Daniels, etc.

            Regarding inflation, I’m not an economist so I have no opinion whose at fault. Biden died share Trump’s prediction of shifting the blame from himself. Did Trump EVER admit that he did anything wrong? I recall that he thought everything he did was “perfect” and flatters himself as the one of the best presidents ever!

            Look, I’m not a cheerleader for Biden. I’m a NeverTrumper. That is all. I don’t hate Trump. I don’t know him personally. I do denounce his morality, fear his narcissism and condemn his pathological lying.

            1. Jeff. Only bet football. I am not going to accuse you of TDS. You are much too intelligent for that. But everything is not about Trump. Dementia Joe is now President. Again, ” The Buck Stops Here”. Actually I think he has handled the Russia / Ukraine thing ok. Unlike the Afghanistan debacle.
              No Trump never admitted to anything. I think that unfortunately goes with the territory. Like I previously stated the last President that accepted any blame to my knowledge was Kennedy after the Bay of Pigs.
              I don’t believe the election was stolen. But even if I did, that is a losing argument that can never be proven and is politically toxic. That is the Republicans’ ” Defund the Police”.
              Gotta go. But you will be hearing from me about the Smollett post later.

              1. Paul,

                My point about Smollett is a critique of Turley’s curation of topics for his blog. He avoids topics which would cast Fox News in a bad light, e.g., the current pushback against Tucker Carlson’s questioning the motivation of the majority of Americans who are outraged by Putin’s invasion. But this controversy is nothing new for Carlson:

                “Why Fox News won’t cut Tucker Carlson loose — even after ‘Patriot Purge’”

                “When one pulls back and looks at Fox’s broader situation, letting Carlson engage in conspiracy-mongering makes a lot of sense.”


                Do you ever wonder what Turley would have to say to defend his legitimizing Carlson’s false flag conspiracy theories by appearing with him? How indeed would Turley respond to such an article about one of his Fox colleagues? We do know that he would NOT employ the Trumpist dodge of dismissing the report as “fake news.” But what WOULD Turley say to the charge that he is profiting from Carlson’s rage against the “Deep State?”

                1. I have stopped watching Carlson. Do I think he should go in front of a military court like total loser Olbermann. No! Do I think that like the ladies of ” the View” whose collective I.Q is in the single digits that he should be censored? No! He was the one Fox host who would call out both Democrats and Republicans. But like Trump, intended or not, he is perceived as being in Putin’s corner. I will stay on this blog. But I must admit you are starting to win me over. Turley taking a check from Fox is starting to be a problem. Jennifer Griffin has pushed back repeatedly against other Fox hosts. When it is perceived hypocrisy concerning political viewpoints that is one thing. But not calling out Putin apologists is a whole new story. Totally innocent people are dying. That said, as I have said before, it is his blog. You wouldn’t catch me on P.O.S Lawrence Tribe’s blog. ( don’t know or care if he has one).
                  And I think the choice of the Smollett case is legitimate. As you know I live in the Chicago area. I have been to the places involved in his bull**it story. I was actually outside the day he fabricated his story. But truth be told I was not out at 2AM going to Subway during a polar vortex.

                  1. Paul,

                    I do think Fox should can Carlson just like it decided to cancel Lou Dobbs for promoting the Big Lie. If Fox can ban all Trumpist lawyers for lying about the election, it certainly should ban Carlson for his lies.

                    All I want is accountability on the part of Turley. Where does he stand on Carlson’s praise of Hungarian autocrat Orban? Where does he stand on Fox’s cancelling Dobbs’ free speech? Where does he stand on 2 long-time Conservative commentators abandoning Fox on account of Carlson’s Patriot Purge” false flag fabrication? Where does he stand on DirectTV dropping One America News from its channel line-up? Where does he stand on American networks no longer carrying the channel Russia Today do that it had to close-up?

                    Turley will not take a stand on these free speech controversies. He rightly criticizes the MSM for ignoring the Hunter Biden scandal, but he, too, refuses to cover important free speech developments. I know it’s HIS blog, but the fact that MSNBC and CNN also control their own networks does not immunize them from Turley’s criticism of their silences. Turley’s silences are likewise damning.

                    1. Jeff, a blog is a far cry from a network. And speaking of shameful silence. Susan Glaser Cnn Global Affairs analyst and New Yorker writer had a very interesting tweet. Upon learning that a Fox news employee was killed in Ukraine tweeted, ” What a tragedy. A cameraman died covering the war for a T.V network that airs pro Putin propagandist as it’s top rated primetime host.” (Carlson). Mocking the death of a rival network’s employee. Was later on Cnn with full time hosts ( not part time contributor like Turley) Victor Blackwell and Alisyn Camerota and that tweet was never brought up. SOMEBODY DIED. A CNN EMPLOYEE was MOCKING THE DEATH! Talk about damning silence.

                    2. Granted. You should not mock another’s death. I’m not an apologist for the MSM. They are not above criticism. I agree with Turley’s critique of the MSM. I simply fault him for NEVER criticizing his own network Fox nor, surprisingly, Newsmax nor OAN which, it will come to no surprise, are all more worthy of criticism than CNN and MSNBC.

                      You don’t have individuals fleeing CNN and MSNBC as they do Fox. Furthermore, Chris Hayes and Lawrence O’Donnell do not parade radio talk show hosts on their programs like Carlson does. Instead, they feature actual journalists who are professionally obliged to follow a code of ethics unlike talk show hosts and podcast hosts who are rage provocateurs. This undeniable difference between Hayes/O’Donnell and Carlson is an unmistakable tell- one which Turley could neither refute nor defend if ever he were so confronted.

            1. ATS is too dumb to realize that Epstein’s plane flew a lot of places, not just to his private island. Assuming the report is true, there is nothing to suggest that Trump did anything wrong except for the usual leftist hysteria.

              Additionally, when Epstein acted poorly at MAL, Epstein was thrown out and never permitted back. You wouldn’t be permitted at MAL because all you would be doing is rummaging through Melania’s underwear draw. You are a sick man.

        2. “But, but, but Trump, Turley, Fox, Trumpist…arrrggghhh…please make the demons go away…”

          Seek help Jeffey.

            1. Jeff,

              Try Dr. Nevin Bell, he is in your area and I have it on good authority that he has experience with ‘special’ cases. In addition, he offers group therapy if the price of individual sessions is too high for your budget.

              I will add that I feel confident that there are numerous self-help groups in your area.

              The first step to joining such a group is easy. Just step to the front of the room, face the group, and introduce yourself.

              “Hi, my name is Jeff and I am deranged.”

              (Keep it simple at this point, it would be cumbersome to individually list all of your derangements during your introduction.)

              Having done this, you will find yourself welcomed into a sympathetic group of people seeking help just like yourself.

              I would also suggest that you lay off from watching MSNBC, CNN, and, most of all, Fox. This will be beneficial for both your mental and your cardiovascular health and will also be an important first step in your recovery.

              Good luck and Godspeed to you sir!

    2. “How much contempt do they have for the intelligence of Americans to think that there are enough who would believe such a proposition?”

      Those spouting such an absurdity don’t believe it. They’re counting on the “Covid Effect” — That Americans will mindlessly swallow (and repeat) any decree issued by the higher authorities.

  2. I believe that the Professor talks about the law in this blog in regards to the constitution, written law and precedent and not necessarily a political blog. I have disagreed and agreed with the professor on many occasions although seldom felt the need to comment. Sure Trump is a clown and narcissist but Washington D.C. has been full of those same type of characters for 2+ centuries and neither side has ever held a monopoly on their membership. Trump, like any outsider to Washington, is suspected and hated precisely because he is an outsider, along with the clownish acts and narcissism. Maybe that reaction to “outsiders” is why Washington is so despised and hated by large segments of the population. You really might want to listen to the “people” outside the bubble Who actually build and keep this country running or someday some one may appear who is from the outside and is no clown but is willing to cross the Rubicon and lay waste to that edifice on the Potomac. Just speaking for a friend.

      1. “Trump isn’t a typical narcissist . . .”

        Armchair psychology to malign a political opponent.

        How very Soviet.

        1. Actually, I learned it from reading psychologists’ commentary about Trump, and their concern was psychological, not that you’d admit it.

          Do tell: is it also Soviet to use armchair neurology to malign a political opponent for cognitive decline?

          1. “I learned it from reading psychologists’ commentary about Trump . . .”

            Unless Trump is the psychologist’s patient, then it’s armchair psychology. (And if he is a patient, then it’s professional negligence.)

            Repeating the Soviet-style smear is to commit the smear.

            (Your deflection is ignored. But do feel free to keep on trying.)

            1. The psychologists had much greater access to empirical observation of Trump than they do with a typical patient.

              According to your view, when Erich Fromm introduced the term “malignant narcissism” and identified a number of historical examples, including Hitler and Stalin, he was engaged in “armchair psychology.” According to your view, no psychologist in the world could correctly state that Hitler or Stalin had any psychological problems because Hitler and Stalin were not their patients. Do you likewise condemn psychologists who describe Hitler’s and Stalin’s psychopathies? I don’t. I think that their psychopathies are on full view, and psychologists have sufficient information about them to draw such conclusions.

              You’re the one who calls diagnosis of people who haven’t been patients “armchair.” I was just trying to see how far your own use of that adjective extends. Apparently you don’t want to say.

              1. Anon,

                The link that you posted does not even qualify as ‘armchair psychology’ because the author is not a psychologist.

                From the linked article; “Ian Hughes…is a Senior Research Fellow at the MaREI Centre at University College Cork in Ireland.”

                What is the MaREI Centre? “ MaREI is the SFI Research Centre for Energy, Climate and Marine research and innovation co-ordinated by the Environmental Research Institute (ERI) at University College Cork. The Centre comprises over 220 researchers focusing on defined global challenges such as the Energy Transition, Climate Action and the Blue Economy.”


                You have, once again, been duped.

    1. What are you referring to?

      Former presidents can put whatever they want in their presidential library. The contents of a presidential library are totally different than the material covered by the Presidential Records Act, which are required by law to go to the National Archives. AFAIK, no one has accused Obama of failing to abide by the PRA.

      1. Anonymous – Obama covered both bases. By sending his records to his library no one could touch them for 5 years, at least, however the achivists come with them.

        1. Paul,

          I don’t know what you mean by “however the achivists come with them.”

          Every former President must obey the law. Trump did not obey the Presidential Records Act. (Several people in Trump’s Admin did not obey this law. For example, Ivanka Trump was also required to obey the PRA, but did not obey the law.) AFAIK, Obama did obey the PRA.

          For all records that aren’t covered by law (for example, Obama’s Senate records), former Presidents can do whatever they want with those records.

          You gripe about Obama that “By sending his records to his library no one could touch them for 5 years, at least.” A NARA page on presidential libraries says:
          Listed in the order in which they were added to the system, Presidential libraries and their dedication dates include:
          Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library and Museum, July 4, 1940
          Harry S. Truman Presidential Library and Museum, July 6, 1957
          Dwight D. Eisenhower Presidential Library and Museum, November 11, 1954 (Museum) and May 1, 1962 (Library)
          Herbert Hoover Presidential Library and Museum, August 10, 1962
          Lyndon B. Johnson Presidential Library and Museum, May 22, 1971
          John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum, October 20, 1979
          Gerald R. Ford Presidential Library and Museum, April 27, 1981 (Library) and September 18, 1981 (Museum)
          Jimmy Carter Presidential Library and Museum, October 1, 1986
          Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum, November 4, 1991
          George Bush Presidential Library and Museum, November 6, 1997
          William J. Clinton Presidential Library and Museum, November 18, 2004
          Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Museum, July 11, 2007
          George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum, April 25, 2013
          Barack Obama Presidential Library
          Donald J. Trump Presidential Library

          … For newer Libraries (from Reagan forward), the holdings are governed by the Presidential Records Act (PRA) of 1978. Under the PRA, the records are exempt from public release for five years after the end of a Presidential administration. During this five-year period, archivists begin processing and preparing materials for release to researchers. After the end of the five-year period, all Presidential records become subject to Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests.

          You seem to be implying that Obama has done something different with his presidential library than previous presidents, but it’s not clear what you’re saying is different. Would you clarify how you think Obama is different than other former presidents when it comes to presidential libraries?

      2. I just learned that I was wrong to say “The contents of a presidential library are totally different than the material covered by the Presidential Records Act, which are required by law to go to the National Archives.” See my 1:02pm comment for a correction.

  3. I’ve skimmed Turley’s testimony and am glad to say that I generally agree with him.

    An excerpt:
    “… The recent controversy over the removal of material by former President Donald Trump, including possible classified material, has magnified those concerns. As I stated publicly, such a removal would be in violation of not just the PRA but classification laws. While, as president, Trump held the ultimate declassification authority, he had no authority to remove such documents after the inauguration of his successor. There were vulnerabilities highlighted in the controversy. The process took too long, roughly one-year, and the removal of some of these documents clearly should never have occurred. Still, we should not allow the perfect to be the enemy of the good. As concerning as these stories are, they show that the PRA did ultimately work in retrieving and protecting the material that was flagged. Classified material is subject to separate statutes and regulations in terms of unauthorized removal, storage, and access. We should address what occurred in this controversy, but it is equally important to address long-standing shortcomings in the federal law. The more important work under the Act can be found on issues relating to social media, electronic records, and contemporary recordkeeping.
    “The Committee should also review how the recent conflict over access to Trump records may warrant additional changes to the process. That is not to say that the actions were unwarranted. To the contrary, the recent overriding of President Trump’s objections to the release of material sought in the investigation of January 6th was both lawful and justified. January 6th remains one of the most traumatic and disgraceful days in our national history; a desecration of our Constitutional process. …”

  4. A little off topic but not really. I noticed a lack of comments by the resident Leftists on yesterday’s post about the no true bill of the grand jury involving Ma’Khia Bryant. Similar to the almost deafening silence on the Smollett sentencing. What happened? Not Trump’s fault? Not Fox News’ fault. Is nobody here worthy of being called a Nazi? Surely someone or something is racist right?

    1. Because leftists are not die hard partisans. The shooting was arguably justified. And Smollett is a liar.

  5. It is going to be funny watching JT dance around how Trump took presidential records and classified documents to Florida. I am getting the popcorn and whisky for this.

  6. The “Case for Censuring Trump,” was about a substitute for real action, giving him a slap on the wrist. Is speaking up the day after an insurrection anti-Trump? Do you have to be pro-insurrection to support Trump. Turley at best has been concerned about style and said he would have done things differently but never come out full force against Trump. Much of Turley’s base is Trump’s base and they pander to them equally. Turley points out when he critiqued Trump but has never suggested any real penalty. He’s the one Republicans send to Congress to testify on his behalf. Calling him a “Never Trumper” is dead wrong, unless to be for Trump is to require absolute fealty.

    On January 7th, the day after the revolt, many Republicans had harsh comments about Trump including McCarthy, McConnell, and dozens of others. Until they did an about face and made ridiculous statements like the rioters were indistinguishable from peaceful vacationers. Nowadays, to be a loyal Trumper you have to be pro Russian and anti-American.

    1. Enigma,

      I call Turley a “NeverTrumper” because he has never voted for Trump by his own admission, and years ago he astutely called him a “carnival snake charmer,” in other words, a bullsh*t artist.

      I grant you that Turley could be more forceful in his condemnation of Trumpism. For starters, he could quit TrumpTV which several analysts and reporters have done on principle. If he did so, he would be able to speak his mind freely about Trumpism without having to pander to the Fox News audience. Despite his paid allegiance to Fox, the fact is that Turley did call for Trump’s Congressional censure which stood him apart from the lying Trumpists who believed that Trump’s 1/6 speech was “perfect.” Moreover, Turley has NEVER said a complimentary remark about Trump’s character to indicate that he has revised his opinion that Trump is nothing more than an “absurd reality television star.”

      1. What positive thing can you realistically say about Trump’s character. He can be funny so there’s that. I got nothing else that a realistic person could cite.

          1. The queation wasn’t about policy but character. Name something positive about his character?
            Out of curiosity, given the never before seen number of people from his administration indicted, under indictment, pardoned after conviction, and forced to resign because of corruption and crimes committed, isn’t it true he revealed corruption because so many of his appointees got caught?

            1. Name something positive about his character?
              Like every President with the exception of Carter?

              1. That is certainly avoiding the question. If I dug deep, very deep in some cases, I could say something positive about the character about any of our Presidents. In some cases they might be outweighed by the negatives but there were some good points. Trump? I got nothing. Let’s go down the Boy Scout Laws. I think I can give him “clean,” though he did ride bareback on porn stars and Melania might not agree. Other than that?

                “A Scout is trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean, and reverent.”

              1. Not only can I prove it, I have proved it in more than one previous exchange, like this one: https://jonathanturley.org/2022/03/11/amendments-by-acclamation-democrats-move-to-simply-declare-the-equal-rights-amendment-as-ratified/comment-page-2/#comment-2165580

                Don’t like that example? Consider the Trump Foundation charity fraud stipulation, where he acknowledged his personal misuse of Trump Foundation funds, the Foundation was dissolved for misconduct, and he was required to pay $2 million to other charities.

                I don’t think any evidence will convince you. You are in denial.

                1. Youve proven you are a homophobic hypocrite lashing out at Mespo with gay slurs. Your handlers need to send us better trolls

          2. By being openly corrupt he revealed the corruption. And that is a positive thing?

        1. Enigma,

          The most I can say about him is that he serves as an example of how not to live your life as a decent human being.

          1. “The most I can say about him is that he serves as an example of how not to live your life as a decent human being.”

            Says the unmarried septuagenarian of Marin County

            Sad af

  7. Footnotes from the Senate testimony of a NeverTrumper:

    See, e.g., Jonathan Turley, “Trump Accused of Taking Top Secret Material to Mar-A-Lago,” Res Ipsa (JonathanTurley.org), Feb. 11, 2022.

    H.R. 503, § 4(a), 117th Cong. (2021) (empowering the special committee to “investigate the facts, circumstances, and causes relating to” the January 6 attack; “identify, review, and evaluate the causes of and the lessons learned from” the attack; and “issue a final report to the House containing such findings, conclusions, and recommendations for corrective measures . . . as it may deem necessary.”).

    See Jonathan Turley, “A Desecration of Democracy,” The Hill, Jan. 7 2021, available at https://thehill.com/opinion/judiciary/533084-a-desecration-of-our-democracy;

    Jonathan Turley, “The Case for Censuring Trump,” The Hill, Jan. 11, 2021, available at

    Wonderful citations!

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