“The Serpent Beguiled Me”: The Whitmer Prosecution and the Entrapment Defense

“The serpent beguiled me, and I did eat.” That line may be the oldest statement of a criminal defense articulated in what could be styled as Eve v. The Serpent in Genesis. Eve sought to excuse her own conduct by the inducement of the serpent. As shown by her (and Adam’s) expulsion from the Garden of Eden, it is a difficult defense to make even with the Almighty as your jury.

It appears, however, that Eve’s defense had greater success in Michigan this week after a jury failed to convict a single member of the alleged conspiracy to kidnap and execute Gov. Gretchen Whitmer in 2020. The serpent in this case, according to the defendants, was the United States government.

Just a month before the 2020 election, Gov. Whitmer stood before cameras describing her narrow escape from being kidnapped and murdered by “domestic terrorists.” However, the “serpent” in her account was not among the indicted. It was Donald Trump.  Despite the fact that the Justice Department in the Trump Administration made these arrests, President Biden agreed that Trump was fostering a “civil war.” The media went into a frenzy, declaring that the case proved that “Trump’s rhetoric and policies have unleashed a second pandemic in the form of far-right domestic terrorism.” The breathless accounts of this plot by three “Boogaloo” militiamen fit like a glove with the narrative just before the election. The problem is that the case — and the narrative — quickly fell apart after the election. That collapse is now complete after a Michigan jury acquitted two of the four men tried for the conspiracy and then hung on the other two.

The problem for the jury was that it was hard to keep track of who were culprits and who were cops. While the government announced that it had foiled a large conspiracy, it turned out that most of the conspirators were actually FBI agents.

The Michigan case stands as one of the most chilling examples of entrapment techniques used by the FBI. While Whitmer declared Trump “complicit” in her planned execution, the FBI increasingly appeared more “complicit” in the creation of a government-inspired, government-funded, and largely government-staffed plot. The fact that it occurred just before the election has only magnified concerns over the motivations of some of the key players involved in the investigation.

In 1988, the Supreme Court in Mathews v. United States distinguished between “an unwary innocent” and “an unwary criminal who readily availed himself of the opportunity to perpetrate the crime.” The question is whether there was a “predisposition” for the crime.

In 1992, the Supreme Court overturned a conviction for receiving child pornography because postal inspectors had implanted a desire to received the material through repeated contacts with the defendant.

Entrapment defenses are notoriously difficult for the defense, but there are notable exceptions. In 1984, automaker John DeLorean was acquitted in his famous trial for conspiring to sell $24 million of cocaine to fund his signature cars. He was caught on tape making the deal, but the jury was swayed that it was the FBI informant who persuaded DeLorean to become a drug dealer.

In this case, Chief U.S. District Judge Robert Jonker refused to dismiss the charges on entrapment but (like the DeLorean case) he issued a major decision in allowing the defense to present evidence of entrapment. The jury learned that there were more FBI agents and informants than conspirators in the case. As much as two-thirds of the conspirators in the plot were actually FBI informants.

While the media was still flogging the story line of white supremacist terrorists, curious facts began to emerge in the case. First, the Justice Department announced that three critical agents would not be called at trial. It was later discovered that Special Agent Jayson Chambers, who managed the FBI informant, was running a private investigative firm and allegedly leveraging his work for private contracts. Buzzfeed News found that Chambers marketed his “online undercover techniques” and reportedly posted cryptic tweets referring to the Whitmer kidnapping investigation before arrests were made.

Another special agent, Henrik Impola, was accused of perjury in an unrelated case.

The third agent was the actual lead agent in the case. Richard Trask was dropped after being charged with beating his wife after returning from a swingers party. The defense was particularly focused on Trask because he had social media postings attacking President Trump.

Trask was not the only one in the case that was not happy with Trump. It turns out that these robotic Trump terrorists were actually not thrilled with Trump, including one who posted on  social media denouncing Trump.

Then there was the key informant, Stephen Robeson. He was arrested for fraud in Wisconsin. It then went from odd to unbelievable.

It turns out that the FBI’s informant was the one organizing meetings, recruiting people, and even paying for the travel for people to go to events.

The FBI taped the defendants as they discussed ideas such as tying Whitmer to a kite to transport her. The reason was that they were as high as a kite at the time. Defense counsel Joshua Blanchard objected that the secret recording in this case was taped when the FBI knew the defendants were “absolutely out-of-your-mind stoned . . . it was stoned-crazy talk and not a plan.”

The problem was that these guys seemed at points more interested in partying than conspiring. The FBI, therefore, decided to take control and get them serious about some major crimes. An informant known as “Big Dan” was paid over $50,000 to get the conspiracy going, including paying for the defendants to travel to Wisconsin to “train.”

Chambers pushed Big Dan to get the men to take violent acts against Whitmer. The defendants reportedly resisted those entreaties. Dan pushed the alleged leader to fire a round into the window of Whitmer’s home and mail the casing to the news media. On Sept. 5, 2020, Chambers texted to remind Dan “Mission is to kill the governor specifically.

The jury has now acquitted Daniel Harris and Brandon Caserta and hanged on the verdicts against Adam Fox and Barry Croft Jr. Fox is portrayed as a ringleader of the group and leader of the conspiracy.

The Justice Department is currently able to only point to the plea of Ty Garbin, who admitted his role in the alleged scheme weeks after his arrest last year.

The FBI has long been accused of using entrapment tactics, but the Whitmer case is off the charts. The Whitmer conspiracy was a production written, funded, and largely populated by FBI agents and informants. At every point, FBI literally drove the conspirators and controlled their actions. That is worthy of investigation by Congress, but neither house seems even marginally interested.

These men are certainly not blameless. They were more than just chumps even if they were manipulated by the FBI. Yet, there is an even greater danger when crimes are the creation of our own government. The jury clearly concluded that this was a case where “The serpent beguiled me, and I did eat.”

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  1. Of course, we (my brother and I) were raised with the “Two wrongs don’t make a right” response when we defended our indiscretions with “but so-and-so did it first.” Yet, I cannot deny that I am fighting with my inner demons in wanting Republicans to play the same low games just before our next election. Should I call on Obama’s “inner angels” for help?

    1. The democratic plan for elections is incredibly moronic.

      If you were born with normal intelligence – you should be able to figure out how following 2020 election rules you could easily dump 1M carefully placed additional votes into the election at no risk and little cost, with very little likelyhood of getting caught.

      If that did not happen in 2020 – it will if we continue this nonsense.

      Republicans are not going to do exactly what democrats likely did. There are differences in republican and democratic demographics. The type of Fraud most likely in 2020, can not be easily duplicated by Republicans. but there are many ways to skin a cat.

      Regardless, if you build insecure elections – the Fraudster will come – eventually both parties. We had that in the 19th century.

      Buit when is it that Democrats have learned from past mistakes.

      Mailin voting can not ever be made secure.
      Any voting arrangement in which Ballots leave the direct control of election officials exponentially increases the oportunity for fraud and virtually eliminates detecting it, much less catching the guilty.
      It is not that election officials are trustworthy. It is that when ballots never leave their control all ballot related fraud MUST involve election officials. When fraud is suspected – we KNOW were to look, and the number of people involved is small, they are very likely to get caught.

  2. There is a dramatic difference between our judgement by god and that under the law.

    God judges us for what he have not done as well as what we have,
    and is presumed to know all – including our hearts – though interestingly he still judges our actions not our intentions.

    The law holds us accountable only for what we have done.
    What we have not done rarely plays a part.

    When government manufactures the crime, there are only two choices – prosecute all – including those in the government, or prosecute none.

    What is deeply disturbing in the Whitmer Kidnapping is NOT the handful of people charged – but the effort those int he FBI went to – not to ensnare a few wittless and near homeless potheads. But to manufacture an egregious instance of right wing violence just in time for the election.

    One of the problems with entrapment – even much lessor entrapments – is that the government actors have bad motives.
    Whether that is personal advancement, or bigger budgets, or influencing elections.

    The less government is investigating what private actors did, and the more they are manufacturing crimes, the more corrupt the government becomes.

  3. The danger posed by right wing violent extremists is overblown and appears to be largely unsupported by real world examples. Even if you consider January 6 to be an example of right wing violence, no firearms were used, and the only person killed was an unarmed woman shot by a police officer.

    On the other hand, there appear to be many examples of left wing violence, often perpetrated by black racists. Recent examples include the NY subway shootings, the Lakewood NJ killings of Orthodox Jews last Friday and the Wisconsin vehicular homicides in December. There have been others as well, including of course the massive violence of the BLM riots in the summer of 2020.

    What is the evidence that has caused the FBI to claim that right wing violence is a greater threat than left wing?

    1. This is only data through 2019, but the appendix here provides examples (starts on p. 29):

      As for Jan. 6, multiple people were carrying firearms that they didn’t use; many used other weapons. There is no crime of domestic terrorism. The link above discusses some of the terrorism-related crimes that people get charged with, and it’s at sentencing that the government seeks a terrorism enhancement.

      1. The FBI has testified to congress that there were no firearms recovered on Jan,. 6.
        The Capital and DC police have testified to the same.

        Most of us know how horribly unreliable anything from the intelligence community is.

        I am not interested in anything from the FBI or anyone else that is not under oath.

        That said – even if you were right.

        No one used a fire arm. They could have if they wanted.

        This is one of the fundimental problems those on the left have – they fail to accurately grasp reality.

        Absolutely Putin COULD have prefered Trump over Clinton, He Could have assisted Trump.
        But he did not – not because he couldn’t – but because he did not want to.

        To most of us with a brain – the WHY is obvious – Putin favored Clinton because her policies were better for Russia,
        Biden likely precipitated the invasion of Ukraine – not merely by being weak – but by weakening US energy policy – which strengthen Russia.

        It is NOT we people COULD do that matters – it is what they actually DO.

        Pelosi chose to lock a government public forum from the people while congress was in session.
        To my knowledge that has NEVER been done before.

        Those protestors you are so sure are terrorists – they COULD have brought firearms – LOTS of them,
        if that is what they wanted to.
        They did not.

        Ashley Babbit – or some with her broke some glass. A capital police officer shot her.
        There is no justification to use deadly force to protect property.
        The use of deadly force is reserved for IMMEDIATE Threats to your life or others.
        Two protesters were killed, no one else was killed at the capital.

        There was CLEARLY no threat to anyone’s life.

        Several people – and some video appear to indicate that the other woman killed was attacked by a black female police officer and kicked repeatedly while she was on the ground in a fetal position.

        So the only two killings were by the capital police and neither appear to be in self defense.

        In fact one of those charged with assaulting a police office says he was back from the conflict until the police officer started kicking the woman on the ground.
        This person BTW was the same person responsible for rescuing pets at New Orleans after Katrina.

        Rather than censoring everything about Jan. 6th that does not fit your narative – Release EVERYTHING – Publicly.

        You and every left wing nut friend you have can go through it all trying to find violence, and identifying those who perpitrated it.

        And those you appear to hate can go through and look for the evidence that nearly all the protestors were not violent and were allowed in by the police.

        Regardless, it should not surprise you that many many people – tens more than 100 million people – do not beleive you. Not about the election, not about Jan 6.

        Why – because everytime we turn arround – we are confronted with another “Big Lie” From our institutions, from the left, from the media, from democrats, from you.

        There are still people here fighting over Sussman’s guilt. Sussman is small potatoes. I would say that Durham has proved the whole Collusion delusion thing was a hoax – and that the FBI was part of it,
        But most people with a brian grasped that from the begining.
        As I said at the start Putin favored Clinton not Trump. How do I know that for certain ? Because Clinton was in Russia’s interests and Trump was not.
        Even dictators do not last long if they do not look out for the best interest of the country.

        So we have the FBI conspiring with the Clinton campaign to fix an election, But even the FBI figured out – eventually that the whole thing was a hoax.
        One wonders why the purported best and brightest in the FBI can not see the obvious from the start.

        But this gets worse – BEFORE Mueller was appointed as Special Counsel – the FBI and DOJ KNEW that the whgole thing was a HOAX.

        So why was a special counsel appointed ?

        Next, having been appointed, Mueller and his team of angry democrat lawyers MUST have realized within days if not hours – that the whole collusion delusion thing was a HOAX,
        Yet, the countinued – that is actually a crime too – a massive abuse of power.

        Rosenstein Wray, fought tooth and nail to prevent the House and Senate from getting to the Truth – pretending they were protecting an investigation – which they already KNEW was a HOAX.

        Most of the country did not know, the press did not know, But the FBI and DOJ and SC KNEW – and still they continued.

        Durham never should have needed appointed – Mueller should have moved quickly to investigating the hoax,
        That was in his boathouse.
        Instead he spent almost 2 years protecting the hoax.
        And you wonder why over one hundred million people do not trust the FBI and DOJ ?

        Then we have the Biden/Ukraine fiasco.

        There was enough evidence a Special Counsel should have been appointed to investigate Biden in 2015.
        The story the NYT published in mid 2015 was more than enough to warrant an investigation.
        But here we are 7 years later – and still no special counsel.
        And those of you on the left are STILL pretending, still shilling “russian disinfirmation” or other nonsense.
        The NYT had enough in 2015, John Sullivan added far more in 2019, Gulliani supplimented that in 2020,
        Long before the Hunter Biden hard drives surfaced there was more than enough.

        And again you wonder why we do not trust the FBI, DOJ, our institutions. you, the left, democrats ?

        Need I mention that you impeached Trump – for asking Zelensky for an investigation that Trump did not know the FBI was already persuing.
        One that is clearly necescary.

        The basis for the FBI investigation of Trump was garbage that was obviously a dubious from the start.
        There has been far more basis to investigate Biden since 2015.

        And you wonder why you are not Trusted ?

        If there is an actual possibility that there will be an SC or prosecutions, it is only because Biden/Harris have become a millstone.
        It is now possible that by 2025 Republicans will control the house, have a fillibuster proof majority in the Senate and control the presidency.
        That is how bad things are for democrats

        It is more rational to beleive the guy parading in the house chamber in bear skins and horns than the AG of the united states or the Director of the FBI.

        And you talk about domestic terrorism ? When the US AG targets parents who just had their daughter raped by an alleged transgendered person in the HS girls bathroom as Domestic terrorists – you still think people trust government ?

        Read the declaration of independence – when government has lost the trust of the people – they are entitled to destroy and replace that government as they see fit. By election if possible, by violence if necescary.

        Wake up – look at the news. Look at Ukraine. People do resort to violence when necescary to protect their liberty.

        But your not in the real world.

        1. “Two protesters were killed, no one else was killed at the capital.”

          ATS, this is an excellent post by John, one that you want to argue point by point.

          I’ll start the ball rolling.

          “Two protesters were killed, no one else was killed at the capital.”

          In the past, you claimed police officers were killed at the capital. You took hyperbolic and unsubstantiated comments, multiplied them and placed those lies on this blog.

          Shame on you, ATS.

  4. The judge “allowed” evidence…. Therein lies the rot inherent in the system. In this case justice was done, but judges being allowed to paint a picture by the inclusion or exclusion of evidence defies all logic.

    1. While I cannot argue that judicial power is not subject to abuse (as we saw with the judicial persecution of General Flynn), do we really want judges disallowed from barring evidence illegally obtained? From preventing irrelevant and inflammatory testimony with no bearing on the case at hand?

      That’s a can of worms we may not want to upend entirely.

      1. Ellen Evans: I agree with you 100%. And, any objection to a judge’s ruling on either exclusion or admittance of evidence can generally be quickly handled by interlocutory appeal.

  5. Remember how they just happened to find the passports of the terrorists that flew the planes into the WTC? Even after the airplane exploded, burst into flames, and then collapsed the building? But they found the passports in the rubble.

    Imagine that.

  6. Search for Tomorrow [The Cover-Up Continues]

    Questions Loom After Verdicts in Whitmer ‘Kidnapping’ Trial
    What did top government officials know and when did they know it?

    FBI Kidnapping Caper Was Flagrant Election Interference
    The only people pushing to do something big before Election Day resided in the J. Edgar Hoover Building in Washington, D.C.

  7. Saudi Arabia TV mocks Sleepy Joe Biden and Kamala Harris (looks like a transgender) in a SNL-like spoof.

    The world knows.

    1. Yes, the world knows and has known for some time.

      Biden and Kamala are what they are…a big disgrace.

      Pretty good skit, though. I didn’t know the Saudis had comedy in them, but SNL has set a pretty low bar.

    2. Fifty-two years of “service” dedicated to democrat corruption and Joke Biden is ensconced in the stolen office of un-president by the criminal Deep Deep State.

      Who says crime doesn’t pay?

      Useless, Barren Kammy’s Comprehensive Curriculum Vitae:

      Adulterous Sex With Willy.

      The un-vice president of the United States occupies the office because it excels at adultery???

      Dumb as a whorse. Dang!

      What the —- did you do, what the —- did you allow, America?

  8. Professor, you buried the lede–this clear case of entrapment was POLITICAL. This is not some rogue FBI agents who went a bit over the line into entrapment, there was clear political motivation in the “target” of the contrived conspiracy (Whitmer), the person publicly blamed (Trump), and the timing (right before the election.

    This may be viewed as prelude to January 6, only 3 months later–a bunch of mopes led into committing illegal acts, who then have “the book” thrown at them. All for the most craven of political purposes.

    This is, quite literally, the stuff of a police state.

  9. We know the FBI/DoJ is corrupt. From the the entrapment of innocents in Michigan, to the counter intel investigation of a Presidential campaign, lawlessness from top to bottom.
    The Secret Service is too incompetent to be corrupt. Corrupt takes some thought and planning.

    But lets look at Jan 6. There are some huge holes and inconsistencies. We all know about the 2 bombs. Just 2. One at the DC Democrat HQ and one at the DC Republican headquarters. Our crack FBI agents have tracked down hundreds of grandparents strolling through Capital, and broke into the secret lairs of the Proud Boys. but the person planting the bombs remain at large.
    Maybe with the Michigan kidnapping wrapped up, the FBI can turn their focus inward to see which paid informants or field agents were assigned the task by Christopher Wray.
    But something else is askew.
    Vice President Harris visited the DC Headquarters of The Democrat Party. That means the Secret Service always doing a sweep before a protectee arrives, missed a bomb laying outside the building next to a park bench. The Secret Service is skilled and experienced in doing safety sweeps, and searching specifically for bombs. But somehow the SS missed this bomb all but in plain sight..
    Given the Corruption of DC Agencies. The hundreds of government plants in capital Jan 6, the most logical conclusion is the SS was told about the bomb(a dud) and instructed to leave it alone, Harris was evacuated from the DNC office about 1:15pm. The bomb was discovered about 4:46pm

    Where does incompetence end and corruption start?


    1. IOWAN,

      Your ‘grandparents strolling through the Capitol’ is aggressively insulting. 150 cops were injured that day; some quite seriously. Apparently rednecks like you couldn’t care less about the safety of police.

      1. There is video up on this site of Capital police open doors and guiding people into the capital. I support the police. The way the Govt has been lying about literally everything, I have serious doubts about injury numbers.

        Aren’t you concerned about how the SS missed a bomb laying on the ground?

        1. Many police had splinters, aching feet, eye strain etc. When we get to the real problems, we see murdered innocents and many Democrats lying while they remove the hard-earned freedom of all Americans.

        2. Iowan, there are numerous tapes of beefy older guys brutally attacking outnumbered cops. Granddads are tough when they’re part of hateful mobs.

          1. there are numerous tapes of beefy older guys …

            Gay speak for “Im into alpha muscular men because I am not one of them

            Granddads are tough when they’re…

            Meaning, he who shall remain nameless* is into Daddy types

            * Svelaz / Sammy / Seth Warner / copy & paste Anonymous with scores of sock puppets

            NB: you could at least try to change your writing voice, though as a gay man myself I realize queens like you talk this way naturally



    2. “Our crack FBI agents have tracked down hundreds of grandparents strolling through Capital,”

      Yes, with the help of photos of their faces, people helping to identify them, sometimes even people identifying themselves.

      “and broke into the secret lairs of the Proud Boys.”

      Secret lairs?

      “but the person planting the bombs remain at large.”

      Yep. And if you have information leading to that person’s identification and arrest, you might get the $100K reward: https://www.fbi.gov/wanted/seeking-info/suspected-pipe-bombs-in-washington-dc

    3. You’re suggesting that Jan 6 was a false flag event.


      The Police and FBI opened the doors for the Jan 6 protestors.

      1. What exactly was going on inside. Oh yes the official proceeding was discussing spending up to six days looking at the irregularities of the 2020 election. Then a few hours later this was abandoned and presto changeo pedo Biden electoral college vote was accepted and here we are. First for more than a year Nancy the wicked claimed that were 4 coequal branches of government and now she claims she is a sovereign state. Only in America are tere so many useful idiots c

  10. Maybe big picture we need an “independent” U.S. Department of Justice and “independent” judiciary? Why waste more taxpayer dollars on show trials? Why not reform the entire broken justice system?

    We have a DOJ that green lighted torture techniques from the Spanish Inquisition to the Monica Goodling purge of DOJ employees (fired for pure politics) to felony wiretapping 6 months before 9/11 to using the Espionage Act 99% of the time on non-spies and non-espionage.

    Let’s stop the show trials and fix the system! Americans have lost total faith in these institutions.

    1. I believe only an independent prosecutor from JAPAN would fit the independent qualifications

  11. Just when I thought we were beginning to live in a post-justice world, we get Rittenhouse and Whitmer. While far from perfect, thank God for our justice system anchor: the jury trial.

    1. While only tangentially related, it seems like the January 6 persecutions cast even more shade on the FBI and DOJ. It has been reported by no less than the NYT that “feds” were everywhere on January 6, and the same type of operation might have been in place since the head of the FBI Detroit office was “promoted” to the head of the DC office just in time for the planned January 6 protests.

      A number of J6 defendants are now being acquitted, and two now have a “dream team” which includes Alan Dershowitz. Their defense is that the Capitol Police invited them into the building, therefore they had no way of knowing that they were breaking the law. Judge McFadden has acquitted a couple defendants based on this same argument, after the DOJ finally released Brady material to their lawyers. So we have precedent as long as we have evidence. Unfortunately the prosecutors have withheld this Brady material from most defendants for over a year. Dershowitz now has video that he can go public with that show HUNDREDS of J6ers being waved into the capitol.

      It seems to me that there never should have been indictments for most of this. It seems to me (admittedly a non-lawyer) that one thing would greatly improve our “justice” system at all levels. The REQUIREMENT that the prosecutors present Brady material to a Gran Jury, and the defendant, while not having counsel present to defend him or present evidence, could at least have council present to monitor the prosecution and verify that the Brady material is presented to the jury before they vote to indict.

      This would put prosecutors in legal jeopardy if they didn’t present all evidence, as required by Brady.

      I’m probably missing something obvious to all you lawyers, but this only seems fair, and could reduce the burden on the court system.

      1. “It has been reported by no less than the NYT that “feds” were everywhere on January 6”

        No, it hasn’t. Perhaps you’re confusing “FBI informants” with “feds.” Informants are not federal government employees.

        “A number of J6 defendants are now being acquitted”

        That number is 1. Matthew Martin. Not “defendants” plural.

        1. When an independent contractor is following my orders, he works for me.

        2. Of vastly[ greater significance are the cases of “insurrectionists” who have gone unprosecuted and most prominently with respect to “scaffold man”, not even identified. The Jan 6 investigators didn’t even interview the strangely ubiquitous Mr. Epps until Tucker Carlson showed the videos of him. Media co-conspirators have played a prominent role in the mind control regime, such as never showing the video from the eastern side of the Captiol where a large crowd was present but without a single act of violence. Brandon Straka was subjected to utterly baseless prosecution simply for shooting video of the eastern side. And for an interesting webventure try searching for the saga of Nancy’s missing laptop–there is an alleged suicide in Georgia in one account its custody, which to this day leads to no conclusion.

          1. It is self evident we can not trust govenrment.

            The entire catalog of security video from the capital must be made public.

            Put it on the web – left and right can compete at crowdsourcing the analysis.

            I have no problems with prosecuting those actually guilty of something – but so far we have only a government provided narative of events.

            Babbit was clearly murdered. There is zero justification for that.

            But the women who died near the west tunnel may have been murdered too. Several of those charged have claimed that they attacked a black female police officer who was kicking the $hit out of the women who died while she was down.

            Lets find out the truth.

            Many of those charged claimed they were allowed, even asked in by the capital police – lets find out of that is true.

            The Whitmer kidnapping fiasco makes it clear the FBI is capable of very stupid things. If FBI agents were involved in incitement – lets find out.

            We can do better than we have.

            Make the evidence public and let the chips fall where they may.

  12. Although most investigators, police and prosecutors are good people – the bad ones are very good at leaving no fingerprints when they manufacture things. Government watchdogs miss it because the goal of these bad apples is to manufacture “suspicion” to perform illegal searches.

    For example: bad officials might throw trash in your yard that is actually manufactured evidence. The homeowner throws it away, then the same agency searches the trash and uses that planted evidence to obtain search warrants.

    Another clever trick, is security and/or intel agencies get into the real estate business. The previous owner leaves behind suspicious items for the new homeowner (ie: short galvanized pipe with two end caps, etc). So after obtaining the search warrant they built an additional level above that manufactured foundation.

    When bad apple officials do this for years or decades, they can make anyone at all appear guilty. This is all done covertly without confronting the target. Judges and government wstchdogs are easily fooled.

    This is “Cointelpro 101” which was practiced by the FBI. Every agency has it’s own version documented by the “Church Committee” led by Senator Frank Church. Most Americans have no idea how disloyal some (not most) of these officials are.

    1. Web searching for the history of Cointelpro is instructive. The Wikipedia at least acknowledges it was used against the KKK and later against varioius “white nationalist” groups but the Wiki fails to admit the related abuses like the Randy Weaver case, or the rush to proclaim “case closed” in the OKC bombing (McVeigh’s accomplice was disappeared) or similarly their grossly implausible theory of the Anthax attacks. The preponderance of search results focus 100% on Cointel’s use vs. the Black Panthers and other violent leftists. Anybody who lived through those years knows there was no need to “provoke” any crimes coming from such elements as they were setting off bombs and killing police/fire/security personnel nationwide.
      When it comes to federal covert ops against “Islamic terror” both before and after 9/11, it gets even weirder. As documented in the books by Peter Lance, the behavior of the FBI suggests an alarming choice between ineffable incompetence and sinister corruption as to an explanation. Look up the Garland Texas “Draw Mohammed” attack and see if you can come up with any rational explanation. Either the FBI was willing to allow the attack to proceed or the agency was so incompetent it failed to head it off (only local citizen volunteers prevented what would likely have been the worst mass shooting in US history).

      1. I do not know much about “conintelpro” nor do I care for buzzwords.

        What I do know is that our government – not just the FBI has a long track record of botching things.

        McVeigh was motivated by the government misconduct at Ruby Ridge and Waco.

        Richard Jewel anyone ?

        You mentioned the idiotic Anthrax investigation.

        What is most disturbing about the Whitmer Kidnapping plot, Crossfire Huricane, ….. is that they are NOT unusual.
        That the FBI is and always has been a mess.

        Nor is the FBI alone. I beleive the US has had some role in 70 Coups – not ONE has worked out very well.

        Afghanistan (and Ukraine) prove that countries must pick their own leaders and be willing to stand up and fight to protect their liberty.

        Foreign interfearance can not create that.

        We all want Putin gone – until the Russians remove him – attemtps even successful ones to do so will make things worse.
        have we learned nothing from Vietnam or Iran ?

        1. While I agree with most of this sentiment, it’s clear you’re not grasping the entirety of things…admittedly, I’d don’t either because that’s impossible with all the lies. However, none of those actions you mentioned were intended to help. The stated goal is NEVER the real goal. War is a racket, and they must always use a justification that will seem plausible without revealing the true motivation. The coup in Iran had the intended effect, which was not to help Iranians but to destabilize the ME. The new phenomenon of instant information makes this easier to detect closer in time to the actual events. So now we have questioning of the massive election fraud, the persecution of ‘rioters’ in the capitol, and all the rest rather than acceptance of a plausible narrative and false belief in a righteousness that never existed. But sometimes, even in the past, the narrative was so poorly constructed it left lots of room for questioning.

          Remember the Maine!
          The Lusitania has been sunk!
          The NV navy is attacking again! (Golf of Tonkin)
          They hate us for our freedom!

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