“Silence the Voices of Hatred”: N.Y. Governor Hochul Uses the Buffalo Massacre to Renew Calls for Censorship of Social Media

Politicians have long viewed tragedies and crises as opportunities not to be “wasted.” Most recently, Samantha Power, Biden’s Administrator of the United States Agency for International Development, told ABC that they did not want to waste the war in Ukraine as a way of pushing green initiatives. She explained to George Stephanopoulos that you should “never let a crisis go to waste.” Governor Kathy Hochul (D-NY), adopted the same approach to the massacre in Buffalo in renewing calls for censorship on the Internet. While many drew the connection between the shooting and the need for greater gun control measures, Hochul notably went further to demand the curtailment of free speech protections. Speaking later at a church, she pledged to “silence the voices of hatred and racism and white supremacy all over the Internet.”

On CNN’s “State of the Union,” Hochul declared

“They need to be called out. And leaders elected officials from both parties need to stand up at this moment and call it out and to shame it and to make sure these people crawl back into their holes and stay there. This cannot be part of our mainstream dialogue here in the United States of America. Leaders have a responsibility to call it out … we are dealing with it on the gun side but also on the social media side. And the combination of the wild access to guns, unfettered, we need national laws to deal with this as well as the unfettered sharing of hate information on the internet, that is a lethal combination. We saw that on display here just hours ago yesterday.”

The reference to “national laws” is the latest example that Democratic politicians are moving beyond their long push for corporate censorship and rediscovering good old-fashioned state censorship. Both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have recently called for legislation internationally and domestically to limit free speech.

As it became more likely that Elon Musk could buy Twitter, there was a notable shift in the comments of pro-censorship figures. Hillary Clinton went to Twitter to call on the European Union to quickly pass the Digital Services Act in Europe to force censorship “before it’s too late.” Since figures like Clinton cannot count on corporate surrogates to censor, they are returning to state censorship. If the DSA is passed, they hope to force Twitter to resume censoring material – a warning echoed by EU officials this week.

At the same time, the United Kingdom is pushing its own Online Safety Act and recently Musk was summoned to Parliament to answer for his alarming suggestion of restoring free speech on social media. The British are assuring citizens to “stay calm and censor on” despite Musk’s pledge. It is threatening to take ten percent of the company’s profits if Musk does not censor users.

Now, Hochul is trying to rally voters to the cause of censorship in the wake of the Buffalo tragedy. To defend free speech in response to such a call is to risk being denounced as supporting violent extremists or dishonoring the fallen.

The government would then be able to determine what constitutes “unfettered sharing of hate information on the internet.” Indeed, the Biden Administration already created a Disinformation Governance Board that is ready to start that work with great eagerness. It may be a bitter pill for some who value free speech, but it is hard to defend the abstraction of free speech in the aftermath of a massacre. That is why this is a crisis that cannot be wasted. As the Biden’s Administration’s “Mary Poppins of Disinformation” might say, a crisis “helps the censorship medicine go down in a most delightful way.”

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  1. It’s not surprising Turley himself is using the shooting as a means to stoke the rage. Not only is he being hypocritical, he’s being quite disingenuous. He claims democrats want to censor free speech on social media and calls it corporate censorship, which is legal. The biggest irony is that Turley’s blog will censor racist rhetoric and offensive terms. Despite the fact that it is indeed fully protected speech by the constitution. If someone posted a racist manifesto on this blog it is guaranteed it would have been deleted. Racist posters have been banned from this site and at the same time Turley howls against others, namely Twitter or Facebook, for doing the same.

    Turley’s hypocrisy is always on display here. He calls for the Biden administration to condemn the leaking of the Dobbs draft despite the fact that it’s a free speech issue for the press to publish it. He wanted the government to denounce the publication of the draft. Here he’s defending the publication of equally controversial speech on social media while others including government officials call for private social media platforms to condemn hate speech or delete it (censor). Private social media platforms CAN censor these kinds of speech. They are not constitutionally forbidden from censoring it if they choose to, just like Turley does when it comes to racist postings and offensive terms even when they are protected speech.

    Enigma made a good point. Fox News is party to the spreading this replacement theory. Yet Turley is silent on it.

    What about Republican legislators proposing bans on discussing replacement theory, like bans on discussion of CRT? Would anti-CRT laws be applied to discussions of replacement theories? Obviously they do discuss race and making one race superior to another.

  2. Anonymous says:

    “Turley Defends ‘Great Replacement Theory’”

    That is a contemptible slur. Turley defends the freedom to advocate the Replacement Theory. He thinks good speech will inoculate this bad speech. He better be right. I have a feeling he is naive. In any event, he is willing to gamble our Democracy on his belief that rational good faith speech will overcome hate speech. It did not work in Nazi Germany.

    Am I for censorship? No. I’m for the people- not the government- policing themselves. Shame, ridicule, and ostracize purveyors of hate, rage and lies. Ignore them by de-platforming them. Let’s do everything we can to minimize the reach of their voice (short of imprisonment). They are free to speak only to those willing to listen.

  3. Turley Defends ‘Great Replacement Theory’

    A screed authored by someone using the same name as the shooter detailed a plan for the attack.

    Posted to the anonymous message board 4chan, the author says “extreme boredom” during the pandemic led to his radicalization.

    The 180-page document is full of racist rants and appears to embrace “the great replacement” white supremacist conspiracy theory that claims that an elite cabal of Jews, corporate leaders and politicians are intentionally diluting the white population through permissive immigration and by promoting diversity.

    The same conspiracy theory was championed by the gunman who perpetrated the massacre of 51 people in New Zealand mosques in 2019. The document’s author calls the New Zealand shooter his biggest source of inspiration.

    Edited From:

    “A Racist Screed Posted Online Detailed The Attack”

    Today’s NPR


    The Great Replacement Theory seems to affect mass shooters. It’s that ‘other’ crazed conspiracy (in addition to QAnon). And both conspiracies are promoted on Fox News, of course.

    So when Johnathan Turley demands ‘free speech’ in support of ‘Great Replacement’, one must consider the messenger.

    1. Anonymous, so the replacement theory explains the black racist shooter who shot up a New York City subway. So what organization has been responsible for more rioting and death, QAnon or BLM? QAnoin is just the lefts next boogeyman while they excuse the BLM beatings, thefts and murders. You got your QAnon talking point in so tonight you’ll get your head patted and a little more kibble for diner.

      1. Stooge, BLM is losing ground. They haven’t gained mainstream respectability and probably never will.

        In any event, the Great Replacement Theory is only for nutcases ignorant of demographics.

        Advanced societies around the world are having less children. Educated women don’t embrace motherhood as their grandmother’s did.

        But if you’re a small town arch-conservative, the continuing growth of non-White populations is very unnerving.

        Therefore, to make this a What About regarding BLM is utterly clueless.

        1. Well Anonymous, I for one do not worry about white replacement. In the Hispanic community the Democrats are losing due to culter issues. You are the one who is guilty of stirring up ratial animosity by pitting one race against another. You do exactly the same thing that the Proud Boys do. And just like the Proud Boys you justify your actions with the sanctimony of your new found religion. You top it off with name calling when a flaw in your religion is exposed. Nowhere in your religion is the phrase “do unto others” to be found.

        2. Anonymous, I guess you have forgotten about the encouragement of BLM by the Democratic party. This is what you do. When a leftist organization is found to be corrupt you just want to make it disappear rather than suffer the embarrassment of having offered it your support. You may say it’s just old news. You may want to just sweep it under the rug but we will not forget on a tuesday in November.

    2. From the alleged writings. As of yet no connection to the shooter exists.

      When I was 12 I was deep into communist ideology, talk to anyone from my old highschool and ask about me and you will hear that. From age 15 to 18 however, I consistently moved farther to the right. On the political compass I fall in the mild-moderate authoritarian left category, and I would prefer to be called a populist.

      I could lay all this at the feet of leftist. But honestly this doesn’t smell real. The Internet has created copy cats. Waiting for the next event and taking credit within minutes.

      1. The only time I ever see any mention of Qanon, and now replacement theory, is when wild eyed leftist are pushing them

    3. In an alleged 180-page manifesto, the Tops Markets shooter claimed his name was Payton Gendron and attended Broome CC.

      However, photos in the document (below) are of sketch comedian Sam Hyde, and Broome CC public safety said they had no record of a Payton Gendron. @news4buffalo

  4. Nancy Pelosi has undermined our country with this seditious comment. Pelosi needs to be held accountable


    “Let’s not take our eye off the ball. The ball is this court, which is dangerous to the freedoms of our country. Beware in terms of marriage equality, beware in terms of other aspects of it, and so it is. Let’s not waste our time on that. The fact is, this is a dangerous court to families, to freedom in our country.”

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  6. Darrell Brooks, a black man, killed 6 whites at a Wisconsin parade last November by plowing his SUV into a crowd. He ostensibly used social media for years, to spew his hatred against whites, cloaking himself in Black Lies Matter grifter organization. No one called for censoring thugs like him. Now that another thug, a white incel who clearly his mucked up in the head, does the same thing Brooks did,…..oh what’s the use. We all know the black faux rage while they enthusiastically assault, rape, beat and/or kill their own women, children and neighbors, then bragging about it in their rap shtick.

    Barack Obama started this black vs white polarization, as he lives as a millionaire oceanside in a mansion on Martha’s Vineyard.

    1. Elon Musk pulls back the Twitter curtain in how they manipulate users.


      Elon Musk
      Very important to fix your Twitter feed:

      1. Tap home button.
      2. Tap stars on upper right of screen.
      3. Select “Latest tweets”.

      You are being manipulated by the algorithm in ways you don’t realize.

      Easy to switch back & forth to see the difference.


      Meanwhile Jeff Bezos joins the fray in calling the Disinformation Board to review Biden’s disinformation regarding inflation!

      Jeff Bezos
      The newly created Disinformation Board should review this tweet, or maybe they need to form a new Non Sequitur Board instead. Raising corp taxes is fine to discuss. Taming inflation is critical to discuss. Mushing them together is just misdirection.

      Joe Biden

      United States government official
      · May 13
      You want to bring down inflation?

      Let’s make sure the wealthiest corporations pay their fair share.

      1. $50 to $40 in 5 days.

        Musk should bail and leave the mess to the buzzards.

  7. “Governor Kathy Hochul (D-NY)…went further to demand the curtailment of free speech protections.”

    – Professor Turley

    If the freedom of speech is not absolute, there is no freedom of speech.

    A constitutional amendment would be required in the event that elected officials decide that the 1st Amendment should be repealed.

    It is virtually impossible to ratify an amendment; it would likely require a decade.

    The exceptions were the “Reconstruction Amendments,” not one, but three, which were processed in absolutely no time at all – one, three and five years after the Civil War – as a gross constitutional aberration, in that brute military force and post-war military occupation, as a gun to America’s head, are not typically the environment nor part of the customary and traditional process for the ratification of constitutional amendments.

    I wonder if Karl Marx wrote Hochul a letter of congratulation and commendation as he did his ally, Abraham Lincoln, for his glorious efforts toward “the reconstruction of a social world” – thanks, Karl.


    That may be Hochul’s plan, to force actual Americans, at gun point, to surrender their constitutional freedom of speech.

    Where does all this dictatorial communism that started with Lincoln end?

    “But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.”

    – Declaration of Independence, 1776

  8. The patriot act is an excellent example of law made in the wake of a crisis. We should not do anything just because everybody is looking.

  9. 42,338 people died in U.S motor-vehicle crashes in 2020 alone.

    – National Safety Council

    – Ban Cars

    – Ban Commercial Advertisements/Promotions For Cars

    1. Cars drivers don’t necessarily “hate,” but they kill 42,338 per year anyway.

  10. Speaking of censorship, I just watched this relatively recent video of Turley giving a presentation of his free speech advocacy. It is a rehash of what he posts here:


    Sadly, it was given on a conspiracy laden website, the founder and president of which is a JFK conspiracist:


    “Those who have read my books The Kennedy Autopsy and The Kennedy Autopsy 2 know that the U.S. military establishment conducted a fraudulent autopsy on President Kennedy’s body on the very evening of the assassination on November 22, 1963.”

    “As I have emphasized for many years, no one has ever come up with an innocent explanation for a fraudulent autopsy. No one ever will. That’s because there is no innocent explanation for a fraudulent autopsy. It necessarily shows criminal culpability in the assassination of President Kennedy. There is no way around that.”

    “That’s how we know with 100 percent certainty that the November 22, 1963, assassination of President Kennedy was a U.S. national-security state regime-change operation, one that was no different in principle from the U.S. regime-change operations in Iran (1953), Guatemala (1954), Congo (1961), Cuba (1960-1963), and Chile (1970-1973).”

    It’s a shame that Turley accepted the invitation of such a fringe outlet. Neither the lapdog interviewer nor the few softball questions thrown at him by the audience challenged Turley’s thesis. I’m looking forward to Turley defending his free speech stance before an expert of his caliber with an opposing view.

    1. Jeff as hard as it is to admit you and I are in agreeance. The good Professor maybe should have thought better of his appearance. Please tell us your thoughts about outlets that formed a conspiracy theory declaring that Donald Trump was a Russian spy. You know, the organizations known as CNN and MSNBC. The same organization that won’t invite Professor Turley to speak. Share your thoughts.

      1. TiT,

        “Agreeance.” Huh. I learned a new word which is “the act of agreement. It is an obscure form of agreement that is now rarely used.” Thanks.

        1. It is a lie to charge that CNN and MSNBC claimed that Trump was a Russian spy.

        2. You don’t know nor do I whether Turley has ever been invited to speak/appear on CNN or MSNBC. I suspect that he may be prohibited from doing so by the terms of his Fox contract. Who knows, but eventually he will face legal scholars who will challenge his free speech point of view. They will make him defend his contention that good speech is sufficient to counter bad speech in today’s media world. They will question Turley’s assertion that media companies are like telephone companies. They will press him to learn where he draws the line and whether it is as clear and bright as he demands of every other company and institution. They will want to know where he stands on the Smartmatic and Dominion defamation lawsuits against Fox News, Newsmax and OAN and a host of Trumpist lawyers. Whether Fox’s attribution to Trump that the election was rigged or stolen may serve as license to broadcast a rumor that would
        not meet the test or its own reporting standards. A news operation has a duty to investigate such outlandish claims and not take them on faith.

        1. HEY JEFF: My money is on the Professor Were you around when the Dems stopped the process (announcing a winner of Bush – Gore Nov 2000) and sent every writer ( i will not call most of them Journalists) reporter and cameraman to Fla demanding recounts? NYT did not even leave a skelton crew back in NY. The fat lady still hasn’t sang on the 2020 elections. Were you aware that the Ga Sec of State
          told the Fulton County Ga voting and pricinct mangers Nov-Dec 2020, to back all items – voting data for recount on External Harddrives? Know what they did? They backed the data back up on to the original Servers. Why would they do such? Big derecho of disclosures on the Smartmatic and Dominion Software and Servers will be forth comihg. Particularily Aug thru Oct 2022. Jeff: most of the posteres here would probably not even be aware that you existed were it not for this Web site.
          Why don’t you set up platform and debate the Prof. Send the invite.

          1. Lighteredknot,

            When Turley starts making the claims you do, I’ll take them seriously. I rely upon Turley, not election conspiracy hounds like yourself.

            I would debate Turley if given the opportunity, but that ain’t never gonna happen.

              1. Perhaps, but he would not lie to do so and call me names unlike a Trumpist. Turley has class.

            1. Jeff: Turley doen’t parrot me nor I him. I have no delusions that I am on the Prof’s level legally savant, and he is mostly spot on with his opinions and that really chaps you. Yet you parrot and emitt the the DT hate daily. Yep, conspiracy. You Dems all conspired even headed up a coup attempt, to impeached and remove him. How many conspiracies have you Dems rendered and thrown against the wall? How many of those have been established to be lies? Russia collusion, false and criminal Financials, false and fradulent tax returns, insurrection, all conspiracies. Conservatives are nothing but Conspirators and racists, and only a Dems opinion matters,right? Forthcoming disclosures of the 2020 election will chap some arses, yet.

              1. Lightered says:

                “Forthcoming disclosures of the 2020 election will chap some arses, yet.”

                You are delusional, my friend.

        2. This is a wondeful MSNBC episode – pretty much every single thing in it has subsequently been debunked.

          Cohen was supposed to provide bombshell testimoney to Mueller, to congress – and yet he fizzled, he was unwilling to say under oath what was reported in the press.

          Then at 5:40 we have the nonsense about Trump is a russian asset.

          1. You responded with a bunch of ad hominem.
            Nothing you wrote has any meaning. Do you have any principles that your judgements rest on ? Any facts ?

              1. David,

                In case you did not notice, I copied one his gibberish replies to one of my posts and pasted it here in order to give him a taste of his own nonsense. I tried exorcising him with Catholic incantations, but it failed to cast his spell from me. He is a nuisance. I’d like to meet him face-to-face just to see who is my nemesis.

                1. Jeff, I bet you thought you were intelligent. You weren’t. You were being feebleminded.

                2. What you did was behave as a 4 yr old. Repeating what is said to you as if that is an argument.

                  You and I are quite different – I think both of us would agree on that.

                  My arguments addressed to you do not work in reverese.
                  I am not a hypocrite. I apply the same expectations standards to both the left and right.

                  I actually make arguments. You rarely do.

                  1. I like the stupid arguments that you make.
                    I would prefer you made better arguments – that you were more of a challenge.
                    But if the best I can get is softballs – that is fine by me.

                    1. Like I said still 4.

                      Only 4 year olds are clueless enough to beleive that their own faults are universally present in others.

                      Only 4 year olds think they are clever mimicking others, or spraying random text from a catholic missal.

                      Act like an adult and you will be treated like one.

                      Treat others with respect and you will be treated with respect.

                      Make valid arguments and people outside your bubble will listen to you.

                    2. I’m not 4; I told you. I’m only 2. I am very precocious.

                3. You can make me go away trivially.

                  Do not post nonsense.
                  Check your facts in the rare instance you actually make factual claims.
                  Think a tiny bit before you post.
                  Think, is my argument going to sound incredibly stupid to anyone who is not a left wing nut.

                  Just hesitate a small amount and think before you hit post.

                  It will save you alot of grief later.

                  I would be very interested in hearing rational well argued post from you.

                  But I am not holding my breath.

                  1. “Even a fool is thought wise if he keeps silent, and discerning if he holds his tongue.”

                    Proverbs 17:28.

                    1. You have don that once, and it did not apply.

                      That is juvenile.
                      The fact that you do not get that reflects badly on you.

                      I have no idea how old you are – but my children behaved better when they were 4.

              2. David, how can you say that? John’s principles are upfront. He is a consistent libertarian. He provides loads of facts regularly, and despite the number, he is mostly correct.

                Are you that hard-up to say something that you have to make things up?

              3. Says the guy who is completely enthral ot a religion that is incapable of predicting climate correctly but demands obesanice and global control to thwart predicted appocolpse that it constantly misses completely ?

              4. First the models are off. Without understanding any more than grade school math an ordinary person is capable of understanding that if what you predicted did not even come close to true something is very very wrong with your math or science.

                The fact that your purported upper level grads do not grasp that speaks volumes.

                Even Deitrich Bonhoeffer noted before he died that the most dangeorus people were the stupid people.

                Unfortunately stupidity and intelligence are NOT mutually exclusive and the most dangerous of the stupid are those who are intelligent.

                And we see that every day.

                We have an extreme left that is made of the most educated people in the country.
                Yet, these people could not clear a clogged toilet – much less design a toliet that worked.

                A large portion of the purportedly most intelligent people in the country beleive in
                Global Warming.
                The Trump Russia Collusion hoax.
                That the Hunter Biden laptop was Russian disinformation.

                I can go on and on all night.

                How often do you have to be incredibly wrong to grasp that you are STUPID. That whatever your IQ – you do OBVIOUSLY do not know how to think critically. That you are easily duped by obvious frauds.

            1. What are you 4 ?

              Do you think that just paraphrasing me is an argument ?

              I do insult you – your posts are mountains of insults and that is the response you should expect.

              But I also make actual arguments and present actual facts.
              You almost never do.

              It would be trivial for you to address issues rather than piss over people.

              1. But I also make actual arguments and present actual facts. You almost never do.
                It would be trivial for you to address issues rather than piss over people.

                1. “But I also make actual arguments and present actual facts.”

                  Don’t make us laugh.

                  1. “Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.”

                    ― Napoleon Bonaparte

                    1. “Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.”

                      Jeff noted that not many wanted him removed from the blog in the past. Now he has the answer. “Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.”

            2. “Do you have any principles that your judgements rest on ?”
              Yes, Humans have free will.

              The entirety of classical liberalism can be derived from that.
              And in fact the greatest minds in human history have spent the past 7000 years doing exactly that.

              1. This is trivial- either you are making a valid argument – or you are engaged in fallacy.
                Given that I cannot recall that you have ever made a valid argument about anything – or even a bad approximation of a valid argument – you are inherently engaged in fallacy.

                All discussion with you ultimately devolves to people, not issues. Because you do not debate issues, or facts. You rant about people. People disagreeing with you makes you feel unsafe or anyone who disagrees with you is a troll. Or they are motivated by hate or religion or some other ludcrously stupid and irrlevant claims.

  11. This is the outcome from the Boomers’ (I am one) raising an entire generation (of millennials) with the premise that no failure is to be experienced, no want is to be denied, no hard life lessons are to be learned as one is growing up – instead, rather than preparing the child for the path, we’re instead focused on preparing the path for the child –

    …and as a result, an entire generation of millennials (and a large number of whacked-out boomers, too) have no earthly clue how to deal with not getting their way.

    What we are seeing now is the natural extension of what would be called a temper tantrum (if such phrases were still allowed), only the consequences are far more dire, and the behaviors far more disgusting.

    Boomers own the colossal mess we are seeing unravel in our country, all because we wanted to things our way.

  12. Guess I missed the connection between freedom of speech for all and one unhinged, murderous whackadoodle who wrote a bunch of hateful rants against Jewish people and black people. Where were these totalitarian clowns like Hochul when James Hodgkinson tried to assassinate an entire softball team of Republican Congressmen, after writing about his deranged hatreds on social media for months? They were cheering him on, that’s where. Freedom of speech is hated by tyrants, who will use any excuse to curtail it.

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