New Financial Controversies Rock BLM as Marc Elias Reportedly Ends “Key Role” With the Group

New financial controversies have arisen about the use of donations by Black Lives Matter (BLM), including additional allegations that co-founder Patrisse Cullors used BLM funds and resources to benefit herself and friends. I previously wrote a column asking why Democratic prosecutors like New York Attorney General Letitia James shown comparably little interest in these allegations even as James sought to disband the National Rifle Association (NRA) over similar allegations. In the meantime, the Washington Examiner is reporting that former Clinton campaign lawyer Marc Elias has left a “key role” after his firm, the Elias Law Group, had “taken control of its books and finances.”

Black Lives Matter reportedly raised $90 million after the death of George Floyd and still has $60 million in cash.

Even with the rising scandals over the use of donations, many Democratic politicians (who called for the prosecution of the NRA) remain conspicuously silent on the BLM scandals.

Cullors was always a curious choice of corporate donors given her intensely anti-corporate stances. She insisted that she and her BLM co-founder “are trained Marxists. We are super versed on, sort of, ideological theories.” She has denounced capitalism as worse than COVID-19. Nevertheless, corporations poured money into BLM and some, like Warner Bros. hired Cullors to guide their programming.

Cullors recently said that BLM was flooded with “white guilt money.”

However, BLM failed to file required tax reports and some of that money appears to have gone to buying expensive properties and supporting personal friends of Cullors.

Cullors stepped down last year as executive director of the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation, and there have been other resignations that left the group effectively headless. Those resignations followed the New York Post’s revelation that BLM Global Network transferred $6.3 million to Cullors’ spouse, Janaya Khan, and other Canadian activists to purchase a mansion in Toronto in 2021.

Then reports surfaced of the purchase of expensive homes and other allegations of using BLM resources or funds for personal benefits.

A $6 million Los Angeles mansion has been the most recent focus of these allegations of personal use of BLM assets.

There are also allegations that Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation paid out $4 million in consulting payments to its board secretary, co-founder Patrisse Cullors’ brother, and the father of Cullors’ child. That includes $970,000 to Trap Heals LLC, a company established by Damon Turner, the father of Cullors’ child. It also includes $840,000 to Cullors Protection LLC, a security firm owned by her brother, Paul Cullors.

Some $2.1 million also allegedly went to Bowers Consulting, a firm run by Shalomyah Bowers, the foundation’s board secretary.

Cullors once declared that “while the COVID-19 illness is tragic, what’s more tragic is capitalism.” She is fast making that tragedy a reality.


NB: The original column referred to Elias reportedly leaving the “board” of the group. The article reports that Elias left a “key role” and a “top spot” with BLM. The person who left the board was Clinton associate Minyon Moore, according to the article.

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  1. Some, Select [Black] Lives Matter is a first-order forcing of catastrophic anthropogenic progressive corruption (CAPC). Lose your “ethical” religion.

    That said, Baby Lives Matter (BLM).

  2. The organization is corrupt and run by “trained Marxists.” They have co-opted people’s real concern with racism and profited off of it. It’s awful.

  3. I’m absolutely all for getting to the bottom of how any organization that fund raises off of specific issues uses said money. That includes the money behind the CRT scam at the local school board level as well as looking into how you raise money from your blog here, Jon.

    All cards on the table.


    1. My bad! I shouldn’t have implied Turley “raises” money from his blog, but rather how he makes money from his blog. It would be enlightening to know the algorhythym of how he’s paid. My guess is it lies within his Fox agreement…, the reward being sweeteners for keeping Fox talking points ranked in the top of Google searches. That added to a flat fee for articles themselves. Might be nothing is shady at all, just a standard online social media influencer agreement. Would be fun to see the specifics though. Especially since Jon is willing to turn the spotlight on his ‘competitors’.


  4. BLM gives blacks a bad name. They care not a wit about blacks, browns, asians, gays/lesbians, disabled, women of any color, etc. BLM are bad characters just like ANTIFA

    NY Post:

    “It appears that the house of cards may be falling,” says Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita of the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation, the legal entity that snarfs up most cash donated to the BLM movement. Indeed, “this happens eventually with nearly every scam, scheme or illegal enterprise.”

    “It’s not just Indiana: The states of Connecticut, Maine, Maryland, New Jersey, New Mexico, North Carolina and Virginia have all revoked BLMNGF’s charitable registration, while California and Washington are threatening to hold the nonprofit’s officers personally liable for its lack of financial transparency.”

    1. “They care not a wit about blacks, browns, asians, gays/lesbians, disabled, women of any color, etc. BLM are bad characters just like ANTIFA”
      Oh they do too. You know, like the sharksucker fish cares about the shark.

    2. This doesn’t reflect on black people. People of Black (i.e. color bloc), plausibly, perhaps. That said, be wary of exercising liberal license to indulge Diversity (i.e. color judgment, class-based bigotry), Inequity, and Exclusion (DIE) ideology (e.g. racism, sexism).

  5. In other GREAT news, Scary Poppins resigns and Ministry of Truth put on hold.

    1. Enigma has already applied for the position. His qualifications? The color of his skin: black and blue, and red all over


      1. Ministry of “Free Stuff.”

        Generational welfare and affirmative action. Brave and courageous. Don’t leave home without it!

        Since generational welfare, affirmative action, Obamacare, quotas, forced busing, etc., etc., etc., are all unconstitutional anyway, can we get rid of them now and allow real, self-reliance and actual competition in freedom and free markets like real, actual human beings do?

    2. Karine Jean-Pierre should resign also, having admonished conservatives to pay their “fair share” of taxes while 57% of “Americans,” the dependents and parasites, pay NO federal income tax, and advocating raising corporate taxes knowing full well that corporations don’t pay taxes, the customers of corporations pay taxes through the corporations. She’s so stupid, she thinks Americans are stupid; the ones who listen to her are, admittedly.

      1. Surely you jest. She is as articulate as Joe Biden, as polished as Whoopi Goldberg and as intelligent as “the smartest guy” Joe Biden knows. She will take the Biden Administration very far….into single digit poll numbers


  6. What a clown show. Now I see that the Biden clown car has decided to pause the Disinformation board. In his speech in Buffalo Biden called for more policing of disinformation on social media and a few days later his administration decides to pause the formation of the Disinformation Board. Defunding of police was a good idea and now it’s not. We need to shut down oil exploration and now Biden goes with hat in hand begging the oil companies and foreign nations to produce more oil. Supporting BLM was a good idea and now they are all running for the exits. So what do we hear from the main stream media. A Rossana Rosanna Danna never mind. Unfortunately the comedy we see today has a much stronger effect on the American people.

  7. Stop taking the bait from these trolls deflecting attention away from the blog subject: Marxist BLM grifters.



    Would one of you legal Einsteins here explain how people who are not “…free white person(s)…” are in this country at all, given the fact that the American Founders passed four Acts requiring such.

    It’s almost as if some deranged, armed individual took over the entire country, summarily abolished the Constitution, and imposed tyrannical dictatorial rule by brute military force, then rewrote the Constitution with a gun to America’s head, not once, but three times, impossibly.

    Is that legal?

    Perhaps the Supreme Court will finally come to its senses and its sworn oath, as it did related to abortion and Roe after 50 years, and reverse all the illicit and unconstitutional acts of an armed mad man on a killing spree, lo these many scores of years, one and a half centuries, later.

    This may be an historic cold case, correcting gross, egregious and barbarian violations of fundamental law.

    1. On abortion, the Supreme Court confesses, admits and acknowledges its abject failures and the attendant murderous consequences some 50 years on.

      What, and they don’t go to jail?

      Why not also confess, come clean and admit that the Supreme Court committed a savage, vicious and deadly crime of fundamental law 161 years ago, acknowledge that secession is fully constitutional, and that the Constitution was criminally altered.

      1. George, Enough is enough — It’s really time for you to accept both the results of the Civil War and the Supreme Court decision in Texas v White in 1869 that essentially both decided that secession was unconstitutional.

        1. Seriously? You didn’t notice?

          The Supreme Court rejected the results of the Supreme Court!

          The Supreme Court overturned 50 years of false, fraudulent and illicit “law.”


          Roe was as unconstitutional as denying secession, ergo, the Civil War and the unconstitutional and still illegitimate “Reconstruction Amendments” which overturned the dominion of the Constitution and Bill of Rights established by the American Founders and Framers.

          The Constitution was stolen from Americans and they have a right to have it back, after the full abrogation of the principles of communism in America.

          Is your name Marx, by the way?

        2. Sorry. Thanks for reading.

          Please read the Constitution – start where it does not deny or preclude secession, which the American Founders pursued against Great Britain.

          The Supreme Court should have struck down the “Reconstruction Amendments” as done for the benefit of parties which contemporary immigration law required be compassionately repatriated, and under the duress of a nation split by war and brutal military occupation. I don’t see that in the Constitution as part of the amendment process.

          1. Even Alito’s draft majority opinion that you support accepts the validity of the 14th amendment — time to move on!

    1. Clearly they are being responsible climate stakeholders by keeping their carbon footprint as small as possible. This will surely benefit them with their ESG score. sarc/off

      1. Olly, I hit the wrong button. We need to follow their carbon footprints to the cash.

        1. At this point, they are bigfooting their grift to such an extent that they apparently don’t fear discovery.

          1. Olly, they should be required to shuffle their big feet into an orange jump suit. Trump was right. Lock em up.

          2. Olly says:

            “At this point, they are bigfooting their grift to such an extent that they apparently don’t fear discovery.”

            Exactly. As Trump did- if you are public with your grift, it does not seem illicit.

    2. I would note, Democrats/ecoterrorists, demand the return of all people to the urban centers. Walking/biking and public transportation. Mansions that you are forced to get to by private auto, are anathema to leftists agenda items. shhhhh!!(except for Obama, that has bought two ocean front properties, despite them being under water by the time his grandkids what to get married on the beach)

      1. I would note: iowan2 likes to attribute beliefs to people because he prefers straw man arguments.

      2. “New poll shows 60% of Hong Kong youth aged 15 to 30 want to leave the city if they can”

        Hong Kong’s youth want out, according to a new poll by a local university. Polling showed around 60% of young people aged 15 to 30 want to leave the city if they can.

        – Insider

        It’s called communism.

        It includes enslavement to the collective, despotic and tyrannical rule by an “iron fist” through the “dictatorship of the proletariat,” while the General Secretary, Politburo members and political officers get rich.

        It’s liberals, progressives, socialists, democrats, RINOs, etc., as opposed to actual American constitutional conservatives.

        The Founders gave Americans the one and only thing they could; freedom.

        The “pursuit of happiness” in freedom is up to each individual.

        Since 1860, the communists (liberals, progressives, socialists, democrats, RINOs) have slowly taken freedom away from Americans and unconstitutionally taxed them to pay for dependent parasites.

        They have imposed unconstitutional Central Planning, Control of the Means of Production, Redistribution of Wealth and Social Engineering.

        Article 1, Section 8, and the absolute 5th Amendment right to private property preclude and prohibit all of these principles of the Communist Manifesto.

        “From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs.”

        – Karl Marx

        “The goal of Socialism is Communism.”

        – Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

  9. When the BLM finances are finally disclosed I will not be surprised to see properties in places where the arm of American law can not reach. I could be wrong but if they haven’t purchased property in these locations there as dumb as I always thought they were. Like I say, I could be wrong. Only time will tell. I just think my suspicions in the light of past performance have some merit. It’s going to be fun to watch.

    1. Corporations do this all the time. It’s not illegal. Why would it be an issue if they did have property outside the country?

  10. This was always a Soros joke, just like Occupy, the ‘organic’ Anifa that just happens to have piles of bricks waiting for them wherever they want to riot – just like etc. *Vote the dems out*. They no longer have a single redeeming quality. Accept that your dem party has been polluted beyond redemption. Doesn’t mean you have to be a Republican, but come on. You would literally have to be blind to not see at this point, like, actively working against seeing. I’d like to think people aren’t that stupid, and yet. . . .

    1. The lies eventually catch up to the liars and bite them in the butt. 1/3 of the voters will never give up believing their own lies, while 1/3 never believed them in the first place. It’s the last 1/3 that matters and when they turn it’s over. New, independent media is taking over from CNN, NYT, Post, Facebook, Google, etc.

      1. Ivan, while I don’t disagree with your percentages, I doubt the midterms will be decided by where everyone gets their information. This is going to be a long, violent summer, which means the party in power is purposely driving us to a crisis that they don’t intend to let it go to waste.

      1. Well, that the Dims keep bragging about it might have something to do with it. They can’t win the white vote (haven’t since the 60s) so they seek to marginalize it. They say it all the time. That’s the strategy of all facists against voters they can’t control. The Dims are never orgininal in their evil.

        1. Bragging about what? saying what all the time?

          Democrats certainly aren’t bragging about the Republican “great replacement” trope.

        2. Mespo says:

          “The Dims are never orgininal in their evil.”

          Is it any wonder Turley has not seen fit to let you continue as a guest blogger on his site? Turley would NEVER call Democrats “Dims” and has NEVER called them “evil.” You are despicable.

            1. Jbsay said:

              “You $hit in the bed. it stinks and everyone smells it. There are not even that meany people trying to pretend it smells sweet.
              And nothing is likely to get better anytime soon.”

              Another classy remark by John B. Say!

              1. Sometimes the truth stinks

                It would be much easier to treat you as you wish to be treated if you earned that respect.

                Being wrong is bad enough, spraying ad hominem on people who have been mostly or entirely right, does not even earn you neutral treatment.

                Get your act together.

                If you want respect – earn it.
                No one should have to explain that too you.

    2. Well, it IS true that Tucker Carlson has been promoting the replacement theory multiple times on his show. He’s never stated he disagrees with it. He does now after the Buffalo shooter took his inspiration from his shows.

      You can ban replacement theory using anti-CRT laws currently on state books. They specifically ban the very idea that one race is inferior to another and makes people…uncomfortable. Maybe we should make sure they are not teaching it in our schools either. Let’s ban teaching replacement theory in our schools before they start.

      1. Sevvy:

        See it for yourself. Here’s your Dim brothers telling it like they want it to be (you can hide your eyes when the Tucker Boogey-Man is on but watch the Dimwits insult white folks and call for their political ouster tacitly and explicitly):

      2. Well, it IS true that Tucker Carlson has been promoting the replacement theory multiple times on his show. He’s never stated he disagrees with it. He does now after the Buffalo shooter took his inspiration from his shows.

        Your handlers are going to want their money back. Tucker isn’t “promoting” replacement theory, he’s highlighting it’s reality and he’s got the video to prove it. Running videos of Democrats actually describing how they believe mass migration (legal and illegal) will change the demographics of our country to keep the Democrats in power in perpetuity, is proof this is not some fringe theory. It’s not even a mainstream theory. The Democrats have publicly stated this is their political strategy.

        1. Olly,

          “Promoting”, “highlighting”. A distinction without a difference.

          You just pointed out his promotion of the idea by using edited videos he used as examples.

          Tucker is a big believer in that racist theory. That’s why he promotes it in his show.

          1. You just pointed out his promotion of the idea by using edited videos he used as examples.

            You can find those videos all over the internet. I don’t care what euphemism you trot out to describe Carlson running them on his show. Unless you have proof those videos are edited in any way that changes the context of their actual meaning, then they are exactly what they are: unimpeachable proof that the Democratic party is not theorizing replacing our demographics through mass legal and illegal immigration, they have instituted federal government policy that is making it happen.

            Tucker is a big believer in that racist theory. That’s why he promotes it in his show.

            What he believes in is that racist Democratic party agenda. And that is why he covers it on his show.

            1. On the left side of the screen on Banned.Video I find many interesting channels.

              Just about all Americans have had more then enough of those Dim/Rino Commie/Fascist American hating trash.


              Southern Border Crisis

              Reports and footage from the UN backed invasion at the US Southern Border


            2. Wow, so you’re joining Carlson with this garbage.

              You insist that Democrats are “replacing our demographics through mass legal and illegal immigration,” when (a) there is no “replacement,” only continuous change that’s occurred since our founding, and (b) the share of the US population that’s foreign-born was larger a century ago than it is now.

              BTW, Carlson’s concerned with voters. Illegal immigrants generally cannot legally vote.

  11. It’s truly stunning how easily these Marxist BLM race grifters flaunt their take. Who defends a nonprofit, supposedly founded on the principle that Black Lives Matter, after it is discovered the only blacks lives benefitting from this nonprofit are the Marxist race grifters? We are in a full blown race war and the Democratic party has weaponized our government agencies to fight this war on behalf of the American Marxists. After 160 years, it is apparent that the Democrats have no intention of ever releasing their grip on the power that comes from sowing racial division. Look no further than how they are exploiting the Buffalo tragedy. What happened there is an average weekend in Chicago. How demoralized (Bezmenov) are blacks and those with “white guilt” to not see the neon sign flashing, Useful Idiots Unite!?

    1. Olly, an American Nazi, says:

      “We are in a full blown race war and the Democratic party has weaponized our government agencies to fight this war on behalf of the American Marxists.”

      American Nazis vs. American Marxists. I’m rooting for the lesser of two evils.

      1. The marxists killed far more people more brutally over a longer period

        Do I assume that means you are siding with the nazis

  12. And now all the BLM rats are jumping from the sinking ship as fast as they can. The thing is that the rats knew all about the scam from the very beginning. They’re headed for the ropes leading from the ship to the dock at a furious pace. They’re afraid that they might get their long rat tails caught in a jail cell door. They squeal Rat Lives Matter as they hurry to save themselves from drowning. My apologies to the animal rats who were not involved in the scheme of the human rats. They may be vermin but there are those who are on a much lower level than they are.

  13. “Cullors was always a curious choice of corporate donors given her intensely anti-corporate stances.” As much as I love almost everything written by the Professor, I find this statement a bit naive. Corporations have bowed to the leftist lunatic mob and their mouthpieces at the MSM and they do not give a damn whether they are pleasing their Chinese overlords at the expense of Americans. Their factories are located on foreign lands. They now all pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in salaries and speaking fees to the new grift: diversity, equity and inclusion. They don’t care if the new woke ideology is tearing apart the Country.

  14. I’m having a flashback to Ferguson, Missouri years ago. High schooler Michael Brown walked into a neighborhood convenience store and committed a theft of a box of cigars, physically assaulted the Korean store owner who tried to stop young Mr. Brown from walking out of the store with the stolen goods, and the police were contacted and told of the acts of theft and assault. I seem to recall the store had a videotape showing the theft and the assault.
    When the police confronted Brown outside the store, he did not surrender peacefully.

    Obama, Eric Holder, entered the fray in the aftermath of young Mr. Brown’s death by gunfire.

    The phrase ‘hands up don’t shoot’ went viral.
    Ferguson police department came under intense Federal investigation.

    Years later, George Floyd’s alleged attempt to pass a counterfeit $20 bill in a local convenience store, led to the police being contacted by store personnel.
    Floyd ended up dead.

    Millions of dollars of damage followed Brown’s death in Ferguson.
    Billions of dollars of damage followed Floyd’s death across the entire nation.

    The phrase ‘Black Lives Matter’ went viral.

    And today, we’re discussing the status of the tax-exempt organization representing the BLM movement and whether civil and or criminal liability will attach and/or will be prosecuted against the organization and its leadership.

    Happy Humpday

  15. I’ve been a football fan for fifty years and I want an apology from the NFL.

    1. “FLASHBACK VIDEO: Jessica Savitch Reported NFL Ties to Mafia & Rigged Games; Then Mysteriously “Drowned” in Ditch”

      – True Pundit

      Jessica Savitch reported on the NFL’s Gene Klein, Chargers, meeting a mobster in Acapulco; she died in an overturned car crash in a canal a few months later.

  16. “Nevertheless, corporations poured money into BLM and some, like Warner Bros. hired Cullors to guide their programming.” (JT)

    Tragically, that is not a new phenomenon. For decades, American businessmen have been supporting their own destroyers.

    1. In the 1990’s and early 2000’s, you couldn’t open a brokerage account at a Wall Street firm without being solicited to invest in China. China was the place to invest your money.
      Chinese mutual funds, Chinese Exchange traded funds, Chinese Closed end investment companies, Chinese corporations, you name it — if it was related to investing in China, it was being hawked by Wall Street.
      Twenty plus years after that massive infusion of American cash into China, what are we dealing with today — China, the would-be next ruler of the world, or so say many inside and outside of our Government.

      So you statement ‘American businessmen have been supporting their own destroyers’ is absolutely true, and it didn’t start with BLM and similar organizations.

      1. “it was being hawked by Wall Street.”

        And in the executive suite.

        During the years you mentioned, I was teaching at a highly-ranked MBA program. Nearly without fail, the C-execs said the same thing: China, China, China.

        Sometimes I asked them: “Do you know anything about China’s barbarous political policies? Do you even know what its political philosophy is, and how that might affect the future of your investment? Are you aware of how China uses that wealth to oppress its own people?”

        The response was always the same — A blank stare, as if to say: We can’t understand your questions. And if we do, we don’t want to think about them.

        It was depressing.

    2. It’s called freedom of speech. Turley knows this. Strangely Turley leaves this particular point out.

  17. Just wondering here, how many and who have donated/ing to ANTIFA?

    1. No one donates to Antifa — Antifa is not real. Don’t you remember Joe Biden telling Donald Trump in one of their debates in 2020 that Antifa wasn’t a real organization.
      And c’mon man, would Joe Biden lie about such a thing?

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