Democratic Member Calls for Justice Thomas to Resign Over Wife’s Activism

Rep. Bill Pascrell (D-N.J.) has joined the call for Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas to resign due to the communications of his wife, Virginia “Ginni” Thomas, with lawyer John Eastman supporting the certification challenge. It is still unclear what that email contains, but Ginni Thomas was a vocal supporter for former President Donald Trump in both public and private. Pascrell called Thomas “a corrupt jurist” and said that he could not be considered “neutral” given the fact that his wife is a political activist. Pascrell’s demand comes after Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse called for an investigation into the matter. The demand is entirely without legal or ethical merit absent new evidence that Justice Thomas himself engaged in political advocacy while ruling on related cases.

Rep. IIhan Omar (D., Minn.) was the first member of Congress to call for Thomas to be impeached when it was revealed that the Jan. 6th Commission found 29 messages of his wife, Ginni, to the White House. MSNBC’s Mehdi Hasan echoed the call for impeachment as did former Sen. Barbara Boxer and others. Boxer was particularly ironic since she used the same underlying federal law to challenge the certification of George W. Bush’s election, which was central in former President Trump’s efforts to overturn the 2020 presidential election.

As previously noted, the position of Ginni Thomas on the election was no surprise. She is a well-known Republican activist and Trump supporter. In her communications, Thomas encouraged then-White House chief of staff Mark Meadows to pursue legal and legislative challenges to what she viewed as a stolen election. That was a position supported by millions of voters.

We have come a long way from the days when spouses were viewed as mere extensions of their husbands. Ginni Thomas is an activist and the couple has often discussed how they keep their professional lives apart. Yet, these members are suggesting that Justice Thomas can be investigated or impeached because he essentially failed to keep his wife in line and silent on this national controversy.

Pascrell declared “Clarence and Ginni Thomas have participated in one of the worst breaches of trust ever seen in our court system. Clarence Thomas cannot possibly be seen as a neutral actor but instead as a corrupt jurist who has poisoned the High Court. Clarence Thomas should have dignity and final respect for our democracy and resign.”

The attack on Justice Thomas is grossly unfair and untrue. There was no breach of trust in our court system due to these challenges. The court system functioned exactly as it was intended. So did the other two branches. The high court has handed down at least 10 rulings on the 2020 election In January, Justice Thomas was notably the only dissenting justice. Being a minority of one does not make you corrupt. It is a position that virtually every justice has held at some point on the Court.

Justice Thomas did not write the email to Eastman. It was his wife who has a separate career. Justices are not expected to silence their spouses on political matters or associations. Nor are spouses expected to place their career or views on hold due to their husband or wife sitting on the Court.

Indeed, even justices have been accused of crossing the line on occasion. This includes justices on the left of the Court. I recently criticized Justice Sonia Sotomayor for encouraging law students to oppose new abortion laws. The late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg also drew such criticism. Despite repeated controversies in speaking publicly on political issues, Ginsburg was undeterred.  Ginsburg continued such speeches in discussing issues like the ERA to the joy of liberals. Shortly before that, Ginsburg again repeated her view that sexist voters prevented Hillary Clinton from being elected president — a repeat of controversial comments in her 2017 speech. Again, the comments thrilled liberals. As in her 2017 speech, Ginsburg again repeated her view that sexist voters prevented Hillary Clinton from being elected president.

Justice Ginsburg started another firestorm over public comments on how she would move to New Zealand if Donald Trump was elected. Ginsburg apologized for that public controversy, though I discussed in a column how the incident spoke to a much larger problem on the Court.

These were political statements as opposed to direct involvement in advocacy. In this case, it is not Justice Thomas but his wife who was expressing support for certification and election challenges.

It is not clear if Pascrell has access to emails not seen by other members or the public. We know that Thomas texted with then-White House chief of staff Mark Meadows in the aftermath of the presidential election to encourage the White House to fight the certification. She said on Thursday “I look forward to talking to them,” adding, “I can’t wait to clear up misconceptions.”

Pascrell has long sought retaliatory actions against those who hold a different view on the 2020 election. He previously called for the disqualification of 120 House Republicans — including House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) — for simply signing a “Friend of the Court brief” (or amicus brief) in support of an election challenge from Texas.

The attack on Justice Thomas for the advocacy of his wife is a race to the bottom by some Democrats. The Thomas’ have not received support from most law professors or legal experts in the media. Likewise, liberal feminist groups are silent in defense of a woman who maintains a separate career in Washington. Nevertheless, this attack is inflammatory and wrong. It does a disservice to the Court and the country in fueling a national rage addiction that is tearing us apart.



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  1. Fortunately You are wrong.

    The J6 hearings are a FLOP.

    They are losing even the democratic few faithful who are watching.

    You have failed to make you case.

    If and Only IF there was no reasonable basis to beleive the outcome of the election was fraudlent – you would successfully prove that Trump and his cronies are “sore losers” – you know Like Hillary.

    What you have entirely failed to prove was that they did anything more than fail to accept the outcome of an OBVIOUSLY lawless and fraudulent election and that the foot tooth and nail to “overturn that election” – your words. What you do not seem to grasp is that most people are not MORONS. They KNOW that if the election was lawless and fraudulent – and substantial portions of the electorate beleive it was – then overturning it is constitutional, legal and moral. And that even it it was not – we allow our political enemies every opportunity the constitution and law provide to fight against us – even when they are wrong, in fact even when they KNOW they are wrong.

    I would further note that overturning the election merely requires finding 42,000 fraudulent votes – not overthrowing the votes of millions.

    ANY outcome overthrows the results of millions of voters.

    There are 70+m Trump voters most of which beleive with good reason the election was both lawless and fraud ridden – and that their MILLIONS of votes were “overthrown”.

    Your argument is incredibly narcissist – as if only the votes of democrats count.

    Every single Fraudulent vote – disenfranchises someone.
    Every single lawless vote disenfranchises someone.

    1. You’re an idiot. You drank the Koolaid. Plan to see your orange authoritarian go down big, prison bound. The whole grifting family, and guess what, you too!

      1. Do you have an argument ?

        You say you are sending Trump and his family to prison – for what crime ?

        Are you prepared to see democrats and those on the left sent to prison on the same politicized basis ?

        Trump and the Trump family are the most investigated people in US history – and nothing has been found.

        Yet, idiots like you still believe that they are guilty of some crime – and that if you just investigate enough you will find the crime.

        You do not understand that is litterally the soviet system.

        “You bring me the man, I’ll find you the crime”
        Lavrentiy Beria

  2. I want to see the Russians in Ukraine getting their come-uppance with NATO airstrikes. What’s the point in having NATO if it’s not
    going to kill Russians? What a waste of money.

    1. We would all like to see Russia punished for invading Ukraine.

      We would also like to see our grandchildren grow up without glowing in the dark.

      Myriads of people – including anti-Trump democrats in foreign service have said that Putin would not have dared invade Ukraine if Trump was president. I beleive them.

      Biden has made many mistakes in Ukraine – but aside from being perceived as weak and inviting this invasion, most of them have been inconsequential so far. And Ukraine is ONE place where he has MOSTLY gotten things right.

  3. Once again, I see moral equivalence on the internet posted by nimcompoops who like to think they are so
    cute and clever but really aren’t. This one is a post on Youtube about Syria: “Just a gentle reminder that Russia is there as they were legally invited by the Syrian government and the Americans were there settling up bases illegally (I.e. un-democratically). Thank you”. The flip side of this is: “Just a gentle reminder that Americans can be legally invited into Ukraine by the Ukranian government, and the Russians are there destroying lives and assets illegally, against international law.”Invitations are irrelavant. Good countries, such as the United States, do not need an invitation from evil countries, such as Syria, to right the wrongs in those countries. Eisenhower did not need an invitation from Hitler to set up bases in Germany, to right the wrongs in Germany. So please stop proliferating such nonsense. Please stop the mental masturbation. Your points might be intriguing to yourselves, but not to those more critical. Thank you.

  4. A Democrat is not a Dem.
    A Republican is not a Con.
    Neither the Dem Man or the Con Man controls our thoughts.

  5. “Democratic Member Calls for Justice Thomas to Resign Over Wife’s Activism” (JT)

    This is a typical Stalinist move. The ends: More power. The means: Target your loved ones.

  6. “Rep. Bill Pascrell (D-N.J.) has joined the call for Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas to resign . . .”

    “Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse called for an investigation into the matter.”

    “Rep. IIhan Omar (D., Minn.) was the first member of Congress to call for Thomas to be impeached . . .”

    “MSNBC’s Mehdi Hasan echoed the call for impeachment as did former Sen. Barbara Boxer . . .”

    It’s called a “soft coup.”

  7. It is not that Ginni Thomas holds a different view of the election. It is that her position was without evidence, and she was involved in an attempted coup of another branch of government based on her position without evidence. And she held that position without evidence even when it had worked it’s way through the court system and showed every reasonable person who paid attention that her position was without evidence.

    1. Frump:
      Come on. Define “coup”! Hint: chickens don’t live there.

    2. With your head in the sand and cover your eyes and shouting loudly “no evidence”.

      You have not done so well over the past 6 years to be insulting others.

      Millions of the same people who recognize evidence of election fraud, also recognized that the collusion delusion story was idiocy – YOU didn’t. One of the things that came out of the Sussman trial was that the FBI agents bringing the allegations to the
      7th floor” thought they would be laughed out of the room – they were so obviously stupid. Even partisan numnuts at the FBI knew this was garbage – but you did not.

      Those you are disparaging KNEW the Biden laptop was real – YOU Didn’t.

      I can go through a LONG LONG list of things they got right – that YOU didn’t.

      I trust the people saying there was significant election fraud – far more than you.

      Both because my head is not in the sand.
      And because I am more inclined to trust people who have a track record of being right than hysterical magpies who have been wrong so far about everything.

      “’Be ever hearing, but never understanding; be ever seeing, but never perceiving.’
      Isaiah 6:9

  8. Mr. Virtue Signaling, Sheldon “only whites in the house” Whitehouse and his membership in the all-white Baileys Yacht Club is the first of many hypocritical politicians that should be ousted from office.

  9. Can Putin show me the international law stating that he can change the borders of Ukraine? If not, then what the hell is he doing? What is the point in having international law if it is so easy to violate it? Why have peace talks that lead to another document with terms to violate again so blatantly? The Russians have already committed thousands of violations of international law, it would be easy for them to violate one more agreement. It would be foolish to trust Russia to honor it. Why would they honor the terms of a new agreement when they have already dishonored international law far too many times to count?


    It shouldn’t be assumed that any war between the United States and Russia would be an all-out war. It would be limited. They don’t want an all-out war. They don’t want to die. How can Putin and the oligarchs enjoy their billions if they are dead? They didn’t amass all of this oil wealth just to die. It would probably be more of a short-lived game of chicken, where Russia blinks after a few engagements, hostilities cease, Russia is shown who’s boss and put back into its place, and that would be that.

  10. Anonymous: Funny. when the Dems won the election in 2020 I didn’t hear you say “our Democracy is working as it should”. No. You and Trump loudly declared the election was “rigged” and “stolen”. For you and your fellow travelers Democracy only “works” when the Republicans win. If we are “losing our Democracy” it’s because Trump tried to thwart the will of the electorate by trying to stage a coup to keep power. That’s not Democracy “working as it should” but fascism!

    1. Barbara Boxer is proof positive you are full of bovine fecal matter. I also seem to recall the Democrats going all the way to the Supreme Court over Bush’s win over Gore. But I suppose reality and history are not your strong points.

    2. And you know the will of the electorate ? How ?

      Would that be by the votes many of which were fraudulent in an election that was lawless ?

      You do not seem to get it. If you want govenrment to be legitimate – you must conduct elections without “the appearance of impropriety”.

      You failed.

      Some polls now have a majority of democrats convinced the election was stolen. Maybe not most polls.
      But still you have more than 100 million americans that beleive the election was stolen.

      You can all those people stupid – their used to being called all kinds of things by those like you – and ending up right in the end.

      1. Except this time. The party’s over for you guys. One by one going down the prison path soon. You might be included.

        1. It is ?

          Do you have evidence no one else has seen ?

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