The Parade of Horribles: A Democratic Talking Point on Dobbs is Dangerous Disinformation

Below is today’s column on common talking point among Democratic members and pundits on how the recent Dobbs decision will present a barrier to women seeking treatment for ectopic pregnancies. It is not only legally and medically false but it is dangerous if women actually believe what they are hearing or reading from these figures. There are ample grounds for pro-choice advocates to oppose the decision without spreading alarm over a danger that does not exist.

Here is the column:

After the Court’s decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, a common rallying cry for pro-choice advocates has been the endangerment of women with ectopic pregnancies who would now be barred in some states banning or severely limiting abortion services. Reps. Judy ChuJan Schakowsky, and others have insisted that women with such pregnancies are now without protection. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez even used the issue to justify hounding and harassing justices eating in public in reference to a recent incident involving Justice Brett Kavanaugh at a restaurant with his wife: “Poor guy. He left before his soufflé because he decided half the country should risk death if they have an ectopic pregnancy within the wrong state lines.”  These views have been amplified by academics like Harvard Professor Laurence Tribe.  It is a great talking point but it just happens to be untrue as both a legal and medical matter. Worse yet, this common claim could be putting women physically at risk by suggesting that they might be legally at risk if they seek such treatment.

There are obviously good-faith objections to the Dobbs decisions on the underlying constitutional interpretation. However, critics have created a parade of horribles that extend beyond that opinion, including arguments expressly rejected by the Court. That includes President Biden who has repeatedly suggested that contraceptives and travel for women could be now curtailed under the decision.

The majority expressly and repeatedly rejected the application of this holding to these other rights. It stressed “intimate sexual relations, contraception, and marriage” are not impacted by its holding because “abortion is fundamentally different.” The court and Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s concurrence return to the point again and again: “Nothing in this opinion should be understood to cast doubt on precedents that do not concern abortion.” Only Justice Clarence Thomas suggested that these other cases should be examined. Yet even Thomas stressed this opinion expressly rejects that application.

However, the ectopic pregnancy talking point is not just false, it is dangerous. These pregnancies can be life threatening and must be addressed as soon as possible. These interventions are not abortions and even restrictive states expressly state so.

When a pregnancy implants in the fallopian tube, it is not a viable pregnancy but it creates a potentially fatal risk for the mother from tubal rupture and internal bleeding. Treating such woman is not an abortion of a viable pregnancy. Indeed, as noted in a recent column, the procedures are vastly different, including the fact that “mifepristone and misoprostol, used commonly to provide medical abortions, specifically do not treat a pregnancy outside of the uterus.”

This is reflected in some of the most restrictive laws. For example, Oklahoma’s law expressly states “An act is not an abortion if the act is performed with the purpose to . . . remove an ectopic pregnancy.” Texas, Louisiana, and other states have the same express exemption.  However, even if the law were silent on ectopic pregnancies, it is doubtful that the courts would ignore the medical and factual classifications to treat such emergency procedures as abortions or ignore that the mother’s life is in danger without medical intervention.

Yet, women would not know that in listening to leaders or reading news accounts. In the New Yorker, Jia Tolentino explained “abortion bans will hurt, disable, and endanger many people … who encounter medical difficulties…One woman in Texas was told that she had to drive fifteen hours to New Mexico to have her ectopic pregnancy—which is nonviable, by definition, and always dangerous to the mother—removed.” That is based on a story from 2021 before the Dobbs decision and an account from an abortion hotline of a doctor refusing to deal with an ectopic pregnancy. It is not explained how, even when Roe v. Wade was still good law, such a procedure could be denied under Texas law.

A woman reading such accounts might easily conclude that she could be charged with a crime or face other legal penalties if she sought treatment for an ectopic pregnancy in restrictive states. These politicians stress that time is of the essence and that such a loss of time in an ectopic pregnancy could prove lethal. Yet, their false claims could have precisely that effect.

That makes this not just disinformation but the most lethal form of disinformation. Indeed, it is precisely the type of disinformation that many of these same leaders have called to be censored. Indeed, this year, Rep. Ocasio-Cortez continued her call for corporate censorship on social media because “disinformation through U.S.-founded companies like Facebook … have absolutely slowed and frankly sabotaged” efforts in areas like Covid treatment. Many have rallied to this anti-free speech cause. Indeed, this week, another medical professor was suspended for simply calling for a discussion of concerns over the need for Covid vaccines of children.

I remain opposed to government and corporate censorship of disinformation, including the false statements made by Rep. Ocasio-Cortez. Like many of the false claims surrounding the Dobbs decision, these issues can be addressed without curtailing free speech, but that only increases the importance of countering these false narratives.

President Biden and other Democratic members have called for censorship because social media companies are “killing people” with disinformation. That is precisely what could occur if women believe the claims of politicians and pundits on these ectopic pregnancies.

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  1. Jonathan: Once again, we are witnessing the law of unintended consequences as a result of the Dobbs decision. Ectopic pregnancies can be deadly without immediate medical treatment. Despite what you claim serious concerns are being raised about whether they are included in abortion bans in many states. Under Missouri’s “trigger’ law there is an exception for “medical emergencies” but doctors and hospitals are wrestling with whether they could be charged with a crime under the vague language of the law. One state representative has called on the governor to get the GOP controlled legislature to spell out clearly that ectopic pregnancies are excluded. This controversy is playing out in other states where GOP legislatures rushed to pass abortion bans without thinking about the consequences.

    But you seem to think “even if the law were silent on ectopic pregnancies, it is doubtful that the courts would ignore the medical and factual classification to treat such emergency procedures as abortion or ignore that the mother’s life is in danger…”. But earlier in your column you say: “[t]reating such woman is not an abortion of a viable pregnancy”. Which is it? Oklahoma’s law says terminating an ectopic pregnancy is “not an abortion”. Tell that to doctors who perform abortions. They don’t treat ectopic pregnancies any differently then other types of pregnancies that are terminated through abortion. It’s a contradiction for you and Oklahoma to bizarrely argue that a procedure to terminate an ectopic pregnancy is somehow not an “abortion”. But that’s what Oklahoma had to do in its rush to pass its abortion ban. Then is the issue of what the courts will say on the issue of ectopic pregnancies. If we agree an ectopic pregnancy requires immediate intervention do you think a patient or a doctor can wait around for a court to make a ruling? That’s why women are flying to other states where abortion is legal to terminate an ectopic pregnancy as quickly as possible. But this can cause delays that, yes, can threaten the life a women. Waiting for a court to rule can have deadly consequences! Something you obviously have not thought through.

    It is anti-abortion groups who are peddling disinformation. Some are bizarrely arguing that patients with ectopic pregnancies can simply be monitored until they miscarry–or even that such pregnancies can be carried to term. They can’t. In the Ohio abortion law there is a provision for surgical reimplantation of the ectopic pregnancy into the uterus. The medical community says that’s impossible. The Dobbs decision is producing chaos re women’s health decisions. And what is your response? Don’t listen to AOC, ladies, she is an alarmist. The courts will sort it out. Just be patient. This is how over the hill you have gone in trying to justify Dobbs!

    As predicted there is a huge fight going on in states that have banned abortion–like in Texas. A pregnant woman was stopped by Texas police because she was driving alone in a car-pool lane. The woman said there were two people in the car. The police officer that pulled over the woman, searched the car and said something like “It’s just you…where’s the other person?” “It’s right here” the woman said pointing to her large stomach. The officer was not persuaded and issued the woman a $275 citation. The woman is going to court to fight the ticket. Under the Texas abortion ban an unborn child is considered a person “at every stage of gestation from fertilization until birth”. What did I say about the law of unintended consequences?

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  2. Except that we have seen women with real and life threatening medical conditions having abortions delayed. Many hospitals, especially Catholic ones require doctors to get prior approval from non-doctor “Ethics Boards” before performing medically necessary abortions. We even have hospitals having pickles that say that the women must be in acute distress and on the verge of dying before an abortion can be performed.

    1. “…we have seen…” “Many hospitals…” “…hospitals having pickles (sic)” Vague generalities/hearsay/opinions presented as facts carry no weight. Please detail any of these situations with reference from source then make your point.

      1. He talks using the wrong orifice and is a sock puppet for another creature, so don’t expect him to respond to fact.

  3. I seriously doubt that life is a concern to any of these monsters who have pushed a tainted syringe juice on MILLIONS, culminating in death and harm of unprecedented numbers.

    2021 had an unexpected 40% increase in “all cause deaths”

    Is it possible for normal circumstances to show this type of increase in all cause mortality? Of course not. And normally (before covid) such information would be freaking the medical establishment out. Funny how most cannot seem to connect the dots.

    And why can’t they connect the dots? Because most people in the medical/government/media would immediately lose their jobs and be socially ostracized (cancel culture) were they to actually start talking about what they see in hospitals (as an example).

    But the truth is starting to bleed through because the numbers are so huge. 40%?!?

    I’m telling you that someday this entire thing will be seen as the orchestrated, intentional scam that it has been, but they are murdering people and causing horrible harm to so many that heads will roll. Used to destroy the dollar and gain even more control of the population.

    1. Anyone who thinks the rise in deaths is from the vaccines and not from Covid — especially among the unvaccinated — is in deep denial.

      1. Every metric shows that hospitalizations and death are highest among the vaccinated. I trust you got yours, so time will tell.

        And at this point, people stupid enough to get them deserve what they get.

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