Is the Clock Finally Running Out on Hunter Biden?

Below is my column in The Hill on the expiration of the grand jury in Delaware and reports that the Hunter Biden investigation is at a “critical stage.”  These lingering questions could have been avoided if Attorney General Merrick Garland had responded to new disclosures with the appointment of a special counsel. In 2021, emails and recordings from the laptop further fueled questions of whether President Joe Biden could have been a beneficiary of some of these dealings and how his early denials of knowledge appear demonstrably false. The failure to appoint a special counsel in this case is a textbook example of why such appointments are necessary to avoid such doubts about the scope or independence of an investigation.

Here is the column:

Astronaut Buzz Aldrin once said the secret to his success was “timing … I have been blessed to have been in the right place at the right time.” It is the same defining element of Hunter Biden’s life: No matter what crime or corruption is alleged, he has escaped responsibility, often by pure political serendipity.

Now, according to various media outlets, time may be running out for Hunter, with a federal investigation entering a “critical stage.” Yet, timing still could be on Hunter’s side.

Hunter has always had impeccable timing and, like Blanche DuBois, “always depended on the kindness of strangers.” He went to law school after his father became a powerful U.S. senator with a long line of influence-seekers eager to help him and his family. After graduating, Hunter was given a high-paying job with MBNA, the bank holding company, which supported key credit card legislation being pushed by his father in the Senate.

Later, Hunter was given a ridiculous appointment to the board of Amtrak and became its vice chair, despite an utter lack of credentials. His father, however, was a critical advocate for Amtrak in the Senate.

When his father became vice president, Hunter and an uncle allegedly cashed in on a long line of foreign entities seeking influence with his father. Millions of dollars were given to Hunter even though, as he has acknowledged, he was a crack addict and alcoholic at the time — “[d]rinking a quart of vodka a day by yourself in a room [which] is absolutely, completely debilitating” and “smoking crack around the clock.”

When Hunter’s debaucheries and dealings became public knowledge, thanks to a laptop he abandoned at a repair shop, the timing again was right for him. It happened just before the 2020 presidential election, and the media imposed a virtual blackout on coverage; 51 intelligence experts wrote a letter dismissing the laptop as likely “Russian disinformation.” U.S. Attorney David Weiss, probing Hunter’s dealings under an appointment by then-Attorney General William Barr, suspended his grand jury investigation for months to avoid accusations of influencing the election.

Now the grand jury’s expiration last month has forced a new timeline in the Hunter saga. The grand jury reportedly looked at a variety of possible criminal charges stemming from Hunter’s reported influence-peddling with dubious foreign figures from China, Russia, Ukraine and other countries.

While it is unclear if there were any indictments, some crimes seem undeniable on the basis of known evidence. For example, Biden seems clearly to have lied on the federal form to acquire a gun by denying his drug use; he also appears to have violated the Foreign Agents Registration Act. And there are obvious tax charges that could be brought, even though he paid outstanding taxes after the investigation began.

However, some of the most serious allegations of corruption concern alleged influence-peddling and acquiring millions from foreign figures. Not only were there reportedly more than 150 suspicious activity reports (SARs) filed, but those millions seemed to evaporate. His dealings reportedly involve an array of powerful figures, including his father, his uncle and the children of other well-known families.

Yet it is again a matter of “timing” and familiar concerns of “Election Year Sensitivities.”

A long-standing Justice Department policy instructs prosecutors to exercise caution in “the timing of charges or overt investigative steps near the time of a primary or general election.” Accordingly, some observers have objected that prosecutor Weiss should not issue an indictment against Hunter before the midterm elections, since that could hurt Democratic candidates. That could explain the failure to release any indictments after the disbanding of the grand jury.

But the use of this policy to seal or delay any indictments could raise equal concerns over the politicalization of prosecution.

The protected period under Justice’s policy has been stated variously as 60 or 90 days. This grand jury’s term expired outside of either period. Moreover, the policy does not bar filings during that period; it bars prosecutors from using “the timing of investigative steps or criminal charges for the purpose of affecting any election, or for the purpose of giving an advantage or disadvantage to any candidate or political party.” It is the grand jury’s expiration, not any nefarious purpose, that is driving this schedule.

The most obvious problem with this argument is that neither President Biden nor his son are on any ballot in November. The policy is not supposed to be a political variation of the parlor game “Six Degrees of Separation From Kevin Bacon.” An indictment in Delaware would be three degrees from any Democratic candidate: (1) Hunter is the son of Joe Biden, (2) Joe Biden is president and a Democrat, and (3) there are candidates running as Democrats.

To use such a strained connection can itself be a political act. If the Justice Department can withhold prosecutions with even tangential political elements, it can shield political allies from having to address criminal allegations before the voters.

Of course, if there are sealed indictments, any delay would not stop an eventual prosecution. However, that timing still could benefit Hunter. He did not have to face a special counsel, who ordinarily would prepare a comprehensive report. There has long been an overwhelming basis for the appointment of a special counsel in this case, given direct references to President Biden as a prospective beneficiary of Hunter’s deals. By leaving this case with a U.S. Attorney, such a report is unlikely, and only limited information would be disclosed with any indictment.

More importantly, if an indictment is confined to narrow charges, not a broader conspiracy, Hunter could plead guilty to secure a more favorable sentence and avoid both a trial and the release of additional information. A plea could offer practical protection from future congressional hearings, too: It would close the case before Republicans could regain control of one or both houses of Congress, and the Justice Department could decline to bring further charges. Indeed, the expiration of the grand jury without a public indictment fueled concerns that the Biden Justice Department might cut a generous plea deal with the president’s son.

Conversely, if the U.S. Attorney were to present evidence to a new grand jury, it could take months and extend beyond the midterm elections. That would present a considerably higher risk for the Biden administration and for Hunter himself, because Weiss might put that additional time to good use.

Weiss does not appear to have called critical witnesses related to any alleged influence-peddling, including President Biden. Presidents can be called before grand juries or deposed by investigators in other cases; President Clinton, for example, famously was compelled to testify in a legal case during his term. If Weiss is going to investigate deals that discuss money going to “the big guy,” as Hunter allegedly referred to his father, then it would seem obvious that that would be the one guy who should be on any witness list.

It is unclear what, if anything, Weiss has uncovered about the Bidens — but, perhaps for the first time, time will tell.

Jonathan Turley is the Shapiro Professor of Public Interest Law at George Washington University. Follow him on Twitter @JonathanTurley.

169 thoughts on “Is the Clock Finally Running Out on Hunter Biden?”

  1. First off, I feel sympathy for the Biden family in dealing with Hunter’s addiction, recklessness, and self-destructive behavior. He’s been destroying himself with dedication for years. At some point, he might become a suicide risk, because he simply will not get out of his own way. It can be difficult for the children of famous people to make their own way. I hope he changes his trajectory and gets his own life.

    That said, there are very serious allegations of criminal and ethical misconduct by the Biden family. It has been alleged that access and favors by Joe Biden were sold to foreign nationals. This makes the accusation that foreigners paying the going rate to stay in a Trump hotel was a violation of the Emoluments Clause ludicrous.

    I hope we get a non biased, accurate investigation, and that the law is applied equally, as it would to anyone else. I have absolutely no faith that this will happen. They are too well-connected, and the 3 letter agencies are too infested with far Left activists. James Comey and Clapper obliterated any illusion of integrity.

    There are just too many well-placed activists between the Bidens and justice. The only possibility is that Hunter Biden will be sacrificed, and claim he did it all on his own, never giving up “The Big Guy.” Then Joe Biden might be tainted, although escape justice, causing Democrats everywhere to breathe a sigh of relief for the excuse to run another candidate in 2024.

    My God. I just realized how much carnage Joe Biden has caused in a year and a half. We’re not even halfway done.

    1. Karen:
      “My God. I just realized how much carnage Joe Biden has caused in a year and a half. We’re not even halfway done.”
      Evil tends to work from the inside out while good takes the opposite path. And as always,the carnage once loosed on us all tends to boomerang home to roost. Adolph had his Eva; Benito his Claretta; and Pol Pot his Khieu Ponnary. Each met a similar disasterous fate as their notorious consort. Biden is no exception. The moral arc of the universe is really part of a circle linked with the immoral one. They both end at justice where, to mix a metaphor, Yin always meets Yang.

    2. Karen S: NO, there aren’t “very serious allegations of criminal and ethical misconduct by the Biden family’, except on the propaganda network to which you tune for your daily affirmation, and you believe every single thing they tell you. You also believe that the law isn’t “applied equally”. You are correct, but not for the reasons you think. Trump cheated to get into office, was impeached twice–the first time for trying to leverage aid approved by Congress for Ukraine in exchange for a faked up claim of wrongdoing by Biden (which you believe anyway, despite no actual proof), and the second time for fomenting an insurrection by spreading the lie that he really won in 2020 “by a lot”, and that his “landslide victory” was “stolen”. You fell for that one, too. You actually believe that Jan 6th was just a “few yahoos” whose protest got out of control, and/or that it was really the FBI and Antifa who invaded our Capitol instead of Trump fans like the Proud Boys, the 3 percenters and the Oath Keepers that organized the attack. You believe this nonsense because they told you that on Fox.

      What “carnage” has Joe Biden caused? He inherited the worst economy since the Great Depression and turned it around and also turned arounf the pandemic We no longer set daily records for deaths and infection. Trump let COVID spread out of control Biden turned around a 10% unemployment rate to less than 3.5%, and brought about the fastest economic recovery in US history. Factories, businesses and schools that had to close due to the pandemic are open again, but some did not survive Trump. Biden got a massive infrastructure package passed, something your hero couldn’t do. That will create thousands of good-paying jobs. He repaired the damage to our EU and NATO allies brought about by Trump’s bluster and lying and now Finland and Sweden want to join. We have inflation, to be sure, but that’s partly due to Trump and his cluelessness. After a recession, there’s always some degree of inflation that will level out. Trump started a trade war with China, resulting in a shortage of computer chips and consumer goods. Shortages lead to higher prices based on the law of supply and demand. So with people back to work in record numbers and pent-up demand for goods, coupled with shortages, we have inflation. Trump’s tax cut for the ultra wealthy led to an historically high national debt that is helping to drive inflation. Biden has paid that down by several trillion. Fuel prices are high because production went down during the Trump pandemic, school buses weren’t running, those who could work from home did so, people stopped taking vacations because it wasn’t safe, and so there was a glut of fuel that artificially depressed the price. Some refineries closed and haven’t re-opened, and there’s the war Putin started with Ukraine, for which your hero praised him as “savvy” and “genius”. Worldwide, fuel prices are high also due to sanctions against Russa. Trump’s outright incompetence to blame for most of our problems.

  2. Yeah…the corrupt FBI is just about to charge Hunter! Just hang on another second…here it comes…hold on! Keep watching…here it comes…Hunter’s downfall, on deck! Here it is! Hang on…it’s coming! Hunter is about to finally face the music…here we go! One more minute and it’s done…

  3. Did you disciples pick up on the weasel words? To-wit: “In 2021, emails and recordings from the laptop further fueled QUESTIONS of whether President Joe Biden COULD HAVE BEEN a beneficiary of some of these dealings and how his early denials of knowledge APPEAR demonstrably false.” Turley cannot say that Biden actually did anything wrong, but that’s not what he’s paid to do, which is use his credentials to throw dirt on Biden to support the endless attacks and accusations by his employer, Fox. All of this is, of course, a diversion away from the actual crimes that Trump has done, about which there needs to be no hedging. The rest of Turley’s piece includes numerous other examples of what “could be” or “may be”, without actually directly saying anything substantive, all so Turley can claim, when nothing comes of any of this, that he never actually SAID Biden was guilty of anything.

    1. Nat Did you pick up that the said laptop hard drive was available Prior to Oct 202? Your lead off sentence attempts to deflect to 2021. All that Bovine fecal matter you posted here eg: DT’s crimes…… What crime has DT been convicted of? You Dem Socialists have thrown as much fecal matter on the wall subsequent to DT becoming Repub candidate. None has stuck as your (Schiff, Nadler, Pelosi, Schumer, etc) with help from DOJ, AG, FBI, CIA have allegedly manufactured and presented fake info to FISA Court on down. Let me ax you dis. Are you prepared to be blown out of the water with truth disclosures beginning this Aug 2022 through 10-22? Buckle up hossfly.

      1. Why don’t you ask the Honorable David Carter, Federal Judge in the Central District of California, who said it is more likely than not that Trump committed crimes by trying to stop Congress from certifying Joe Biden’s victory? Fox and Turley, one of its handmaidens, harp on Hunter Biden because it’s all they have.

        Since you are a true Trump disciple, spin this one for me: how do you explain your hero sitting on his butt for over 3 hours, watching the insurrection on Fox, seeing Capitol Police getting beaten, property damage to the Capitol itself, and refusing to do anything to stop it, despite pleas from his family and staff?

      2. NOBODY CARES about Hunter Biden or the alleged scandal that Turley is paid to promote as if it’s anything close to Trump cheating his way into office, constantly lying, spreading the Big Lie, and plotting to prevent Biden’s victory from being certified, including having his fans fake up alternate slates of electors, which is a felony, BTW.

  4. The hell with hunter, January 6th forever. Russia, Russia, Russia and abortion, abortion, abortion are so old hat. I mean there are so many people watching this dog and pony show. These dims could careless about sky high inflation or our national security.

  5. I think what they mean by the investigation having reached a ‘critical stage’ is that Garland and the rest of the people in Biden’s DOJ have finally come up with what they think is a good plan to make it seem that they really worked hard digging up evidence to try and bring the crackhead to justice, but in the end, ‘it just didn’t add up to the level of criminal charges’ (the ‘Hillary Effect’). They give him a hefty fine but no jail time, and he then goes and spends an hour or two drawing a couple pictures, sells them for a million dollars to people who need access to his father for favors, and pays the fine.


      “Convicted sex trafficker and all-around bad girl Ghislaine Maxwell has been transferred to the sprawling low security Tallahassee Federal Correctional Institution in Florida, according to the Federal Board of Prisons database.”

      “According to several news reports, Judge Alison Nathan, who presided over her spectacular trial, spoke out against the transfer to such a cushy spot. Nathan had hoped to send her to FCI Danbury, on which the popular prison show “Orange is The New Black” is based. The Florida institution made headlines in 2021 after prison guards were convicted of sexually abusing 15 female inmates.

      “The new facility will require her to wear an authorized prison outfit consisting of khaki pants and shirt or a khaki dress. The prison handbook outlines a number of perks, including access to a large commissary where she can spend $320 a month and access to the internet and email through the prison network. Her days will begin at 6 a.m. and she can choose a number of activities to round out her schedule.

      “Several prison review sites list access to a weight room, team sports like flag football and softball, and pilates and yoga as activities afforded to the inmates who choose to participate. She can also get psychotherapy treatment.”

      – Yahoo News

      1. Will she be alive next week? Is there anywhere to place bets on her new lifespan?

  6. The karmic irony that Biden is no longer viable. Abort the “burden”? h/t Obama

  7. Jonathan: You apparently did not get the memo. But the “clock” has finally run out on Rupert Murdock’s support for the Donald Trump agenda. Both the New York Post and WSJ have abandoned Trump. In an excoriating editorial the Post said: “As a matter of principle, as a matter of character, Trump has proven himself unworthy to be this country’s chief executive again.” The WSJ had a similar editorial in saying that Trump has “shown not an iota of regret. Character is revealed in a crisis, and Mr. Pence passed his January 6 trial. Mr. Trump utterly failed his”. The WSJ concluded by urging its readers to seek other candidates like Ron DeSantis, Mike Pompeo or Nikki Haley: “Unsubscribe from Trump’s daily emails begging for money” was the WSJ admonition.

    To say Murdock’s announcement “rocked” the news world is an understatement. For years Trump relied on Murdock’s support–not only for Trump-slanted news but in providing “unofficial” advisors to the Trump administration. There are already changes in the Fox coverage of Trump. On Friday Fox News elected not to broadcast Trump’s rally in Arizona. Instead, it broadcast an interview with DeSantis. You don’t have to be a lawyer to read the tea leaves. It’s pretty clear Murdock watched the J.6 hearings and was persuaded by the evidence of Trump’s complicity in the Jan. 6 insurrection–even while you were attempting to discredit the J.6 investigation. The only remaining Q is whether/when you will also get “woke” or will you continue to attack the Committee? I suspect you have an unread email from Rupert–something along these lines: “Jonathan, we’re no longer covering Trump or pushing his agenda. Your job is to focus on other issues”. A word to the wise.

    1. So you approved of the coup d’etat against Real President Donald J. Trump?

      That seems at odds with the “free and fair election” Real President Donald J. Trump won against the high criminal Hillary in a “society of laws.”

      Q: Did you wipe the servers [with BleachBit]?

      “What do you mean, like with a cloth or something?”

      – Hillary Clinton

      “We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.”

      – Barack Obama

      “We will stop him.”

      – Peter Strzok to FBI paramour Lisa Page

      “[Obama] wants to know everything we’re doing.”

      – Lisa Page to FBI paramour Peter Strzok

      “I want to believe the path you threw out for consideration in Andy’s office — that there’s no way he gets elected — but I’m afraid we can’t take that risk It’s like an insurance policy in the unlikely event you die before 40.”

      – Peter Strzok to FBI parmour Lisa Page

      “People on the 7th floor to include Director are fired up about this [Trump] server.”

      – Bill Priestap

    2. The swamp is all jumping on board, like it is going to make a difference…

    3. DM, I suspect the editorial views of the WSJ and NY Post are influenced less by any alleged new assessment of Trump’s character based on the work of the J6 Committee and more by their sense that he is more likely to lose than other possible candidates. Trumpism without Trump is the best thing that could happen to the Republicans. Subject to his providing a better understanding of his approach to foreign intervention, DeSantis appears to me to be the best candidate to fill this role.

    4. The editors at those two rags are a mess. Have no clue what happens. Viewership down 51% and falling.

      No one reads them anymore.

      They made up news about me that they knew wasn’t true. They are culpable.

    5. Dennis,

      You said; “Jonathan: You apparently did not get the memo…[t]o say Murdock’s announcement “rocked” the news world is an understatement.”

      Please demonstrate to us how Murdoch’s implied announcement “rocked the news world” because, as is often the case, many of us are wondering what the heck you are going on about this time. A simple link will suffice.

    6. LOL, Trump won and you and I both know it and currently 52% of the country thinks the election was stolen and that number is growing. If during 2024 multiple states stop counting at the same time, local police should raid the counting venues guns armed and confiscate the machines before more illegal votes are added and others changed. Trump was a great president and not one iota of evidence has been presented that he was anything but one of the most honest presidents in the last 70 years. Biden is bought and paid for just like Mitch McConnel to the communists in China. He is the most corrupt president since Obama and Bill Clinton who all actually committed well documented crimes and all 3 of the last 3 Dem presidents should be in jail. At this point the DOJ and FBI are so corrupt the top 2000 employees need to be removed and replaced and a massive RICO investigation should be created to take down the national criminal gang known as the Dem Party. Most people already know its a criminal gang, but there is 33% of the country who are so fervently wicked they believe this criminal gang deserves to be in power because it support their politics, which is to destroy the country so they can bring in global communism. You my friend (Dennis) are on the side of the criminal gang.

  8. Headline is wrong. Should read “Have they run out the clock on Hunter Biden”. Clearly yes. If he gets indicted, a big if, it will be for small stuff that doesn’t implicate Joe and the influence peddling schemes. The fix is in. There are two systems of justice in this country, one for Democrats in power and one for Republicans.

  9. Amcrack head

    Grand Juries, what a waste of time, you either have probable cause to arrest or you don’t. Thank God for Hurtado v. California. At least the states were spared this fool’s errand.

    1. Darren,

      People screamed for a Grand Jury after the OKC Murrah BLDG was blown to get rid of Clinton/Bush Corruption Records. ( What were the Odds? Of all the Federal BLDGs in the world. lol;) )

      Well, the citizens got one, the corrupt Okie Polecats/Deep State filled it corrupt Deep Stated & Flushed all the Truth Down The Drain.

      Ck’ ” A Noble Cause! “

  10. Even Merrick Garland can only be so corrupt; he may be compelled to make some weak gesture, loosely in the direction of law enforcement and justice.

    Rational people found Merrick Garland unfit for duty as a Supreme Court Justice.

    So the Deep Deep State made him Head of the Gestapo.

    How apropos.

  11. Just imagine for a moment, if you will, that Donald Trump was actually on a video recording bragging about telling the President of Ukraine that he was withholding a billion dollars in aid until Ukraine fired a prosecutor that was investigating a business that Biden’s son was being paid $80k per month, had no experience in the field and didn’t even speak the language. Then imagine that Trumps kids were accepting $80k diamonds from China and $2 billion investments from companies linked to CCP and $30 million from the mayor of Moscow’s wife? Imagine if Trump’s kids business associates were coming out to admit that 10% for the “Big Guy” meant exactly what people suspected. Then a laptop with all the damaging info was found and it confirmed everything that people already suspected. How do you think the Democrat Party and media would react to all of those things? Also, why does Biden just keep getting passes and excuses from all the people who lost their minds over Trump’s Ukraine call to request an investigation into Joe Biden corruption, as well as all those people who fell for the “Russian Collusion” Democrat created conspiracy and lost their minds for 3 years? These types of people are beyond dangerous to this country as leaders and voters!

  12. If Hunter’s not indicted, it proves once again the notion of the protected class in our justice system. If Lady Justice is really peeking out from behind that blindfold, we’ve got a lot more at stake than a corrupt politician and his son. We’re Haiti or Rowanda or Laos and we need to fix that. It might take a revolution to do it but it’s worth the price. We can start by voting every Dim out of office to send a message. A lot of good politicans might get ejected but the message is more important than a career at the public trough. We either correct that woke Dim ship or we all are going to the rocks.


      “[We gave you] a [restricted-vote] republic, if you can keep it.”

      – Ben Franklin

      “…courts…must…declare all acts contrary to the manifest tenor of the Constitution void.”

      “…men…do…what their powers do not authorize, [and] what they forbid.”

      “[A] limited Constitution … can be preserved in practice no other way than through the medium of courts of justice, whose duty it must be to declare all acts contrary to the manifest tenor of the Constitution void. Without this, all the reservations of particular rights or privileges would amount to nothing … To deny this would be to affirm … that men acting by virtue of powers may do not only what their powers do not authorize, but what they forbid.”

      – Alexander Hamilton

      “But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.”

      – Declaration of Independence, 1776

    2. Mespo– I agree. It took years– many, many years– to fix the Texas justice system where the phrase getting “brother-in-lawed” no longer characterized what would happen to a lawyer and his or her client who did battle with a friend of the judge. At least, even back then, for the most part, the federal system was something of a refuge. Today, with exceptions, many of the more recent appointees to the federal bench are worse than any small town Texas judge, driven not so much by relationships as by ideology. And, with the weak-kneed graduates of many of the prestigious law schools, there may not be many new lawyers ready to shove the older corrupt ones aside. I do not see a fix because the media who used to shine the light on corruption and overreaching by government and business now provides cover (or lies) to support them while doing all it can to destroy anyone who opposes them. The universities that spawned the 60s generation now produce students who equate social justice with BLM and Antifa. The waters are choppy and the rocks are near.

      1. HonestLawyerMostly,

        This month, this Wednesday, 27th, 2022, in Austin Tx if you’re bored, you can drive of to see in Austin the State of Texas put Alex Jones/Infowars up against an Austrila Type Justice System of Railroads & Kangaroos.

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    1. Let’s Go Bannon!

      American Hero!

      Take One For The Cause!

      “I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country.”

      – Nathan Hale

      1. If this isn’t a Invasion of Illegal Alien , fighting age Pirates I don’t know what one would look like.

        Attorney Robert Barnes suggest legally that’s the way State Gov’s should proceed under the USC, it’s an Invasion & tell the Prez/SCOTUS/Congress to piss off until the States get it under control & use the State’s Guard to Attack the Pirates in this country & Mexico. ie; Drug & Human Traffickers.

        Just look at these numbers!!!!!!!

        Put Bounties on them, it’ll cheaper & better for the illegals & their nations to ship them back.

        1. If Russia can “take” Ukraine,

          America can “take” America.

          Illegal DEPORTATION

          is as moral, ethical and legal as

          illegal IMMIGRATION.


          Is the “American Dream” for foreigners?

          “That dudn’t make any sense.”

          – George W. Bush

          Illegal invasion numbers approach 2 million international criminal invaders per year.

          The Nicaraguan Dream.

          The El Salvadorian Dream.

          The Honduran Dream.

          The Guatemalan Dream.

          The Mexican Dream.

          The Haitian Dream.

          The Cuban Dream.


    2. “OLLY says:
      July 25, 2022 at 12:14 PM

      I love this headline! Bannon Prosecutors Warn That 330 Million Additional Americans With Contempt For Congress Still Roaming Free”


      Many of those Millions can think with their brain, have fist, rocks, clubs, iron rods, etc., etc., & when the Commie-Fascist Dems/Rinos come with another attempt to kill us again, turning off our gasoline/diesel,electric, many of those millions will be out filling their shopping carts with their wish list.

  13. The real focus of investigating the Bidens should be on “the big guy” not his undeservedly rich and degenerate son. We have a V-P, Joe Biden, on camera bragging about using the American people’s money to shake down the Ukraininan government. That’s as corrupt as anything he’s done (that we know about). And the China deals…whew boy.

    People like to talk about how dumb, feckless, and arrogant, Joe Biden is. Yet he’s owned this government like a boss for decades. He laughs all the way to the bank. He’s got us wrapped around his little finger, and knows he’s never going to pay a price for any of it. Who are the real fools?

  14. Hunter is the least of our concerns. The Woke (aka Irreligious Left) are the most deadly pathogen of our nation. Not even medicine is safe anymore in America. If I were the Dean, all of these kids would be expelled stat. This shows that they will discriminate and hence mistreat, commit malpractice, patients that are different from them. This is beyond stunning and just so wrong.

    This is what happens when we become a nation of moral relativism, a dictatorship, as Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger stated before he was elected Pope Benedict XVI.

    Dozens of incoming University of Michigan med students STORM OUT of pro-life doctor’s keynote address during white coat initiation ceremony – and she didn’t even discuss abortion

    1. Seems like they were exercising their free speech rights. They were protesting the presence of the individual knowing the anti-abortion views that individual held. It’s Perfectly within their right to walk out.

      1. “They were protesting the presence” of a person they did not agree with. Is that the standard for these people? Will they walk out if they are in the presence of patients they disagree with? Buck up people. This is the real world. Everyone you disagree with is not a bad person.

        1. “ Will they walk out if they are in the presence of patients they disagree with? Buck up people. This is the real world. Everyone you disagree with is not a bad person.”

          No, because a patient is different and the doctor is there to treat the patient not judge them. The speaker was not a patient. HOWEVER, there’s are those right leaning doctors or pharmacist who refuse to treat or attend a patient who they they disagree with like LGBTQ, or those seeking medication such as plan b or contraceptives. Right?

          1. Svelaz, why do you assume that this display of intolerance does not indicate future difficulties treating patients? What if a patient walks in wearing a MAGA hat? Will they be able to control themselves?

            These students were certainly displaying their opinions. But they didn’t stop there. They first tried to get this professor cancelled. These people are so intolerant that they want people with whom they disagree fired, impoverished, and without a platform from which to speak.

            Rudely walking out on a professor like this shows crass immaturity.

      2. Sure. It’s the right of students to remain ignorant. I’ll be sure to check my MD’s degree, and run out if it’s from Michigan. Med Students should never run from information.

        I’m sure you feel double plus about schools teaching 1st graders about anal intercourse.

    2. “Dozens of incoming University of Michigan med students STORM OUT of pro-life doctor’s keynote address during white coat initiation ceremony – and she didn’t even discuss abortion”

      ALL doctors are pro-life.

    3. I wouldn’t want any of them as MY doctor. FIRST, DO NO HARM. These woke little idiots should be expelled.

      1. they lack interpersonal skills to function as physicians, a skillset learned at home and not in medical school. They will be bitter clingers to academia where they are told they will be protected by DEI drunk administrators but this too is untrue. These admins are beholden only to themselves. The kids will get cancelled for a misstep, and their pain will be great

        In academic medicine, where the physician is a gerbil in a wheel, these kids can not survive practicing medicine with real life patients outside of Woke campus. They think they are securing their medical careers by virtue signaling and calling attention to their wokeism. The academic admins and hospital admins drool over these kids because they know they can not survive outside of academic medicine, and their job skills are tailored for Woke Incorporated. These kids ruined their careers on the first week of medical school.

        Soon, university medical care will be the worst type of medical care a patient can receive because scientific rigor and evidenced based clinical trails are abandoned. They live off of studies related to DEI, LGBTQIA-eieio, systemic racism, and health care disparities. They call Hispanics Latinx which is off-putting to Hispanics. They use identity politics, something patients reject. Patients will suffer. Private medicine may be positioned to offer a better more evidenced based medical health care experience and have the pendulum swing back to the physician-patient sacred relationship, a very good thing.

  15. OK, lets get this straight, the very people that want law and order now say, lets move on from Trump and January 6th. Nothing to see there, but but, but Hunter has to be investigated to the fullest measure of the law, right? By any measure, every Democrat on this page has openly said, fine look at Hunter and see what happened. If laws were broken fine, he should have to pay for the alleged crimes and be done with it. But, don’t anybody look into the Trump, that would be so unfair to a man who plotted a coup with the help from republican party member’s to take and remain in power, But but….But we have to see what Hunter did.

    1. OK, lets get this straight, the very people that want law and order now say, lets move on from Trump and January 6th.

      Conservatives on this blog have argued all along that if there were crimes committed by President Trump, then the Justice department should bring indictments. Surely you are aware there is a reason why the DOJ has the Biden case in front of a grand jury and the Trump investigation is not. The former has evidence of alleged crimes and the latter has feelings of alleged crimes. Fortunately the Senate and the DOJ aren’t persuaded to convict or indict on the feelings of House Democrats.

      1. OLLY,
        Well said and I agree.
        But after 4 years of RUSSIA!RUSSIA!RUSSIA! All the “bombshells” that turned out to be duds. The breathless reporting of how America was a dystopia during the Trump years (up till that COVID thing, things were pretty good, and it was the governor who locked us down). Years of “the walls are closing in on Trump!” only there were not, and still do not appear to be. The insistence of how close the US government came to being overthrown in the insurrection (really?). The Jan6 hearings, all the promises of hard evidence, various “bombshell” witnesses that turn out to be duds.
        Americans are exhausted with the constant hype, fear, and failure to produced what has been claimed.
        And they wonder why American’s faith and trust in MSM, Congress is at an all time low?

        And now we have the son of the President who broke law by lying on the ATF 4473, and has not been arrested, charged and convicted when if it was any of us, we would be serving time right now. The two tire justice system is on full display here. That is angering a lot of Americans, I know I am.

        1. That’s absolutely correct. The Boy Who Cried Wolf, was not written as a “how to build trust” story. I’ve used the Lucy/Football analogy to describe the Charlie Brown Left’s propensity to believe Lucy (Democrats) will prove, once and for all, that she (they) are sincere in their promise.

      2. Just because charges haven’t been brought up yet doesn’t mean the DOJ hasn’t been investigating and gathering evidence. Give it some time. It may come sooner than later.

        1. Knowing the leadership of the DOJ by Garland, I would expect the evidence to be at best circumstantial, at worse fabricated.

          I noticed you did not address the two tier justice system or Hunter Biden’s lying on the ATF4473 and lack of action by the aforementioned Garland lead DOJ.
          If it was I who would of committed such a crime, my happy butt would be serving my sentence by now.

        2. It may come sooner than later.

          And I may win $800 million in the Mega Millions Lotto on Tuesday.

    2. Trump was impeached for Jan. 6th and he will, or won’t be indicted by the DOJ. So why do we need this committee?

    3. Well, the reason you feel that is unfair is because you are delusional about all the facts and are comparing apples to oranges, then talking to people about grape juice. The January 6th hearings are a complete farce. It is totally biased and intentionally lop-sided without equal representation or the ability of anyone who doesn’t just go along with their preconceived narrative to participate in the lines of questioning. It is a show trial that was designed prior to January 6th and that is why there are tons of amateur videos of police just allowing people to walk right into certain doors in areas of the capitol that were not being filmed by media. Same reason they will not allow any of the video footage from the capitol to be viewed and have not charged Ray Eps with a crime after he has been seen on multiple videos telling people to go into the capitol. By contrast, Hunter Biden has been busted red-handed smoking crack and thrown out of the military for it, video tapes himself weighing crack on a digital scale and smoking crack on video, as well as sexual acts and pictures of his father with his business associates whom Joe Biden lied and said he never spoke to or spoke about, 2 of which have come out to corroborate data they found on the laptop and tell people that Joe Biden is in fact “The Big Guy”. Try to keep up.

      1. That +100 was directed at what Fishwings stated. Investigate Hunter with a Special Prosrcutor. Unlike you filthy lying Trumpists, however, I will not scream “WITCH-HUNT.”

    4. FishWings:

      You have inaccurately described the situation.

      Conservatives want the law to apply equally. It emphatically is not.

      Democrats in the form of BLM and antifa, and related activists, torched cities for a year. They threw bombs at federal buildings, destroyed police cars, burned a police precinct, assaulted and killed police officers, assaulted and killed others, barged into restaurants and threatened diners unless they gave a loyalty oath, looted, robbed, and even seized entire city blocks, holding them at gunpoint and not allowing police or EMTs in, even for rapes and gunshot wounds. This was described as “mostly peaceful.” Rioters were either not charged at all, or of those who were, most of them were diverted to redemptive programs. It was deemed okay because they were mad. Prominent Democrats, including Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, donated to funds to bail them out of jail, putting them back on the street to resume rioting. Kamala Harris said it should continue, and would continue.

      Violence and rioting was the albatross hanging squarely around the neck of the Democrat Party.

      On January 6th, a group of people broke off from a peaceful, family-friendly Trump rally, and marched to the Capitol. There is video of police officers allowing many of them inside. Others broke in. They caused some property damage, interrupted a Congressional proceeding, and one of them who was unarmed was shot and killed. There is controversy over what the officer who used force told her. Most of them were charged with trespassing and illegal parading, yet many were kept in solitary confinement for 9 months. There were no firearms found inside the Capitol, according to the last time I reviewed the charges. The ludicrous idea was promoted that they were trying to overthrow the entire United States government, through the clever use of face paint and bison horns. Those who were inside the Capitol building included a lot of people who happily milled around and took selfies, telling each other not to break anything, and a small group of people incensed over a stolen election. Those latter were protestors who turned violent.

      They were over charged, and treated very differently from the rioters who terrorized the country for a year.

      THAT is the problem. There is no equal justice. If there were, then we would be having Congressional hearings on why Democrats allowed violence to grip the country in cities under their control. We would investigate the heated rhetoric that urged more riots.

  16. Or the real reason Garland (or any other AG) will never allow a Grand Jury indictment: his own fear of two to the back of the head…you know, “Arkancide”.

    1. But, but, the Russians! Putin! QAnon! COVID! Trump!

      then there is reality

      Our Precarious Democracy: Extreme Polarization & Alienation in Our Politics

      A majority of Americans agree that the government is “corrupt and rigged against everyday people like me,” ….Nearly half of Americans (49 percent) agreed that they “more and more feel like a stranger in my own country,”….And 28 percent of voters… agree that “it may be necessary at some point soon for citizens to take up arms against the government.”

      Rigging elections have consequences, Hillary. Put that on your list too


      James Comey, Matt Lauer, Netflix, Putin, fathers, husbands, male bosses and boyfriends: Meet the Hillary blame list: 41- strong and counting
      PUBLISHED: 11:35 EDT, 14 September 2017

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