Is the Clock Finally Running Out on Hunter Biden?

Below is my column in The Hill on the expiration of the grand jury in Delaware and reports that the Hunter Biden investigation is at a “critical stage.”  These lingering questions could have been avoided if Attorney General Merrick Garland had responded to new disclosures with the appointment of a special counsel. In 2021, emails and recordings from the laptop further fueled questions of whether President Joe Biden could have been a beneficiary of some of these dealings and how his early denials of knowledge appear demonstrably false. The failure to appoint a special counsel in this case is a textbook example of why such appointments are necessary to avoid such doubts about the scope or independence of an investigation.

Here is the column:

Astronaut Buzz Aldrin once said the secret to his success was “timing … I have been blessed to have been in the right place at the right time.” It is the same defining element of Hunter Biden’s life: No matter what crime or corruption is alleged, he has escaped responsibility, often by pure political serendipity.

Now, according to various media outlets, time may be running out for Hunter, with a federal investigation entering a “critical stage.” Yet, timing still could be on Hunter’s side.

Hunter has always had impeccable timing and, like Blanche DuBois, “always depended on the kindness of strangers.” He went to law school after his father became a powerful U.S. senator with a long line of influence-seekers eager to help him and his family. After graduating, Hunter was given a high-paying job with MBNA, the bank holding company, which supported key credit card legislation being pushed by his father in the Senate.

Later, Hunter was given a ridiculous appointment to the board of Amtrak and became its vice chair, despite an utter lack of credentials. His father, however, was a critical advocate for Amtrak in the Senate.

When his father became vice president, Hunter and an uncle allegedly cashed in on a long line of foreign entities seeking influence with his father. Millions of dollars were given to Hunter even though, as he has acknowledged, he was a crack addict and alcoholic at the time — “[d]rinking a quart of vodka a day by yourself in a room [which] is absolutely, completely debilitating” and “smoking crack around the clock.”

When Hunter’s debaucheries and dealings became public knowledge, thanks to a laptop he abandoned at a repair shop, the timing again was right for him. It happened just before the 2020 presidential election, and the media imposed a virtual blackout on coverage; 51 intelligence experts wrote a letter dismissing the laptop as likely “Russian disinformation.” U.S. Attorney David Weiss, probing Hunter’s dealings under an appointment by then-Attorney General William Barr, suspended his grand jury investigation for months to avoid accusations of influencing the election.

Now the grand jury’s expiration last month has forced a new timeline in the Hunter saga. The grand jury reportedly looked at a variety of possible criminal charges stemming from Hunter’s reported influence-peddling with dubious foreign figures from China, Russia, Ukraine and other countries.

While it is unclear if there were any indictments, some crimes seem undeniable on the basis of known evidence. For example, Biden seems clearly to have lied on the federal form to acquire a gun by denying his drug use; he also appears to have violated the Foreign Agents Registration Act. And there are obvious tax charges that could be brought, even though he paid outstanding taxes after the investigation began.

However, some of the most serious allegations of corruption concern alleged influence-peddling and acquiring millions from foreign figures. Not only were there reportedly more than 150 suspicious activity reports (SARs) filed, but those millions seemed to evaporate. His dealings reportedly involve an array of powerful figures, including his father, his uncle and the children of other well-known families.

Yet it is again a matter of “timing” and familiar concerns of “Election Year Sensitivities.”

A long-standing Justice Department policy instructs prosecutors to exercise caution in “the timing of charges or overt investigative steps near the time of a primary or general election.” Accordingly, some observers have objected that prosecutor Weiss should not issue an indictment against Hunter before the midterm elections, since that could hurt Democratic candidates. That could explain the failure to release any indictments after the disbanding of the grand jury.

But the use of this policy to seal or delay any indictments could raise equal concerns over the politicalization of prosecution.

The protected period under Justice’s policy has been stated variously as 60 or 90 days. This grand jury’s term expired outside of either period. Moreover, the policy does not bar filings during that period; it bars prosecutors from using “the timing of investigative steps or criminal charges for the purpose of affecting any election, or for the purpose of giving an advantage or disadvantage to any candidate or political party.” It is the grand jury’s expiration, not any nefarious purpose, that is driving this schedule.

The most obvious problem with this argument is that neither President Biden nor his son are on any ballot in November. The policy is not supposed to be a political variation of the parlor game “Six Degrees of Separation From Kevin Bacon.” An indictment in Delaware would be three degrees from any Democratic candidate: (1) Hunter is the son of Joe Biden, (2) Joe Biden is president and a Democrat, and (3) there are candidates running as Democrats.

To use such a strained connection can itself be a political act. If the Justice Department can withhold prosecutions with even tangential political elements, it can shield political allies from having to address criminal allegations before the voters.

Of course, if there are sealed indictments, any delay would not stop an eventual prosecution. However, that timing still could benefit Hunter. He did not have to face a special counsel, who ordinarily would prepare a comprehensive report. There has long been an overwhelming basis for the appointment of a special counsel in this case, given direct references to President Biden as a prospective beneficiary of Hunter’s deals. By leaving this case with a U.S. Attorney, such a report is unlikely, and only limited information would be disclosed with any indictment.

More importantly, if an indictment is confined to narrow charges, not a broader conspiracy, Hunter could plead guilty to secure a more favorable sentence and avoid both a trial and the release of additional information. A plea could offer practical protection from future congressional hearings, too: It would close the case before Republicans could regain control of one or both houses of Congress, and the Justice Department could decline to bring further charges. Indeed, the expiration of the grand jury without a public indictment fueled concerns that the Biden Justice Department might cut a generous plea deal with the president’s son.

Conversely, if the U.S. Attorney were to present evidence to a new grand jury, it could take months and extend beyond the midterm elections. That would present a considerably higher risk for the Biden administration and for Hunter himself, because Weiss might put that additional time to good use.

Weiss does not appear to have called critical witnesses related to any alleged influence-peddling, including President Biden. Presidents can be called before grand juries or deposed by investigators in other cases; President Clinton, for example, famously was compelled to testify in a legal case during his term. If Weiss is going to investigate deals that discuss money going to “the big guy,” as Hunter allegedly referred to his father, then it would seem obvious that that would be the one guy who should be on any witness list.

It is unclear what, if anything, Weiss has uncovered about the Bidens — but, perhaps for the first time, time will tell.

Jonathan Turley is the Shapiro Professor of Public Interest Law at George Washington University. Follow him on Twitter @JonathanTurley.

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  1. Hunter is the Canary in the Coal Mine….when the Hammer gets dropped on him….that shall be the Democrat Party telling Groping Joe to hang up his Cleats.

    The Democrats know Joe is a sure loser in 2024 if he lives that long and they. have to find some way to give him a graceful way out.

    Some how I find much pleasure in knowing how big a problem they have……they stole and election and gave it to Joe Biden…..such a waste.

    They could have had eight years with the right person….but they will only get two with Joe….as the Congress is going to the Republcans in 2022 and that is the end of the Leftist Agenda.

  2. While Jeff Simpleton is screaming his nonsense about Trump, Trump seems vindicated in his stance on Huawei.

    “CNN Exclusive: FBI investigation determined Chinese-made Huawei equipment could disrupt US nuclear arsenal communications”

    Jeff Simpleton doesn’t know that and doesn’t want to know because many of the leaders of the party he supports are in bed with the Chinese. Hunter Biden, Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Swallwell etc.

    Jeff Simpleton, keep talking it makes the rest of your friends look smarter than they are.

    1. And the Wuhan Institute of Virology as the source of Covid-19, and that the Obama Administration spied upon him, and that the Russia Dossier was a hoax, and that Hillary Clinton paid for that hoax, and that there were good people in Charlotte who just wanted to preserve a historical statue and had nothing to do with racists, who should be condemned totally, and that China is buying up strategic real estate in America and now controls critical manufacturing such as microchips, and that we need to ramp up domestic oil production for national security and to keep fuel and food prices down…

  3. Fear not you Trumpists, Newsmax has got you covered:

    “Fake News Channel: Why they’re atrocious. Greg Kelly Reports”

    No, it’s not CNN or MSNBC. It’s Fox News!

    Fox News has become Fake news.

    Isn’t interesting that Turley will criticize CNN and MSNBC, but he never- I repeat- NEVER has said one disparaging word about Newsmax attacking his network!

    Any ideas anyone?

        1. It is sometimes wiser to remain silent, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt as to your being a fool.

          1. I’ve never heard that one before. I’d like to use it with your permission.

    1. Newsmax is fake news. Emerald Robinson, a true reporter was fired from Newsmax for telling the truth.

    2. ..not an idea, but a FACT.. that MSNBC (where it started) & CNN promoted as Real the FAKE HOAX Steele Dossier-RussiaGate-MuellerInvestigation ‘BS’ against Trump. Finally WaPo & NY Times apologized, Years LATER…. This kind of ‘NAZI LIKE propaganda is why so many followed Ronald Reagan’s lead to walk away from the ‘Party’ which instigates and condones this activity….. It is all make-believe and will be proven as such… but it wastes everyone’s time.. regardless of what is going on, lies repeated often enough DO NOT become truth… Sig Heil..! to the new Radical Left.

  4. It may be that the clock is running out on Hunter, but it surely is running out on Trump, to wit:

    “Trump: ‘Fox & Friends’ has gone to the ‘dark side’”

    “Former President Trump tore into Fox News’s flagship morning program on Monday, lashing out at its hosts for their coverage of his polling as he eyes another run for president in 2024.

    “@foxandfriends just really botched my poll numbers, no doubt on purpose,” Trump wrote in a post on Truth Social, the social network platforming he started after leaving office. “That show has been terrible — gone to the ‘dark side.’ They quickly quote the big Turning Point Poll victory of almost 60 points over the number two Republican, and then hammer me with outliers.”

    Even Bret Baier is turning on Trump at long last:

    “Fox News host Bret Baier said on Sunday that the January 6 hearings have made Donald Trump “look horrific.”

    “Baier’s remarks came shortly after the committee’s latest hearing on Thursday, which centered on the former president’s communications in the leadup to the insurrection and Trump’s failure to condemn it.”

    “Laying out all these 187 minutes makes him look horrific, it really does,” said Baier during the channel’s “Media Buzz” segment. “To hear it and see it in that chronological order can be very powerful.”

    Even among the Trumpists here, we see some distancing themselves from Trump. It will be amusing to witness those who won’t jump ship and prefer to go down with S.S.Trump.

      1. Just reporting the news to you Trumpists, like it or not. I suggest you get out of this cult sooner than later. Are you dead-ender? You intend to remain loyal to Trump to the bitter end?

        1. Vanilla Baier has a following of about 3 – his mom, a Dim and the slurring old drunk at the bar who always asks you to play “Play That Funky Music White Boy” on the jukebox that hasn’t been around for 30 years. “Yeah, do it!”

          1. Mespo,

            You watch Newsmax then? Fox is Fake News as Greg Kelly says?

        2. Jeff Simpleton is defending himself and reporting what he heard. As said above Jeff Simpleton doesn’t have the wits about him to think. He hears only half the story.

        3. Jeff: You need to get over that liberal AC inversion. Day after day it is just putrid hate of DT spewed by you. With that inversion you apparently can not see the destruction being caused by your incompetent Dem leaders. I allege that Obama, Biden, the CIA< DOJ< FBI< NSA< < SD< ET ALS lead a coup attempt against DT. You will soon see the disclosures thereof. Why don't you post something constructive occasionally, other than just hate for Fox News, DT supporters, Repubs and the Prof? You Libs are truly unwilling to allow any opinion from the USSC on down that is not in agreement as to what you demand, and require, and if that happens, there will be hell to pay as Hillary and Schumer and Maxine Waters have declared. You need to realize that these opinions and actions will bring on UnCivil WarII.

          1. Lighteredknot threatens:

            “You need to realize that these opinions and actions will bring on UnCivil WarII.”

            Promises, promises.

        4. Jeff, it appears that you lack some introspection.

          You are obsessed to an abnormal degree about Trump. While Trump absolutely does have plenty of flaws, your reactions are exaggerated to the point you pretend he’s a new Hitler.

          Let’s compare how Trump did compared with Biden.

          Under Trump, we had a booming economy, the lowest black unemployment ever recorded, low gas prices, low food prices, and no new wars. When China lied about and covered up the escape of SARS-CoV2 from the Wuhan Institute of Virology, allowing it to become a global pandemic, Trump initiated Operation Warp Speed. Perhaps his greatest asset to the country is his gift for logistics. Trump has a talent for anticipating bottlenecks and obstacles, and clearing the way BEFORE it slows an operation. Democrats laughed and called Trump mad when he pledged to have a vaccine out in less than a year. Trump delivered, yet Democrats lacked the character to offer an apology. Democrats could not criticize Trump’s successes, so instead they viciously attacked his character, even resorting to creative editing to reverse the meaning of his statements.

          Under Biden, our withdrawal from Afghanistan was so disastrous that we left Americans behind, relying upon civilian organizations to volunteer to retrieve them. We also left behind billions of dollars in cutting edge weaponry, vehicles, and military infrastructure, which is now being used to support the Taliban in its civil war in Pakistan, a nuclear country. American weapons are being used to fight for control of Pakistan and its nuclear arsenal. The consequences of this disaster, alone, might lead to nuclear war.

          Joe Biden has created a vulnerability for nuclear war on another front, as he eagerly seeks to renew the nuclear accord with Iran, who has pledges to wipe Israel and the US off the face of the Earth as soon as it gets nuclear weapons.

          Biden declared war on fossil fuels, using that very terminology. He canceled the Keystone Pipeline just before it was completed, costing thousands of American and Canadian jobs. This move alone started gas prices rising. He’s restricted drilling on federal lands, and has tied up existing gas permits in court and additional environmental reviews. He has discouraged banks from lending to oil and gas projects, drying up the investment capital needed to put together a drilling plan. His administration interferes with easement access on existing permits, making it harder to put together a portfolio of connected permits in a drilling plan, a requirement to contract for a drilling rig. This has made the US, and Europe, more reliant on Russia for oil, which is geopolitical madness. As fuel prices skyrocket, so does the price of all goods and services. Everything is shipped using fossil fuels. Fossil fuels are both a component in fertilizer, and fuel farm machinery to harvest and process crops.

          Biden has overseen scandalous supply chain disasters. The most prominent is the baby formula shortage, that left American babies hungry, and the US reliant upon baby formula shipments from Ireland, Mexico, and Sweden. This shortage was easily foreseeable with the shutdown of a major baby formula production plant, yet Biden was caught unaware. Meanwhile, the US stockpiled orders of magnitude more baby formula than was needed to feed infants of illegal aliens in custody with Border Patrol.

          Biden has opened our borders, with quite literally millions of illegal border crossings every year. Many of them are released into the country, overwhelming border towns.

          He got us back in the Paris Accord, which is essentially a slush fund for foreign dictators, many of whom use that money to snatch land from indigenous people. It also allows China, one of the world’s top polluters, to continue to increase its emissions for many years.

          He’s implicated in Hunter Biden’s scandal of selling access and favors from his father to foreign nationals.

          He’s released prominent Chinese spies.

          The last I checked, he’s still against nuclear energy, which is more reliable, cleaner, and cheaper energy than wind and solar.

          He’s trying to mandate more electric vehicles, even though our power grid currently cannot handle the strain. His administration tells us not to use the air conditioner, but we’re supposed to buy an electric vehicle which will be the equivalent of 4 more air conditioners to charge every day. EVs use Lithium batteries, which cost over $10,000 to replace, so most EVs are simply junked when the battery dies, giving it low resale value. Lithium is also highly toxic to mine, and there just isn’t enough of it on planet Earth for everyone in the US, let alone the world, to own an EV. EVs are great when they are rarities. They are not a panacea.

          Biden and the Democrats keep going after Constitutional Rights, including the 1st Amendment, 2nd Amendment, and the Electoral College.

          In spite of all these proven facts, it’s Trump you think is an existential crisis to the US? He’s a braggart who loves to quarrel on Twitter. I don’t care about any of that because the average American was far better off, and the entire globe was safer. You got what you wanted, a Democrat in office, and now we’re in more danger of nuclear war than ever before.

          1. Karen S,

            I am tempted to pull a page out of your Trumpist playbook and simply dismiss all your kvetching by merely accusing you of being afflicted with Biden Derangement Syndrome. Trumpists do it to me all the time when they are not calling me names such as “retard” or “simpleton” or imploring my suicide. It’s only fair that I should stoop to that level, don’t you think?

            I have never imagined that Trump is an existential threat. I have never and would never accuse Trump of being remotely like Hitler. You are confusing me with radical Leftists.

            Do I think Trump would attempt to send the likes of me to a re-education camp of some kind if he could get away with it? Possibly. Authoritarians need to silence those who call them liars. They cannot govern otherwise.

            Do I think that could happen in the U.S? No, I don’t. People who you respect like Turley will stand in his way. I have never doubted Turley’s commitment to the rule of law.

            Indeed, if Trump is ever prosecuted and convicted of a crime, Turley’s acceptance of the verdict will demonstrate that he has never stood with those Trumpists who believe that there is a two-tier justice system. Will you accept a Trump conviction?

            Tell us.

            1. Jeff:

              You appear to be in serious denial about how you constant obsessing over Trump comes across. Well, now you have Biden in office, who has created so many disasters it has destabilized global politics.

              Yet instead of taking responsibility for the consequences of their policies, Democrats are still trying to pin a crime, any crime, on Trump, in a desperate attempt to draw focus away from Joe Biden’s failures and possible criminal behavior with his son.

              It is BIDEN and Democrat policies which are the global threat, not Trump.

              I have never called you names, and I put in the effort to explain the factual underpinning of why Biden is a catastrophe why we were better off under Trump.

              Put your emotions aside and reason.

              1. I think someone really likes trump!

                Amy, just wait until he expresses his love for Turley. Well, to be fair, he’s a bit schizophrenic or passive/aggressive toward Turley.

          2. More of Karen S.’s delusions: 1. Trump INHERITED a booming ecnoomy he trashed due to his incompetence. He started a trade war with China from which we are still suffering due to supply chain problems and shortages of consumer goods and computer chips. Trump didn’t “create” the successful economy he inherited–Obama did. Biden turned around the Trump unemployment rate of 10% to less than 3.5 percent in record time, and the economic recovery we have is due to Biden’s leadership. 2. The source of COVID is under investigation by the WHO, and has not been det4ermined, so no matter how many times Trump calls it “kung-flu” and Hannity and Tucker lie and say it was proven to come from China, that’s still a lie. 3. Trump has NO talent for anything other than self-promotion, bluster, bragging, telling lies and seeking attention. Trump did NOTHING to develop the virus–credit for that belongs to the scientists. All Trump did was divert taxpayer money to purchase vaccines. Very specifically, as to logistics, it’s iinteresting that pro-Trump media are trying to claim success for this because Trump did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. He did no planning for where we had ultra-cold freezers to keep the vaccines, trucks with the capacity to keep the vaccine cold enough so it wouldn’t lose potency enroute, where there were clinics or hospitals capable of distributing the vaccine, especially where it was needed most, and also the PPE needed–gloves, syringes, etc.. Biden and his administration marshalled all of these necessary items, completely overlooked by Trump while he was dreaming up cutesy slogans like “operation warp speed”. The speed of vaccine development was due to the scientists. Distribution was due to the Biden administration. Maybe you forgot about (or were never told about) the mad scramble to find ultra-cold freezers, trucks and ultimate destinatinations for the vaccines: something Trump did NOTHING about. 4. How many times do you need to be corrected about the facts regarding the Afghanistan withdrawal that Biden got saddled with, all due to the “master dealmaker’s” incompetence? Trump drew down troop strength from 14,000 to 2,500 and turned loose 5,000 Taliban BEFORE everyone got out. He didn’t involve our Afghan allies in talks so they just surrendered, and didn’t arrange for either an air or land base from which people could have been evacuated .THESE ARE FACTS. Biden was handed an absolute mess, all due to Trump and his stupidity. 5. Trump pulled the US out of the Iran nuclear deal, and THAT will create danger for Israel. This, too, is an inconvenient fact. More of his deference to Putin, something you like to pretend doesn’t exist.

            6. The Keystone pipeline was far from “finished”–it wouldn’t be up and running now even if Biden hadn’t stopped it, and if Fox is telling you otherwise, it is lying to you. Fuel prices are due to the Trump Recession, due to his incompetent handling of the pandemic and lying about how serious it was and what was needed to curb the spread. Trump was at war with the CDC because he couldn’t force it to lie for him and the pandemic was making him look bad and hurting the economy. He was clueless about what do do.. Because schools closed down, buses weren’t running, people started working from home, unemployment was climbing, and there was a glut of fuel, artificially depressing prices. Once Biden turned things around, some refineries still aren’t up and running, and the global price of fuel is high. There are THOUSANDS of unused, approved leases to drill on federal lands. 7. It is truly disingenuous of Fox to blame Biden for the roof leak at the Abbott Lab plant in Flint, MI that resulted in contaminated infant formula, causing the plant to shut down. Two babies died. Is that Biden’s fault too? So, Fox is saying Biden should have prevented this from happening? This just proves how gullible and biased you Trumpsters are–any bad thing that happens MUST be Biden’s fault. We wouldn’t have this crisis if more mothers breast fed their babies. Biden did NOT “open our borders” either.

            I don’t know how your delusional mind came up with Democrats being the ones going after Constitutional Rights. The 4 radical politicans in black robes shoved onto the SCOTUS by presidents who lost the popular vote are the ones who took away a woman’s right to choose, diluted Miranda rights, and have signalled approval for rolling back marriage equality, consensual sex between adults and the right of contraception. NOTHING YOU HAVE SAID IS A “PROVEN FACT”. Trump is far more than a “braggart” who likes to “quarrel” on Twitter. He is a mallignant narcissist who constantly lies, who has repeatedly failed at multiple businesses because he’s not very bright, has no leadership skills, has a short attention span and who alienated America’s European and NATO allies all to appease a murderous dictator who helped him cheat his way into office. THOSE ARE PROVEN FACTS. He praised Putin’s invasion of Ukraine as “savvy” and “genius”.

            If Trump were still in office, we’d be in an all-out depression. Thousands more Americans would have died from COVID because they wouldn’t have been able to get the vaccine due to no logistical planning for distribution. Ukraine would have already fallen to Russia, Zelenskyy would be dead or in a Russian prison being tortured. Russia would have invaded Poland, and with the US pulled out of NATO, something your fat hero promised to do, we’d be in or on the cusp of WW 3.

            1. Trump reversed Obama’s policies, which had put more black people on food stamps than ever before.

              He didn’t stay the course. He brought a lot of American manufacturing back, despite Obama claiming it was impossible. He correctly identified China as a major security threat, with their hacking of intellectual and proprietary information, controlling the supply of critical components, etc.

              I do not respect Democrat politicians whose policies bring ruin, but when they are reversed by a successor and things improve, they try to take credit rather than apologize for their failures.

              1. Karen, you can never have a civil discussion with a leftist. It’s a huge waste of time & effort. They are brainwashed, cultist Drones. I typically just ignore them, unless they are particularly obnoxious. Then I’ll just hurle some insult & move on. On other comment platforms, I just block them. All they want to do, is derail any conversations they can. They crave attention, because they have such misserable lives. Trolls gonna troll.

              2. Name ONE American business your hero “brought back “. Name ONE of Obama’s policies that put people on food stamps. As usual, you have it exactly backwards as to who did a good job with the economy and who is trying to take credit. Trump inherited a successful economy from Biden, which went straight to hell thanks to Trump’s incompetence and mishandling of the pandemic. Biden inherited the worst economy since the Great Depression and has turned it around in record time.

                1. I’m sure Charlie Munger still wants you Natc’ & your Debt Slave Friends to keep paying the bill for his & Par Warren Buffet’s, Maurice AIG Greenberg, Jamie JPM Dimon, Goldman, etc..

                  And a special thanks from them to the two Half Wit American Hating Commie/Nazis Obama & his Bro GW Bush.

                  So just “Suck It Up” Natc, ain’t that right Charlie!

                2. Should read “Trump inherited a successful economy from OBANA”. Obama inherted a mess from Bush that he also turned aroud. And, as usual, when challenged to produce facts instead of Fox rhetoric all we get are crickets. Nevertheless, Karen S. is still a true believer.

                  1. Natacha:

                    Is this like when you claimed I was a liar for saying the governor of VA talked about how an infant born alive after an abortion attempt would be made comfortable while the mother decided whether he should get care? I gave you a video of him saying exactly that, on camera. It’s not about the law that currently requires infants to get care. It’s about politicians who make those laws talking about how they would have unwanted infants “made comfortable” while the mother decided whether to allow care.

                    You keep calling me a liar, I provide evidence, and then you run off. Don’t waste my time.

            2. That’s some of the funniest stuff I’ve ever read! You should do stand up!

    1. The guy living in Marin County knows Joe a few houses down the block to be a horrible person. He heard it from the newspapers and other people.

      Joe is seen with dope addicts, and the neighbors say Joe talks to many criminals. Wow, says the guy from Marin County, Jeff Simpleton, ‘that guy Joe must be a real bad fellow.

      That is Jeff Simpleton’s problem. He doesn’t have the wits about him to think. Joe is a defense attorney, but Simpleton only hears what he wishes to hear.

      As another says Jeff Simpleton is one sick puppy.

    2. What ship are you going down on? Trump is not God. Trump is the best thing to help we the people take our country back.

  5. The ONLY reason this is finally happening is because Democrats need a reason to bail on Biden. And EVERYBODY KNOWS IT!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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