Grassley: Whistleblowers Report That DOJ Downplayed Hunter Biden Evidence in 2020

My recent column explored whether time is running out for Hunter Biden. The answer may be “no” if Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) is right about what whistleblowers are telling him about the investigation.  CBS is reporting that “highly credible” whistleblowers informed him that officials within the FBI and the Justice Department are downplaying or dismissing negative evidence on Hunter Biden. Given the documented bias of the FBI and DOJ during the Russian collusion investigation, such allegations must be considered seriously given the baffling refusal of Attorney General Merrick Garland to appoint a Special Counsel.

Grassley, the ranking member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, wrote FBI Director Christopher Wray and Attorney General Merrick Garland that

“The information provided to my office involves concerns about the FBI’s receipt and use of derogatory information relating to Hunter Biden, and the FBI’s false portrayal of acquired evidence as disinformation. The volume and consistency of these allegations substantiate their credibility and necessitate this letter.”

What was particularly interesting were the dates referenced in the letter.  It indicated that the Justice Department had evidence on the alleged criminal conduct in 2020 before the election, but that a named supervisor allegedly spiked the investigation:

“First, it’s been alleged that the FBI developed information in 2020 about Hunter Biden’s criminal financial and related activity. It is further alleged that in August 2020, FBI Supervisory Intelligence Analyst Brian Auten opened an assessment which was used by an FBI Headquarters (“FBI HQ”) team to improperly discredit negative Hunter Biden information as disinformation and caused investigative activity to cease.”

During this period, 51 intelligence experts wrote a letter dismissing the laptop as likely “Russian disinformation.” The media echoed that claim to dismiss the allegations. According to Grassley, not only did the Justice Department have compelling evidence to justify an investigation but showed the same biased analysis flagged by the prior Russian collusion investigations.

Indeed, if the alleged whistleblower accounts are true, the Hunter Biden matter showed the same “all-hands-on-deck” profile as government, political, and media allies presented a unified front on the investigation.

Previously, Sen. Grassley accused Timothy Thibault, the senior FBI agent at the bureau’s Washington Field Office, of possibly violating “[f]ederal laws, regulations and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) guidelines” in response to Hunter Biden evidence of wrongdoing.

With a possible Republican takeover of one or both houses of Congress, these questions could be pursued after November. It will then be interesting if the Justice Department will show the same commitment to contempt prosecutions if GOP subpoenas are disregarded by targeted individuals.

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  1. Is that the same as a criminal investigation by a Special Counsel, and venerable and eminently esteemed former Director of the FBI, and two impeachments by the well-respected Speaker of the House?

  2. I’m just getting sick and tired of people dragging the good name of the Biden family through the mud. This has got to stop. Please a little civility.

    1. “. . . people dragging the good name of the Biden family through the mud.”

      The Bidens dragged themselves through the mud. Some are merely observing: “Look. A family wallowing in the mud.”

    2. The President made a Faustian Bargain with the hard and extreme left. They helped get him across the line and he is now doing their bidding. The result? His administration’s policies have hurt nearly every American. The list is long. Because America is the the de facto leader of the world, these hurtful policies have speed across the globe. I have little sympathy for anyone who seeks high level power, especially when their policies are hurtful. Hard knocks come with the territory, as it should.

      1. “The President made a Faustian Bargain . . .”

        You’re giving him too much credit. He’s not aware enough to know who he’s bargaining with.

    3. Dear Independent Bob.. You need to Do the Research. You will then see that the Biden Family coin has a deep dark side that thinks it is exempt from the laws the rest of us have to follow…. An Independent myself, the conclusion is easy to reach when one uncovers and looks at the facts. Period..

  3. No offense, but there’s an awful lot of “if the allegations are true” in here, and I’m getting pretty tired of playing the Game of Unknown Sources.

    1. but there’s an awful lot of “if the allegations are true” in here,

      Bet we know from past facts, the FBI is TEAM Democrat. The abuse their police powers to plant evidence, and to ignore crimes of their team members, all in the pursuit of gaining more power.

      Do you include the Jan 6 committee in your observation?

  4. The level of partisanship, bias and criminal misconduct at the highest levels of the government is shocking but not surprising given the events of the past 6 years.

    Starting with the Hillary’s email server, the abuse of the secret FISA courts to spy on the Trump campaign, the Clinton campaign’s clandestine funding of the Steele dossier laundered through Perkins Coie, the Russia collusion hoax, the Mueller investigation, the impeachment of Donald Trump while spiking the evidence of the Biden family corruption in the Ukraine, the shameful persecution of General Flynn, and continuing through the kangaroo court that is the J6 commission. One might say its a pattern. And I’m probably leaving out a few examples.

    Per his usual, Technofog over at Substack has some very well researched and thoughtful comments on the FBI’s misconduct:

    FBI Whistleblowers Allege FBI Scheme to Protect Hunter Biden and Joe Biden
    And – is Main Justice controlling the Hunter Biden prosecution decisions?

    1. Kamala Harris is not eligible for the office of vice president or president.

      If America had a Supreme Court and judicial branch that fulfilled their sworn oath to support the Constitution, Kamala Harris would not be vice president.

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    But I know nothing. lol;)

        1. Helter Skelter : You may be a lover but you ain’t dancer!

          100% Lean.

          The madness of youth. lol;)

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