“We Regret Any Pain”: CUNY Apologizes and Deletes Article On Depp Lawyer

For many who watched the Johnny Depp-Amber Heard trial, some of the most outstanding moments involved his defense counsel Yarelyn Mena. It was an extraordinary opportunity for the  29-year old graduated from CUNY (2015) and, by all accounts, Mena performed well. It was considered the turning point of one of the most famous trials in modern history. It is something that should be a matter of great pride for the CUNY community and, not surprisingly, the website did an article on their graduate. However, it has now been deleted with an apology after people objected that they were upset or traumatized by the recognition due to Heard’s allegations of abuse.

The now deleted article told the intriguing story of how a young associate out of CUNY became a global sensation as a key member of the defense team. Yarelyn explain “I am a third year associate and am fortunate to have worked a trial so early in my career. Most cases don’t go to trial.” It is an extraordinary story for a woman who came with her family from the Dominican Republic. She proceeded to graduate from CUNY and then received her law degree from Fordham University. That is a quintessential American story of achievement that any institution should relish and highlight. She noted in the interview that “(Law) was the first career that I knew of before I even really understood what it was.”

Apparently, CUNY graduates and students were outraged and unwilling to separate the act of representation from the rivaling abuse allegations in the case. It turned out that neither could the school.

The school acknowledged the objections raised to “our newsletter featuring a recent CUNY graduate who worked on Johnny Depp’s legal team.” It then apologized:

“We understand the strong negative emotions this article elicited and apologize for publishing the item. We have removed it from our CUNYverse blog. The article was not meant to convey support for Mr. Depp, implicitly or otherwise, or to call into question any allegations that were made by Amber Heard. Domestic violence is a serious issue in our society and we regret any pain this article may have caused.”

The “pain” caused by the article was an account of a graduate doing her job as an advocate. We have gotten to the point that people are incapable of recognizing that everyone is entitled to a rigorous legal defense and that the lawyers are fulfilling essential roles in protecting the rule of law.  The only thing that matters is that the lawyer represented someone accused of abuse (even though the jury clearly found that Heard lied with malice in the trial). Even lawyers defending a client must now be cancelled to protect others from the pain of dealing with a trial on spousal abuse.

The role of the school in such a cancellation effort is shocking. CUNY trains lawyers, including criminal defense lawyers. The message being sent to those students and graduates is that the school will shun you and disassociate itself if you represent a client in an unpopular cause.

This is disturbingly similar to the firing of House Dean Ronald S. Sullivan Jr, a Harvard Law professor, after he decided to represent accused sexual abuser Harvey Weinstein.  As with Yarelyn Mena, the students and school could not separate Sullivan’s role as counsel from the alleged acts of his client.

The deletion was noted by Brooklyn College History Professor KC Johnson, who said with considerable understatement that the move is “not a good look for CUNY, to put it mildly.”

CUNY has previously been the center of controversies discussed on this site. That includes Law Dean Mary Lu Bilek cancelling herself for a single remark in a faculty meeting, a law school administration that believes that cancelling speakers is an exercise of free speech, a professor who views math and meritocracy to be products of white privilege, and the effort to block an honorary degree over a poet’s political views.

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  1. Why does anyone think that the CUNY Ministry of Truth would do anything else? When your hurt feelings silence facts, you will receive negative consequences at some time. Wait until another person’s hurt feelings land you out of a job or in jail.

  2. “As everyone knows FL Gov. DeSantis is on a crusade to stamp out . . .”

    If you have a desire to discuss sex with other peoples’ children, you don’t belong within 1,000′ of a school.

    1. Amen.

      When we allow sex education at all, it is a formal part of the curiculum, conducted at the appropriate ages.

      I am not sure I want teaches “sharing” anything about their personal lives with students.
      I am sure I do not want them initiating unsolicited conversations about sex with kinder-gardeners.

      Calling this “grooming” is correct.

      If these teachers were christian ministers they would be in jail.

      Parents suck at giving their kids the skills they need for life. They are poor at inculcating values, and addressing issues of sex, and morality.
      Bujt as bad as Parents are – the state is worse.

      Charlie Manson is the product of the state as parent.

  3. Jonathan: On your day off I have received all sorts of criticism about my comment mentioning the long sexual relationship between Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemings. I didn’t think the issue was still controversial. Boy was I wrong! Some say there is no DNA evidence to show Jefferson’s paternity of a least one of Hemings children –and probably all six of her children. I would refer those Hemings deniers to a statement by the Thomas Jefferson Foundation: “”Monticello Affirms Thomas Jefferson Fathered Children with Sally Hemings”. The statement cites a 1998 DNA by Dr. Eugene Foster. The statement says “…a posterior probability of 99%: 99 chances out of a hundred that Jefferson was the father of all six {of Hemings] children” There is, of course, other evidence including the presence of Jefferson at Monticello during Hemings likely windows of conception, statements by Jefferson’s family and the surviving children of Hemings– the fact that all of her children were granted freedom. This was a unique situation among Monticello’s enslaved families. No other slaves on Jefferson’s plantation were given the same protected status.

    It is obvious there are still Hemings/Jefferson deniers out there–just as there are Holocaust deniers and conspiracy theorists, like Alex Jones who claimed Sandy Hook never occurred. Only on the witness stand did Jones finally admit the Sandy Hook massacre actually took place–hoping his contrition would persuade the jury to go easy on the damages. Didn’t work.

    Jefferson/Hemings deniers think that to preserve Jefferson’s memory as author of the Declaration of Independence and the immortal words “all men are created equal” it is impossible to imagine that Jefferson would have sexual relations with one of his slaves. The fact is, it was quite common for white slave owners to have sexual relations with their female slaves. Jefferson is no exception, although to his dying breath Jefferson never admitted to fathering at least one and probably all of Hemings six children. White slave owners didn’t want to admit of such practices. In her book “Diary from Dixie”, Mary Boykin Chestnut (1823-1886) described the many sexual relations between slave masters and their female slaves: “Any lady is ready to tell you who is the father of all the mulatto children in everybody’s household but her own. Those, she seems to think, drop from the clouds”.

    The people today who still deny the Jefferson/Hemings sexual relationship are the same ones who laughed when Bill Clinton claimed he never had “sexual relations with that woman”. Had Monica’s famous “blue dress” had any semen on it and a DNA analysis showed a 99% probability it came from Clinton would they have raised the same Qs? I doubt it.

    So, for all those out there who still think slavery was not that bad thing or that Jefferson could not have fathered children by Sally Hemings I say put up or shut up. As Pat Cippolone famously said to the crazies in the WH Oval Office: “Where is your evidence?”

    1. RE:”The people today who still deny the Jefferson/Hemings sexual relationship are the same ones who laughed when Bill Clinton claimed he never had “sexual relations with that woman”.” You’ll have to provide incontrovertible proof to support that allegation. You, and others, would do well to restrict comments to proffering factual information, structuring them in such a fashion to accomplish that very thing. Reserve the airy persiflage, ‘pontification’ and ‘opinionation’ such as the first sentence of your third paragraph.to the editorial section of another forum. Tiresome to say the least.

      1. ZZDoc: I’m not sure of the point of your comment–other than to say I am guilty of “airy persiflage, ‘pontification’ and ‘opinionation'”. Hardly an illuminating way to engage in discussion by an “arch conservative”. The point of my comment was to respond to some here who say there is no DNA evidence showing Jefferson’s paternity relating to any of Sally Hemings six children. My point was, and is, that there is DNA and other abundant evidence of Jefferson’s paternity. I cited such evidence. I have yet to see any detailed analysis to the contrary–you know, the “proffering of factual information” as you say. I would welcome that dialogue but so far there has been complete silence.

        So tell me, Mr. ZZDoc, do you believe Jefferson was the father of any of Heming’s children? If not please proffer “factual information” and we can get on with an informative dialogue. Otherwise, you are the one who is “tiresome to say the least”.

        1. RE:”ZZDoc: I’m not sure of the point of your comment..” My point is that you are given to outrageous constructs like.”””As everyone knows FL Gov. DeSantis is on a crusade to stamp out facts in schoolrooms-“Don’t Say Gay” so kids won’t have to be “indoctrinated” by gay teachers.””” That’s outrageous. EVERYONE DOES NOT KNOW that DeSantis is on a crusade. Not only do whoever ‘THEY’ are ‘not know’, ‘THEY’ may be in support of the laws passed by the Florida legislature, the project you are denigrating in your opinion piece, and do not consider it a crusade. Then you proceed with an editorialized narrative of what transpired at the conferences/workshops couched in a fashion to give the reader the impression that you were present. If you were, give evidence to that effect. If you were not then you are merely offering us a biased interpretation of what you’ve gleaned from the sources of the information you are drawing from, or merely regurgitation another’s editorial and representing it as your own. Plagiarism perhaps?THAT is the point of my comment, not the facts of Jefferson’s relationship which are easily corroborated through impeccable sources. In that rebuttal;,your first two paragraphs were appropriate to the question, then you launched into your usual and customaries which I have already characterized. Returning once again to the example sourced for the point of my comment, your intent was to cast aspersions at a matter which is of great concern to the parents of school age children in the State of Florida and, for that matter, across the length and breadth of this nation. It may not suit your agenda but they are at least entitled to the same respect for their point of view as you expect of them for yours. Even more so in that these youngsters are THEIR children to educate in such personal matters, not the school’s not yours, not that of any other social engineers or revisionists whose contend that the time for the enlightenment of children in these matters has come whether their parents like it or not. .

    2. We should not forget that Tom’s younger brother, Randolph, could also be suspect in the paternity question.
      From my understanding, there IS Jeffersonian DNA down into the Sally Hemings descendants, but the question would be “how many of the Hemings immediate children had such DNA?”
      If the lineages of more than one of those individual children have Jefferson DNA (which admittedly I have not researched at this point), then Thomas would seem to be the prime suspect.
      Randolph being the father of the children of Hemings is possible but not probable according to The Monticello Jefferson-Hemings Report which shows Randolph made only four (4) visits to Monticello of which none coincided with Sally’s terms of pregnancy.
      Because of Thomas’s immediate availability to Sally, in contrast to that of Randolph, a reasonable person would favor the possibility of our third president fathering those children.
      Either way, Jefferson IS related to some of Hemings’s progeny, either as a father or, at the slightly more distant, an uncle.

      1. RE:””We should not forget that Tom’s younger brother:”” I find ‘Oh by the way” assertions such as “””This committee also suggested in its report, issued in April 2001 and revised in 2011, that Jefferson’s younger brother Randolph (1755-1815) was more likely the father of at least some of Sally Hemings’s children.””’ which is found in the Jefferson Monticello article,[ link provided], to be most disconcerting in that there is no discussion as to why the committee suggested as they did in their report. https://www.monticello.org/thomas-jefferson/jefferson-slavery/thomas-jefferson-and-sally-hemings-a-brief-account/

        1. Thanks for the link.
          I mentioned Randolph only as another probability since, as a genealogist, I have encountered similar situations like Jefferson in trying to determine the validity of similar paternity claims with some of my clients.
          If I was forced to put money on the Jefferson question, I would have little hesitation in putting my cash on Thomas rather than Randolph.

          1. RE:”Thanks for the link.: It was quite necessary. In my work, science writing, such as research reports, grant applications etc. demanded a specific structure wherein referencing to existing knowledge to support known facts or opinion are form.

    3. A quote from the actual report of Dr. Eugene Foster that you cite.
      “No Y-chromosome data were available from male-line descendants of President Thomas Jefferson because he had no surviving sons.”

      There is no known DNA of Thomas Jefferson. All of the various DNA tests that have claimed that TJ fathered one lineage or another have been done using the DNA of a Jefferson relative NOT a descendant. Further these tests have produced mutually exclusive results.

      Statements by the montecello organization are not facts. But that is typical of those on the left – taking weak opinion as fact.

      Thomas Jeffersons presence is weak evidence. There were many others present – including other members of the Jefferson family.

      It is possible that Thomas Jefferson Fathered some or all of Hemming s children.
      It is also possible that Jefferson fathered others who claim to be Jefferson descendants. It is impossible that both are true.
      Regardless claims of paternity by Thomas Jefferson can be established to 99% or even substantially lower certainty with the DNA that currently exists.

      The Alex Jones type of conspiracy is the claim that proof certain exists.

      You are exaggerating the evidence.

      Ultimatey this matters very little except in your addled brain. Whether Thomas Jefferson did or did not father children with slaves is of accademic interest.

      Whether you and others are prepared to exagerate the strength of the evidence is NOT.

      If you can not accurately report the actual evidence and its strength – then you are not trustworthy.

    4. “So, for all those out there who still think slavery was not that bad thing”

      No one has said that. Though I would note that proving Jefferson paternity would not prove Slavery was a bad thing.

      Slavery has existed through 99% of human history, through all of the world, and into the 20th century.
      It was a “bad thing” everywhere – including in North Africa where 1.25 million white christian europeans were enslaved by muslims during the period of african slave trade.

      “that Jefferson could not have fathered children by Sally Hemings”
      Of course Thomas Jefferson could have fathered Hemming’ children. But the bruden of proof is on those who claim he did.
      and todate that proof is not even close to the 99% standard you claim.

      The burden of proof for the certainty you claim rests with YOU – not others.
      And todate does not exist.

      If you exagerate about this – why should you be trusted about other things.

      BTW the Foster DNA report is available online.

    5. Mr. McIntyre – you should consider starting your own blog since you appear to be incapable of staying on the topic of Prof Turley’s post. You frequently start your posts with something like “I found more interesting news to talk about so hear this…” that then starts an avalanche of replies which must be very gratifying to you but merely creates a thread unrelated to the original topic. We went from an essay on CUNY’s shameful behavior to Gov DeSantis and “Don’t Say Gay”, to Jefferson/Hemings. This is serious absurd stream of consciousness stuff that is not particularly enlightening or even interesting.

      Try to stay on topic or go start your own blog. You might be a lot happier.

  4. Jonathan: I know. You are probably off hiking or preparing for a BBQ. So let me stand in for Darren and offer my take on some more important news this week:

    As everyone knows FL Gov. DeSantis is on a crusade to stamp out facts in schoolrooms-“Don’t Say Gay” so kids won’t have to be “indoctrinated” by gay teachers. To implement the law DeSantis is conducting teacher “Civics Excellence” conferences this summer being held by the state department of education. One workshop is devoted to how teachers are to present the history of slavery. Teachers are told that US slavery was not so bad. Teachers learn that the majority of enslaved people in America were born into slavery, that the colonies bought fewer slaves from the transatlantic slave trade–less than 4% of slaves worldwide lived in America. When one teacher mentioned that at the height of slave trade there were millions of enslaved people in America, he was told to save his Qs for the Q & A segment that never materialized. Teachers were shown a slide questioning whether George Washington and Thomas Jefferson were committed slavers–pointing out they both expressed opposition to slavery. The same teacher tried to point out that both Washington and Jefferson owned slaves–the latter owned more than 600 and impregnated one of his slaves. The teacher was ignored. Teachers pointed out that none of the material presented cited any sources.

    Teachers who participated in the voluntary workshops said the material presented was developed with input from Hillsdale College, a private Christian college in Michigan, and other groups like the “Bill of Rights Institute” founded by the arch conservative Charles Koch. One workshop emphasized that the whole “separation of church and state” thing was a “misconception”. Richard Judd, a FL social studies teacher, said: “There was this Christian nationalism philosophy that was just baked into everything that was there”. Other teachers described the conference as a 3-day “patriotic history indoctrination”. Sounds like something out of the Soviet era education system during the 1930s when Russian teachers were told to toe the line about what they were expected to teach–“love of the Soviet motherland”.

    DeSantis’ right-wing agenda has even extended to the state’s license plates. He is now proposing a new specialty license plate with a prominent Confederate era flag with “Don’t Tread On Me” displayed on it. You know, the same flag carried by some of the insurrectionists on Jan. 6 at the Capitol. DeSantis said: “The free state of Florida has a new license plate for pre-order that benefits the Florida Veterans Foundation and sends a clear message to out-of-state cars, ‘Don’t Tread on Me’ or Florida”. So now you “out-of-state” visitors with Connecticut plates–you have been warned! Also be warned that 20% of FL drivers are uninsured. That’s their right in a “free state”.

    Now, I “regret any pain” caused to those in this chatroom who prominently display a Confederate decal on their cars. It was certainly not my intent to “upset or traumatize” the readers of this comment.

    1. RE:”So let me stand in for Darren and offer my take on some more important news this week::” As long as the untruth of the term ‘Don’t Say Gay’ continues to be a mantra incessantly droned by those of your ilk, arch conservatives will be necessary to speak out against arch progressives. As to standing in for Darren, absent the expressed consent from JT, in writing for all to see, you should have not put in your oar given that your biased ideology and agenda are designed and intended to color any facts. Absent their corroboration by anyone in this company who was actually present, your narrative can be deemed nothing more than heresay.

    2. Dennis – There is NO proof that Jefferson impregnated Sally Hemmings.

      1. RE:”Dennis – There is NO proof that Jefferson impregnated Sally Hemmings.” There ya go! Just as I opined……”Hearsay!!

    3. DeSantis ad much of the country and nearly all parents do not want teachers to be initiating conversations about sex with students prior to 4th grade.

      Very few of us have problems with that.

      If as a parent you wish to initiate discussions with your child at a younger age that is your perogative.

      But the vast majority of us understand that the marxist indoctrinated idiots that have somehow become teachers to our children who are unqualified to teach them reading, writing and arithmatic as certainly incapable of teaching them about sex.

      Most of them are clueless themselves. and not merely unqualified to teach ANYTHING, unqualified to manage their own lives.
      Bu they are adults- barely and free to mess up their own lives. But not those of other peoples children.

      “You can’t even run your own life
      I’ll be damned if you’ll run mine, sunshine”



      “Alas alas for you
      Lawyers and pharisees
      Hypocrites that you be
      Searching for souls and fools to forsake them
      You travel the land you scour the sea
      After you’ve got your converts you make them
      Twice as fit for hell!
      As you are yourselves!”

      The next step that FL needs to take is to shutdown “public” schools and provide tuitiion to parents to educate their kids where they wish.

      Then if you wish to inflict this nonsense on your own kids – you are free to do so.
      But you are not free to Fup other peoples kids.

      1. John B Say: Sorry to be the one to inform you but FL’s constitution, like other state constitution’s, mandates a “system of free public education”. So your wanting to shut down “public” education in FL is a non-starter. Not even FL Gov. DeSantis would go that far.

        And I suspect public school teachers in FL would be amused to learn they are all a bunch of “Marxist indoctrinated idiots”–hell bent on indoctrinating their K-3 kids on the benefits of Marxist ideology. I can hear it now: “Children, today’s lesson is about Marx’s Das Capital and his theory of ‘surplus value'”. Now that would get the kid’s attention! You throw around “Marxist” labels like they are confetti. To believe you “Marxists’ are lurking everywhere with one purpose–to poison the minds of our young innocent children. You sound more and more like old Joe McCarthy. I would imagine the adherents of Marx would be surprised to learn they have so much influence in public education .Do you realize how non-sensical you sound?

        And I suppose in your ideal school curriculum there would only be room for reading , writing and arithmetic– the 3-Rs. Abolish civics, history and the social sciences that might give “Marxist indoctrinated” teachers the opportunity to inject “Marxist” CRT theories. DeSantis is already carrying out your mandate. In FL science textbooks are being re-written to reflect the biblical interpretation of the origin of the universe. No room for Darwin in science classes in FL! We already have the most under educated students in the the educated world and you and DeSantis want to make the situation much worse. I am constantly amazed by the number of people in this chatroom who apparently believe your insane drivel!

        1. Paying parents to educate their students in the school of their choice is “Free public education”.

          FL already has a publicly paid for Charter School program that courts have recognized as meeting the requirements of FL’s constitution.

          But even if it did not – constitutions can be changed.

          Regardless, there is absolutely no “right” for left wing nuts to indoctrinate children against the wishes of their parents.

          You do not seem to grasp that.

        2. Again you exagerate – now my remarks.

          It is self evident that there are marxist idiots (and other forms too) among our teachers. Those teachers provide that evidence themself on TikTok and other social media as well as in public remarks and in other documentation.

          None of this – including FL law that you hate is about “ALL Florida Teachers” – with near certainty most are decent people doing a good job – both and FL and throughout the country.

          The purpose of the FL law – like ALL LAW, is to deal with the small proportion of people for whom nothing but law will stop them from bad conduct.

        3. “And I suppose in your ideal school curriculum there would only be room for reading , writing and arithmetic– the 3-Rs.”
          No, but that is ABSOLUTELY the Core curriculum and should be almost the exclusive focus prior to 4th grade.

          If you can not graduate students that can read, write and do basic math – then your schools have failed.
          Until you have managed those tasks, there should be no timne allocated for anything else.

          “Abolish civics, history and the social sciences”
          All worthwhjile – AFTER you have succeeded at the critical core.
          “that might give “Marxist indoctrinated” teachers the opportunity to inject “Marxist” CRT theories. ”
          You are free to use a tiny portion of the time allotted to social sciences to attempt whatever indoctrination you want.

          AFTER you have met the core requirements, and AFTER you have managed to teach actual history, real civics and social sciences.

          And you are no more entitles to teach that the earth was made in 7 days than that the entirety of western principles and ideas is about the exploitation of blacks.

        4. RE:” DeSantis is already carrying out your mandate. In FL science textbooks are being re-written to reflect the biblical interpretation of the origin of the universe. No room for Darwin in science classes in FL!” Please provide the title of the science textbook, author, publisher, and public school systems in my state where they are being used. I will address that personally and privately. As to employing the use of the term ‘insane drivel’ your own expositions are not without sin.

        5. “And I suppose in your ideal school curriculum there would only be room for reading , writing and arithmetic– the 3-Rs. ”

          That is where education must start. Until students have mastered those – it is also where it must end.
          “Abolish civics,” What school teaches civics today ? I doubt you even know what civics is ?
          “history and the social sciences” Social Sciences just wraps socialology and psychology in as electives in combination with history, so you are redundant.

          Regardless, I have no problem with teaching history – with time givern to each facet proportionate to its significance.

          There is nothing about the US issues with race that was not covered in my education in the 60’s and 70’s.
          It is obvious that I am better informed about the US past racial problems than you or EB as an example – so obviously that 60’s and 70’s history education was sufficient. It is the left that has been changing that and is seeking to change that and more important that even seeking to change it they are seeking to teach racism to the exclusion of the actual history of the country and worse to teach racism to the exclusion of math, reading, and writing.

          “that might give “Marxist indoctrinated” teachers the opportunity to inject “Marxist” CRT theories.”

          I am not fixated on labels – ALL forms of statism are inherently evil. Only a tiny portion of our problems – if any can be successfully solved by top down solutions by the federal government. Only a bit more can be solved by government at any level.

          As to whether our teachers are “marxist indoctrinated” – what is laughably disingenuous is that those on the left want to own up to marxism when it suits and then disown it when it appears to be perjorative.
          Statist, marxist, communist, socialist, modern democrat, …. it is all sufficiently close to the same as not to matter.
          If you wish choose another term for the modern left – but relabeling yourself does not save you from the fact that your ideology by any name is bat$hit crazy.

          “DeSantis is already carrying out your mandate. In FL science textbooks are being re-written to reflect the biblical interpretation of the origin of the universe. No room for Darwin in science classes in FL! ”

          If you have evidence that FL curiculum is being taken over by christian fundimentalists – provide it.
          Purging your crazy nonsense is NOT the same as adding biblical christianity.

          As to the origens of the universe – We Do Not know. Scientists do not know. One ofthe problems with the left is that they do not grasp that science is the quest for knowledge, not misguided certainty about things we are likely wrong about.

          No real scientist resists the possibility that they are wrong.

          “Under educated students in the the educated world and you and DeSantis want to make the situation much worse. I am constantly amazed by the number of people in this chatroom who apparently believe your insane drivel!”

          Acording to the first Source I found – US News FL is the 3rd best state in Education in the country.

          If we are going to try to do something about our failed education system – start with core subjects that we are failing in, in those states that are failing.

          Florida is NOT where to start, and sex and race and not what to start, when kids can not read, write or do basic math.

          1. RE:”“Abolish civics,” What school teaches civics today ? I doubt you even know what civics is ? I don’t know who to attribute this question to but a Civic curriculum in Florida elementary, middle, and high schools is now mandated by law. https://www.flgov.com/2022/07/18/governor-desantis-awards-6-5-million-to-launch-civics-academies-training-the-next-generation-of-state-and-local-leaders/ This among other issues recently taken to task by our Dennis McIntyre who saw fit to put his own slant on it.

            1. My first point is that we have 12 years of 6hr/day 180days per year to educate a child, to the level we deem sufficient to graduate from HS.
              That is not infinite.

              We have a similar problem with teachers that we do with police officers – and that is we must educate the children we have with the teachers we have.

              One of the refrains we constantly get from the left is that if we just paid more money that we would have better police or teachers.
              Lets presume this is true – where would they come from ? Either you are going to magically make the teachers (police) we have better by paying them more – which is bollocks. Or you are going to draw teachers(police) in very large numbers from other professions – you will end up with less doctors, lawyers, engineers, scientists.

              Put simply the human resources that we have are finite. Just as the time we have to teach students is finite.

              Given that we are doing an absymal job of getting the basics in to a substantial portion of students – why is it that we are even fighting about much of this nonsense ?

              I can provide a long list of things I think that students should be taught – including my perspective on civics. But ultimately those come AFTER being about to read, write and do basic math.

              In some hypothetical perfect world I am not entirely opposed to all of the lefts educational curicula additions.
              But those must come AFTER much higher priority skills have been taught AND they must be taught ACCURATELY.

              EB spews a false narative about history. No one debates hat slavery is bad. Though EB completely misses that that is a modern WESTERN value.
              Regardless, The foundations of western prosperity, of western ideas, OBVIOUSLY do not rest on slavery.

              I think teaching Civics is important – more so that exposing students to the rainbow of sexuality hat the left seeks to introduce into kinder garden.
              But in many schools in this country – students are not getting the basics. Civics is not really an education luxury.
              But it is in comparison to being able to read and write and do basic math.

              I find Maslow’s hierarchy of needs from psychology incredibly valuable throughout most everything.

              All to often the left is trying to self actualize people – who are not having their most fundamental needs met.

    4. I d not care what you teach about slavery in the US – though it is preferable that it is factually correct.
      As the program you derided noted – the majority of the african slave trade did NOT come to the colonies.
      It went to the caribean or South and central american.

      Ultimately the trans atlantic slave trade was ended – by the US, and UK and later France.

      Further the mideastern slave trade was also ended by the US, the UK and later France.

      All that said, what is most important is that the proportion of time spent on various facets of education is relative to the importance of that facet.

      The majority of education must focus on reading and writing and arithmatic and science. And these should not be polluted by ahistorical nonsense.

      Within history – slavery is a small and not that important portion of US and western history.

      Contra left wingnuts it is historically trivial to prove that the west does not rest on the foundation of slavery and exploitation.

      Italy spain, Portugal, Denmark, and England all became prosperous and powerful enough to explore the world BEFORE the first african slaves.
      And in fact between 1500 and 1800 1.25M white christians were taken from Europe for slaves in North Africa.
      That is about equivalent of the number of africans. brought to the colonies.
      Many times more africans were taken as slaves to the mideast than to the colonies.
      Nearly as many were taken to the mideast as in the entire atlantic slave trade.

      Nearly all african slaves were enslaved by other africans. The life expectance of a european on the african continent was less than 6 months.

      Regardless, This nation was not built on the expolitation of slaves or others.
      Exploitation may have occured and that is regretable, but it is no even close to a root cause for american or western prosperity.

      The entire renaisance took place before the first slaves landed in north america.

      The entire concept that slavery is immoral derives from western enlightenment values.

      Slavery was the norm throughout the world prior to the enlightenment.
      It may have afflicted the west too, but it was ENDED by the west.

      The entire concept that people of different races might be equal – originates in the west, and is still dominant only in the west.
      Most of the world today is incredibly racist, and racially homogenous.

      You are trying to teach that American values are corrupt – relying on those american values to judge.

      You can not successfully teach that slavery is wrong – without relying on the values and principles that originated with the very people you seek to damn.

      Regardless, you can teach the history of american racism, exploitation and slavery proportionate to its importance.

      That is less than 20% of the time you spend teaching history.

    5. Do you EVER bother to check the nonsense you post ?

      “Don’t Tread on me” predates he revolutionary war. The original image comes from Franklin, in 1753. The Gadsen “Don’t tread on me” flag was one of the Earliest revolutionary war flags. An eariler permutation – with red and white stripes was used by the earliest US navy during the revolution.

      It has no history during the civil war.

      A modern variant with the snake wrapped around a uterus is used by pro-choice groups.

      Here is part of its history.

      You are the perfect example of the educational idiocy that DeSantis and others are trying to fight.

      You want to spray your idiotic version of history – but you are actually completely clueless about actual history.

      There is an excellent Ken Burns documentary of Benjamin Franklin. You can learn some actual history from that.

      Maybe it will prevent you from making such STUPID mistakes.

      And hopefully having made a fool of yourself – you will not trust whoever told you that “Don;t Tread on me” originated with a confederate flag.

    6. BTW many states have “Don’t Tread on me” license plates.

      Atleast one New England state used to have it on its license plates for decades.

    7. “Now, I “regret any pain” caused to those in this chatroom who prominently display a Confederate decal on their cars. It was certainly not my intent to “upset or traumatize” the readers of this comment.”

      What you need to do is appologize for posting complete idiocy.

      Franklin was not a confederate.
      The revolutionary war was not the civil war.
      And the”Don’t Tread on me” snake flag has been used by the US marines from before the declaration of independence.

      I am pretty sure this is not a right wing flag.

      This is an official US flag.

    8. Now, I “regret any pain” caused to those in this chatroom who prominently display a LGBTQ+ or Pro-Choice “Don’t Tread on me” symbol on their cars. or T-Shirts, or Toilets, It was certainly not my intent to “upset or traumatize” the readers of this comment.


  5. Whining, being “triggered”, crying, and other inappropriate forms of behavior when confronted with an opposing viewpoint are themselves a form of violence, and must be minimized and ignored.

  6. Woke progressives are dumber than dirt and suffer a debilitating personality defect.

    Not news.

  7. Woke progressives are dumber than dirt and suffer among the worst personality defects known to homo sapiens. Is this news?

  8. Good grief. I am so glad I left the children’s tantrum party when I left the former great nation that was once the United States of America. Now, it’s sick. I want to puke.

    1. Where did you flee when you left the USA? It’s been my experience Canada, Australia, the UK, the EU, and the USA are suffering through the same Marxist/Progressive mind-virus.

  9. Is that last letter in “CUNY” perhaps five (5) places from what it should be?

  10. It is truly tiring of these fools always casting a pale over this and that to fit their Ideal World View, you know, Woke-topia, where nary a word be spoken not suitable to our new world order.

    That a group of weak kneed decision makers would kowtow to a slim minority is puzzling indeed.

    The Left has become infected and succumbed to Woke’s moral imperialism, with its intolerant actions and notions, having all the answers to real and supposed problems facing Society.

    The Left should adopt a new mission statement: “We follow the path of the Puritanical Woke”.

  11. EXCLUSIVE! Alex Jones Responds To $45M Sandy Hook Verdict And The Future Of Infowars


    Aug 6, 2022
    The Alex Jones Show
    The Alex Jones Show

    Alex Jones sits down with Robert Barnes to discuss the verdict of the Sandy Hook case. They also discuss the future of Infowars and where we go from here.


  12. Jonathan: I say what happens at CUNY should stay at CUNY because there are two other defamation cases much more interesting than Johnny Depp’s defense counsel.

    I’ll start with Infowars founder Alex Jones whose damages trial had all the makings of a Perry Mason TV drama. It did not disappoint. As everyone recalls when Jones was sued for defamation by the families of victims of the Sandy Hook massacre he laughed off the claims as a “joke”. He refused to respond. That was his first mistake. A default judgment was issued and yesterday the damages phase concluded with Jones ordered to pay $45 million in punitive damages. Now had Jones actually responded to the complaints maybe he would have had a legitimate 1st Amendment defense. Just after the default judgment was issued Jones tried to hide his money by moving $11,000 per day into an offshore account. He also filed for bankruptcy. But a forensic accountant said at trial that Jones is worth anywhere from $135 to $270 million. Deep pockets I would say. To make matters worse Jones’ counsel allowed Jones to lie on the witness stand. When asked by Plaintiff’s counsel Jones said he had no cell-phone text messages relating to Sandy Hook. Turns out defense counsel had mistakenly turned over a treasure trove of text messages to the lawyer for the plaintiffs–relating not only to Sandy Hook but also text messages between Jones and Roger Stone. OOPs! Yes, the two guys who played a central role in planning the Jan. 6 insurrection. The judge gave the green light for plaintiff’s counsel to forward the Jan. 6 related text messages to the J.6 Committee. This shows how hubris and arrogance can get you into a lot of legal trouble. No doubt there are now a flurry of phone calls between Jones, Stone–and probably even Donald Trump who is probably saying something like: “Alex, how could you be so stupid! Not to at the least file an answer to the complaints. And who was the retard lawyer you hired! I would never be that stupid! I have sued and have been sued hundreds of times. I always hire the best lawyers–like Sydney Powell, Rudy Giuliani and John Eastman!”. Now that the J.6 Committee is going have the text messages between Jones and Stone “stay tuned” to the next hearings in September. Should prove to be more “breathtaking” than the first 9 hearings!

    Speaking of Donald Trump, the master of con is planning to sue CNN for defamation accusing the media giant of putting out false stories saying Trump was a “liar” over his false claims of election fraud. How is Trump going to pay for the litigation? Not wanting to use his own money, as usual, Trump is asking his “most dedicated supporters” to pitch in with money. Trump is doing this because the RNC has told him they will no longer pay his legal expenses after he declares his candidacy for president. So all you guys and gals out there who are Trump’s “dedicated supporters” you need to get your checkbooks out–once again. If Trump decides not to sue CNN, because his lawyers have reminded him of NY Times v. Sullivan, you can always ask for your money back. Good luck with that one!

    But there is more about the king of sleaze. It is now being reported that Trump’s “Save America” PAC paid a total of $60,000 to a French fashion designer who styled former first lady Melania. The payouts were labelled “strategy consulting services”. In a statement the PAC said: “Mr. Pierre [the fashion guru] serves as a senior advisor to Save America, involved in event management and special projects”. Like maybe the dress Melania will wear at the presidential inauguration ball in 2024? Now the FEC has rules against candidates spending PAC money on personal items. Don’t expect the FEC to file a complaint against Trump’s PAC anytime soon! So before you open your pocketbooks again for Trump think about the last time you got conned by the master of the con. Just some practical advice.

    1. Jonathan:

      I think you have Depp’s lawyers confused. You say “she was praised for her tough examination of Heard. It was considered the turning point of one of the most famous trials in modern history.” Yarelyn Mena had no speaking role in court – she was a researcher on the team. The global praise yada yada to which you refer was reserved for the efforts of the lead Depp attorney Camille Vasquez, another female, dark-haired attorney. Of course, the premise of your post is still true – CUNY should be ashamed of deleting the article about their almnus Yarelyn. But she only played a very junior role in the trial.

    2. If you wish to see the Jones trial as a big deal – no one can stop you.

      Alex Jones makes ridiculous claims.
      Most of those are covered by the first amendment.

      Personally I think the damages are way way way out of line.

      For damage there must be harm.
      Only a tiny portion of people beleive Sandy Hook was a staged event and that the parents were actors.

      Obviously Jones claim is false – and that is why there is no basis for defamation.

      Defamation is a tort and torts require actual harm.
      To the extent there is any it is small.

      Had Jones words caused REAL harm – such as the impact of WaPo’s defamation on Covington students.
      Or the media lies about Kyle Rittenhouse – then a consequential award would be justified.

      As to this claim jones is moving 11,000/day offshore. That would be 4M/year Compared to a 45M award that is chicken scratch.
      Compared to your forensic accountants claim – that is chicken scratch.

      If jones is worth what the accountants claim – he will have no problem paying the damages – especially after appeals courts reduce them.

      I suspect that he actually is bankrupt. Regardless a bankruptcy court will determine that.

      My advice to these families – Move on with your lives.
      You have lost children.
      Jones did not kill them.
      Crushing him will not bring your kids back and will not make your lives any better.

      I feel deep sorrow for parents who have lost children. Little can be worse.
      But destroying Jones will not make your life better.

      I would further note – whether he is or is not bankrupt.

      He will be back. If you think bankruptcy or a defamation judgement is going to shut him up – your delusional.

      1. Though I don’t listen to Alex Jones, I think the case against him is a misuse of our courts.

        1. I have pretty much never listened to Jones. But it is hard to avoid him as the left seems to think that everyone on the right takes orders from him.

          For the most part I found out things he has said from the left. though as always you must check those for accuracy.

          I did watch a bit of someone’s banned video’s like with Robert Barnes.

          I have never seen Barnes list some many constitutional, legal and due process violations in so short a time.

          Jone;s remarks regarding the Sandy Hook shooting are idiotic. Purportedly he said it was a hoax and parents were actors.
          If correct – that is defamation.

          Sandy hook occured in 2012 – that is 10 years ago. I am not aware of a defamation law anywhere that does not have a 2 year statute of limitations.

          Further it appears that these people were shopping the entire US filing defamation claims. That is itself fraudulent.

          The whole thing is ludicrous – the plantifs made it clear their purpose was to destroy and silence Jones.

          That alone should have kept this out of court.

          The judge essentially prevented jones from presenting any defense or challenging any aspect of the punitive phase.

          The claim by the Judge and purported expert witnesses – was that jones is worth 120-340M dollars – so he was not allowed to point out that he has filed for bankruptcy.

          Regardless, If jones is worth that – the plantiffs will have failed to silence him.
          And if as he claims he is bankrupt – they will not get any money.

          Further TX caps punatives at 750K/plantif – there are two plantifs, so the actual award is 1.4M not 40M – if it holds up.

          I doubt that when some appeals court throws this out – it will make the news.

          Though the left is likely to wonder why Jones is as strong as ever.

          I do not personally give a schiff about Jones.

          But I am very disturbed about the alleged – and relatively self evident legal problems with the trial.

          We MUST shutdown lawless judges and courts.

          Judges must follow the law – or quit.

          A judge who egregiously violates a defendants civil rights should be removed and disbarred.

          1. John,

            My 8/7/22/8:28 post didn’t go through but it wasn’t very well composed anyway.

            Still back on Alex Jones if you don’t know or understand him everyone is already feeling the issues forced on us by the progressive commie/fascist.

            AKA plus 5$ gasoline, inflationary depression, flood of foreign fighting age men/illegals inside our borders.

            The below link is another from Viva Frei Robert Barnes.

            If AJ/Infowars can last a bit longer $$ these cases will be thrown out. Companies like Pfizer can’t have them stand. ie: the Sandy Shooter was said to be on SSRI’s suicide pills made by who?

            starts: 31:00 min thru about 109:00

            1. I am absolutely ecstatic that Alex Jones exists.

              Primarily as a foil to compare the MSM to.

              Brian Stelter is finally admitting that Hunter Biden is a problem.
              Where was he two years ago when the NY Post broke the laptop story ?
              Where was he four years ago when Sulivan broke the Ukraine story using FOIA acquired documents ?
              Where was he when the NY Times first broke the Hunter Biden/Ukraine story in 2015 ?

              Those on the left tend to be incredibly black and white about everything.
              Everyone is either an angel or a criminal.

              The conduct of Hunter Biden is revolting. Some of it is criminal. If Hunter was not White and connected – he would be in jail for a long time.
              Where is Black Lives Matter on that ?
              But the Big deal about Hunter – an even more importantly about VP Joe Biden is whether their specific private conduct with foriegn businesses and governments is acceptable.

              To me it appears he conduct of the Biden’s – PARTICULARLY that of VP Joe Biden ought to be criminal.
              I am not sure that it is, and I am not rushing to jail someone for doing what I think is wrong as opposed to violating the law.
              We already have those on the left trying to jail everyone that opposes them – because opposing hem is a crime.

              But whether Biden’s conduct is criminal or not, it should be FULLY brought to light- that is supposed to be the role of a free press.
              Yet the press has FAILED. Stelter has Failed – he is 7 years too late.

              The left has lobbed myriads of hand grenades at the Trump’s. I think many of the allegations were stupid. But it was always legitimate to raise them.
              Though the Left’s constant efforts to make everything they do not like into a crime is a huge problem.

              There is a giant gulf between questions about how Trump’s business dealings impact his decisions as president, and whether they are criminal.

              Further there is no parity between Trump’s business dealings and the Biden’s.

              With the Trump’s the question is how does legitimate business dealings – the exchange of value for value, renting hotel rooms, golf, condo’s intersect Trump’s conduct as president.

              With the Biden’s the exchange of value is money for influence in government. Those buying Hunter and Joe are not buying ball bearings, or haute coture. They are buying or attempting to buy the power of government.

              And yet for over 7 years the media has mostly burried that and the left has stuck their heads in the sand hiding from it.

    3. And you expect all this gossip and inuendo to go anywhere.

      With respect to Trump’s PAC – if YOU contributed to it, and you beleive the money was not spent as promised – then file a lawsuit.

      One of the problems with you lefties – is that you wish to get your panties in a bunch and get outraged over things that are not your business – or the FECs.

      Frankly we need to kill the FEC.

      As a legal matter – I do not beleive the FEC has much authority over PACs and their spending.
      They should not.

      The integrity of elections is about how GOVERNMENT runs the election, not how candidates spend their campaign contributions.

      Not all that long ago. candidates got to keep campaign contributions they did not spend.

      Regardless, just get rid of the FEC they are useless and unconstitutional.
      Nowhere in the constitution was government given power over private campaign contributions.


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      A disorder in which a person has an inflated sense of self-importance.

      Narcissistic personality disorder is found more commonly in men. The cause is unknown but likely involves a combination of genetic and environmental factors.

      Symptoms include an excessive need for admiration, disregard for others’ feelings, an inability to handle any criticism, and a sense of entitlement.

      The disorder needs to be diagnosed by a professional. Treatment involves talk therapy.

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