No, Transporting Undocumented Migrants to Martha’s Vineyard is Not “Literally Human Trafficking”

Hillary Clinton today agreed with MSNBC host Joe Scarborough that  Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis sending 50 undocumented migrants to Martha’s Vineyard is “literally human trafficking.”  There are good-faith reasons to oppose the transportation to migrants to the island, but, as a legal matter, this is legally nonsense.

On the program, Scarborough repeated the common claim that this transportation qualifies as “human trafficking.” In fairness to Scarborough and Clinton, some law professors have echoed this view which is wholly at odds with not just the governing statutory provisions but controlling case law.

Clinton, who is a lawyer, chimed in with the same dubious analysis:

“I think, Joe, you have laid out the craziness of the time in which we’re living where some politicians would rather not only have an issue but exacerbate it to the extent of literally human trafficking, as you said.”

So MSNBC and these legal experts are telling the public that the consensual transport of migrants within the country constitutes human trafficking. Human trafficking is not synonymous with moving humans in traffic. It is a legal term and a serious crime. It is always dangerous to introduce actual law into these legal claims, but it is worth noting a couple of salient facts.

This is not a program designed to put people in “peonage” under 18 U.S.C. 1581. Under 22 U.S.C. § 7102(11), prosecutions are based on “sex trafficking in which a commercial sex act is induced by force, fraud, or coercion, or in which the person induced to perform such act has not attained 18 years of age” and “the recruitment, harboring, transportation, provision, or obtaining of a person for labor or services, through the use of force, fraud, or coercion for the purpose of subjection to involuntary servitude, peonage, debt bondage or slavery.”

Neither is at play in this program.

The Justice Department has long interpreted its mandate for prosecution under this provision as addressing “a crime that involves exploiting a person for labor, services, or commercial sex.”

States like California follow a similar view:

“Human trafficking, also known as trafficking in persons or modern-day slavery, is a crime that involves compelling or coercing a person to provide labor or services, or to engage in commercial sex acts. The coercion can be subtle or overt, physical or psychological, and may involve the use of violence, threats, lies, or debt bondage.”

I assume that Hillary Clinton is not arguing that Gov. DeSantis is transporting these migrants for exploitive sex or labor.

Even the more general provision in the European Union would not establish such a crime in this case. The Directive on Preventing and Combating Trafficking in Human Beings and Protecting Its Victims, 2011 O.J. (L 101) 1, defines the crime as:

The recruitment, transportation, transfer, harbouring or reception of persons, including the exchange or transfer of control over those persons, by means of the threat or use of force or other forms of coercion, of abduction, of fraud, of deception, of the abuse of power or of a position of vulnerability or of the giving or receiving of payments or benefits to achieve the consent of a person having control over another person, for the purpose of exploitation.

3. Exploitation shall include, as a minimum, the exploitation of the prostitution of others or other forms of sexual exploitation, forced labour or services, including begging, slavery or practices similar to slavery, servitude, or the exploitation of criminal activities, or the removal of organs.

There have been allegations that the migrants were misled into joining these flights and bus trips. However, even with such alleged fraud (which has not been shown to have occurred or to be systemically present), it would not be a transport for the purposes of sexual or labor exploitation or peonage.

Once again, there are a host of objections that can be made to this program without claiming that this is actual or “literal” human trafficking.



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  1. “King Joe the Turd” is the the world’s largest human trafficker. He and his fellow open-border Dimunist thugs are responsible for all of it….and not by accident.

  2. Some of you all need to read section 265 of Title 42 of US code. Many tend to lump and paint all these folks with an “illegal immigrant” label, like large majority that arrive at the border, are not entering the country illegally. They are following US laws, arriving at a port of entry and applying for asylum. You might disagree with that, but it is the law and people follow it. Specially love all these so called Christians not following Christ’s teaching and instead demonize others.

    You also have to look at some of the reasons why many of these Central and South American countries are in the shape they are- due in part to the US and our propping up brutal leaders as well as flooding the area with arms for many decades- Arbenz was overthrown in Guatemala- 1950s, US supported Pinochet’s military dictatorship in the 70s, Invasion of Grenada in the 80s, Panama in the 70s till the 90s, Nicaragua with the Somoza dictatorship, US supported Argentina coup d’etat in the 70s, In the 60s, President Kennedy backed a coup d’etat against Brazilian President Joao Goulart, and other medaling. A lot of what these people are fleeing are at least in part, the making of the US government interfering in other countries affairs as it suited us.

    1. RE:” They are following US laws, arriving at a port of entry and applying for asylum.” The argument is that, that the Southern border, you get a pass. Elsewhere, all others must wait in line. The argument is that crossing the river in the fashion they are is NOT arriving at a port of entry. The argument is that the process is uncontrolled. The argument is that when attempts were made to do so, they were thwarted by individuals whose interests were not consistent with that which promulgated law demanded and biased courts which aided and abetted them. The argument is that there are presently 2 million or so of your believed lawfully processed individuals who will likely never be duly so, and nearly a million ‘gotaways’ who are gone. The argument is that Congress may, as a result of gross incompetence across more than 50 years and, in order to resolve the impossible, declare amnesty and citizenship to all of them. The argument is…there goes the nation,

      1. 1. All persons arriving at a port-of-entry to the US are subject to inspection by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers There is not enough capacity to search caravans.
        2. Maybe there are parents they thinking their children have a better chance of getting in the US if they try to cross the border alone?.
        3. Those who have the intention to enter US unlawfully take detours to cross on more suitable points.
        4. After they are in, who pays? Emergency Food and Shelter Program ($ 400 Mill.), American Rescue Plan ($110 million for “humanitarian relief to families and individuals) and others are at capacity. And their is debt ceiling.
        5. Don’t forget additional 87K IRS agents!

    2. “large majority that arrive at the border, are […] following US laws, arriving at a port of entry and applying for asylum.”

      If I were you, I would

      * change the media outlet that provided you with this “stats”,
      * search for “Rio Grande Border Crossing” or
      * consult data the government provided to the general public.[1-2]

      Doing so, you maybe able to explain the huge discrepance between “refugees” (20K in fiscal year 2022) and CBP. data. about SW land border encounters (e.g. in 7/22: 200K) – let alone all those undocumented cases – BEFORE you comment.


      1. RE:”If I were you, I would,,:’ We are not privileged to know what gifts of training, education, and practice you bring to the table but your research skills and documentation are on a par with some others here and lend veracity to your arguments. Carry on!!

          1. The discrepancy is you don’t know the difference between refugees and asylees; only refugees count as public charges vs. asylees bring themselves to the borders

    1. LOL, EVERY SINGLE refugee in Martha’s Vineyard LEGALLY applied for refugee status. Not one tried to sneak into the country, so get TF out of here with that racist trope.

  3. There are NO “good faith reasons” to oppose sending some “migrants” (a whopping 48 illegal aliens) to Martha’s Vineyard. The people there have plenty of money and currently thousands of rooms available. No “services”? Well build some.

    Why should middle- and lower-class communities have to deal with tens, even hundreds of thousands of people flooding their streets, schools, hospitals, hotels, law enforcement, public transportation, and infrastructure, and not the Martha’s Vineyard, Hamptons, etc. Where are the federal sanctions for lack of “diversity”? Put up some Section 8 housing.

  4. The people objecting to this, are profoundly disingenuous, and surprisingly out of touch with what is going on down on the southern border. For one, many if not most of these folks are probably happy to “get on the bus” versus go to the interim facility, while they wait for the disposition of their case.

    They somehow are no longer under the “care” of their coyote or cartel muscle, given food and water, and traveling on an air conditioned bus.

    I suppose it makes sense that the outraged are outraged. They only get the pre-packaged side of the story on CNN, MSNBC and to a fair extent, Faux TV. They don’t know, understand or believe, what actually happens to the women and children coming across the border.

    30% or more of women and children are raped and sex/labor trafficked, often arriving INSIDE the U.S. but still under the control of cartel “handlers” who run the “work” life of these poor folks.

    NO ONE supporting the illegal border crossing of non-citizens seems to have a stomach for the reality of what is REALLY going on down at the border to these people, a border under defacto control by Mexican/U.S. based cartels who have branched out into human trafficking, because one person gets them paid over and over again.

  5. I believe both Bill and Hillary Clinton turned in their law licenses in the 1990s to avoid being kicked out of the Bar.
    Also I would Hillary would know just hat Human Trafficking due to her and Bills extensive long term association with Epstein

    1. So true. Don’t forget Mrs. Obama also ‘voluntarily turned in her law license.
      As for the Trafficking —Where is the Epstein Client List? A nuclear hand grenade!!!

    2. According to Arkansas’ license records, William Clinton’s attorney license has been suspended since 2/21/2001. See
      Hillary Clinton’s attorney license, however, is still active. She was suspended as of 3/14/2002 for failing to maintain proper continuing legal education requirements. But she’s since corrected that, apparently, completing appropriate CLE programs. See

  6. The Biden regime is facilitating and condoning human trafficking with the policies they implemented.
    Desantis is likely saving his taxpayers money by transporting them to a free vacation at Martha’s Vineyard where wealthy Biden supporters reside. Martha’s Vineyard has more than enough available hotel rooms to house the illegal Venezuelan immigrants. Florida citizens have already been burdened enough with the Biden regime’s promotion of lawlessness on the border, in our cities, in our elections, and throughout the Federal government.

  7. Professor Turley,

    How is this consensual? If I consent to being flown to Boston where I am promised a job l, housing and asylum, and I find myself on an island with no job, no housing and no fast track to asylum, is that really your definition of consent?

    Wow. Come on, man.

    1. Further, do you know what language was used to interact with the migrants?

      If they were coerced into consenting in a language they didn’t understand, or were deliberately misled, they or Massachusetts officials could charge Texas state officials responsible for fraud — or perhaps even kidnapping, depending on how they were coerced into boarding the transport.

      1. Do you know what language was used when Biden transferred illegals all over the nation in the dark of night? Of course not. You are a hypocrite and make it very easy for others to see your hypocrisy.

        Biden is not following our immigration laws.

        We could house tens of thousands of immigrants at Martha’s Vineyard. They would have oceanside views and wonderful people like Obama and Michele surrounding them. They could party and have music festivals. Wow, DeSantis took what Biden called a gift and generously gave a few to the rich and powerful.

        1. Well put.

          If a person has not worked or lived in Texas for a while, they might check their stereotypes at the door and spend a little time there or in the Southwest. Texas Hispanics are near equal to the “white” population. A business owner or professional is at a distinct disadvantage in this region if they do not speak at least functional Spanish. Texas is no longer the famed “J.R.” Country.

      2. “Further, do you know what language was used to interact with the migrants?”
        Like no one in Florida Speaks Spanish.

        “If they were coerced into consenting in a language they didn’t understand, or were deliberately misled, they or Massachusetts officials could charge Texas state officials responsible for fraud —

        or perhaps even kidnapping, depending on how they were coerced into boarding the transport.
        There is video of all this. Have fun.

        1. How does the language spoken in some areas of Florida have anything to do with whether the migrants in this particular circumstance gave informed consent? That is completely irrelevant.

          1. What you think that these illegals were spoken too in yiddish ?
            Florida is not Martha’s vineyard where few if any speak spanish.

      3. Telemundo interviewed some of the migrants/illegal aliens in Martha’s Vineyard, and they were very grateful to Gov DeSantis for the transport to MV. What exactly is the problem?

        1. RE:”What exactly is the problem?” The problem, as usual, is that it depends upon whose ox is being gored as to how the media carried it and what their bias is. The Miami-Herald is notoriously anti-Trump. Find the statement by a ‘so-called’ Venezuelan ‘refugee’ who called DeSantis and left a message. Verrry Interrrresting!! As for immigration lawyers, you can dump the lot of ’em in the muckety-muck along with the DOJ/FBI as far as I’m concerned.

      4. “If they were coerced . . . perhaps even kidnapping . . .”

        And if they were hogtied, stacked six-high in a shipping container, then unloaded at a “stop the steal” rally — well, then, those dastardly R’s could be charged with INSURRECTION.

        Of course, there’s no evidence for that. But we’re just spitballing, right?

        1. RE:”“If they were coerced . . . perhaps even kidnapping ” Here’s the distillation from Florida’s Lt. Governor as of this morning. Florida is NOT a sanctuary state. Migrants enter the United States of America unlawfully. [NOTE: that I choose to use the word ‘unlawful’ as opposed to ‘illegal’ in that it applies to the circumstances and can’t be played around with by virtue-signaling goodie two-shoes progressive NIMBYS like those on Martha’s Vineyard} Those who find their way to Florida will be removed to parts of the country which have declared themselves to be sanctuary jurisdictions. Florida will continue to do so, as it now considers itself a ‘border state’. The Martha’s Vineyard transport was approved by the Florida state legislature and supported by funds given to the State by the Federal government to do as it wishes. . .

        2. RE:”And if they were hogtied, stacked six-high in a shipping container,” Film producer Ted Burns, whose documentary treating of the United States and the Holocaust premiers on PBS this evening, drew a veiled analogy to it and the Martha’s Vineyard ‘dustup’ The closest that might come to any such analogy is the way human traffickers are packing migrants into all forms of containers in order to secretly and unlawfully move them across the border into this country, evoking memories of the railroad cars in which the Nazis imprisoned individuals and transported them to their enslavement and deaths. This ‘pay for hire’ trafficking, is a consequence of the lasseiz-fare policy on border security being upheld and administered by the Federal Government of the United States. Even THATdoes not earn the analogy suggested by Burns. . “The Final Solution to the Jewish Question’, which Jews know as ‘The Shoa’, or ‘Destruction’, was the established policy of a nation state, the purpose of which was the industrial genocide of a designated racial group which populated an entire continent, along with other enemies and objects of hatred of its insane and manic leader and a people who made of themselves excrement..

    2. Breaking my rule against responding to the hundreds of nameless on this blog, and writing from a few miles from Ground Zero on Cape Cod, the early indications (but the full vote is not counted) are that these people are Venezuelan and do not need asylum. All indications are that they did know what was going on except maybe for the little factoid that the last three miles of their free trip would be on a ferry

      1. Why would someone from a brutal authoritarian regime and failed state like Venezuela categorically not be able to claim asylum? And why should a state governor from a state where the migrants are not located be able to make that determination?

        Also if you are in MA you should know that Boston is not 3 miles from MV…

    3. Anonymous: Forget the human trafficking part. The irony is so deep and rich you cannot free yourself from it. People like you and your cohort love all illegals all the time for every reason and you know that. But, this is the best example of NIMBY ever. No infrastructure the mayor says? Tough luck…build some. One libtard called these folks “trash”. Just dump the trash anywhere he says. We know how the left really feels. Illegals are great in Brownsville, TX or some other God-forsaken town. But not in Aspen, or Malibu, or Martha’s Vineyard. You got nailed big-time and now want to bring up human trafficking. Yeah, sure. Let’s arrest DeSantis and throw him in jail with Trump. Um hmmm.

    4. How is it consensual when Biden flies hundreds of thousands into worse circumstances?

      What about the American citizens that have to fear criminality and overcrowding of the schools? You don’t care about American citizens. You are hateful.

    5. “where I am promised a job l, housing and asylum”

      This is exactly what democrats are promising illegals coming over the Southern border, though. And while they’re not flying people into border states–which happen to be republican–they are BLATANTLY encouraging travel to those places, facilitating travel at every step of the way, ensuring greater burden on those states. In sending them to other states, the government assistance of freedom of movement is simply continuing. To call the further assistance of travel “human trafficking” is yet more hypocrisy from the left.

      You have you cake and eat it, too on so many issues it is starting to become legitimately, righteously angering. And you want to express some frustration like “come on, man”?? I’m pretty sure your mind is rotted, democrat. Here’s to hoping that can heal.

      1. Not a single response to the actual question regarding informed consent though. Thanks.

    6. Florida did not consent to these people entering.
      US immigration law was violated for them to get to FL.
      The same laws are not being enforced by the Biden admin.

      No laws were violated transporting them to Martha’s vineyard.

      DeSantis claims they consented. Regardless, the video of them getting on the flight shows no force.

      Travel withing the US is a right.

        1. Abbott has been sending illegals to Chicago, DC, and NYC – Not Martha’s vinyard.

          DeSantis – the Governor of Florida, sent illegals to martha’s vineyard

          Migrants – like birds and other animals, move back and forth between two places usually following the seasons, for the purposes of following work or food.

          There are certainly some migrants crossing the border, but not all in one direction year round.

          These are mostly people immigrating to the US illegally.

          If you do not like that – Change the law.

          I did not make the laws determining who can legally immigrate to the US.
          The president does not have the power to make law unilaterally.
          But he does have the obligation to uphold the law that exists, rather than the law as he wishes it to be.

          I am strongly pro-immigrant. My Children are both legal immigrants and children.
          I strongly favor changing our immigration laws.
          I would even favor an open immigration system. But that still means crossing at government checkpoints, not tresspassing on private property. That also requires changing our laws such that we do not create – as we have now, a massive moral hazard.

          We are currently paying more per year to support illegal immigrants than the cost to complete the wall – twice over.

          I want broad legal immigration.
          But that CAN NOT impose ANY cost on the country.

          What the left has wrought is the worst possible arrangement.
          There are now almost 5M people in the US who can not legally work. Anyone who hires them becomes a criminal.
          The left wants them here. It wants them in bad circumstances and it wants to rant about how they are being exploited.

          You can not exploit someone voluntarily.

      1. Also, US immigration law is federal not a state law. Last time I checked, DeSantis is still a state governor…

        1. Did Anyone say that DeSantis was enforcing immigration law ?

          Cities throughout the US have bused homeless people elsewhere for years.

        2. Soon to be your President.

          DeSantis is smart and focused. He will do quite well, though it might be decades to fix the mess Biden and Democrats created.

    7. The illegal aliens were given packages with food, hygiene products and a map showing them where they were going. They also signed consent forms agreeing to everything, after they had been advised where they were going. Prior to commenting, you should inform yourself on the topic you’re commenting on.

      1. RE:”Prior to commenting, you should inform yourself on the topic you’re commenting on.” ….and leave a modicum of uncertainty with regard to the veracity of supposedly reliable sources. Last on my list would be immigration lawyers, and so-called ‘migrant refugees’ from Venezuela who are given to make statements couched as follows….””housands of miles from his native Venezuela, a young man used a cellphone Thursday night to record a message to Florida’s governor. “Listen, Ron Desantis, one more Venezuelan speaking here,” he said, turning to film the crowd that had come to see the migrants flown by the state of Florida to Martha’s Vineyard and the Episcopalian church where they were now sleeping, eating and praying. “And, well, just grateful for the little prank you pulled on us.” “You hit a home run.”””” Hit a home run!?!?!? Makes one wonder, doesn’t it.

        Read more at:

      2. Can you please provide a link to the Spanish consent form they signed which said they would be flying to Martha’s Vineyard MA?

        1. RE:”Can you please provide a link to the Spanish consent form”.. Your request suggests that the U.S. government has been employing one since it began the process of surreptitiously transporting people out of Texas and Arizona to other parts of the nation, often under the cover of darkness. It would obviously have to be drawn in more than one language in that Spanish speakers are not the only national group entering this country unlawfully. If, to your knowledge, there exists such a multi-lingual document, please share it with us. If not, then none is required, even by the Federal government. This from one who has been intimately involved in the preparation and use of consent forms through his entire professional career. Thank you.

        2. ATS becomes more and more stupid as he continues to talk nonsense.

          There are enough comments about his stupidity, but where did we find Spanish consent forms when Biden sent hundreds of thousands across state borders at night while telling no one? When will this lunatic learn that not all immigrants speak Spanish?

      3. No they weren’t, they were given a cartoon map that just showed Massachusetts, and the people were told Boston, which has immigration offices where they could have made appointments they were required to make. They were told there was a surprise for them, housing, help with jobs, and the immigration process. All lies, they signed consent under false pretense. How you are so blind to that? They were given the bare minimum. What about the fact that many have hearings this week that are to happen in Seattle, San Antonio, and other places far from where they were sent? Other people filling out forms added random homeless shelters as their address when they told the people they didn’t have an address. You lack compassion, sense, and balls.

    8. The Venezuelans consented to the flight when presented with frequent flyer miles. I think also it is easy to believe they went willingly knowing it was a vineyard they were going to for work. And while we are at it, they went there for the Obamacare. These possibilities are just as legit as the inane crap on here from the far left!

    9. Each one of those people were given a document in their own language which explained where they were going and should they not want to go there they did not need to agree. Those who agreed signed the document and willingly went to Martha’s Vineyard. DeSantis is a patriotic American and we’ve had enough of this open borders invasion of our nation!

      1. That is far more than people crossing the border illegally normally get.

        I would note that though they did consent, Governors have police powers, which means that these people can be reoved from the state by force without consent.

        We have seen cities do this with homeless people all the time. Round them up and pay for a bus ticket to somewhere else.

  8. Who did Embarress Governor Ron DeSantis (FL) that he ordered to fly Undocumented Persons out of the State?

    A The Issue
    It’s well documented [1] that during President Biden’s tenure 4.9 million people, the equivalent of the entire population of Ireland, improper entered our country. That leads to several questions, such as

    * how could that happen though Art 4 Sec 4 of our Constitution is in play and government established DHS (lead by Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas), CBP to provide border security, immigration, customs, among many others and DOJ (lead by AG Merrick Garland) to uphold the rule of law, to keep our country safe (in ’21, fentanyl, with a high profit margin) accounted for most drug overdose death), and to protect civil rights?
    * where did they cross our border?
    * what did the government do last 19 months to keep our country safe?

    B How did some of these improper entered persons traveled from the border towns to Jacksonville, FL which is no less than 1,500 miles away?
    Since summer 2021 [2] we know that the government organized ground and air transport under the cover of darkness. That leads to several questions, such as

    * who checked that among those chosen to relocate were no drug dealers, sex traffickers, terrorists or other criminals?
    * why were undocumented passengers allowed to board a plane & did they know where to go?
    * who paid?

    C What happened with 12K people who improper entered our country and camped under Del Rio Bridge in TX?
    In 9/21 These persons had appeared in a matter of days and had overwhelmed CBP and the city (with a population of 35K lies 150 miles west of San Antonio, TX) which shut down the border to process them. Within days, they disappeared! The fact so many were moved so quickly should be troubling for any American. That leads to several questions, such as [3]

    * how many have been moved into the cities and towns where you live?
    * what will the impacts be to state and local budgets of thousands of people being moved into these locations?
    * will there be other impacts that the Media won’t report on?

    D There are three carriers but why are flight numbers decreasing lately?
    Maybe they use other like transports like buses or trains, how knows [4]

    However, there are three charter airlines [GlobalX (G6). iAero (WQ), World Atlantic (WL)] Avelo (XP) contracted by the government.

    Avelo is a budget airline with schedule flights, bookable for the general public: Immediately after a chartered flight – with passengers improper entered our country – landed, a commercial flight is scheduled. That leads to several questions, such as [3]

    * As many illnesses brought into US by people improper entered our country: How confident are passenger that the plane has been cleaned to their satisfaction within a hour?
    * As FAA offers training videos on human trafficking: What does the crew say about transporting unaccompanied minors?
    * Why did CSI Aviation, the contract holder, substituted HPN to SWF for their flight out of ELP via JAX?

    E What it’s GOP take?
    Please assist with answers!

    [1] eg The Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), RRW blog written by Ann Corcoran or books, such as: Tod Bensman: Overrun: How Joe Biden Unleashed The Greatest Border Crisis In U.S. History, Ann Corcoran: Refugee Resettlement and the Hijra to America, and Michelle Malkin, Open Borders Inc.: Who’s Funding America’s Destruction?
    [2] On 10/19/21 NYP reported about a charter flight with improper entered passengers into Westchester, NY late at night.
    On 11/6/21 “Washington Examiner” reported: “Biden sent 70 secret night flights of migrants from border to Florida”.
    On 1/4/22 “FN Primetime” shows images of an airplane (& bus) at AVP at Christmas night. “Socratic Patriot found out that two charter flights passed AVP on 12/25/21: 1 (WL Reg # N806) ELP-CVG-AVP-LRD; 2 (WL reg# N804) ELP-CVG-AVP-MFE [3]. Governor Tom Wolf (D-PA) statated that “the migrant flights that arrived at AVP […] passing through on the way to their guardians and sponsors.” If you are not familiar with flightpaths, you can check at “Great Circle Mapper” and will find out both flights started and returned to TX. Decide yourself if Governor’s explanation sounds plausible.
    [4] On 6/21/22 “The Daily Wire” compiled in “Aircraft Records Reveal Secret Migrant Flights Across U.S.” what it’s all about

  9. Uh, Turley WHY did you put Hillary Clinton’s picture on this post, OTHER THAN, as Rick Wilson has written, to stir up the disciples? DeSantis and Abbott, using taxpayer money, have lied to migrants seeking asylum by telling them they were being transported to places with jobs waiting for them, and have politicized the issue of immigration, but you post Hillary Clinton’s picture because she criticizes this. Rick Wilson says that nothing stirs up the disciples more than Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton, so what you’re really doing is more Fox-esque pandering to the faithful. What’s truly astounding is that all of these people who like to call themselves “Christian” and “conservative” and who regularly run to church, somehow ignore the gospel messages of “do unto others as you would do unto me” and “when I was a stranger, you welcomed me”.

    1. Santuary cities are a public promise to these people,
      one they failed to keep – as quickly as they possibly could.

      God forbid a few brown people should be visible at Matha’s vineyard.

      I guess that santurary communities are really just virtue signalling.

    2. Are you saying that Martha’s vineyard can not find 50 jobs ?
      But Red states are supposed to find 2million a year ?

  10. My former home in Del Rio was a five minute drive to the border. The town has around 35K inhabitants. The bordering town Ciudad Acuña has about 200K. In the past year, the Del Rio sector is seeing around 30K border crossings per month. Del Rio is 90+ percent Hispanic as are most of the Texas towns along the border.

    To give perspective, the Texas-Mexico border is about the same distance as New York City to Kansas City.

    The other thing not being discussed is that the smugglers get 5-20K per person to get them through. This is a multibillion dollar industry for the Cartel. If they don’t have it they will owe it. Do the math. Two million encounters in this administration.

    The border disaster is deliberate and a blatant disregard for existing laws. I don’t blame the persons coming here I would. I hope they succeed. This is a humanitarian crisis forced on the citizens by this administration.

    Not in my back yard is their motto.

  11. Redistributive change is standard operating procedure of the federal government under Democrat governance.

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