House Democrats Take Ownership of Hunter: House Committee Votes Down Inquiry into Influence Peddling

House Democrats on the Oversight Committee took a vote on Tuesday that could come back to haunt them.  All of the 23 Democrats voted not to inquire into the influence peddling scheme of Hunter Biden and the Biden family. Rep. James Comer (R-KY) proposed a “resolution of inquiry” in light of growing evidence of not just a possible multimillion dollar influence peddling operation by Hunter and his uncle, but the knowledge of his father, President Joe Biden. At a minimum, it appears that President Biden’s repeated public denials of any knowledge of these dealings is false.  Yet, the Democrats blocked any inquiry into the corruption. If Republicans take the House as expected in the midterms, the Democrats now effectively took ownership of Hunter — a political proprietary claim that few would relish.  The vote comes after 33 senators asked Attorney General Merrick Garland to appoint a special counsel in the matter, a call that I have repeatedly made in prior columns for over two years. The letter is below.

Rep. Carolyn Maloney, the chairwoman of the House Oversight Committee, called the resolution a “nakedly partisan effort” and accused Republicans of being “obsessed” with Hunter Biden.  The vote, however, reveals a blind avoidance by Democrats of a corrupt scheme that brought in millions for the Biden family and may have benefitted the President himself.

Even if no criminal acts are charged, the foreign dealings of Hunter and his uncle were clearly corrupt and leveraged access to Joe Biden to acquire windfall payments from governments and their surrogates. There is no good faith basis to refuse to investigate such a scheme designed to influence U.S. policy and policymakers. Why wouldn’t the Congress want to know if there was a multimillion dollar influence peddling scheme reaching the very top of our government, including allegations of the involvement of foreign intelligence figures?

The vote, however, does bring a modicum of clarity at long last. The House Democrats are now on record as actively blocking efforts to investigate this massive influence peddling scheme.  The implications of that vote will likely  become more clear if the House switches hands after the midterm elections.

The Democratic members are not alone in such a reckoning. The mainstream media has been clearly moving to re-position itself in anticipation of possible criminal charges after years of blocking or downplaying the story.

I previously wrote a column on the one year anniversary of the Hunter Biden laptop story that marveled at the success of the Biden family in making the scandal vanish before that 2020 election. It was analogized to Houdini making his 10,000-pound elephant Jennie disappear in his act. With the help of the media, the Biden trick occurred live before an audience of millions.

The problem is the public can now see the elephant.

That is why the media is now recalibrating. Yet, the Democratic members have decided to go “all in” with the original delusion. They are still going to deny that there is any elephant on the stage as it trumpets in their ears with almost weekly disclosures of foreign influence and deals pursued through Hunter and his family.

Hunter Biden Special Counsel Letter


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    Call the cops on the anti-constitution communists (liberals, progressives, socialists, democrats, RINOs) – all they do is cheat.

    The Supreme Court must now put on the docket the “Achilles Heel” case and strike down all unconstitutional acts in one fell swoop through its charge, Judicial Review.

    Once Americans perceive that the literal clear and evident meaning and intent of the Constitution will be vigorously supported, the desire to ignore, violate and nullify the Constitution will soon self-resolve.

    There is no Praetorian Guard for the Constitution.

    There is Judicial Review.

    The Power of Judicial Review

    Marshall’s opinion established that the Supreme Court has the authority, under the Supremacy Clause and Article III, § 2 of the Constitution, to review legislative or executive acts and find them unconstitutional, i.e., the power of judicial review.

    – Cornell Law School

    Judicial Review in the United States

    The doctrine of judicial review holds that the courts are vested with the authority to determine the legitimacy of the acts of the executive and the legislative branches of government.

    – DOJ, Office of Justice Programs

  2. Democrats are running interference for Democrat corruption.

    These are the same people who abused their positions of power to bring knowingly false accusations of Trump working with the Russians.

    We’re already halfway there to being a banana republic.

    Democrats are going to get away with it, because they hold all the positions of power and communication.

  3. You are a great Legal Eagle Master Turley! Thank you for making comment after level consideration and application of the Law AS IT STANDS. What is so alarming to me is that party politics are simultaneously attacking the very BASE of our legal system at the same time they are acting surreptitiously to avert legal consequences for ANY liberal political figures. COLLUSION IS NOT LEGAL! I, and Millions of other Americans, are appalled!

  4. Turley,

    Again when given the opportunity to do the right thing… The Democrats refuse to do it.

    Regardless of party,

    Sure. Biden is a Democrat and the House is currently controlled by the Democrats.
    However, getting to the bottom of what could be an explosive scandal would better serve this country than letting it fester and waiting until midterms.

    If after doing some due diligence and nothing is there… fine.
    However if there is an issue and it will impact our nation… playing party politics doesn’t help this country, nor does it help that party either.


  5. This Hunter Biden history just keeps unfolding and unfolding — some day, we don’t know when exactly, we who care to know the facts will know the facts — my suspicion is that Joe Biden will probably already be in his grave by that time —

  6. Biden’s obvious senility has infected the whole Democratic Party. Like Biden, they pretend if they ignore the Hunter scandal it will just go away. Or maybe they hope it will just go away until after the midterms. News flash: it won’t go away. Many of us would like to know how Joe became a multi-millionaire on a Senator’s salary and whether he is, in fact, the “big guy” they shoveled money to. Hunter is the sleazebag that keeps on giving. Dems are trying to cover up for him and for that he’s all theirs now.

  7. We shall see. The Republicans are notorious for never actually acting on what they say they will do. Furthermore, when they do, they often would rather grandstand than actually do a serious investigation. They should hire the best investigators and lawyers and use the opportunity to destroy this most corrupt and authoritarian administration in history. But if history is a good indicator of future performance, the Republicans will shy away from real substantive confrontation and attack each other instead with nothing to show for in the end, And the MSM will gloat.

  8. The in your face corruption and it’s depth should have every American outraged regardless of your political leanings.

  9. “All of the 23 Democrats voted not to inquire into the influence peddling scheme of Hunter Biden and the Biden family.” (JT)

    So whether Trump declassified documents and turned over others in a timely fashion — that requires a gloveless rectal exam by the DOJ/FBI and MSM.

    But the kelptocratic Biden family gets a wink and a nod.

    I think I understand how this works.

  10. What always gets lost while focusing on HB’s dealings with China is his involvement in the Obama/Biden/Clinton/E.U. partnership to take control of Ukraine. That’s the big story. If we see HB’s involvement with Burisma as simply a chance for him and “TBG” to pad their bank accounts, we miss U.S. election interference in Ukraine and the roots of the conspiracy that ultimately forced Putin to take DEFENSIVE action. That series of crimes against a sovereign nation by the western partners of the E.U. are proving to be far more serious than anything found on the infamous laptop, begging the question: has the laptop been a planned distraction from the REAL story all along?

  11. When some obscure school board hack asks Garland to send in the FBI to investigate parents, Garland obliges. When some obscure clerk in NARA asks Garland to investigate Trump, Garland obliges. But when 33 US Senators ask him to investigate the most corrupt “first family” in US history — crickets.

  12. Republicans may not be the solution to all of our problems, but Democrats are certainly the cause of all of our problems. Dan Bongino

  13. Like a toddler dealing with object permanence, they close their eyes and swear that others can’t see them, or the elephant in this situation.

  14. Based on the contents of that letter alone, the Attorney General should be immediately removed from office by the President of the United States, but unfortunately we have an intentionally divisive pure partisan hack as the President of the United States that seems to view the Constitution that he swore to “preserve, protect and defend” as an archaic out-of-date worthless piece of parchment preventing him from ramming his totalitarian orders down the throats of the American people.

    If the Republicans gain the majority in the House and Senate in November I think a tidal wave of impeachments, yes plural, may be coming that will outweigh anything else that Congress tries to accomplish.

    Article II, Section 4: The President, Vice President and all civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors.

    I think we are heading directly into a real Constitutional crisis, it’s simply a matter of time.

    My hopes for a brighter future for my children and grandchildren are waning.

  15. This is a perfect example of the degree to which the Democrats, a left wing march-in-step party, will go to try to make America a one party country.

  16. Why do we even bother to comment on the lack of character and honesty when discussing the prog/left democrat? A total waste of time because we see with our own eyes what they do yet the media covers for them, again. PRAVDA was more honest.

  17. Now we just have to win in November.

    We need to restore some integrity in Washington.

    1. Sure we need to win, but like a house infested with cockroaches, first you must clean out the infestation of rinos and sociallsits before you can live in it safely and cleanly. Now that is the real job at hand.

    1. Democrat lawmakers (law makers? isn’t that a hoot?) in lockstep with a corrupt Biden regime.
      Corporate media in lockstep with Democrat political machine.
      Corrupt Attorney General oversees corrupt Justice Department in lockstep with corrupt regime.
      We watch Democrat Party leaders deploy ‘trickle down corruption’ tactics to pressure, bribe and threaten members of ‘The Party’ and ‘State TV’ to go along, get in lockstep, and stay in line. Corruption reigns supreme. How authoritarian of them. Is anyone surprised?

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