President Biden Pushes Hunter’s Addiction as CNN Omits Questions on Influence Peddling and Contradictions

This week I wrote a column on a notable shift by political and media figures on the Hunter Biden scandal toward a last line of defense: the addiction defense. This shift is most obvious with President Joe Biden who spent years insisting that his son “did nothing wrong,” even bizarrely claiming that “no one has suggested that my son did anything wrong.” That defense was picked up by the White House.

Then it changed as prosecutors reportedly moved closer to criminal charges and the President no longer denied that his son did anything wrong but rather that he was an addict when he did allegedly criminal things. I called it the “seven percent solution” and it was on full (and uncontested) display in the President’s interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper.

The interview had some probing and interesting questions on issues like Biden’s trip to Saudi Arabia but, for those eager to hear the President answer substantive questions on the scandal, the interview followed the past media pattern.

Tapper neither challenged the suggested defense (which has glaring problems) nor raised the allegations of a multimillion dollar influence peddling scheme by the Biden family.

Biden was asked about the possible criminal charges from David Weiss, the U.S. Attorney for Delaware, Biden immediately went to addiction and said that Hunter is now “on the straight and narrow.” He then repeated the same lines about addiction in the questions that followed:

“This is a kid who got, not a kid — he’s a grown man. He got hooked on — like many families have had happen, hooked on drugs. He’s overcome that. He’s established a new life…

…He is — I’m confident that he is — what he says and does are consistent with what happens. And for example, he wrote a book about his problems and was straightforward about it. I’m proud of him…

…He came along and said, by the way, this thing about a gun — I didn’t know anything about it. But turns out that when he made [an] application to purchase a gun, what happened was he say – I guess you get asked, I don’t guess, you get asked a question, are you on drugs or do you use drugs? He said no. And he wrote about saying no in his book.”

As discussed earlier, the most obvious problem with the addiction defense is that Hunter did not appear to have any chemical-based challenge in maintaining a global, multimillion-dollar influence-peddling scheme.

Not only is this possible prosecution not based on a drug offense, it would feature a high-functioning defendant who earned millions in influence peddling. Indeed, the now-sober Hunter has repeatedly acknowledged that while his family name may have led to some of his past positions, he is a lawyer with experience that was useful in work like serving on the board of Ukrainian energy conglomerate Burisma Holdings.

Moreover, using the addiction to defeat the gun and tax charges will only heighten questions about the influencing-peddling allegations. If Hunter was a hopeless addict incapable of criminal intent or sound decision-making, why were foreign interests clamoring at his door to give him millions of dollars as a board member, lawyer or consultant? Without skill or capabilities to sell, you are left with raw and open corruption to gain access to or influence with his father.

Yet, once again, CNN and Tapper did not ask President Biden about millions of dollars collected from foreign sources in what was a raw influence peddling scheme by his father.

He was not asked about allegations of the involvement of foreign intelligence figures in these dealings.

He was not asked about references to the President himself as receiving a percentage of the take. It seems that millions of dollars raised in an alleged corrupt enterprise with foreign interests involving his son and brother was not sufficiently newsworthy to even ask about in one of the few interviews granted by this president.

Tapper also did not ask the President about emails and other evidence directly contradicting his repeated claims that he knew nothing about any of these business dealings.

Weeks ago, I discussed the possible plea bargain on limited charges as the best case scenario not just for the Bidens but the media which has buried this scandal from the outset.

The most important element of that “controlled demolition” of the scandal is to avoid discussions of the influence peddling scheme and foreign sources of this money. The CNN interview proved the perfect framing of that demolition project by discussing the addiction defense but avoiding any discussion of past false statements by the President or his family’s involvement in influence peddling.

With these questions not being pursued by the media (and the inexplicable refusal of Attorney General Merrick Garland to appoint a special counsel), political and media figures are only enhancing the case for the GOP in seeking to use congressional oversight to look into these dealings after the midterm elections.

The Democrats recently blocked (again) efforts to investigate the dealings, but the GOP has made this a priority if they take the House. One of the greatest advantages to a Special Counsel (beyond the independence from main Justice) would have been the issuance of a report on these dealings.

Just as the media buried the Hunter Biden story before the 2020 election, it is now avoiding a full discussion of the foreign influence detailed on the laptop before the 2022 midterm elections. While the media now belatedly recognizes as authentic, it has a striking lack of interest what is contained in these emails. There just never seems a good time for the media to pursue the influence peddling scandal involving the Biden family.

I understand that Tapper had much to cover and I have previously praised him for his skills as an interviewer. No one would question his judgment in addressing such important issues as the threat of the use of nuclear weapons in Ukraine. Moreover, Tapper was given a rare opportunity to interview a president who rarely does sit down interviews — leaving a host of matters to be addressed.

However, the President and his family have been implicated in a massive influence peddling scheme. Regardless of whether it is connected to criminal charges, it is the type of raw corruption that should be a concern for not just the public but the media. With the President’s past claims contradicted on his son and his own knowledge, it warranted greater attention given the President’s minimal access for sit-down interviews.

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  1. Hunter was the go-between on a scheme linking the Russians AND the Chinese to get oil purchases around the sanctions on Russia using the Chinese firm CEFC. The founder of which has been “disappeared” (something the Chinese do a lot of). There is also his connection to the Gulftainer corporation providing effectively unlimited access to US ports for shipping that could be carrying anything–the John B Wells radio program ArkMidnight is currently featuring guests who warn this could include small-scale nuclear weapons.
    Do you trust that the Chinese and Russians would not do something like this?
    Oh and CEFC paid tens of millions to Chris Wray’s law firm. He just forgot to tell the Senate about it.

  2. “See Johnny, this is representative of the typical formula of your posts. You make a claim and don’t back it up with evidence.
    Where is the evidence Trump ordered National Guard and Pelosi turning it down? ”
    The capital police timeline already entered into evidence in the J6 hearings. Memo’s to the Capital police by WH staff,
    testimony by 4 people in the meeting with Trump in the WH when this was authorized – I beleive Miley was one and has confirmed it.
    We do not know that Pelosi turned the request down. But we absolutley know that it was turned down, and that it was Turned down from the top of the Capital Sargent at arms offices or higher which means Pelosi or Schumer.

    “Yesterday’s hearing proved this right wing bit of falsehood in concrete terms as footage was shown of Pelosi and Shumer dealing directly with the governors of Virginia, Maryland, and even with Mike Pence about how to hurriedly get the Guard in to the Capitol.”
    Which is not evidence of anything. No governor can dispatch the Guard out of his state. You can not move the guard across state borders without the authorization of the president PERIOD. Pence can not do it. The only way the MD or VA guard entered DC was with either the PRIOR permission of the president or if someone contacted the president and got his authorization.
    It is already well documented that Trump authorized the Guard Days earlier. Trump wanted the guard. Everyone had reason to beleive Antifa would be present. Everyone had reason to beleive that people on all sides might agitate for Violence. Trump absolutely wanted a big powerful protest. He also absolutely wanted a peaceful one.

    This whole violent insurrection claim requires you to believe all those involved are STUPID.
    Did you learn nothing from the collusion delusion. Did the minutemen show up at lexington and concord without their guns ?
    Then why would you believe that insurrections showed up at the capital unarmed ?
    Even Antifa brings bricks and frozen water bottles – and all they are after is chaos.

    “There is no evidence that Pelosi ‘turned down’ this sort of response beforehand…,”
    Correct – but someone did because the offer is unbelievably well documented. And there are only about 4 people who could have said no.
    We know this was turned down at the top – Pelosi, Schumer, the sargent at arms of the house, or of the senate.

    “to do so would’ve not only been highly illogical, it would’ve been suicidal on her part.”
    Depends on what it is that you want. And no it was not “suicidal” Pelosi has her own protection detail along with all ranging members of the house and senate.

    “Do you not ask these questions of yourself inside your fever dreams before posting the type of schlock you specialize in?”
    I post facts. So far you have not addressed FACTS. What little you have provided does not contradict any facts I offered.
    In fact it just makes Schumer and Pelosi look stupid. It is not as if it is some secret that no State can deploy their NG beyond the borders of the state. Only the president can do that. You are asking us to beleive that Pelosi, Schumer and ranking members of congress are too stupid to know how the National Guard is deployed.

    Further the DC NG is at the DC Armory which is within a few minutes of the Capital, And again can only be deployed to the Capital with the permission of the president.

    The very fact that NG units showed up, is absolute Proof that either Trump pre-authorized them, or he did so at some time on J6.
    Given that the DC guard arrived relatively quickly – that means they were already gathered at the aromory – NG troops do not sit in baracks waiting to be called up – unless they have been called up they are typically at home with their families. These are weekend warriors, Not the professional full time military.

    You acusse me of not considering what I say – but it is CLEAR that you have not considered the stupidity of your claims.

    “The Committee also focused on the intel that was floating around for days prior to 1/6 that had to be ignored in order for 1/6 to even occur. That intel had to be actively ignored at the highest levels of government up to and including the White House because Trump would’ve been briefed on it.”

    More nonsense – again read the capital police timeline. The capital police were MOSTLY notified of potential threats.
    There is a very real issue because the FBI was hiding alot of things from everyone – including the president.
    It is strongly suspected that the FBI was carefully curating what it was providing because it was heavily involved.
    Because not only does it monitor these groups, but it feeds them and drives them. All you need to do is look at the Whitmer kidnaping hoax.

    Regardless to the extent the WH was aware of threats it forwarded them to the CP. Again read the CP timeline.

    “Compare and contrast to trump’s riot squad and low flying helicopters from the Lafeyette Square, holding the bible upside down, episode from the summer before.”
    An operation that took almost 24hrs to put in place and was done completely without the involvement of the president.
    This is all well documented. I would note those rioters nearly tore down the WH fence destroyed fences at Laffeyette park, committed arson, through bricks, rocks and frozen water bottles, tore up Park equipment – and were otherwise peaceful.

    ” At a minimum, rubber bullets should’ve lit up Magats rushing the Capitol…,”
    Pelosi shoudl have accepted the NG, though honestly they were not necescary. All that was necescary was for Pelosi to not be deliberately trying to create a scene. The capital is never closed when congress is in session – but it was J6.
    The CP has more than enough officers to leave the capital open, search people as they enter for weapons, and limit the numbers.
    As they do about 200 days every year. The violence erupted because protesters were unconstitutionally locked out.
    And pelosi has been caught on video saying very close to that.

    “SOP for demonstrations for George Floyd after dark in multiple cities.”
    Don;t burn the country down and you will not have to worry about that.

    Regardless, we have lots of video of what left wing protestors do after dark.

    “But Trump wanted to use ‘his people’ rioting against government employees in order to declare the Insurrection Act which he would use to throw the government into martial law whereby he could declare himself president for another term.”
    A ludicrously stupid claim without evidence. if Congress does not confirm a new president by Jan 20, 2021 Nancy Pelosi becomes president.
    The US held a presidential election in the middle of the civil war.

    “It wouldn’t have worked.”
    Of course not, it is completely legally constitutionally and practically impossible.

    “The shortsightedness of inciting a riot of Magats to storm the Capitol, blame it on Antifa and manipulate the elector system to throw the election to the States wasn’t going to work with the Pentagon and state governments as presently constituted.”
    Yes, something that did not happen would not have worked, we agree,
    Trump had a single shot, left, a hail mary, that was to have PEACEFUL protestors in the Capital voicing their concerns about the election. and to have congress either refuse to certify and kick the election to congress – which if every single republican would have stuck to Trump would have barely given him the presidency, or more likely a couple of republicans would have defected and Biden would have been elected by congress.
    Or “the cruz plan” – the congress votes to delay certifcation 10 days and directs the national guard to the 6 swing states to conduct a manual recount – which also would have given Biden the presidency – though it is likely GA would have flipped. Because counting fraudulent ballots over and over does not change the count. For Trump to win the Fraudulent ballots would have to be found.

    “That’s why R’s have set about placing election deniers/authoritarians in state governments since then”
    You have the weirdest definition of authoritarian. Right now we have the most authoritarian president and congress ever.
    The US is in a proxy war with Russia – on the presidents authority. We are completely ignoring immigration law – because the president does not like it. The president has unilaterally spent 1/2 Trillion dollars wiping out student death – without congressional authority.
    And on and on and on.

    Authoritarian does not mean – acting differently from your wishes.
    It means acting without constitutional or legal authority.
    That is Biden not Trump.

    “1/6 was a dry run for next time, or so they hope.”
    If J6 was an actual insurection – they would have succeeded.

    The people you defame have many times more guns than the US military. If they had intended to use force at the capital – they would have brought guns.

    In may 2020 they did go to the MI capital – fully armed to protest Whitmer’s egregious covid policies. Ar-15’s all over. Peacefully and then they went home. No one twisted an ankle.

    There were no guns at J6 because there was no expectation they would need them.
    They expected to enter the capital protest and leave – thousands of them.
    Sending a message to congress – not bullets.

    But you are partly right – they will learn from this. Just as they will learn from your lawless election fraud.
    Some states are moving rapidly, others more slowly, but the rule of law will be restored.

    The Delaware supreme court a blue state has just declared mailin voting unconstitutional these are not right wing judges.
    Just judges that saw the mess that a lawless election caused and do not want a repeat.

  3. Does anyone out there actually believe we have a real working government as controlled by the Democrats? That there is, and can be justice on virtually any level of concern? If so, perhaps one should see someone, and have substantial discussions/therapy regarding one’s delusions.

  4. (OT)

    The J6 Committee has voted to subpoena Trump to appear before the Committee.

    Also, SCOTUS has denied Trump’s request to vacate the 11th Circuit’s stay of Cannon’s order re: the classified documents.

        1. Does the J6 committee work for Sorros ?
          That is still being negotiated.
          My bet is that Sorros eventually learns he works for the nutjobs on the J6 committee.
          The monies classes did not fare will in Mao’s china, the USSR or Nazi Germany.

          Does SCOTUS work for Sorros – nope, but one h311 of alot of DA’s in the US owe their jobs to Sorros.

          Overall I really do not care that much about Sorros – except to note that in some form the conspiracies you are never able to find amoung the right are out in the open on the left.

          There is an obvious conspiracy between Sorros as an example and myriads of left wing District Attorney candidates to get elected and to implement policies that have to a very large extent not merely proven disastrous – but predictably disastrous.
          This is a perfectly legal conspiracy. But a very real one nonetheless.

          Those involved in that conspiracy should be held accountable for the damage they have done.
          that accountability is to citizens.

          Sorros, the left, democrats, you have done great harm to the very things you are trying to advance.

          I support a number of criminal justice and policing reforms. Everything that you seek to accomplish is not evil.
          But you have done so many things thoughtlessly all at once and so badly, many of them obviously going to fail,
          that you have thoroughly discredited all efforts at reforms in law enforcrement.

          We have had almost 4 decades of declining crime and violence. There are many claims as to what the root causes of these declines are.
          But those declines suddenly completely reversed and crime is skyrocketting. We most certainly now have the data to determine what of the many possibilities was driving crime down, by looking at what changed that caused it to spike.

          But that is not what is happening. What you have done is driven a backlash that will not only return to both the good and bad past policies but with near certainty make the very things you sought to improve worse.

    1. It is highly unlikely that Trump will appear. But Trump has already welcomed the opportunity to testify asking “what took them so long” ?

      And promising to testify about how he authorized the National guard in advance and Pelosi turned them down,
      And how the J6 committee is not investigating the failure of Pelosi to allow a safe and secure protest
      nor has the J6 committee investigated 2020 election fraud.

      Trump is not going to appear before the committee, because he is only going to agree to testify in public,
      and there is no possibility the J6 committee will allow that.

      This was a stupid move. Once Again democrats gave Trump the opportunity to make them look like fools.

      1. They should say yes to airing it live and schedule it ASAP. They’ve had live testimony several times in earlier hearings.

        Odds are that he’s lying and will fight it, but it would be a win for the committee either way: either they get his testimony, or they show him to be lying.

        As for your own lie about Pelosi, here she is on tape talking with Gov. Northam about sending the National Guard:

        1. “As for your own lie about Pelosi, here she is on tape talking with Gov. Northam about sending the National Guard:”

          You’re being deceitful, by yet again switching the context. The issue is the approval of the deployment of the DCNG *before* Jan. 6 — a request that both Pelosi and Bowser rejected.

          1. You’ve presented zero evidence that “both Pelosi and Bowser rejected” the “deployment of the DCNG *before* Jan. 6.”

            I doubt that you will present any evidence of it. I’d be happy to be wrong about that, but my guess is that you’ll attempt to shift the burden onto me.

            1. “You’ve presented zero evidence that . . .”

              That evidence has been presented countless times on this blog and is readily available elsewhere.

              The real problem is that there is not enough “evidence” in the universe to convince *you* of those facts. Apologists have countless tricks for evasion.

              Care to address your chronic dishonesty via context-dropping?

              1. “That evidence has been presented countless times on this blog”

                Then link to it.
                But so far, you haven’t presented any evidence of your original claim, and you also haven’t presented any evidence of your *new* claim either.

                “The real problem is that there is not enough “evidence” in the universe to convince *you* of those facts.”


                And there’s an extremely easy way to test your BS claim: get off your duff and present some actual evidence or link to a previous comment that presented some actual evidence.

                “Care to address your chronic dishonesty …”

                You haven’t presented evidence of that EITHER.

                1. You are a liar. Sam is right. Look up the Capitol Police summary. I think it is listed at Jan 4.

            2. The summary of the Capitol Police provided proof and that was posted on this blog more than once. I guess you lie so much you can’t keep your facts straight.

        2. “As for your own lie about Pelosi, here she is on tape talking with Gov. Northam about sending the National Guard:”

          What an absolute fool anonymous is. Here Pelosi is covering herself and her lies. The National Guard was refused and she was the final word. That refusal occurred days before. ‘Oops’ says Nancy Pelosi, ‘with all that violence on the screen, I should have had the National Guard there. I didn’t. Let me call Northam and have the call videoed so that I can prove I am innocent even though I know I am guilty.’ The call was made during the event. The refusal was days before.

          That anonymous can’t figure this out demonstrates a lack of ability and hence a lack of credibility.

        3. I have very little doubt Trump is lying. But the J6 committee has to opportunity to call his bluff – if you think he is bluffing.
          I do not.

          I do not expect Trump to testify. I expect the J6 committee to allow the clock to run out.
          I think Trump testifying publicly is there worst nightmare.

          This is not the same as a trial. Watch pretty much any recent congressional testimony where witnesses filibuster and avoid directly answering questions. The Chair does not have the power that a Judge does. Threatening Trump with Contempt under the current circumstances would be stupid. If House democrats could manage to find the temp to get a contempt motion in place before Congress expires the next congress would immediately void it.

          All this will end up being is Committee members asking leading idiotically framed questions and Trump riffing on whatever he wants to say.

          Whether you like it or not Trump will win that contest.

          All Trump would have to do is give his J6 speach incrementally in answers to questions.

          This committee, this congress is already a lame duck. They have no power. They are no threat to Trump. He is a threat to them.

          He has offered to testify publicly. You can take him up on it and have a circus – where he is the circus master.
          He is much better at this than any of these people.

          Or he can play rope a dope with you in court as you refuse to agree to do this in public.

          Trump is going to want in public, prime time, probably for 2-3 hours. The J6 committee would be stupid to give that too him.
          Regardless, if you fight that – or you make him fight in court for that YOU look like cowards.

        4. Please review the timeline from the Capital police. Your video does not demonstrate what you claim.
          And even if it did it would be irrelevant to the argument.

          First, The DC guard is the appropriate force for the Capital.

          Formally, state guard can be deployed inside the state at the direction of the governor.
          If as with the VA guard, they are to leave the state LOCAL government must ask the president, and the president ,must nationalize the guard and send them to the other state.

          The DC guard is slightly more complex, the DC mayor – or in the case of the capital Area, the Sargent at Arms of the house or Senate must request the guard from the president who then authorizes them.

          That is the process as prescribed by Law.

          The Whitehouse – at Trump’s direction SEVERAL DAYS before J6 – documented by memos, testimony, and the capital police produce timeline, offered the DC National Guard to the Capital Sargent at arms. Initially it appeared that was going to happen. But the Sargent at arms of the House responded to the Whitehouse that the Guard was not needed. It is my understanding that they were STILL on alert at the time, and Trump pre-authorized them to go to the capital if requested. Nearly all of this is well documented.

          As to your video of Pelosi purportedly calling Northam. We do not actually know who she called – we can not hear the other party.
          Regardless, Northam does not have the authority to deploy the VA guard to DC. He can only unilaterally send them within VA.
          Nor does Pelosi actually request the Guard From Northam. Unless she is suffering from Biden dimentia – Pelosi knows that the only way she can get the NG is to ask Trump for them. And she also already knows that he approved them several days earlier. Frankly she could have called the DC guard commandant and he already had been delegated the authority by Trump to deploy.

          While Pelosi does not have the authority to call up the guard unilaterally – in fact no one but the president can call any guard to the capital building. Pelosi does have full control of the capital police. And she could have had prearrange control of the DC NG had she accepted the offer several days prior.

          There are things we do not know. Specifically why the offer of the DC NG was iniitally tentatively accepted and then overnight rejected.
          Nor who rejected that offer. But we know that the rejection had to come from the very top. From the actual sargent at Arms for the house or senate, or from Pelosi or Schumer. But no one has been asked to testify about that.

          So you have a video of Pelosi calling the wrong person – if she is talking to anyone, and not even bothering to make an actual request.
          And you think this is meaningful.

          Just to be clear – I suspect she is talking to Northam. But you are offering this as evidence. and what you have provided is not evidence that she was talking to Northam. Either She or Northam would have to testify, or you would have to produce phone records.

  5. I said my compassionate piece before, so now this: there are a whole lot of families who face hardship, the majority, in fact, whose children do not descend into smoking crack, cavorting with prostitutes, and all the while carrying state secrets and co-mingling with hostile foreign powers because of whatever. If you aren’t an immune Kardashian, this should matter to you. The Biden family are disgusting, and somehow leave a worst taste in the mouth than even the Clintons. They insult every ‘ordinary’ person that has ever had to deal with addiction, both with their ‘policy’ and their mentality. Sorry, but in America, we stopped kissing the rings of kings almost 300 years ago. I honestly cannot decide if the modern Democratic party is intentionally evil or simply so out of touch, oligarchic, insular, and likely certifiably insane that it just *seems* like evil because they are such tragedies of human beings. Has to be one of the aforementioned. I could give a toss if Hunter is sober now (and I have my doubts) – he committed the crimes. Law dictates that crimes have punishment, and on the level of Hunter’s crimes, for literally anyone else, that punishment would be harsh, indeed. People walking across a physical boundary in Dem Washington carried more weight for these psychos. Enough.

    1. This anonymous is likely banned, but he said… “Who cares whether you think Hunter is sober now? Or that you’re insulted by his … influence peddling”

      You are such a supporter of Hunter, why? Do you have naked pictures with Hunter on the laptop?

    1. Or did He even complete one ?

      The list of ‘Privileges’ that Joe provided is getting longer by the day.
      Joe Biden compromised the United States of America de facto.
      His Personnel File (Joe’s) status should have be remarked long ago as: ‘He can not be trusted’

  6. So cfp put you a blue link…..and you still don’t get barely over 150 comments. When your page is so easy to comment on. Just saying!

  7. “why were foreign interests clamoring at his door to give him millions of dollars as a board member, lawyer or consultant …”

    What ridiculous hyperbole. You might as well ask why George W Bush clamored at his door to appoint him to the Amtrak board. Or why the MBNA Corporation clamored at his door to accept $100,000 a year to act as a consultant from 2001 to 2005. The fact is that Hunter Biden has been a lobbyist and businessman for more than 20 years and actually gave up lucrative opportunities in 2008 to avoid the perception he was influencing his father. The baseless Trump Republican persecution of him is beneath contempt, especially when people like Turley had so little to say about the blatant corruption engaged in by the Trump family for four years.

    1. Yeah I want the truth too! But now about the Bidens! I want Hunter brought up on the form 4472 lie…..about being a user or addict to buy a gun. It’s the only subjective test question. But in his situation….as opposed to Joe blow….there is actually a govt record of his use\addiction. He was drummed out of the dod for it! So it’s not a guy off the street lying….or wondering if he’s a user. There is a govt record!! So I’m his case it’s not a subjective question…not one that implicated the 5th. But why do we all forget it was Jeb Bush who sold the original Steele info to hillary?

    2. Why are you not interested in knowing the truth about what happened? He was caught alive, saying that he was going to give some of that excess money to his father while he was vice president, and he was getting audiences for foreign interest with his father. That’s not lobbying that’s using your personal influence, taking access to the highest levels of government. If you really care about our country, that’s what you should be interested and not in criticizing Turley.

      1. But what would be the crime? You have to prove treason…..this would require proving Joe Biden’s treason first. And that won’t happen. The real deal that can happen is kid gets gun charges…..then state gun charges daddy can’t pardon. Skin to Gunn vs alabama!

        1. But the problem with that……is there is no drug use question in delaware… bring it….Mr president who aims ” to save just one life with background checks….. ” after Sandy hook!…so we have a federal form that asks… clearly hasn’t preempted. Say it ain’t so joe…? …Say it ain’t so so easy for users and addicted to buy a gun! Looks pretty easy pal! Looks even easier for the mentally ill to buy…..they just have to avoid being committed. And this was the “law” when Scalia played friend on restrictions. Because there weren’t any really! So Biden threw Hunter under the bus…..with his addiction mantra! The federal infringement bus. I want to see it play out now. The not in my back yard…..but from my back porch biden. Reconcile the laws old man!

  8. This! Just in,
    “But Mr. Biden’s folksiness can veer into folklore, with dates that don’t quite add up and details that are exaggerated or wrong, the factual edges shaved off to make them more powerful for audiences. -NYT”

    Let me see, is it really folklore to say inflation is transitional, when it is clearly not.
    The economy is doing great, or even the best economy ever, when it is clearly not.
    It is only a little inflation, when it is clearly not.

    Fact is, politicians lie.
    All of them do.
    Biden has been a politician for 50 some years. He has done a lot of lying, and continues to this day.
    Thing is, when it comes to the economy, inflation, his lies directly impact me. I see it at the pump, at the check out line.
    Being a farmer, I know what the real economy is. I cannot print feed out of thin air. I cannot print fuel out of thin air. I cannot print seeds out of thin air. I HAVE to be prudent. I HAVE to have money in the bank and not rely if I can on credit. I pay cash. This month we had to absorb two $1k emergencies. And we did with cash. Most Americans cannot.
    In the Biden economy more people are using food banks than ever, surpassing COVID records. More Americans are using “Buy now! Pay later!” for groceries. More Americans are going to cut back on Christmas this year.

    1. It’s not folklore to say that inflation almost always follows an economic downturn–it’s economic reality. It’s not folklore to point out that Trump took the successful economy inherited from Obama and created the worst economy since the Great Depression–it’s factual reality. It’s not folklore to say that Trump badly botched things while in office–his incompetence and lying about the seriousness of COVID, pushing quack “cures” like Hydroxychloroquine, and attacking the integrity of scientists because they told him COVID was a serious crisis, which he didn’t like because he thought it made him look bad. Trump caused people to doubt the validity of public health adivce, which made the pandemic much worse, resulted in unnecessary deaths, schools, businesses, factories and restaurants mostly closed down for about 2 years. Kids are still behind in their studies. Another thing he botched: starting a trade war with China that resulted in shortages of computer chips and consumer goods. Biden got the Chips Act passed which will help this eventually. He also passed an historic infrastructure bill that will create thousands of good-paying jobs–something Trump couldn’t do. When Biden turned the economy around, supplies of goods lagged behind–higher demand with low supplies drives up prices. That’s not folklore–it’s economic reality–called the “law of supply and demand”. Another driver of inflation–interest on our national debt that Trump drove to record levels by passing tax relief for multimillionaires. Biden is getting that under control, too.

      Inflation has ALWAYS been tamed eventually–that’s not folklore–it’s economic and historic reality. There has been double-digit inflation before–it always levels out because we learned lessons from the Great Depression about what not to do. The economy IS roaring–Biden turned it around–he erased Trump’s 10% unemployment, he brought COVID under control, so schools, businesses and factories are back in business. The rate of inflation is slowing, but until the supply chain catches up and until the war in Ukraine ends, shortages of fuel production will continue to cause high prices. Higher fuel prices are a global phenomenon right now, so there’s no way this is Biden’s fault. Prices for fuel were artificially low when Trump was in office because school buses weren’t running, people who could were working from home or laid off, people stopped taking vacations, all of which depressed demand, resulting in a glut of refined fuel, which drove down prices. When Biden built us back better, fuel supply hasn’t caught up yet because some refineries went off line and still aren’t up and running. Petroleum producers are not taking advantage of government leases because they are enjoying record profits.

      What you see at the pump and elsewhere is the direct and proximate result of Trump’s incompetence and failures that Biden got saddled with. Blaming Joe Biden is disingenuous and untrue.

      1. Natcha,
        That has got to be the greatest alternative reality I have read in quite some time.
        If you really believe any of that drivel, you must be off your TDS meds again.

      2. Truth right here: Democrat party politicians today view themselves as authoritarian rulers, not as elected representatives.

        The Democratic party is the ‘party of hate’. It is the party of intolerance, censorship, of being canceled. It is the party that takes pleasure in personal destruction; they gleefully shut down dissent, deploying the power of the state to intimidate, destroy lives, livelihoods, reputations and even family members. You will not step out of line. You will join the collective. Or you will be destroyed.

        The Party of Hate despises freedom, liberty, American values, Rule of Law, our Constitution and all it stands for — all of this is repellant to them. Splash some Holy water on Nancy Pelosi and all the rest of them and watch what happens.

      3. Supply chain shortages are intentional. Food shortages are intentional. And it will get worse, intentionally. They are intentionally destroying food processing facilities all across the country. That’s why Bill Gates has been buying up farm land. That’s why China has been allowed to buy our farm land. That’s why China now owns our major food suppliers like Smithfield ham. It is intentional sinister plan to prevent us from buying food in not-so-distant-future without a “vaccine passport.” They are doing this. We must stop them.

        1. Pay attention: It is an intentional sinister plan to prevent us from buying food in not-so-distant-future without a “vaccine passport.” They are doing this. We must stop them.

          1. It’s not a done deal, there will be massive peaceful resistance, as in hell no! And we can stop them November 8th. You have 3 weeks and 5 days.

      4. Are you always this delusional and dopey, or do you reserve being those things for when you post drivel?

    2. You can do it! It’s called growing a garden. And you can save your own seeds….and use humanure if you need to! The only people who are helpless are stacked concrete people!! And they ain’t totally helpless. until agenda 2030. Read up on rabbits! Should you have to live like this? No …. But you can!! And it’s easier than you think of your life depends on it. Then again if Biden gets his nuclear war…..just pray to god! But he won’t get a nuclear war….Because the decent people of this world…..won’t let that ever happen!

      1. Raise some laying chickens for egg production. We bought 8 hens around May 1st and now we are just starting to get 2 to 3 eggs a day and that will pick up. You don’t need a fancy coop to raise healthy, happy chickens. You could use an old dog house or a heavy cardboard box depending on the size needed. You could of course buy a finished coop from the farmers store or local independent craftsman. And with FJB in the WH the slow producers can be made into a lovely roast chicken dinner.

      1. You’re so right.

        Money laundering and tax evasion are not required of those criminals who commit influence peddling but immediately report to the police station and provide a signed confession.

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