Daddy Dearest: Hunter Forced to Appear in Arkansas in Fight Over His Child’s Name and Support

On Monday, Hunter Biden will finally make it to Arkansas. The Natural State is not a Biden family favorite but there is one thing that would ordinarily be an attraction: Biden’s daughter Navy Joan. In the Biden family, the four-year-old girl remains “she who must not be named” literally. Not only has President Biden refused to refer to her as a grandchild or even include a Christmas stocking with the other children, her father Hunter is fighting to prevent her from using the Biden name. Indeed, the only reason that Hunter is coming to the same state with his daughter is to seek to limit his child support.

The viciousness of the Biden family in dealing with this little girl is only matched by that of the media. Reporters who profess to support women and denounce deadbeat dads have either ignored this story or belittled her mother, Lunden Roberts.

Roberts is widely dismissed as a “former stripper.” That appears how she met Hunter, but it is often used to paint her in the same way that the media gleefully reported Hillary Clinton denouncing women involved with her husband as mere “bimbo eruptions.”

The media ignores Roberts because it wants to ignore what the Bidens have done collectively. This is one single mother’s story that is not considered fit to print.

Yes, Roberts was an exotic dancer. She used that job to go to one of the most expensive colleges in the country, George Washington University where I teach. When she became pregnant, she decided to have her child and raise her on her own. She has raised this child without a father and fought one of the most powerful families in the world.

When Navy Joan is older, there is every reason for her to be proud of the struggle that her mother went through in seeking a college education and raising her against all odds.

Despite Joe Biden long campaigning against deadbeat dads, his son refused to acknowledge that he was the father of Navy Joan and, after a court forced him to confirm his paternity through DNA testing, he continued to fight support for his child. Hunter’s delay and evasion of filings and depositions led a court to repeatedly threaten sanctions.

However, the effort to bar this child from using the Biden name has moved this scandal from the realm of hypocrisy to monstrosity. It is hard to imagine the pain that this child will experience upon learning of how the Bidens erased any reference to her and fought even her ability to claim to be a member of their family. (Even the Biden’s dogs and cats got stockings at Christmas but not their granddaughter who they have never asked to even see, let alone support).

After opposing efforts to even establish that he is her father and his continued efforts to limit child support, Hunter is telling the court that he would not want the child to bear his name for her own good and to guarantee her a “peaceful existence.”

If one were to combine all of Hunter’s influence peddling, drug abuse, orgies and prostitution controversies, they would not hold a candle to the utter depravity shown toward this little girl.

Despite assembling a new Legion of Doom of high-priced lawyers and advisers, Hunter is claiming that he simply cannot meet demands for child support. Given his opposition to such support for years and reported millions in foreign dealings, it would seem transparently absurd. It is even more difficult to accept as he jets between his luxurious mansion in Malibu to digs at the White House. The public reportedly pays more for his security in his mansion than he does in monthly support for his daughter.

There is, however, a crushing Karmic aspect to Hunter being forced to appear in Arkansas. His efforts to limit his child support may have backfired and could prove costly. Hunter has struggled to conceal his finances, including money that he received from alleged influence peddling. Now the court is considering the laptop as possible evidence in millions of past assets. While a U.S. Attorney in Delaware is exploring criminal charges and House committees are looking into the influence peddling, his fight against this toddler could force a decision on the authenticity of the laptop.

In the last hearing, Hunter’s counsel tried again to maintain deniability.

Here is the exchange after Judge Meyer referenced Garrett Ziegle as a potential expert witness on the contents of the laptop:

Langdon: “There has never been, to my knowledge, an acknowledgment that this so-called laptop — he continuously calls it Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop …”

Meyer: “Well, let’s clear that issue up right now. Is it your client’s laptop or not?”

Langdon: “Your honor, I’m not involved in all of that stuff. It’s not my client’s laptop as far as I know.”

Meyer: “Is it your client’s position, you’re representing to this court, that it is not his laptop?”

Langdon: “Your honor, I am not in a position to even begin to answer that question.”

It is bizarre to continue to this obfuscation years after the release of the laptop. Hunter is facing the use of the laptop as evidence in this case as well as the federal prosecution and House investigations. Yet, his counsel is still claiming ignorance as to whether it is authentic.

It is the continuation of a long campaign of disinformation. Before the 2020 election, the media repeated the false claim that the Hunter Biden laptop was likely “Russian Disinformation.” Despite the denial of American intelligence and self-verifying emails on the laptop, the media accepted without question the dubious claims of former intelligence figures organized by longtime Democratic operatives.

It worked beautifully. It was not until two years later that NPR, The New York Times, and other media outlets got around to telling the public the truth.

Hunter has long refused to acknowledge ownership of the laptop. When asked years ago by CBS News, he shrugged “There could be a laptop out there that was stolen from me. It could be that I was hacked. It could be that it was the — that it was Russian intelligence.”

In some ways, it is a continuation of Hunter’s long denial of his child.  Yet, the DNA did not lie.

Hunter could now be forced to accept this laptop as his own. That could prove far more costly than the child support that he is seeking to avoid in Arkansas.

None of this, of course, will get Navy Joan a stocking on next year’s Biden family fireplace. According to Joe Biden, she is not one of his grandchildren despite being sired by his own son. Nor will this make Hunter Biden a better person. However, if she succeeds in using the Biden name, she will certainly prove the best of the lot.

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  1. The one aspect about the laptop that I have only seen mentioned by Robert Young Pelton is, “Chain of Custody”. Following the Chain of Custody of the laptop, it’s been in the hands of haters of the Bidens.

  2. If this woman is going to be burdened with being called a former stripper the rest of her life, shouldn’t we all refer to Hunter as a forner crack head?

  3. Robert Hunter Biden born February 4, 1970 (age 53)
    That entire Generation is bullsh_t. Hunter is living Proof of Facts.

    In fact IMHO, Anyone that Graduated High School from January 1981 on ward to the present.
    [from when Ronald Reagan was sworn into office for his first term on January 20, 1981.]

    Has been on a Fiat Freight Train and doesn’t know what it is to have Dirt Under Their Fingernails.
    They are the Human building-blocks of Fiat Capitalism, the in great part why We are so extremely deep in Debt.

    “Something Happened” to America when Reagan took Office, David Stockman (Reagan’s OMB) blurted out that the ‘Numbers’ were going to be preposterous, and got reprimanded. H. Ross Perot during His Campaign for President cosmically illustrated how Debt Projections were going to be so ridiculous that it was inconceivable.

    And They was right – Here WE are. [and Milton Friedman was Wrong]

  4. Wow. It’s a lot worse than we thought.
    “Hunter Biden claimed he had ‘no recollection’ of the Arkansas woman who bore his child – but texts reveal that she worked for him, and that she told him about the pregnancy in 2018.
    The bombshell messages also show that just three months after Lunden Roberts gave birth to their baby girl, Navy Joan Roberts, Hunter asked his assistant to make sure that the new mother had been kicked off his company’s health insurance plan.
    The texts are on Hunter’s abandoned laptop, obtained and exclusively verified by”

    That’s actively attacking her and his child. Also, since she worked for Hunter when they had the fling, he is guilty of that workplace law sexual harassment or whatever it would be called currently.

  5. It’s really something how the mafia kingpin and his corrupt son deny part of their family.
    I suspect they feel “the thing is below them” and thus should not be acknowledged.
    When we have seen what lying corrupt grifter skum their whole family is, it’s difficult to fathom their mindset.

  6. OT?
    Good news for potheads. According to a study reviewed by Dr. John Campbell, one of he main chemical parts of marijuana – cannabidiol (CBD) – appears to protect against COVID and other viruses. The bad news is that THC, the intoxicating part of marijuana, has no such effect. As with any medical study, proceed carefully.

  7. There is no fair-minded person I know that has any respect for a deadbeat dad, which seems to be the case. Regarding the President and the Biden family not acknowledging a grandchild is for the public to decide but does much to shed light on the his true colors. What is troubling is that our current President is diminished and it is harmful and dangerous, especially in this troubled times.

    President Biden hosted the “bring your child to work day” at the White House, one of the children who attended asked the President,
    What country he last visited.

    Biden answered, “I’m thinking, what’s the last one I was in? I’ve been to 89, met with 89 heads of state. I’m trying to think what was the last place I was. It’s hard to keep track.”

    Then a child yelled out: “Ireland.”

    Biden replied: “That’s right, Ireland.”

    He was in Ireland two weeks before.

    He could not answer the press about what he told the President of South Korea. He had to refer to notes and was wearing an earpiece. He uses cards with the photos of the journalists, they question they are going to ask and the answer he has to read to them.

    One cannot honestly defend the indefensible.

  8. Meanwhile, his dementia-addled dad limps to his reelection campaign. Las Vegas Review Journal:

    Excerpt: Mr. Biden’s years have been marked by a cynicism unusual even in the hard-scrabble world of politics. He campaigned as a moderate Democrat, but he has governed as an acolyte of socialist Bernie Sanders. He ran four years ago as a healer who would unify a divided nation. Yet he has delivered entire speeches dedicated to demonizing his political opponents. Not since Jimmy Carter in 1980 has an incumbent president had such a dismal record on which to campaign. Inflation reached a 40-year high on Mr. Biden’s watch, imposing a punishing tax on the poor and middle class. . . .

  9. To those who comment on ongoing lack of financial child support for Navy Joan Roberts: If this were “only” about $$$, no family court would be involved! Even a less talented lawyer would write a letter to the WH with the following content:

    Mr President,
    I represent Lunda Roberts. As we gather from your many statements, you have no idea that you are the grandfather of Navy Joan Roberts (picture encloses). She is now four years of age and one of your son Hunter’s daughters.

    Though Mr Biden’s extensive business dealings, including his artistic oeuvre (eg “Haiku”, painting) made him a very wealthy man, it brought to my attantion that your som Hunter does not adequately meet his daughter’s financial obligations.

    Mr President, I am sure that you want to offer your granddaughter a life proportional with that to one of the most respected families in the world. For this reason, I ask you to make sure that Lunda Roberts receives an appanage of $xxK/month, including $xxxK last four years period.


    I’m sure Lunda Roberts won’t have any financial worries any time soon (without Brandon having to know about it). If not, media outlets like Breitbart News or Gateway will drive the story.

  10. What kind of man won’t acknowledge the existence of his own granddaughter? With all this woke stuff and Catholic doctrine Biden preaches he turns around and pulls something as despicable as this. Makes me believe all the stories of his depravity and corruption.

    1. Biden is famously a man who lied repeatedly over many years about the man whose large truck was the vehicle by which Biden’s first wife killed herself and their infant daughter (and injured Biden’s sons), asserting falsely that he was a drunk driver. He is also allegedly Catholic, despite his aggressive support for murdering babies to the very moment of birth. And a serial plagiarist, a habitual liar about his own life and arguably the most profoundly corrupt individual ever to reside at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

  11. I had no idea Juanita Broderick wrote a book. Wow

    “You’d Better Put Some Ice On That: How I Survived Being Raped by Bill Clinton”

    Juanita Broaddrick is a retired businesswoman and nurse. Her nursing homes were recognized as some of the top in Arkansas. In 1999, she revealed Bill Clinton raped her during a nursing home convention in 1978.

    or Amazon but better to bypass Jeff Bezos and support a true rape victim smeared by the Clintonites cultist

  12. Isn’t remarkable that President Biden is so generous with other people’s money in forgiving student loans but when it comes to his own personal life is quite ungenerous.

    1. Student loans are unconstitutional.

      Article 1, Section 8, provides Congress the power to tax for debt, defense and general welfare.

      General means all or the whole, not one, some or a few, and certainly not public assistance, favor and charity.

      The only thing general welfare could possibly be is basic infrastructure that serves ALL people, things like roads, water, electricity, internet, post office, police, fire, sewer, trash, etc.

      Loans for students are confined to a very small segment of the population.

      Congress cannot tax for student loans and Congress cannot fund student loans.

      On this basis, most of the government of the United States of America is unconstitutional.

      The government of the U.S. precisely replicates that which is prescribed by the Communist Manifesto as Central Planning (non-gas stoves, EVs), Control of the Means of Production (i.e. unconstitutional regulation), Redistribution of Wealth and Social Engineering, while adhering to the slogan of Karl Marx: “From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs.”

      Government exists, under the Constitution and Bill of Rights, to provide maximal freedom to individuals while government is severely limited and restricted to merely facilitating that maximal freedom of individuals through the provision of security and infrastructure only.

      The Supreme Court enjoys the power of Judicial Review.

      Student loans must have been struck down immediately by Justices supportive of the Constitution from the outset.

      It does nothing.

  13. How in the world did the Deep Deep State “SWAMP” communists (liberals, progressives, socialists, democrats, RINOs, AINOs) fail to have this aspect of the Biden Crime Family tried in D.C.?

    Perhaps they’ll “ARKANCIDE” the case using local assets.

  14. I am wondering where is the outrage one would expect to erupt as the Biden Familia moral degradation is revealed layer by disgusting layer?

    One wonders if thanks to the media and government and giant international corporations all morality and sense of decency have been ground away.

    Have we become used to the notion that everything is corrupt?

    Have we decided just to ignore it and get on with our lives?

    Seems like.

    But the corruption won’t ignore us.

  15. Others and I have made it very clear, let the law look into Hunter, and if he’s indicted and found guilty, fine he should be punished. Now, the question is, will the Trump base except the same fate as Hunter if Trump is found guilty. Looks like both men have trouble coming their way in countless investigations, myself and others will respect the process and law for either man. But the question still stands………

    1. FishWings, you have said no such thing. You were all in on Trumps guilt without a trial. You were all in on RussiaGate. You were all in on Alpha Bank. You were all in on the Hunter laptop being Russian disinformation. You were all in on CRT not being taught in schools. You were all in on pornography in schools. Now you tell us about your fairness in calling for equal justice. Now it seems that you have finally, after two years, conceded that the laptop is Hunters laptop after all. Now with your nose in the air you say let justice be done. Instead of saying that you think that Hunter not paying child support and Joe not saying that the girl is his granddaughter is despicable you jump in with your “what about Trump.” I understand. This is how you roll.

        1. FishWings, we are all listening. Please tell us that you were not all in on RussiaGate. Please tell us that you were not all in on Alpha Bank. Please tell us that you did not say that CRT is not being taught in schools. I can name any left wing propaganda and say that you were all in on it. You say that I make no sense bit when I ask you to answer simple questions with a yes or no answer you come back with a shallow response like “you make no sense”. I’ve asked the same questions of the other leftist on this blog and I never received an answer. The only reasonable conclusion is that you will not admit that you were wrong on RussiaGate, Alpha Bank and that the Hunter laptop was Russian disinformation. I get it. Admitting your prevarications is not easy to do. It’s so much easier for someone who is dishonest to just continue to double down. Thank you for being so revealing concerning your character.

          1. You’re absolutely correct in the way liberals respond. They either okay stupid or attack you personally because they can NEVER win a debate with facts and logic. It’s always personality and emotions with them. There’s a reason now they want justice when they didn’t want it years ago. There’s always a motive, usually political, to their comments.

    2. FishWings – Trump is being pursued by public officials with a political agenda. Hunter is being pursued by the mother of his daughter, who has no political agenda of any kind.

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