The Designated Defendant: Was Hunter Biden Always the Fall Guy?

Below is my column in the Messenger on the curious role of Hunter Biden as the “designated defendant” of the Biden family. Throughout the years of influence peddling and millions in transfers to various Biden associates and family members, Hunter remained the frontman. He is now expected to face accountability for these dealings.  He even complained to his daughter in 2019 that he was being sued. Telling her that “It’s really hard. But don’t worry, unlike Pop [Joe], I won’t make you give me half your salary.” While he will get off light, he will be expected to take 100 percent of any accountability as his father repeatedly says how “proud” he is of his son.

Here is the column:

The reported plea bargain for Hunter Biden was of little surprise to many of us. Indeed, a year ago, I described these very counts as a way to carry out a “controlled demolition” of this scandal.

Hunter Biden is, on many levels, a hapless figure of a man, devoured by destructive addictions and appetites. Yet the most tragic aspect of Hunter’s life may be his apparent role as the designated defendant of the Biden family. He allegedly became the conduit for what House Republican investigators say was potentially millions of dollars from influence-peddling, including possible payments to his uncle, the widow of his deceased brother, and even Biden grandchildren.

In the law, the “designated defendant” is often a chump who is given some impressive title, a good salary, and the authority to sign reports or filings for a corporation.

Hunter was clearly more than a simple dupe, but he never had much to offer beyond his name and access to his father.

Many have noted that Hunter Biden was an implausible business associate or board member to be working with various foreign companies. He had lived a life that was a toxic mix of nepotism and narcotics, by his own admission. According to his 2021 memoir, during the period when foreign companies were clamoring to give him millions of dollars, he was “drinking a quart of vodka a day” and “smoking crack around the clock.” He kept up that self-destructive lifestyle, he said, until his father’s 2020 presidential campaign began.

When Hunter’s world began to collapse financially, his uncle, James (who has been implicated in influence-peddling in news reports and by House investigators) rushed to assure him that he and his father were arranging a “safe harbor” for him, according to one media report. The alarm over Hunter cutting off contact was understandable as a family matter in dealing with a relative with a history of drug addiction. Yet Hunter also potentially represented something of a threat to a family that has long been accused of influence-peddling.

Hunter has relied on his family and his father’s political associates to protect him. He reportedly paid his delinquent taxes with the help of a wealthy friend; other unnamed individuals paid huge sums for his art work.

When Hunter’s gun disappeared near a school and local authorities were investigating, the Secret Service mysteriously showed up at a gun shop and asked for the paperwork tying him to the gun.

When Hunter lost a laptop reportedly filled with incriminating emails detailing criminal conduct with drugs, as well as alleged evidence of influence-peddling, national security experts rushed forward to declare it was likely to be Russian disinformation. Much of the media joined with an effective news blackout of the story. The FBI then allegedly sat on the laptop and did not appear to do a thing to investigate further.

At every juncture, the wayward son of Joe Biden seems to be snatched from the jaws of disaster.

Now, at the center of a swirling scandal of alleged influence-peddling, Hunter has emerged with a plea that brings a new meaning to the word “bargain.”

He will plead guilty to two minor misdemeanor tax counts and a phantom felony count that will go away in time.

Yet this may be the most vital role that Hunter has played for his family. He will declare himself guilty so the media and the political establishment can declare the scandal to be a closed matter: Nothing more to see here, other than a plea to a couple misdemeanors.

This is why betting against the Bidens in a corruption scandal is like betting for The Generals against the Harlem Globetrotters. The plea agreement already is being heralded by the Biden team as the final resolution of any Hunter Biden investigation.

The hope is that Hunter takes the hit for the family. He will avoid jail time, and his father can avoid a political scandal.

In his memoir, Promises to Keep, Joe Biden wrote about how he once asked Hunter, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”

Hunter responded, “I want to be important.”

Like much else about Hunter’s life, that statement now seems tragic on a Shakespearean level. Hunter allegedly was key to bringing in millions of dollars in exchange for influence with and access to his father. He is now taking a plea to tie off a scandal threatening his family. He is the designated defendant who will stand in the dock and take the hit. In that perfect Bidenesque moment, he will plead guilty to not paying taxes but avoid answering questions on how he made his money.

The plea deal also avoids the charge that the White House most feared: a violation of the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA). Despite the striking similarities with the past FARA cases, like that of Paul Manafort, there is no allegation that Hunter was an illegal foreign agent. If this is the final “resolution” as claimed by Hunter’s counsel, it also is the ideal resolution for the Biden family.

Hunter has finally achieved his childhood dream. There is a host of people, from his family to foreign officials around the world, who will bear witness to that. Hunter Biden finally is important.

Jonathan Turley, an attorney, constitutional law scholar and legal analyst, is the Shapiro Chair for Public Interest Law at The George Washington University Law School.

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    1. I am late to the party (traveling in different time zone), but may I tell a story?

      Many moons ago, my ex-husband and I traveled to Hyannis MA to visit a guy with whom my ex served in the USAF.

      This gentleman was a radio personality there and told us the tale of what went down when Ted Kennedy left that young woman to die. Evidently, our friend’s boss had been called in to set up the radio/tv communications so that the Kennedys could address the press and the nation. The boss was the only technician permitted in the house. As he was working, he overheard the family discussions about what had happened.

      It seems that Ted was not behind the wheel of that car. It was a teenage member of the family. It was determine that since Ted already had an established political career but was unlikely to be a viable candidate for the Presidency, he would take the fall and keep the kid (for whom the family had great hopes) out of it.

      True? Your guess is as good as mine. I’ve never heard this story other than that evening.

  1. “Professor” (in quotes because in what sane world would you be one?), I have suffered your presence since you first oozed onto my TV screen to profess shock at Bill Clinton’s rather sad affair with Monica Lewinsky. As a legal Dudley Do-Nothing Right, it became clear, within minutes, that your life experience was – how do I put this? – limited.

    Having been a state-level prosecutor for over ten years, meaning someone who dealt with a constant stream of rapists, murderers, aggravated assaulters, and sundry other sociopaths and purely evil citizens, I can assure you that had I asked for prison time, jail time or other draconian remedies for a tax case, or a likely unprovable lying on a firearms purchase form charged, I would doubtless have kept my job, but would have been banished to the Child Support Enforcement Division to serve out the remainder of my now-dismal life.

    Never having sought out a cushy academic career (talk about your job security!), I never had the luxury of being a moral scold for hire.

    On the bright side, you do provide plenty of yucks to actual working lawyers who toil for far less money and lack elevation to the lofty, blue-nosed heights on which you have staked your claim.

    Have a very nice – and profitable! – day.

    1. jsrtheta:–And what was it that you wanted to say about the subject at hand, i.e., “the designated defendant was Hunter Biden,” ??? I might have missed it….

      Please use your space, -GRATUITOUSLY given to you by the very professor that you despise-, to stay on topic, -not wallow in resentment that your career has not been as successful. No court of law that I know of would have tolerated a brief or oral argument by you, iterating such silliness that had nothing to do with the case before the court.

      Thank you in advance.

    2. “[H]ad I asked for prison time, jail time or other draconian remedies for a tax case . . .”

      And yet: Wesley Snipes, Mike Sorrentino, Ja Rule, Darryl Strawberry, Lauryn Hill, Pete Rose, Leona Helmsley — and that very long list of those who served prison time for tax evasion goes on and on.

      Apparently, you do not know your own field very well.

  2. Jonathan: As mentioned in my earlier comment Donald Trump made a lot of false statements at the right-wing Faith & Freedom Coalition on Saturday. Here are some doozies: First, Trump claimed he is being prosecuted by Joe Biden. FACT CHECK: Not true. Biden had nothing to do with the prosecution of the former president. Jack Smith was appointed under the Special Counsel Act. Biden doesn’t get daily briefings by AG Garland on the case. Jack Smith is acting independently of the President. Second, Trump claims he is being prosecuted under the PRA. FACK CHECK: Again, untrue. The former president is being prosecuted under the Espionage Act, not the PRA. Trump has apparently not bothered to read the indictment.

    But a lot of MAGA supporters in Congress have echoed Trump’s false claims–except for one. GOP House Rep. Don Bacon from Nebraska, has stepped forward to challenge Trump’s claims. Yesterday, in an interview on “Meet the Press”, the former Air Force General said the following: “We don’t have the right to take top-secret information to our home. I’ve dealt with top secrets since I was 22 years old, in the military for 30 years now, and now in Congress. You don’t show our attack plans on Iran to people who are not cleared, or pick documents that talk about our nuclear technology or where our intelligence resources are located throughout the world…And that’s what happened there. And when the government asks for them back, you give them back. And if you deny having them, but then you have them, those are crimes”.

    And this is coming from a guy who should know. So for those on your blog that think Trump had a right to keep all those top secret docs you are living in a delusional world. Maybe you better check with Rep. Bacon’s Congressional office to get a fact check!

    1. Former Air Force generals are not at the top of the executive or military chain of command, as is PRESIDENT TRUMP.
      As such, the PRESIDENT, and ONLY the PRESIDENT has the Constitutional LEGAL AUTHORITY to declassify, keep, possess or claim as his own, any documents that were created under his command. ANY, PERIOD.

      The military seems to think they are at the last word when it comes to clearances and security and all, but the security they speak so ‘knowingly’ about is their own.

      President Trump is a threat to these pink haired, pup handling, puff chested, arm chair warriors who don’t want to have that gravy train of money end before they have collected their share of ‘security’ from kick backs, pensions, and dirty deals.

      Former Air Force general…
      Our HERO!


  3. …and now he has to face accountability? Hardly. 2 misdemeanors. Disgusting. Dems are evil.

  4. For those of us who understand that Turley’s agenda is to accuse the Biden family of making Hunter the fall guy for their misdeeds despite the fact that he has NO proof, and neither do the Repoublcains, below is a list of the “qualifiers” that prove Turley has no facts to back up what he’s claiming:

    -alleged or allegedly: 4 times
    -“what House Republicans investigating say”
    -potentially–2 times
    -“according to one media report” (“media” is not identified)
    -seems or seems to be–2 times
    -may be

    Such is the substance of alt-right news–which is, NO substance. You can claim anything is is “possible”, “apparent”, “alleged”, “reportedly” and the like–but these are NOT facts. What IS a fact is that Turley doesn’t have any facts.

    1. Gigi, you keep using those words, “no proof.” I do not think it means what you think it means.

      There is a WhatsApp message with Hunter Biden threatening a mark to pay up, claiming Joe Biden is in the room with him.

      There is a laptop full of incriminating evidence on a pay to play scheme selling access to Joe Biden to foreign nations.

      Joe Biden bragged on camera about a quid pro quo in which he got the prosecutor who was investigating Burisma fired, by withholding US aid to Ukraine. Why did Burisma pay Hunter Biden, a crack addict without any experience in oil and gas, millions of dollars to be an oil and gas executive?

      Hunter Biden complained to his daughter about having to give Joe Biden half his salary. Where’d the money go?

      Joe Biden had a global cell phone, paid for by Hunter Biden’s shady businesses, which placed and received calls from foreign nationals, during the time he was VP, and when Hunter was allegedly selling his favors.

      Evidence, facts, and the truth upsets you, because you have an emotional argument that denies Hunter Biden’s illegal influence peddling scheme with Joe Biden, because it is inconvenient to your political goals.

      1. Karen S.
        As always, a joy to watch you dismantle Gigi with such ease, such grace and with so few words to her own blathering.
        Thank you!

      2. Karen S: where’s the proof that anything on the “Hunter Biden laptop” is genuine? Even if there was a “claim” that JOE Biden was in the room–where is the proof that it’s true? Hunter Biden is a troubled person–but he did lose his mother and sister in a terrible car accident, and his brother, Beau, died of brain cancer. Hunter may well have been embellishing or puffing the goods, even if the laptop is authenticated–but, that still doesn’t prove Joe Biden did anything wrong. As has been pointed out before, many of these allegedly “pay to play” transactions were in 2017 when Biden was out of office. Even Turley got caught in this trap, a fact which Joe Patrice pointed out. You claim that Hunter complained about giving “half” of his salary to Joe–what is this besides an “allegation”?–there’s no proof. Receiving and placing calls from “foreign nationals” is not illegal. There’s no proof that Hunter sold any “favors”. What “favors” were sold to whom? You can’t say.

        What you don’t understand, and have never understood is that none of the crap you cite has been established as “evidence, facts, or truth”. Here’s just one example of your gullibility and adherence to alt-right influence: I recall that you claimed that Dr. Christine Blasey Ford lied about Kavanaugh molesting her so she could cash in on her notoriety by going on the talk show circuit, writing a book or otherwise parlaying her testimony for profit–something that didn’t happen. In fact, due to death threats, she and her family had to leave their home, and she couldn’t return to work. To my knowledge, she never has returned to teaching. Similarly, the things you claim are “evidence, facts and truth” are none of these–just allegations–my response to Turley’s piece above demonstrates that the language he uses is very carefully hedged to show that he’s not even trying to claim that any of this is established fact. Yet, you believe–why–other than your adherence to alt-right media and swill they spew? Joe Biden has openly provided his tax returns–something yoru hero refused to do. Where’s the proof of income from these dastardly deeds?

        1. Gigi:

          You asked for proof that the Hunter Biden laptop was genuine:

          1. Hunter Biden’s own lawyers have demanded it be returned to Hunter Biden
          2. Hunter Biden’s lawyers sued Mac Isaac, the owner of the repair shop, for 6 counts of invasion of privacy, for sharing the laptop drive with the FBI and the public, even though Hunter Biden, himself, signed a contract agreeing to transfer ownership of the laptop to the repair shop owner, Mac Isaac, if it was not paid for or picked up after 90 days.
          3. Hunter Biden has not denied it is his laptop (do you even read Turley’s posts)
          4. The FBI authenticated the laptop in Nov 2019 as belonging to Hunter Biden, as claimed by IRS supervisory agent Gary Shapley, in testimony before Congress, and that it was “not manipulated in any way.” One of the ways that identity was verified was by matching the laptop’s device number against Hunter Biden’s Apple ID.
          5. Hunter Biden himself dropped off the laptop to the repair shop, and signed forms for it to be repaired.

          So…walk me through this. How do you defend claiming there is no proof the laptop belongs to Hunter Biden? Out of curiosity, why would Hunter Biden’s lawyers sue Mac Isaacs for invasion of privacy, if the laptop did not belong to him?

          You are aware his attorneys want the laptop returned to Hunter Biden, and are suing over invasion of privacy, and at the same time you claim it’s not even his. This is classic cognitive dissonance. Both of these things cannot be true simultaneously.

        2. @Gigi,

          To add what Karen has said…
          The emails on the laptop.

          If you know anything about emails… there is a bit of metadata in the headers that you don’t get to see unless you know how to get it and what to look for. Now within these headers the metadata will show that the email message wasn’t modified. (checksum/hashed)
          Then there’s the information concerning routing and the counter parties.

          The reporters contacted the counter parties in some of the emails.
          They were confirmed.

          Maybe if you didn’t watch MSM news that blocked the story… or paid attention when 2+ years after the fact, the laptop story was confirmed in the NYT.


      3. Yes, because crackheads make such credible witnesses. And would NEVER lie about their fathers to gain an edge.

        Were you born under a cabbage leaf?

  5. It’s easy to make Hunter the fall guy, because they can pin it on his drug addiction. There’s a lot they’re blaming on drug addiction – getting with his late brother’s widow, having a child out of wedlock, refusing to support said child, using all the attorneys the Biden name can provide to prevent said little girl from having the Biden name, creating a multi-million dollar industry in peddling access to Joe Biden to foreign nations, the quid pro quo in Ukraine where in Joe Biden got the prosecutor fired who was investigating Burisma by withholding US aid, etc, etc.

    1. Karen S: BUT HUNTER Biden is not a candidate for office–never has been. He has never been involved in Joe Biden’s political career. There’s no actual proof that “access to Joe Biden” was ever “peddled”. Alt-right media slime Hunter Biden because he’s an easy target–but that proves NOTHING about Joe Biden. You hate Democrats with such a passion that you can’t even perceive logic or truth. All of this is a distraction to the actual crimes committed by your hero.

      1. The investigation is into whether Hunter Biden peddled access to Joe Biden. Joe Biden claimed he never spoke to his son about his business dealings. This is demonstrably false. There are audio recordings of Joe Biden talking to Hunter Biden about his business dealings, and a WhatsApp message where Hunter Biden said his father was standing right next to him, and they both wanted to know where the money is.

        The reason why insiders called Hunter’s laptop “the laptop from hell” is that it does, in fact, implicate Joe Biden in corruption.

        You oppose investigating Joe Biden and Hunter Biden, while at the same time claiming that there is no proof of wrongdoing, denying the authentication of the laptop that Hunter’s own lawyers admitted through legal filings belonged to him.

        This isn’t rational.

        I don’t hate Democrats. I think they’re misguided, and they’ve gone off the deep end, but hatred is for people like Hitler or Jeffrey Dahmer. I oppose a political ideology.

    2. @Karen S,

      No he’s the perfect fall guy because Daddy can get him pardoned.

      Daddy will never set foot in jail.
      He’s too far gone and that would be his defense when the time comes.


  6. Jonathan: Why is it that some white people so afraid of “woke”. Why is it that DeSantis’ campaign against “woke” ideology has gained traction in some conservative quarters? I think it is because many white people have benefited from white privilege, despite lacking real merit for that privilege, and they don’t like anybody pointing it out. Trump was a millionaire by the time he was 14. He didn’t have to work for his privilege. He inherited it. That’s why he hates “woke”.

    DeSantis says “We must fight ‘the woke’ in our schools…in our businesses…in government agencies”. He uses the term “woke” because he doesn’t want to just come out and say he is anti-Black. The term “woke” has been part of Black vernacular for a long time. In 1938 Leadbelly recorded the song “Scottsboro Boys”–about the 4 Black youths who were falsely accused of raping a white Alabama woman. Leadbelly said of Alabama: “I advise everybody to be a little careful when they go down there. Stay woke. Keep your eyes open”.

    So when Black people use “woke” to express their desire for liberation and teachers want to include the real Black historical experience to school children white politicians, like DeSantis, use “woke” and turn it into a anti-Black pejorative. The attacks on “woke” and CRT are just the present day attempts to hide white privilege. Their campaign is generated by fear that white school children will learn the dark secret that DeSantis and other white politicians would rather stay hidden.

    1. Hello, Dennis. In case you were in a coma, woke ideology led to the defunding of police, the rampant increase of violent crime, including rape and murder. It led to lessening charges for theft to the point that shoplifting is de facto legalized, in woke cities. This has led major businesses to leave cities like San Francisco. They just can’t keep underwriting the losses. Woke ideology teaches black kids that everyone else hates them due to their not being white, and paradoxically, that Asians, also non white, are too successful, and need to be discriminated against in college applications.

      Woke ideology has now encouraged students in elementary, middle, and high school to disparage each other based on race. All that anti-white racist rhetoric in woke curriculum left its mark.

      Woke ideology preaches that a black person has no responsibility whatsoever on the outcome of his life. If he had a kid out of wedlock, abandoned that child, did drugs, joined a gang, committed crimes, and ended up in jail, it’s the fault of racism. There was an invisible white person forcing him to make those decisions every step of the way, in a black majority neighborhood.

      Woke ideology preaches that a poor Appalachian is better off than a rich black man.

      Woke ideology ignores that US public schools cannot teach a majority of students to read and do math at grade level, and instead we need to do away with testing entirely, and focus on transgenderism, unsafe sex practices, and drag queens.

      Woke ideology teaches that counseling against being overweight is racist. It ignores that black people can immigrate here from third world countries, and within a decade, they are far more successful than black Americans born here. Same skin color.

      Woke ideology is inherently racist, because it assigns value, or deducts it, to everyone based on race. It normalizes racism against whites, Asians, and antisemitism.

      1. Karen S.
        Well said.
        Society has been on the decline for quite some time.
        With the advent of wokeism it has accelerated.
        Woke policies have had detrimental effects on society.
        The good news is people are beginning to push back.
        A school in MA, the students walked out in protest of having Pride shoved down their throats.
        A Christian group and a Muslim group banned together to protest Maryland’s mandatory sexuality ideology being forced on them.
        The Bud Light and Target boycotts do not seem to be letting up. Those companies have lost billions in revenue and stock.
        Seriously, I think the 2024 election is going to come down to is a culture war.

        1. Upstate Farmer:

          Good point that people are pushing back. It seems like when schools began exposing young children to the idea that they should reject their biological sex, and hide it from their parents, and exposed sexual themes to children way too young to handle it, that parents of diverse political beliefs pushed back.

          The question is, will it be enough? There is such a concerted effort to force extreme, far Left ideology into American culture. The Left has total control of the public education system in the US. They train a captive audience of children beginning at 5 years old, to ascribe to Leftist ideology. It’s difficult for a parent to counteract what a child learns for 6 hours every single week day, which gets reinforced by most children’s television shows.

          1. Karen S.
            Good question.
            I would point out to the increase in school choice, homeschooling that has been gaining traction.
            Also of note, the Biden admin and the Democrat party embracing wokeism is alienating the Hispanic community to the point of them leaving the Democrat party.
            This is also why I have said we are looking at a separation of society into two societies running in parallel, that shall never meet.
            One that focuses on reading, writing, math, the sciences, history in context, meritocracy, testing standards (real ones, not that common core crap), civics and critical thinking.
            The other focuses on DEI, CRT, LBGTQ+.
            The former will produce students and grads who can read, write, do math, think for themselves and go on to be productive members of society and be sought after by industry.
            The latter will be well versed in DEI, CRT, LBGTQ+, but will not be able to read to grade level, write to grade level, math at all, group think with the emotional maturity of a 6 year old and have great careers as baristas while living in their parents basement. Their society will reflect the current conditions of cities like San Fran, Portland, Seattle, Chicago, NYC, Baltimore, St. Lewis, and new Orleans. Some of those cities have landed on the top 50 most dangerous cities of the world list.
            Personally, I am okay with this separation of two societies that shall never meet.
            Better than Civil War 2.0.

      2. Also, look not only at San Fran, but Portland, Seattle, NYC, Chicago.
        If the leftists have their way, all of America would look like those cities.

      3. Virtually nothing you said is factually true. People like you scare me–you cannot process facts. NO ONE has ever taught black children that they are hated. NO ONE has yet to “defund” the police–there have been suggestions to expend funds to hire social workers or counselors to help people who have mental problems or are in crisis–instead of shooting to kill when they don’t obey police commands. NO ONE pushes any “anti-white racist rhetoric” in any school. NO ONE has ever said that black people have no responsibility for their failues. As for “out of wedlock” children–your hero’s youngest daughter, conceived while he was married to his first wife, attended her parents’ wedding. There is NO such thing as “woke ideology” As far as being “against being overweight”, there have been media reports circulating for years, that Trump took amphetamine-type drugs to lose weight. NO school is suggesting that there should be a “focus on transgenderism, unsafe sex practices and drag queens”. That you actually believe this crap is scary.

      4. Karen S: Hello Karen. You sound just like Ron DeSantis. He blames every imaginable problem in this country on the “woke” ideology. Do you really believe the epidemic in fetanyl and cocaine use in this country is the product of “woke” ideology? Are the Mexican cartels suddenly infected with “woke”. When the garbage truck, operated by young Black men in my neighborhood, didn’t pick up my garbage last week, should I blame that on “woke”?

        And where did you get the idea that “woke” ideology “normalizes” antisemitism? Was the guy who killed all of those worshippers at the synagogue in Pittsburgh ( who was convicted and is now waiting sentencing) prompted to act because he was committed to “woke” ideology? That’s utter nonsense! He acted out of hatred for Jews. You can’t blame “woke” for the recent upsurge in antisemitic violence in this country. The neo-Nazis who commit the violence against Jews and Jewish places of worship are not suddenly “woke”. They just hate all Jews.

        Then you falsely claim that “woke ideology has now encouraged students in elementary, middle, and high school to disparage each other based on race”. What utter nonsense! Teachers don’t teach kids to hate each other. Kids learn that at home from parents who tell them that other kids who don’t look like them are not deserving of the privileges they enjoy. Kids learn racism at home–not in the classroom! All your utterly false claims show how you have been drinking to much of the Ron DeSantis cool aid!

  7. Jonathan: Yesterday I commented on Trump’s speech to the Faith & Freedom conference. FL Gov. DeSantis also spoke. And what did he have to say? Predictably, the gov. pushed his main campaign theme–his war against “woke” ideology. He told the audience: “When woke overtakes our criminal justice system–like it has in San Francisco, like in has in Los Angeles–the average person becomes less safe…Don’t tell me it doesn’t affect people’s lives–I was just in San Francisco. I saw in 20 minutes on the ground–people defecating on the sidewalk. I saw people using fetanyl. I saw people smoking crack—it is a civilization in decay”.

    Gov. DeSantis seems to think that from homelessness to the drug epidemic it can all be blamed on “woke”. DeSantis forgets that his own state has significantly higher drug overdose mortality rates than California. Can’t blame that on “woke”. The Governor says FL is where “woke goes to die”. He has eradicated “woke” in the schools and in much of the public space. So how does he explain his own state’s drug problems? The problem is that DeSantis won’t commit to spending enough money on the drug epidemic in his own state. He doesn’t want to raise tax rates on his wealthy donors. So he uses “woke” as an excuse for his own inaction.

    Now the war on “woke” has gone viral among conservative critics. After Stockton Rush’s Oceangate sub came apart and all 5 0f the tourists died, conservatives were quick to blame “woke” for the tragedy. On Fox News host Jesse Watters suggested the men perished because because Rush was too “woke”. The NY Post, the tabloid owned by your boss Rupert Murdock, suggested that Rush’s statement that he didn’t want to hire “white guys” was the reason for the deaths and maybe the expedition may have turned out differently had Rush hired “white guys”.

    It doesn’t seem you have yet to join the war against “woke”. But when two of the media platforms of your boss have joined the chorus against “woke” I think it is just a matter of time. Maybe one of your next columns will be entitled “How David Weiss Became Woke and Refused to Prosecute Hunter Biden for All the Crimes of His Family”.

    1. Dennis — We are in an ‘Information War’ — and you are losing. Do you know this yet?

    2. DOJ is prosecuting Trump for sharing information with a reporter, when DOJ itself shared the same information with CNN to blare all over its airwaves to hurt Trump.

      Jack Smith is culpable. This is a crime. Do you know this, Dennis?

  8. The fact that Biden is President and that they will likely get away with this whole mess of corruption says more about us than it does about them. They are petty ante criminal minds who have managed to weasel themselves into a postion of being able to exploit great public power for their own gain. Not too much different than many other grifters who have come before. The fact that an addled drug and sex addict like Hunter Biden is their point man shows how low level their little conspiracy is. No criminal master minds would,willingly, make themselves vulnerable to the vast stupidities of Hunter.
    It is obvious they are guilty and, thanks to Hunter, everyone knows it. Those who refuse to “see” this even though they “know” this have become a large enough percentage of the population and, unfortunately, control the major means of communication (as well as the DOJ) that we citizens would now rather ignore the fact that our elected chief executive, embued with vast power to effect our lives and futures, has been compromised by a powerful enemy country than to actually go through the mess of removing the cancer. Maybe that tumor won’t actually kill us too quickly and anyway TRUMP! Sad times, really.

    1. Steven : WHAT “corruption”? I want to see actual facts, evidence. No matter how many times Mark Levin refers to a “Biden crime family”–that does not consittute proof of anything. Whatever Hunter Biden pleaded guilty to is on him–where’s the proof that his father did anythng criminal?

      You DO know, don’t you, that all of this is a calculated deflection away from the actual crimes committed by Trump, proof of which we’ve all seen–“I just need you to find 11,780 votes which is one more than we have”….”They’re mine” (referring to the classified documents he deliberately refused to return and lied about returning).

      1. While beating their chests about the horrors of Trump holding classified information, the fact is that the corrupt Biden DOJ, sleazy Jack Smith’s office, and the usual corrupt media lapdogs have publicly identified, characterized, and even released whatever
        classified information is known to the public. In this, they’ve committed scores of felonies, interfered in a presidential election, and have pushed the nation to the brink of some kind of civil war, while smearing and denouncing Trump and his supporters. Trump hasn’t leaked anything to the public. They have.

        After 50 years in Washington, Biden owns the federal bureaucracy. The thoroughly corrupt Biden family and Biden regime use the power of federal law enforcement against their political opponents (“MAGA extremists,” pro-lifers, parents — all “white supremicists,” whatever that means), while the same investigators and prosecutors pull all punches, lie, censor, coverup, dismiss, play down, all the publicly known evidence (thank you FBI and IRS whistleblowers, Kevin McCarthy, Jim Jordan, and James Comer) of millions and millions of dollars in foreign government payoffs, bribes, influence-peddling, money laundering, and other sleazy Biden financial schemes, especially involving selling out to our biggest threat, communist China. We’ve a Manchurian president.

        The whistleblowers have testified about obstruction, political interference, multiple underlying crimes, etc. They’ve been ignored by the corrupt media, personally attacked by the power-hungry Democrat Party, and punished by the Biden regime.

        AG Garland, corrupt to the core like most mob lawyers, has been caught perjuring himself before Congress and obstructing justice by claiming to not have interfered in the Hunter investigation when IRS whistleblowers say the prosecutor told them he did. And they’ve numerous witnesses and contemporaneous notes to back them up. Garland has approved every sleazy investigative and prosecutorial tactic against Trump and “MAGA” Republicans, while trying to create a public image of the earnest judge. He’s a dangerous man with Stalinist characteristics.

        Garland has stonewalled appointing a special counsel to investigate his boss, Joe Biden, because he wants to smother with a political pillow Biden’s multiple criminal activities, that even involve our national security. He’s the man in charge of the Biden coverup and the Trump imprisonment effort.

        Garland appointed and unleashed the disgraced Jack Smith, known for Gestopo-like tactics, to pursue Biden’s political targets (especially “MAGA” Republicans) and his biggest threat and nemesis, Trump. Smith was publicly admonished in an 8-0 Supreme Court decision for his abuse of power in a phony public corruption case brought against a former Republican governor. Garland saw that as a compelling credential.

        Garland, Biden, his operatives, the hopelessly corrupt media, and the Democrat Party are destroying our country right before our eyes. This latest prosecutorial leak of an audio clip to CNN, is further intended to poison a jury pool and deny the former president due process, as he was denied attorney-client privilege and the usual administrative processes afforded former presidents when leaving office.

        To be clear, we know nothing about the context of the audio. Nothing. We are fed exactly two minutes via CNN, a favorite state-run media outlet. We know no more or no less than they tell us. And the multiple felonies committed by the regime in leaking the tape will be ignored. Felonies committed in pursuit of Trump are no longer felonies. The “justice system “ is dead. The Democrat Party owns the federal government.

        Mark R. Levin

        1. The great mark Levin, all hale. Yep, pure sarcasm. Wife and I were hard core levinites for several years. I was surprised to agree with him 99% of the time. Trump, huge stumble for levin, his bud light months. Couldn’t control himself, screamed spittle filled rage nightly. Over 6 weeks and still shrieking and lovin him some serious canada cruz. His wife had a son working for canada cruz that he oops, forgot to mention. Marks not always right but I had huge respect for his integrity, ooops. No more.
          I started working with a guy about 2014, as time goes on I find out he’s a dem, surprised me, we were all former military mostly retired. Come to find out he was leaning as far left as his hero barack. I’d never talked to a communist before, that I was aware of. Oh man we talked and talked and he proved himself to be very intelligent, quick and excellent retention of the talking points. Now when facts, they hate those, or proof gets in the way, he amazed me with his gift to ease around the corner and you’re suddenly fighting about something you’re completely unaware of. When you bring them back to the facts, they hop from subject to subject until you bite and they’ve won, subject changed. My point, you can argue until the end of time, communists will never, never give in! It is impossible for them to concede even on a small point. I stopped arguing with them a long time ago. One day they’ll learn, I’m small enough to admit I hope it’s in my lifetime.
          Karen S. you are amazing!! I saw where someone had rebutted your comment and you were right there to retaliate. When I saw your name, I swear heard a whip crack.

          1. “Karen S. you are amazing!! I saw where someone had rebutted your comment and you were right there to retaliate. When I saw your name, I swear heard a whip crack.”

            You got that right!
            I thought I heard Dennis say, “Ouch baby, hit me harder with your facts,” amiright Dennis? How ’bout you Gigi?
            Crack that whip, Karen! Yee haw.

  9. The Biden family is even creepier than the Obamas and Clintons, and that’s saying A LOT!

    1. Say it ain’t so Mespo — that would make 5 Hunter Biden related posts by JT in a row!

      1. Peter, stop being such a drama queen 👑, Gay Pride 🏳️‍🌈 Month is over. For every article Professor Turley posts, it provides you 🕐 hours and hours 🕚 of batshιτ 🦇 crazy 🤡 commenting 💬 with your scores of 🧦 sock puppets. If anything, you owe him and us your bags of crack money💰 paid from your employer, Media Matters 🤮

        Regards to bug 🪳


      2. If you thought a bit more you would realize the posts aren’t about Hunter. They are about a crooked and evil man who is President of the US. You have been sucked in by all the lies.

  10. For two and a half years, leftwing journalists have gotten away with political hackery instead of reporting the truth when covering Joe Biden. The reward for not reporting the truth was career advancement and the adulation of other leftists. We are now approaching the point, however, where the truth has become so obvious that not reporting it can make a leftist reporter the subject of mockery from other leftists. Instead of going down with Joe, throwing him overboard and getting behind another leftist is now viewed as the sensible thing to do.

  11. I don’t care who is the fall guy. All I know is evidence abound that neither Joe or his son are not innocent of anything but of treason and high crimes beyond misdemeanors and yet they remain up there speaks of the some of Congogrease.

  12. This is tragic. I pity her Hunter. What kind of man turns his son into a whore for his political grift.

  13. Do you mean “the Fall Guy” like Seth Rich?
    Like Hunter “the Fall Guy” is the next Guy to get whacked?
    or like James Comey is the next “Fall Guy” to get whacked?
    Etc. Etc. Etc. … (You Know The List)
    Dat’s a lotta of Cement Boots to be putting into the Hudson River.
    Tell you Guy’es what, bring em up to Croton-On-Hudson to the Half Moon Bay Marina,
    We’ll dispose of the problems you have. If yous guys have a lot of em,
    We’ll put the overflow into Fratelli’s Italian Restaurant Freezer,
    till we’s run outta Problems or Boots (We gotta lotta Cement).
    The Wenworth brothers, Julio and Guido (J.G. Wentworth) will come around to collect the ‘payment’ if you will.

  14. Anonymous;

    Then you would have lots of examples of meaningful false statements he has made that people have relied on tho their detriment.

    Trust is NOT determined by your “feelings”.
    It is not determined by conformance to your ideology.

    People that you are completely at odds with can be trustworthy – presuming they do what they say they will do

    Trump said he did not collude with Russia – that was correct.
    He said he was spied on – that was correct.

    He made policy promises – many I do not agree with, he kept those to the best of his ability to do so.
    More so than any other president in my lifetime.

    Biden has done some of the things he said he would do, but at the same time has has said one thing to one group and another to another group.
    Almost everything he does that lives up to a promise to one group, reniges on a promise to anther.

    Biden said that Hunter’s laptop was russian disinformation – the FBI had verified that the laptop and its content belonged to hunter in 2019. They did so suing the Apple Cryptoraphic keys on his AppleID account on the hard drive. That is about a trillion times more certain than DNA.

    Biden said he was not involved in his son’s business. Yet with each day it is proven he was more and more involved.

    Not only has the rcent WhatsAPpp message extorting money from the chinese been verified. Meta Data from photo’s on Hunter Biden’s laptop, prove it was sent from Joes DE home, and that Joe was in the home at the time.

    We have a growing body of pictures of Joe in meetings with the people Hunter Struck deals with.

    Most of us will Give Joe a pass for delusions about the problems of his son.
    I do not care that Joe was oblivious to Hunter’s drug problems. or his involvment in human trafficking – or frankly all the other bad conduct Hunter was up to.

    We MOSTLY do not hold parents accountable for overly generous views of their own children.

    But Joe is LYING about HIMSELF.

    He has lied repeatedly to the american people.

    And I am ONLY focusing on Joes LYING and corruption.

    Independently Joe is a FAILED president. Possibly the worst in US history.

    In Jan 2021 Inflation was 1.4% and Growth was 6% today Inflation is 6% and Growth is below 1% and it is near certain we are headed into a recession.

    That is incompetent beyond beleif. Things were good in Jan 2021 BECAUSE we were headed Past Covid, and the consequences of lockdowns.

    Joe could have done NOTHING and we would have had several years of economic boom.
    Instead he F#$Ked up

    Inflation is too much money chasing too few goods. If you flood the economy with $6T – you can expect a BRIEF sugar high.
    And just like diabetics a bad crash to follow.

    Now Joes is not alone in responsibility for the messes he has caused.
    He has F#$Ked up with the full cooperation of the Democratic Party – and a fair number of Republicans too.

    Trump is far from perfect. He is not the great president he things he is.
    But he is the best president in the 21st century – that is just not saying much.

    But beyond that he is also the president in my life time that has come closest to doing what he said he would.
    Not always things I wanted him to do.

    I can trust those who I disagree most with in the world – if they do what they say they will.
    I can NOT trust those I agree with completely – if they do not do what they say they will.

    That is what Trust means.

    In most of the world it is far less important that you agree with those you must interact with. than that you can trust them.

    Those of you on the left are not trustworthy. You will lie about anything.
    And that makes it near impossible to participate in ANYTHING with you.

    Most of us do not buy things from people we do not trust.
    Most of us do not work with people we do not trust.

    I can work with people I hate if they are trustworthy.

  15. The day after the sleazy Hunter Biden plea deal was announced, House Republican investigators began releasing bits and pieces from the mountain of evidence they had showing criminal activity by the Bidens. Stand by for a lot more.

    Let’s hope there is evidence of criminal activity not covered by any immunity agreement and and not yet covered by any statute of limitations.

    Whether Joe knows it or not, there is now 0% chance he will be running for re-election.

    And there is 100% chance that Joe will be impeached by the House.

    Whether there will be enough Democrats in the Senate willing to help Republicans in the Senate throw Joe out of office remains to be seen.

    1. I can answer that for you…no, there are not enough Dems in the senate willing to help. They are so desperate to win that nothing is beyond their behavior. Remember the first rule of politics: Never solve a problem you can blame on the other side. GOP will have to figure out how to oust him, and some Dems will be secretly glad but will never lift a finger to help and only scream day and night how evil the other side is for doing it.

  16. We can discuss this till we are blue in the face but the truth will come out long after these grifters have gone to their final destination. We all know that the media/bureaucratic charm is surrounding the prog/left but historians will discover what we intuit and by then it will be too late to save this nation.

    1. When it comes out, it will be long after the Democrats have a stranglehold on elections, to the point that it’s a one party state, through the coordination of 3 letter agencies, the media, the university system, the public education system, and investment firms requiring major corporations fall in line. This coordination will bury information that weakens Democrats, promote false propaganda that helps them, and this story will be written off as a vast, right wing conspiracy theory. The Grassy Knoll.

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