Hugh Mungus Social Justice Warrior Fail Nets Man $140,000

By Darren Smith, Weekend Contributor.

Rudy Pantoja Jr.
aka Hugh Mungus

After thanking police at a September, 2016 Seattle City Council meeting for helping his addicted daughter find social services, and confronted by a frenzied social justice warrior who screamed out that she was sexually harassed by his providing a joke name, Rudy Pantoja Jr. has so far received over $140,000.00 in donations in a truly bizarre story of how sometimes being confronted by Precious Snowflakes can be not only immensely annoying, it has a potential for immense earnings.

Two months ago, the City of Seattle held a public hearing to discuss a resolution to construct a new police precinct station in North Seattle, commonly referred to as The Bunker due to its architectural design. During the forum Mr. Pantoja provided testimony conveying his thanks to the city’s police department in providing much needed assistance for his then homeless and heroin addicted daughter to rise from the trappings of her addiction.

Zarna Joshi

After the meeting’s conclusion a video news crew interviewed Pantoja which unfortunately, at least in the immediate sense, attracted the attention of a shrill Social Justice Warrior named Zarna Joshi who was determined to admonish him for voicing a degree of gratitude toward the police.

Joshi approached Pantoja, stuck a camera at him and demanded to know his name. Not apparently seeing the need to reveal his identity to a stranger, he arrived at a rather novel reply…

Hugh Mungus

Hair triggered, Snowflake Joshi spun herself into a tempest, shrieking into almost a rage for how Mr. Hugh Mungus somehow sexually harassed her by providing the joke name. One could only imagine the Chernobylesque Meltdown she might have experienced if he was a Monty Python fan who just watched The Life of Bryan and thought of Pilate’s friend.

Her disorderly behavior predictably led to an intervention by security and police.

After posting to the interweb the video, Joshi claimed that Hugh was a sexual harasser and offered the following hyperbole on her Facebook page.

“The security guards, who witnessed everything, then accosted me to tell me to be quiet. When I asked them why they were going after me instead of the man who sexually harassed me, they called the cops ON ME.”

“The cops were already there, of course. They didn’t go after the man who’d sexually harassed me. When I asked them to at least take notes of what happened and why they were not going after the man who sexually harassed me, they said that I should speak with one of their officers alone. They didn’t take any notes, they didn’t even send one man to go look out for the guy while this conversation was going on for over ten minutes.”

Joshi might not be aware of the Washington Criminal Code, but sexual harassment is not a crime in Washington and Seattle cannot help her with that accusation. But when one is perpetually outraged, facts and laws are of less importance.

Still, her video attracted a few million hits among various copies and distributions and garnered attention both positive and negative between these two. It spread beyond the scope of the internet and a company made hats and T-Shirts for the occasion.

Unfortunately, it was not long before Joshi made a fool of herself once again before the city council, this time going after two members of the council. In a seething, insidiousness with almost a “yeah, we’ll be watching you” type of nefarious tone, she won another escort out of the building for causing a disruption. Of course, this occurred fittingly on Halloween.

My favorite line: “After I spoke publicly against you, [councilwoman] the cops sent racist, white-supremacist, rapists after me.”

I must have missed something. I wasn’t aware of the availability of the Racist, White-Supremacist, Rapist Service available to Washington Law Enforcement Officers. Were they listed on the car towing company rotation list or did I need to go through the State Patrol’s special operations bureau.

Since Hugh Mungus attracted a rather, sorry, Huge following, he was later interviewed online with H3H3 Productions:

In a follow-up, H3H3 re-contacted Hugh and discovered times had changed for the worse.

Facing mounting health care costs related to a cancer diagnosis and complications from a hip replacement surgery, he was facing eviction and was forced to resort to difficult choices to help manage the costs.

Meanwhile, around the time of the Halloween Surprise with Joshi, she set up a fund drive for herself on the GoFundMe knockoff “YouCaring” to help alleviate financial costs inherent with being oppressed and suffering threats to her “safety”, or perhaps she just discovered another way to siphon money from other social justice warriors in a challenge to out-victim the other. She set a goal on YouCaring to raise one thousand dollars.

Much probably to her dismay, many, if not most, of her contributions consisted of one dollar amounts. For a great many readers of this website, it was worth a dollar to lob insults at her:

Later, she discovered a feature of YouCaring that allowed her to censor the comment/insult.  She was more than happy to take the money, but in typical SJW fashion was also more than willing to bite the hands that fed her.

Eventually, word of Joshi’s YouCaring site found its way back to H3H3 who deemed it only fitting to also create a YouCaring charity drive for Hugh Mungus to offset his medical costs.  The page went wild, so much so that the back and forth between Hugh Mungus and Joshi crashed YouCaring’s servers and the site went offline for numerous hours until finally being restored.

After receiving a good publicity, contributions poured in for Mr. Mungus after Reddit took notice. But unexpectedly, YouCaring terminated both Joshi’s and Hugh Mungus’ accounts, claiming that the matter was causing too much controversy.  What?  I would think YouCaring would be more than happy to take a percentage of all contributions to whatever cause their client brought to them.  But, I suspect the embarrassment of their servers crashing might have been the strongest factor.  Lamers.

Undeterred, H3H3 contracted with a real fund raising website, GoFundMe, to host Hugh Mungus’ medical expense fund drive.  There was genuine concern for his plight, but one cannot deny the fund drive’s success was in large part due to the backlash against not only Joshi’s insolent and cringe-worthy pathology, but a forum to slap back at SJWs in general. But unlike Joshi who’s taunting contributors provided minimal amounts, Hugh Mungus’ best contributors contributed sometimes hundreds, but two as high as a grand with one measuring two thousand.

Once enabled, Hugh Mungus’ GoFundMe page quickly became a money grazing netcow, gaining nearly a staggering $100,000 dollars in the first two days.

So there you have it. Sometimes it is worth enduring the wrath of the snowflake social justice warrior–a gift that keeps on giving–yet on occasion it is a sacrifice that might be worth earning a buck or two.

Please help our friend Hugh Mungus through these difficult times. Donate Now! Countless Precious Snowflakes are in need of melting.

By Darren Smith

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