Did Mueller Withhold Evidence From Michael Flynn?

440px-Michael_T_FlynnThe court order for Special Counsel Robert Mueller to share exculpatory evidence with former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn has raised intriguing questions about whether evidence might have been withheld from Flynn before his plea deal.  As I stated on air, I do not believe that the issuance of this order by Judge Sullivan should be assumed as evidence of any second thoughts by Flynn. As I state in my column below in The Hill newspaper, I do not see a real option for Flynn in trying to undo his plea deal. However, the disclosure of the evidence could raise questions for Flynn.

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Missouri Governor Charged With Felony Invasion of Privacy In Bizarre Affair

1519343017060Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens is now the state’s chief executive and its most famous accused felon.  On Thursday, the Republican governor was indicted for  felony invasion of privacy in a truly bizarre affair from 2015. Greitens, 43, is accused of involuntarily restraining a woman in an affair and taking pictures of her naked as leverage over her.  The indictment occurs when nude pictures are also being raised in Nashville as possible evidence against the Mayor Megan Barry, who is also embroiled in a scandal over an affair.

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Mueller Files New Manafort Charges As Investigators Look Into Alleged Quid Pro Quo Deal Of $16 Million Loan

440px-Director_Robert_S._Mueller-_III-1Paul Manafort has been something of a target rich environment for Special Counsel Robert Mueller who has piled on an assortment of charges for financial and fraud crimes.  The charges were not much of a surprise for many of us in Washington where Manafort has long held a reputation for dubious clients and practices.  Indeed, as discussed before, it is astonishing that Donald Trump selected Manafort to head his campaign when minimal vetting would have revealed his controversial history and clients.  Now Mueller has now filed greatly expanded charges against Manafort and Gates.  There is a new allegation of mortgage fraud but one recently disclosed inquiry could present an even more serious issue for Manafort and the Administration.  All of the past charges have been unrelated to election or the campaign.  The new allegation is no exception, but it does involve the Administration in Manafort allegedly securing a $16 million loan in exchange for an appointment of the banker to a prestigious Administration position.  Mueller is reportedly seeking information on the appointment of Stephen Calk to Trump’s council of economic advisers in August 2016. He is the president of Federal Savings Bank and gave Manafort the over-sized loan. As discussed in my most recent column, this is why I have been arguing the financial allegations are more important to watch than the collusion allegations.

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Durham District Attorney Dismisses All Charges Against Defendants Who Destroyed Statue In Public, Premeditated Act

cfakepathmugshots212_20170816_180608-e1502929057745We recently discussed the decision of Durham District Attorney Roger Echols to drop felony charges against protesters who destroyed a civil war monument in a premeditated and videotaped crime.  The popularity of the crime was obvious as voters rallied around the accused — support that some have alleged pressured Echols to reduce the charges to mere misdemeanors.  That reduction however was still criticized by the defendants and their supporters. Now, after an unfavorable ruling by a court, Echols has dropped all charges against defendants who not just committed criminal acts on camera but proudly proclaimed their guilt.  It is hard not to view the outcome as an example of popular crimes enjoying a level of immunity.

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BYU Poster Sends Mixed Math Message . . .

DWhzZZBUQAAJug3We have been discussing recent publications by academics arguing that math is a form of white privilege and male domination — often citing the relatively low numbers of women in the field.  Colleges and high schools have made a concerted effort to get women to join the field, though a recent poster at Brigham Young University (BYU) caused a degree of confusion and an even greater degree of mirth.


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Singular Demotion: Trump Tells Citizens “Ask Jeff Session!”

jeff_sessions_official_portraitYou know you are on the outs with the President when he not only unleashes an army of citizen trolls on you, but demotes you from plural to singular.   President Trump posted another controversial tweet this morning in asking why he is being investigated but not his predecessor or the Democrats. He tells supporters to Just “Ask Jeff Session.”  Attorney General Sessions appears to still be the persona non grata and, if anything, diminishing by the day.

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Former Breitbart Spokesperson: Trump’s Lack Of Response To The Russians Is An Impeachable Offense

donald_trump_president-elect_portrait_croppedI have previously written about the endless calls for impeachment from Democratic members for everything from Trump criticizing NFL players to comments made about protesters to his reference to “shithole countries.”   The Framers saw the great abuses caused not only by tyranny of nobility, but tyranny of the majority. They sought to insulate our government from the transient impulses of politics. The danger has been repeatedly shown by members who see virtually any act or comment by Donald Trump as a case for impeachment. It is a trend toward what I have called “the no-confidence impeachment” option and it is not only an abuse of our constitutional standard but a dangerous trend for this country.   The latest grounds for impeachment was stated by former Breitbart spokesperson Kurt Bardella who was also spokesperson for Rep. Darrell Issa, Rep. Brian Bilbray and Senator Olympia Snowe.  It appears that the failure to take additional actions or “accept” the fact of Russian interference is now grounds for impeachment and removal from office.  His article appears in USA Today entitled President Trump’s Russia Denialism Is Grounds For Impeachment.  (For full disclosure, I also write for USA Today).

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