Happy Anniversary To Washington’s “Least Untruthful” Witness: Clapper To Avoid Perjury Prosecution In March

220px-James_R._Clapper_official_portraitBelow is an expanded version of my column that ran in USA Today on the approaching expiration of the statute of limitations for prosecuting former National Intelligence Director James Clapper for perjury.  This is a city that protects its own and Clapper is the Beltway equivalent of a made man.  People like Clapper do not get prosecuted.  We do not call them criminal; just complicated.

Here is the column:

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“God Tells Me I Gotta”: Texas Judge Tells A Jury To Acquit Defendant After A Communication From God

300px-god2-sistine_chapelJudge Jack Robison appears to be channeling a higher authority recently in Comal County, Texas.   Robison interrupted jurors during deliberations to inform the panel that God told him to acquit Gloria Romero-Perez of trafficking a teenage girl for sex.  It appears that divine judgment did not track well with the jury, which proceeded to find Perez guilty as charged.

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“Live Mas”, Drive Less: Florida Man Arrested For DUI After Pulling Into Bank Drive Thru and Ordering a Taco Bell Burrito

Taco_Bell_2016.svgThere is nothing so frustrating as pulling up to a Taco Bell only to have the drive thru person repeatedly refuse to take your order . . .  unless of course it is a bank.  That was the dilemma of Douglas Francisco, 28, who is accused of being drunk when he pulled into the Bank of America in Tampa and demanded a burrito.  If Francisco wants to fulfill the chain’s slogan of “Live Mas,” he might want to drive less.

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Harvard Professor: Hillary Clinton Could Still Be President

Hillary_Clinton_Testimony_to_House_Select_Committee_on_BenghaziLawrence Lessig, the Roy L. Furman professor of law and leadership at Harvard Law School, offered hope recently for those still in denial over the 2017 presidential election.  Lessig, seriously, argued in Newsweek that it is not too late.  Hillary Clinton could still be president if things break in the right way. It would only require the removal of both Trump and Pence as well as a cooperation and resignation of a President Speaker Paul Ryan.  That is all it would take to make for those who believe that there is no price too great to get the Clintons back into power.  Even Lessig’s Rube Goldberg machine of presidential succession.

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Trump’s Lawyer Under Fire As The Wall Street Journal Details Use Of Pseudonyms and Shell Companies To Pay Porn Star

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President Trump‘s personal lawyer Michael Cohen is under fire this week after The Wall Street Journal reported that Cohen used what appear to be shell companies and fake names to pay a porn star called Stormy Daniels $130,000 as part of a nondisclosure agreement.  Daniels states in a prior but unpublished interview that she had an affair with Trump that began shortly after Trump married Melania Trump and had their son Baron.  She said that the affair lasted roughly a year and the money was paid during the campaign around the time of the release of the disturbing Access Hollywood tape.  Cohen has previously denied any affair and insisted that both Daniels (whose real name is Stephanie Clifford) and Trump deny any sexual relationship.  The new information has led some to question Cohen’s veracity and the role of an attorney in maintaining such a denial if the representation is untrue.  I am less confident that a clear ethical line was crossed by Cohen simply because he used such companies or has maintained the denial of any relationship.

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Democratic Member Seeks New Impeachment Vote Based On Trump’s Alleged “Shithole” Comment

Al_Green_OfficialI have previously written about the endless calls for impeachment from Democratic members for everything from Trump criticizing NFL players to comments made about protesters. The Framers saw the great abuses caused not only by tyranny of nobility, but tyranny of the majority. They sought to insulate our government from the transient impulses of politics. The danger has been repeatedly shown by members who see virtually any act or comment by Donald Trump as a case for impeachment. The latest such example comes from Texas Representative Al Green, who declared that Trump’s alleged reference to “shithole countries” is sufficient grounds for impeachment. The last time I checked, pottymouth was not included in Article II with “Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors.”

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