Déjà Vu: Michigan Man Arrested For Passing Counterfeiting $100 Bill To Stripper

UnknownThis glum fellow is Stephen Gidcumb who has been arrested for counterfeiting. What is interesting about the case is that Gidcumb used his personal computer to generate the $100 bill and the counterfeiting was discovered by a strip joint. Indeed, Gidcumb appears to have returned to the club not long after passing on the fake bill. Not surprisingly, the club is named Déjà Vu.

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Iran Flogs 30 College Students For Attending A Mix Gender Graduation Party With 99 Lashes Each

300px-fomfr_whipIran this month reminded the world that it remains entirely committed to the medieval Sharia legal system. Over 30 college students participated in a graduation party but were arrested by Iranian police for participating in a mixed gender party. Each of the students was given 99 lashes under the Islamic law.

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20160528_140148 (1)

The annual GW charity competition between torts and contracts was held yesterday and I am saddened to report that contracts prevailed on the field of paintball.  Each year, the students bid for positions on the two teams and all of the money goes to support public interest work by our law students at George Washington.  (The Contracts team is in front with Professor Greg Maggs in the middle; the Torts Team is standing in the back).

This is the fifth year and contracts now has a 3-2 lead.  This year was particularly challenging with a bright sunny day in Virginia at 96 degrees. The heat index moved the temperature to around 103 and it was punishing.  This is the hottest day that we faced in the competition.  We had to choose between protective layers and heat stroke. I have four impressive welts that indicate my choice.  Throughout the day, many of us remarked how the day brought home the incredibly harsh conditions that our troops have to face in places like Iraq (carrying full packs and fighting in such hot weather).  On a Memorial Day weekend, it gave all of us pause to think of an actual operation in the Middle East for our military personnel. We only had to compete in a fun competition with breaks and water for a couple of hours — and no one trying to actually kill us.

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“The Mystery Emails”: State Department Report References Key Emails That Were Not Previously Turned Over [UPDATED]

Hillary_Clinton_Testimony_to_House_Select_Committee_on_BenghaziHillary Clinton agreed to a brief interview on the stinging rebuke found in the Inspector General Report that we discussed yesterday. The interview lacks questions on most of the contradictions that we discussed and Clinton insists that the report actually vindicates her — a truly breathtaking spin. Unfortunately, the reporter seemed to move as quickly as possible away from the report to turn to Donald Trump — with no follow up questions. However, there is a far more intriguing issue raised by the emails discussed in the report. Some of the emails revealed that Clinton believed that her personal, unsecure server had been hacked and she stated her desire to use a separate system to protect her personal emails from review — both serious contradictions to prior statements. Yet, the November 2010 reportedly was not among those turned over to the State Department. Indeed, at least three emails had not been seen before. Clinton previously insisted that all work related emails were turned over while her staff deleted personal emails.

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Hiker’s Body Found In Maine Just Two Miles From Trail After Becoming Lost and Surviving 26 Days

260516SPLGERALDINE_620x310There is a tragic story in the hiking community this week with the discovery of the body of Geraldine Largay, 66, who became lost on the Appalachian trail in Maine. She left heartbreaking messages on her cellphone and a diary, including a request that “When you find my body, please call my husband and daughter.”

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