Weekend Bloggers


We occasionally had Guest Bloggers on the weekend. Currently, Darren Smith (who helps manage the site) will write on weekends.

Darren Smith

Darren Smith is a former law enforcement officer and retired as a Deputy Sheriff. He specialized in patrol operations with emphasis on developing anti-crime programs, which have significantly reduced offenses in several communities. He also investigated financial crimes, bank fraud, and forgery of currency, government documents and identification. He has expertise in computer forensics and cyber-crimes. After working nine years as a software engineer at a major software corporation and in the management of three smaller e-commerce companies. He became (and continues as) a small business owner with ventures in retail and real estate. Darren received an AAS degree in Administration of Justice from Spokane College (1988) along with later coursework in accounting and investments. He graduated from the Washington Criminal Justice Academy in 1991. He enjoys travel and visited countries throughout Europe and Asia, including the Soviet Union in 1985. Darren shares hobbies such as antique computers, outdoor recreation, photography, reading, antiquities, and the arts.

50 thoughts on “Weekend Bloggers”

  1. Why didn’t the three judge panel of the DC Appeals Court render a judgment to Michael Flynn’s writ of mandamus?

  2. Darren Smith, has there been a font change? The font seems larger than usual today.

  3. Darren Smith, why is the Turley Blog persistently cluttered with “Ping-backs?”

    Can they not be blocked or eliminated?

    1. The functionality permits the site owner a choice to allow or disallow the display of ping-back notices. I believe the default behavior of WordPress, this site’s system software, is to allow. This manifests in the configuration pages as a pre-checked box that reads “Allow Ping Backs”. There is a global setting for this (site wide) as well as a specific setting for each article/post.

      I did forward your concern to Professor Turley for his consideration and I don’t know if you saw this but I replied earlier to your concern:


      1. Darren Smith, I’m not the sharpest tool in the drawer. I must admit, I missed it. Perfect! Thank you very much.

  4. Thank you for assembling a healthy cross-section of professional experience and opinions with respect to legal matters… I am now following your blog and value the information I gain here.

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