Unfortunately, I often only have a short time in the early morning each day to post stories on this blog. Given the pressures of classes, litigation, and traveling, I will often miss typos or automatically “corrected” words that are errors. I apologize for those errors, but we have no staff or copy editors on this blog. We welcome any suggested corrections. You can post corrections below. Thanks again for your help and your understanding.

178 thoughts on “Corrections

  1. In the New Jersey Judge Faces Judicial complaint post occurs the following:-
    “….. crude and injudicious in his working …..”. I suspect “working” should have been “wording”

  2. On the Saudi Arabia Remains Adamant thread “… planned execution of religious dissent …” “dissent” should be “dissident“.

  3. One or two mistakes would be understandable. However, I find it painful to read your writing – every other sentence has a mistake in it. You may be busy but if you’re going to write a blog could you make at least a minimal effort?

  4. Quick inquiry: Moments ago I posted a comment (re: Merkel, 4/18) that linked to an image some may find offensive. While I care little about sensibilities (just as no one should anyone care about my own), I’m not sure whether such an image is acceptable on this blog. My intent was to present the link only, but apparently it embeds the file for convenience. Just want to point it out for clarification.

  5. (Considering the above is posted under Corrections, I suppose it’s fitting to correct an error therein; that is, “anyone”, obviously, should be dropped.)

  6. Reading your recent appeal to the 10th circuit panel, and on page 11, (don’t know if this matters, or if you have time to correct it if it does matter) first paragraph, “The Brown
    family fled to Utah to avoid further threats…” I think it should say they fled Utah, or fled to Nevada, not that they fled TO Utah. Just wanted to make sure you saw that, since they seem to be grabbing at straws to get rid of your case.
    Your work on this case has been wonderful. Thank you for helping that family stand up to the state, and all others who commit abuses against them and their friends, using their hatred of a lifestyle as an excuse.

  7. You posted a link to an article regarding Germany’s use of a law forbidding saying demeaning things about a foreign head of state, saying “It was also sued by hen-Swiss President, Micheline Calmy-Rey to prosecution a Swiss man living in Bavaria after he posted offensive comments Calmy-Rey, on the internet”

    You probably meant “used” by “then-Swiss President.”

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