Michigan Man With 12 Prior Arrests For Drunk Driving Kills 12-Year-Old Girl In Latest DUI Accident

636056611158690947-13876172-1190957524282321-8308082804683626452-nCharles James Cahill, Jr., 49, is someone all too familiar to police.  Cahill has 12 prior drunk driving convictions.  He can now add a 13th arrest, but in this latest case there is a dead 12-year-old girl.  Cahill hit a family’s van from behind on July 27th at 8:18 p.m.  He then tested at almost three times the legal level of alcohol in his blood.   Notably, his license was revoked by the Secretary of State in 1990.  He is now facing charges of second-degree murder, operating with a high blood alcohol content causing death, operating while intoxicated third offense and driving while license suspended causing death and a misdemeanor charge of open intoxicants in a motor vehicle.

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Court Awards Couple $18,000,000 For City’s Land Grab. Largest In State History

By Darren Smith, Weekend Contributor.

City of SeaTac LogoIn a significant judgment against the City of SeaTac, Washington in a property rights case a King County Superior Court judge awarded Gerry and Kathy Kingen $18.3 million after what the court described as “a pattern of deception that lasted years.”

The trouble for the couple began in 2003 when they purchased land in the vicinity of Sea-Tac Airport with the intent to develop the land into a Park-and-Fly garage. Immediately after bringing notice to the city of their plans the city council declared a moratorium on the construction of these garages and engaged in tactics to hinder the couple’s investment until, according to court documents, they were forced under duress to sell the property to a “phantom buyer” who was later determined to be a surrogate for the city.

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Rushing To Judgment: Officers Declare Icing From Krispy Kreme Donut To Be Meth and Arrest Orlando Driver

250px-Krispy_Kreme_logo.svgThere is a bizarre case in Orlando where Daniel Rushing was arrested after a police officer declared that she recognized meth on the floor of his car from her extensive experience.  It not only turned out to be icing from Rushing’s Krispy Kreme donut but Rushing told the officers what it was when they asked.  To make matters worse, a field test registered positive for meth — another false positive in a long line of such cases.

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Corpse Left For Three Days In Hungry Jack Restaurant Bathroom

Hungry_Jack's.svgAustralian customers should have some legitimate questions about the sanitization of the Hungry Jack restaurant outside of Perth.  It appears that a man died of a drug overdose in a toilet but was not found for roughly three days by the Australian franchise of Burger King.  In a remarkable statement, the police have said that finding a man dead after three days in a toilet is “not being treated as suspicious.”  I certainly understand the lack of a suspicion of a crime but at least we could agree that it is a bit curious.

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The Luckiest Place On Earth: Family Of Dead Toddler Decides Not To Sue Disney Over Alligator Attack

250px-Mickey_Mouse.svg16alligator_web1-master768-v4Yesterday, we discussed how the case against Disney in the death of two-year-old Lane Graves seemed to be getting worse for the company by the day with a new controversy over a poster instructing employees to mislead tourists asking about the risk of alligators. Many of us felt that Disney richly deserved to be sued and that such a lawsuit could produce valuable deterrence for Disney and other companies in the future. However, to the surprise of many, Matt and Melissa Graves of Elkhart, Nebraska have announced that they will not sue Disney for the death of their son in the lagoon at the Grand Floridian Resort and Spa at Florida’s Walt Disney World.

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Walt Disney Accused of Firing Intern Who Objected to Sign Telling Employees To Deny Risk Of Alligators At Florida Property

250px-Mickey_Mouse.svgWe previously discussed the tragic death of Lane Graves, 2, at a Disney resort after an alligator attack. Things are already pretty bad for the company, but there is yet another twist. A Walt Disney World intern was fired after she posted objected to a sign advising employees to tell guests that they do not know of any alligators in the waters. After an outcry, the company has rehired Shannon Sullivan. The question remains whether such evidence could be introduced to show the company’s alleged continued misrepresentation or concealment of the risks associated with the alligators.

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Ninth Circuit Rules State Must Protect Salmon Runs In Addition To Tribal Fishing Rights

salmon-pnw-artBy Darren Smith, Weekend Contributor

A three judge panel of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled June 27th that in addition to recognizing tribal fishing rights, pursuant to the Stevens Treaties entered in the middle 1850s between Indian tribes of the Pacific Northwest and the Washington Territorial Governor, the government is mandated to protect the viability of sustainable fishing to preserve the allocation to local tribes.

In signing these treaties, the tribes relinquished “swaths of land, watersheds, and offshore waters adjacent to these areas…in what is now the State of Washington. In exchange, the Tribes were guaranteed a right to engage in off-reservation fishing.”

The panel held that in building and maintaining barrier culverts within Washington, the state violated, and continues to violate, its obligation to the Tribes under the treaties.

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