stock-graphics-vintage-thanksgiving-postcard-00305-1In celebration of Thanksgiving, I give you our annual Turkey Torts of civil and criminal cases that add liability to libations on this special day (with past cases at the bottom). Many criminal defense attorneys and torts attorneys give special thanks for a holiday that can involve copious amounts of alcohol, strained family relations, over-the-hill amateur football players, “Black Friday” sale stampedes, and novice cooks. Indeed, this year, the Kellem family started early by bagging a 30-pound wild Turkey in Indiana when it went smashing through their rental car window. Indeed, this year saw repeated warnings of aggressive wild turkeys during mating season causing accidents and injuries.  The result is a horn of plenty for litigators.

Of course, some accidents have happy endings. For example, the Macy’s parade (as discussed below) has had its share of balloon accidents but last year’s parade featured Miss Piggy saving singing icon Tony Bennett from a potentially disastrous slip and fall. 

Likewise, no one was hurt when a wife reportedly varnished her turkey.  Her husband decided earlier to put some varnish in a container in the refrigerator.  The wife proceeded to baste the turkey with it. The guests remarked on how picture perfect it looked but then discovered that beauty is only skin deep.

Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving!

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The Roy Moore Scandal: Someone’s Lying But No One Is Suing [UPDATED]

Judge_Roy_MooreLast week on this blog and in television interviews, I noted that in scandals like the one surrounding Roy Moore I often wait to see who sues for defamation first.  What is clear in that someone is lying. It is either numerous women who were tracked down by the Washington Post or Roy Moore himself.  Moore has called the women liars and “evil” while they have described a man with alleged pedophilic tendencies.  As I mentioned on Friday, Moore’s responses are suspiciously labored and narrow for someone accused of deeply disturbing allegations.  While I did not agree that Moore should simply withdrawal solely because someone made an accusation, the record is getting worse by the day.  If he is innocent, I can understand a refusal to be chased from the race but there are new accounts that are making the situation untenable for Moore to remain in the race.  Notably, Moore has been calling these women liars but he has not sued for defamation or announcing his intention to do so.  That would put all parties under the bright light of discovery.

Update:  Moore has announced that he will sue for defamation. However, he did not mention suing over the allegations of dating young girls but only “being with” a 15-year-old girl.  He also mentioned only suing the Washington Post and not the various women who spoke on the record or his former colleague who spoke on the record.  As noted below, the lawsuit against the Post would likely face the greatest challenge for Moore to prevail.

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Professor Luna Teaches Animal Liability At GW Law To Universal Acclaim

IMG_7720As in prior years, Professor Luna Turley (shown here with adoring students) appeared as a visiting scholar yesterday to teach the Torts class on animal liability at GW Law School.  To the chagrin of the assigned professor, she was generally viewed as a significant improvement as she showed the basis for determining domestication or wild characteristics in animals.

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Spooky Torts: The 2017 List Of Halloween Litigation Horrors

Here is our annual list of Halloween torts and crimes. Halloween of course remains a holiday seemingly designed for personal injury lawyers around the world and this year’s additions show why. Halloween has everything for a torts-filled holiday: battery, trespass, defamation, nuisance, product liability and more.

So, with no further ado, here is this year’s updated list of actual cases related to Halloween.

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Big Pop Wins Two Court Rulings In New York and Indiana

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Florida Teens Steal Two Cars, Drive 112 MPH, Run Red Light, Kill Three And Injure Two . . . Geico Then Pays Damages To Families of The Felons

download-1Ricky Melendez has a right to be a bit confused. Melendez was driving to the grocery store when a 16-year-old driving a stolen sport utility vehicle ran a red light and crashed into his Toyota Camry.  The driver, Keontae Brown, was going at 112 mph.  Now, Geico has paid the families of the boys speeding in the stolen car damages in a decision which is precisely why insurance companies are blamed for fueling strike suits and frivolous claims.

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