Two Maryland Women Charged With Hate Crime For Burning Trump Sign

The two teenage girls in Maryland have been charged with hate crimes after they lit a Trump sign on fire.  The novel charge is based on the prosecutors treating Trump supporters as the protected group. It is quite a stretch from the conventional hate crime. The very notion of a hate crime has been criticized by civil libertarians as raising free speech and double jeopardy concerns.

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Princess Cruises Hit With Record $40 Million Fine After Knowing Effort To Pollute Waters And Later Cover Up

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Poachers Kill Over 20,000 Reindeer in Russia To Send Their Tongues To China

WWF Russia

We have previously discussed how the growing Chinese market for exotic animal parts is wiping out the world’s populations of endangered and threatened animals.  This week the extent of that slaughter was brutally evident in Russia where poachers have killed over 20,000 reindeer . . . only to cut their tongues out and leaving miles of rotting carcasses.

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Indiana Jones Was Banned From Washington Territory

By Darren Smith, Weekend Contributor

Indiana Jones must have caused a great uproar against the peace and decency of the Pacific Northwest.

On February 27, 1854 the first Legislative Assembly in the newly organized Washington Territory ratified the Statutes of the Territory of Washington. While the criminal code is rather ordinary for the mid-nineteenth century, one has to wonder what kind of menace was to be found in the territorial capital of Olympia. It seems the likes of Indiana Jones was one of those menaces.

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Who Will You Discover? Search Leads To Fugitive Living Under Name Of Deceased Baby

ancestry-logoJon Vincent, 44, turned over a new leaf and the result could be a long stint in jail.  In a modern twist to a classic criminal tactic, Vincent is accused to adopting the name of a deceased baby to assume a new identity while on the lam from a prison escape.  However, the name Nathan Laskoski came up on an ancestry search of the baby’s aunt.  That “leaf” led her — and ultimately  the police — to the Pennsylvania man.  For her, the company motto of “who will you discover” is a bit more of a surprise than that second cousin twice removed in Pittsburgh.

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