Minnesota Law Professor Charged With Massive Criminal Fraud

adams006+(1)University of Minnesota law professor Edward S. Adams is facing an astonishing criminal indictment over millions of missing funds from investors in his companies.  The indictment says that Adams perpetrated an elaborate fraud on investors and fellow partners.  According to the indictment, from 2006 to 2013, Edward S. Adams stole more than $4.38 million from investors and paid more than $2.54 million to his own law firm.

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University of Alabama Students Arrested in Two Epic Spring Break Cases


Alden Whiteside could not have handled things worse on his way Spring Break in Florida.  First, there was the seven cases of beer in plain view in his truck.  Then there was the problem of being 19 and not allowed to drink or buy alcohol.  Then there was the fact that he was speeding.  Then there was the fake driver’s license that he was using.  Finally, there was the marijuana discovered in the car.  That pretty much covers most of the criminal code.  He was not the only Alabama college student facing charges from a Spring Break gone bad.

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English Woman Fined By Police After Accusing Ex-Boyfriend Of Stalking and “Wasting” Their Time . . . Boyfriend Then Allegedly Murders Woman

shana-griceThere is a chilling and tragic case out of East Sussex, England where Shana Grice, 19, was found dead with her throat slit.  Months ago, Grice was fined by police for wasting their time in accusing her ex-boyfriend, Michael Lane, 27, of stalking her.  Lane is now standing trial for her murder.

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Can You Guess What This Person Was Charged With?

SJM-SCDENTIST-0317If you thought your dentist was a bit intimidating, you may want to check out “Dr.” Joseph Hirsch, 59.  Hirsh is accused of practicing dentistry in Redwood (CA) without a license.  Then there is the problem of the unsanitary office and his alleged meth cooking operation.  Hirsch’s dental operation included a pair of brass knuckles, which presumably were used for extractions.

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Bad Return: MSNBC Publication Triggers A Wave Of Responses From Mockery To Criminal Allegations

imgresThe build up last night on MSNBC had my phone ringing off the hook.  Rachel Maddow proclaimed “we’ve got the Trump returns.”  It turned out to be just the 2005 filing. Well, not the 2005 filing, the first two pages.  Worse yet, it turned out to be an entirely predictable tax return for a wealthy businessman with tons of deductibles.  It seemed like the tax version of Al Capone’s safe with Geraldo Rivera.  What was particularly odd is that MSNBC was “all in” — even after seeing that there was little there.  Maddow led with a long list of things we want to know from Trump’s tax return.  But none of those things were in the return.  They lined  up experts who seemed a lot like the “weather center” reporters the night before covering the major snow storm in D.C.   Reporters literally showed a dusting on cars in parking lots and spoke breathlessly about the possible storm that never came.  The tax experts were left in the same curious position — discussing what might have been shown.  As a legal commentator, I bowed out.  It was like being called as a seismologists to discuss an earthquake that never happened.  It is certainly true that Trump and Melania paid is a rate of less than 4 percent on their personal income — $5.3 million. However, they paid an additional $31 million under the alternative minimum tax, or AMT.  They used every loophole and tactic to reduce payments but those loopholes were legal and used by many in his tax bracket.

Having said that, the White House and others went too far in raising allegations of criminal conduct by Maddow and MSNBC in reporting on the story. There was also a return to the mantra of the “dishonest media.”  There was nothing dishonest in publishing the return. It was clearly overplayed but it was not dishonest to cover the leak.

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