Vogue Columnist Under Fire After Dismissing Concerns Over The Innocence of Men In Sexual Harassment Cases

Screen Shot 2017-11-24 at 9.23.05 AM.pngTeen Vogue columnist Emily Lindin is under fire this week after writing how she is “not at all concerned about innocent men losing their jobs” over false allegations of sexual assault or harassment.  Lindin dismissed the dangers of false claims as low in joining other feminist writers in arguing that women must be believed in such cases. Indeed, Lindin wrote that even raising false claims could be a sign of hostility to women. I wrote recently how this standard was not used during the Clinton presidency where leading feminists not only supported Bill Clinton but continue to flock to events featuring the accused sexual harasser.

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stock-graphics-vintage-thanksgiving-postcard-00305-1In celebration of Thanksgiving, I give you our annual Turkey Torts of civil and criminal cases that add liability to libations on this special day (with past cases at the bottom). Many criminal defense attorneys and torts attorneys give special thanks for a holiday that can involve copious amounts of alcohol, strained family relations, over-the-hill amateur football players, “Black Friday” sale stampedes, and novice cooks. Indeed, this year, the Kellem family started early by bagging a 30-pound wild Turkey in Indiana when it went smashing through their rental car window. Indeed, this year saw repeated warnings of aggressive wild turkeys during mating season causing accidents and injuries.  The result is a horn of plenty for litigators.

Of course, some accidents have happy endings. For example, the Macy’s parade (as discussed below) has had its share of balloon accidents but last year’s parade featured Miss Piggy saving singing icon Tony Bennett from a potentially disastrous slip and fall. 

Likewise, no one was hurt when a wife reportedly varnished her turkey.  Her husband decided earlier to put some varnish in a container in the refrigerator.  The wife proceeded to baste the turkey with it. The guests remarked on how picture perfect it looked but then discovered that beauty is only skin deep.

Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving!

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Harvard Faces Federal Investigation Over Racial Discrimination In Admissions


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RES IPSA HITS 33,000,000

Audience_Frontier_FiestaWe have hit another milestone today with over 33,000,000 views. We are also expected to reach 35,000 followers on Twitter.  That hardly makes us competition for the largest sites but it is still an impressive collection of people seeking a place for civil but passionate discourse on legal and policy issues  of our time (and perhaps a few wacky stories).  We often use these milestones to look at the current profile of the blog and its supporters around the world.

As always, I want to offer special thanks for our weekend contributors: Mike Appleton, Larry Rafferty, Darren Smith, Kimberly Dienes, and Cara Gallagher (particularly Darren who continues help up with periodic technical problems etc).

I particularly want to thank our regular commentators and readers.  We try to keep this blog as an open forum with as little interference or monitoring of the comments as possible.  Given our free speech orientation, we try not to delete comments and, for that reason, we are deeply appreciative of how most people avoid personal or offensive comments in debating these issues.  We have had to delete a handful of comments with personal attacks or profanity but the number remains quite low for a blog of this size.  The success of this blog is due to the fact that we offer something more than the all-too-common troll-driven, angry, and insulting commentary of the Internet.  Thank you for voluntarily assuming restraint over the tenor and content of your comments. Continue reading

The Yearbook Controversy: Gloria Allred Gives Moore The Issue That He Was So Desperately Seeking In Election

downloadI have been critical of the representation afforded by Gloria Allred and her daughter Lisa Bloom in past cases, including the rapid calling of press conferences at the height of news cycles.  Bloom has had public squabbles with clients including Harvey Weinstein and Kathy Griffin.  While media management is part of zealous representation, there are times when I am left uncertain as to the legal strategy behind press conferences.  In the case of Allred’s representation of Roy Moore accuser Beverly Nelson, the press conference has not only resulted in her being nationally ridiculed but she is now accused of falsifying Moore’s signature on a yearbook.  Allred’s defense of her client on the charge has been so anemic and uncertain that many have taken it as a concession.  As a result, Allred has given Moore just the issue to paint all of these women as liars and made the failure to turn over the yearbook the element of doubt that he was so desperately searching for in this scandal.  Just as I was critical of Moore’s counsel, this situation could not be worse for Allred’s client.  This was a predictable attack that Allred should have anticipated and had a response (other than we will turn over the yearbook in time) to blunt the attack on her client . . . better parading her in front of cameras.


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From Exclusion to Expulsion to Acceptance: There Are No Good Options In Dealing With Senator Roy Moore

senate_large_sealJudge_Roy_MooreBelow is my column in USA Today on the plan to bar Roy Moore from taking his Senate seat, if he is elected in Alabama.  For once in his checkered career, Moore would actually have the constitution on his side in challenging such efforts.  Like the KüblerRoss model of the stages of grief, the Senate may have to move from exclusion to expulsion to acceptance of a Senator Moore.

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Counsel For Roy Moore Make A Bad Situation Worse With Bizarre Press Conference and Notice Letter

GW247H200Judge_Roy_MooreThe unfolding disaster surrounding Roy Moore truly gets worse the day.  In the last 24 hours, two more women with highly compelling accounts described the same conduct of Moore pursuing very young girls while a prosecutors in his 30s.  This includes a girl who Moore allegedly pulled out of her trig class in high school to ask out.  She said that she later avoided him after one date where she felt he forced himself on her against her will.  Moore has made the situation worse with conflicting and unconvincing statements about his alleged penchant for very young girls.  However, if Moore’s self-defense has been wanting, the defense by two of his lawyers has been even worse.


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