Pit Bulls and One Free Bite

My Way ran a story on a pit bull attack of a woman in her own home. The animals came in through a pet door and also killed another neighborhood dog. Under the common law, there is no strict liability for domestic animals unless they have a known dangerous or violent nature. This has sometimes been referred to as the “one-free-bite rule.” Sometimes pit bulls have been classified as such, particularly in states with cities banning the animals

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3 thoughts on “Pit Bulls and One Free Bite”

  1. There are several counties, here in the states, that ban them COMPLETELY. GOOD for them! Just yesterday some fool on the Judge Judy Show said he didn’t have a job, he supported himself, his pregnant baby momma, and his 2 year old…by you guessed it SELLING PIT BULLS! Those poor kids don’t have much a gene pool to draw from!

  2. In Ontario there was a movement to ban pit bulls. As a halfway measure, I like the idea of rescinding the “one free bite” rule for pit bulls. Let the owners take responsibility for dangerous breeds.

  3. Some thing or other should “Bite” the owners.
    The dog has been abused…either itself or by some idiot breeder!

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