Iraq Whistleblowers and Fighting to Preserve Corruption

Whistleblowers who have identified hundreds of millions of dollars have faced terminations and other forms of retaliation. The Bush Administration has allowed such retaliation while simultaneously campaigning against the United Nations for not dealing with corruption and not protecting whistleblowers. For the UN campaign, see this story .

It is one of the most disturbing stories to come out of this disturbing military intervention. First, the Administration allows massive levels of corruption despite on-going coverage of the problem. Second, when whistleblowers try to stop the corruption, the Administration allows them to be persecuted and then fights their efforts at receiving relief from the retaliation in some cases. With a projected 1 trillion dollars to be spent on Iraq, the conditions are ripe for a lot of people to make a lot of money in little time. There are many who do not want that bonanza to end. Yet, the public seems strangely quiet over the on-going corruption and enrichment at their expense.

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