Maine Court Allows Gay Couple to Adopt

A week after an Iowa court ruled in favor of same-sex marriange, a Maine court has removed the legal barrier to gay couples wishing to adopt. For the story, click here It remains one of the great contradictions of some states — preferring to leave children unadopted rather than allow a same-sex couple to raise them. It is a considerable price to pay — a price paid by the children.

One thought on “Maine Court Allows Gay Couple to Adopt”

  1. This is the price that society pays for the crap that the Christian right, the homo-haters, the republicans, the…oh, heck, it would take all day to list them here.

    I would wager that when you say the word “homosexual”, most US Americans hear “men having sex with men” or “women having sex with women.”

    “Heterosexual”, on the other hand, translates “Father, mother, daughter, son, dog, cat, two cars, PTA, God.”

    I think it’s that simple.

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