Video of Student Tasered at Kerry Event

The video of a student who was hit with a taser is another example of how this device is being widely misused by law enforcement and campus police. This student was clearly obnoxious and clueless in the length of his comments. He was also resisting. However, at no point did he warrant the use of the taser. For the video, click here The most disturbing fact is that this occurred in front of hundreds of witnesses. Most such abuses occur with only the officers and the victim as witnesses.

3 thoughts on “Video of Student Tasered at Kerry Event”

  1. I’m furious over this video.

    You said he was “resisting”. Can a person be arrested for talking too much? How so?

    He wanted to know why he being arrested, and they did not respond. Citizens don’t have a right to be told why they’re being arrested?

    And by the way: being “clearly obnoxious and clueless” is in the ear of the beholder, especially in these times, when millions of people have been killed or maimed, because a presidential candidate ran from the stolen elections like a rat with its tail between its legs.

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