Another Video of Taser Abuse: Women Tasered Repeatedly by Ohio Officer

An woman named Heidi Gill is shown in a hysterical state as a Warren, Ohio officer named Rick Kovach repeatedly uses his taser on her. Video footage shows Gill crawling on the ground while screaming wildly as Kovack uses his taser over and over again. At one point, he is seen using his foot to shove her on the ground. For the video, click here Without defending Gill who seems out of control, the casual use of the taser is clearly shown her. For those of us who have been critics of the widespread use of tasers, the video confirms how little concern is given by officers in the use of this device.

2 thoughts on “Another Video of Taser Abuse: Women Tasered Repeatedly by Ohio Officer”

  1. What is most disturbing is that this is one of the few taser incidents caught on tape. Most go without such a record and an officer’s account is usually taken as fact. The attitude of some officers is vividly shown here, treating the taser as a routine device to make people easier to handle and more obedient.

  2. Ohmygod. I’m stunned – I can’t believe what I just saw…if that’s not the scariest thing. I think every officer who carries one of those needs to be tasered to know exactly how it feels – before being allowed to even carry one. This is sick. I just saw an interview with her. She had been drinking; there wasn’t even any crime commited – how did he expect her to act, being tasered like that? I don’t know what’s happening in this country anymore.

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