Stolen Neck Bone Implanted in Patient

A fascinating case has been filed in New York. James Livingston sued after he learned that bone implanted in his neck to relieve back pain was stolen from a corpse. New York officials have been investigating Michael Mastromarino, owner of now-defunct Biomedical Tissue Services. He has been accused of working with funeral parlor directors to remove and sell bones, tendons and heart valves from corpses without telling the families or the purchasers. He now faces up to 25 years in prison. This is one of the first tort cases to be filed out of the sordid affair, which includes a host of other defendants. Since no history was taken of the corpse, diseased parts may have been implanted. Given the highly intrusive aspect of the injury and emotional distress associated with the finding, it is a solid case for litigation. For the full story, click here