Negligence or False Imprisonment? Woman Left for Hours in CT Scanner

A woman in Tucson seeking treatment for cancer was left for hours in a CT scanner after a technician apparently forget about her and the clinic was closed. The woman, Elvira Tellez, was able to finally free herself of the machine and required the sheriff’s office to get out of the locked clinic. Notably, a doctor at the clinic told reporters that such accidents have occurred before. “People have been left in the office after hours, when something like that happens — it’s the same sort of thing,” said Dr. Steven Ketchel. For the full story, click here It is a good case of showing the distinction between false imprisonment and negligence. Here, there was no intent to false imprison Tellez, just a shocking degree of negligence. Not only did the clinic fail to release her, but they were not present if she had a sudden medical emergency from a heart attack to a panic attack.

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