Democrats Yield to White House and Kill Genocide Bill

President Bush has pressured Democrats to kill the genocide bill involving Turkey. It appears that the Iraq War will not allow the United States to recognize genocide committed by an ally, adding the the worldwide view of the United States as hypocritical on the rule of law and international principles. It is simply amazing that the Democrats would join in this relativistic view of principle. It is simply an inconvenient truth that one of our allies massacred hundreds of thousands of people. If the Democrats believe that Turkey did not commit genocide, then let them say so. However, if they believe (as do most historians) that genocide was committed, than principle has a price. For the full story, click here The Democrats have now joined President Bush in an amoral position of denouncing genocide or terror for some while tolerating it in others. Once again, it is unclear what difference the leadership of the two parties offer voters in such decisions.