Democratic Voters’ Call for Filibuster of Mukasey is Met By Total Silence from Senate Leaders

Democratic voters are irate over the shocking decision of Senators Schumer and Feinstein to support Michael Mukasey. Demands for a filibuster effort, however, have been silently rejected by senators, leaving voters uncertain how to be represented on such issues in Congress. The fact is that the Democratic senators have been carefully creating the appearance of opposition while privately assuring confirmation. If the Senate Judiciary Committee was not even willing to delay a vote to give opposition a chance to be heard, the leadership is not going to allow any action that would confront President Bush. We can expect some legislative effort by Schumer and Feinstein to expressly outlaw waterboarding to repair the damage. However, look closely. If this legislation is proposed, it will expressly only apply to future interrogations and thus be a defense for the administration. The fact is that senators view democratic voters as having no where to go in the next election and thus without any leverage on their actions. Yet, while voters complain, they still line up behind candidates who have voted for civil liberties losses and expansion of executive authority. The fact is that the Madisonian democracy gives voters that government that they deserve and voters deserve this dysfunctional system. For the full story, click here

4 thoughts on “Democratic Voters’ Call for Filibuster of Mukasey is Met By Total Silence from Senate Leaders”

  1. It’s far better to take back our power, as Americans, and redirect our energy and support toward things that really matter-our ideals.

    We elected our politicians. They need to remember they represent us
    – all the time. We need to be involved as well.

    If We, the People, aren’t being heard, perhaps we need to place a
    wake up call!

    I like the idea of testing the 10th Amendment – the idea that federal law doesn’t trump states’ rights, if need be.

    I still would like to believe Democrats are preferable, but I don’t always vote strictly on a Party basis.

    Right now, the country needs to breathe some fresh air.

  2. I have been considering “deeply worried”‘s point for some time now. My senators are Pryor and Lincoln, who constantly vote with Bush on any number of issues. Could we please start a movement to make clear to these DINOs that continued siding with Bush and the Republicans will mean one of two things: either I will work FOR their opponent (if one runs against them in the primary) or I will not vote FOR them in the general election. I know that we might end up with a Republican in office, but what’s the difference if my reps continually vote with the Republicans anyway?? The only thing these spineless cretans understand is “power;” they want it, and we can keep them from having it … if we will! Anyone care to join me?

  3. I will not vote for my senator if he votes for confirmation. I may abstain from voting, but I will withdraw all support and indeed throw it to any democrat who opposes him in the primary. This is a bright line issue for me…..

  4. I recall, recently, Democrats were invited by James Carville to come up with an ’08 bumper sticker slogan in addition to
    ‘Bump Up Our Majority’, and all I could think of was “UP” Ours…

    Sounds about right, afterall…

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