11-Year-Old Rams Truck into Fence, His Father, and 72-Year-Old Lady

Paul Laulu, 11, was being taught how to drive by his father, Antonio, when he put the truck in gear and went racing backwards. Hee ran over his father’s right leg and foot before crossing the street and crashing into a wrought iron fence and wall.
Police believe a piece of iron fencing hit the 72-year-old woman who was in the area.

It raises an interesting question in torts. Paul can be sued as an adult since driving is an adult activity unless it can be shown that he was not actually driving. His father was standing beside him explaining how each of the instruments worked. It can be argued that he never intended to actually drive. In the end, it does not matter. Antonio was clearly negligent and can be sued for the accident. It may even be possible (though in my view excessive and wrong) to charge him criminally in the matter. For the full story, click here