Parents are Threatened with Jail for Not Getting Kids Flu Shots

The parents of more than 2,300 Prince George’s County students who failed to get needed vaccinations are being threatened with $50 a day and up to 10 days in jail if their children do not meet the state’s immunization requirement.

“We can do this the easy way or the hard way, but it’s got to get done,” Prince George’s State’s Attorney Glenn F. Ivey (D) said at a news conference in Upper Marlboro. “I’m willing to move forward with legal action.”Increasingly, citizens are being

It is just the latest in a dangerous trend toward the criminalization of conduct in America where citizens are being criminally prosecuted for negligence or oversight or even clothing choices. For a recent column, click here

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4 thoughts on “Parents are Threatened with Jail for Not Getting Kids Flu Shots”

  1. it is wrong for our states to tell us to get shots that mint kill us
    they do not take them

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