Another Boy Suspended for a Stick Figure

It has become a national trend.  Educators who refuse to exercise a modicum of common sense and discretion have suspended a 6-year-old boy named Ryan Weathers for a stick drawing.   A first-grader was suspended Tuesday for drawing a stick figure shooting another in the head with a gun and allegedly threatening students.Little Butte School officials sent 6-year-old Weathers home after he drew a picture inspired by an episode of “The Simpsons” showing a stick figure shooting another stick figure.There is obviously something fundamentally wrong in our educational system.  The problem is likely due to the fact that educators are not being disciplined for these horrific decisions.  As a result, they are simply covering themselves by punishing children, knowing that the child and the parents will have to deal with the ramifications.  For a prior column, click  here  

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