Hugo Chavez Proclaims Anyone Voting Against Giving Him Near Absolute Power is a “Traitor”

Venezuela continues its horrible spin toward dictatorship this week as President Hugo Chavez told citizens that anyone voting against his constitutional changes (giving him potential power for life) would be “traitors.” Chavez is angry because recent polls show only 39 percent supporting the changes.  For the latest article, click here

Chavez will be a test for the principles of America’s liberals. Chavez has proven himself to be little more than an unhinged thug. For the first time, the Bush Administration appears to be doing the right thing. It is not threatening the use of force and hopefully is not trying something stupid on a clandestine level. Liberals need to speak out against a dictator in the making and someone who makes a mockery of democratic principles. Instead, Chavez has received a steady stream of American stars visiting the leader.

The most recent attack of Chavez throws the fairness of the referendum into doubt. One cannot see Chavez going quietly into the night. Certainly his hero, dictator Fidel Castro never let a few ballots stand in the way of absolute power.