Clinton and Rove Revise History on War: It Turns Out That No One Actually Supported the Iraq War

As the election approaches, it is becoming apparent that no one actually supported going to war in Iraq. In separate statements this week, Bill Clinton and Karl Rove revised history and their roles in supporting the Iraq War.

Clinton stated in Iowa this week that he “opposed the Iraq from the beginning.” The war remains a significant problem for the Clintons with democrats. Yet, in 2003 in a commencement speech when the war was still popular, Clinton said that “I supported the President when he asked Congress for authority to stand up against weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.”

However, Clinton’s slight revision is nothing like effort this week by Karl Rove to airbrush Bush and himself out of the war effort entirely: blaming Congress for the war. In an interview with Charlie Rose, Rove insisted that they did not want to rush the war vote and that Congress was simply gung ho for a war that Bush desperately wanted to avoid:

ROVE: [O]ne of the untold stories about the war is why did the United States Congress, the United States Senate, vote on the war resolution in the fall of 2002?ROSE: Why?

ROVE: This administration was opposed to it. I’m going to talk about that in my book… [T]he administration was opposed to voting on it in the fall of 2002.ROSE: Because?

ROVE: Because we didn’t think it belonged in the confines of the election. We thought it made it too political. We wanted it outside the confines of the election. It seemed it make things move too fast. There were things that needed to be done to bring along allies and potential allies abroad and yet…But you were opposed to the vote.

ROVE: It happened. We don’t determine when the Congress vote on things. The Congress does.

ROSE: You wish it hadn’t happened at that time. You would have preferred it did not happen at that time.

ROVE: That’s right.

ROSE: Because your argument– your argument is you would have had maybe more inspections. You would have been able to build a broader coalition. You could have done a whole lot other things if you didn’t have to have a vote, right?

ROVE: Right, right, exactly. 

For a video of the interview, click  here

In reality, Bush pushed for approval of the war resolution before the elections and praised the vote to do so. Some Democrats (unfortunately not enough) spoke out against giving the President the authority at that time.

5 thoughts on “Clinton and Rove Revise History on War: It Turns Out That No One Actually Supported the Iraq War”

  1. Would The Karlster like us all to believe history is like a giant etch-a-sketch board that he can simply erase any old time he wants? Does this creep really believe NO ONE has a memory?

    Bush not for war against Iraq? Really? George W Bush? Rove’s not speaking of George H W Bush is he? Maybe the Bush who runs Bush’s Baked Bean Company? Maybe it’s the George Bush who cuts my neighbor’s lawn once a week. Please.

    Rove’s been hard at work on the alibi the entire Bush Crime Family will cop to once we elect a prez who believes in the Rule of Law. “We didn’t do it.” Better yet, THEY did it (they, of course, meaning the entire freaking US Congress). It was 535 war-crazed Congresspersons and Senators who wanted Saddam offed, and were more than willing to sacrifice 4,000 of someone else’s sons/daughters to get ‘er done. Not GWB. Georgie is a “peace president” (when he’s not being a “war president”) – always has been. Turd Blossom’s got the Kennebunckport Big Lie Machine working 24/7 cooking up this whopper.

    Hey, it’s no state secret that Bush is a liar of enormous proportions. What I’m waiting for is to see how many of the GOP ’08 candidates run to the edge of this cliff, look both ways, then jump off like any self-respecting Republican lemming.

    And BTW – what was Charlie Rose high on when he “engaged” Rove in that less-than-professional series of follow-ups? Has PBS taken the pay-off too?

    Without C-SPAN we’d all be up sh_t’s creek.


  2. There has grown up a culture in the Beltway that condones and accepts the use of partial truths, half-truths, conditional truths, and yes, outright falsehoods.

    There seems to be a deep cynicism that is all-pervasive.

    Which of course, etches the glass of our democracy like a powerful caustic.

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