Oral Roberts University President: God Told Me to Resign

Ex-Oral Roberts University President Richard Roberts told students that God told him to resign even though he didn’t want to.  

The Roberts family has long received such micromanagement from the divine.  Richard Roberts claims that it was God that told him to deny allegations that he and his family bilked the university to fund their lavish lifestyles.  His father, Oral, once told the faithful that if they did not send him millions of dollars, God would “call him home.”

It is not clear whether Richard Roberts and his wife was told by God to live like royalty off university funds. However, most people are still wondering whether the U.S. Attorney will prosecute the case as have corporate self-dealing officers as in the Tyco case. 

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4 thoughts on “Oral Roberts University President: God Told Me to Resign”

  1. It would also seem that He lacks a broadband connection to this place.

    Hence the Theodore Bilbos, G W Bushes, Oral Roberts Jrs, and Enrons.

  2. It appears that God was evaluating the evidence and the statute of limitations. It is the eleventh amendment: Thou Shalt Not Make Legal Admissions or Waive Legal Defenses.

  3. I wonder why God didn’t tell Roberts to resign prior to the alleged criminal activity taking place.

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