Sudan Finds Teacher Guilty in Mohammad Teddy Bear Case

British teacher Gillian Gibbons, 54, has been found guilty of insulting Islam by a Sudanese “court” after she allowed her young students to name a teddy bear “Mohammad.”

She will receive jail time but not flogging in what constitutes an act of leniency in the grotesque world of Sudanese justice.  The result is that Sudan has now confirmed that it is not just a genocidal but fanatical and nonsensical as well.  For those who believe that government should enforce morality laws, Sudan offers a glimpse at the potential for such systems.

Khalid Mubarak, the media counselor at the Sudan embassy in London, is quoted as saying that “This woman is being dealt with in the proper ways in accordance with the laws of our country.” Of course, the problem is what Sudan considers to be law. While they seem to have serious trouble prosecuting genocide in Darfur, they clearly seem adept at nailing offensive teddy bear names.

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