Sperm Donor Found Liable For Child Support

A man in Nassau County was found to be liable for child support after he said that he donated sperm to a female co-worker as a friend.  The case adds another controversy to the field where a court recently held that a mother could put a child up for adoption without informing the father of the birth. 

What is most striking about the Nassau case is that Nassau County Family Court Judge Ellen Greenberg barred the man on Nov. 16 from having a paternity test to confirm his status despite the fact that the mother did not object. Greenberg ruled that the results could have a “traumatic effect” upon the child. This was pretty bizarre since the “child” is now 18 and knows that his father is contesting support.  

The man testified in the case that he was a physician where the mother worked as a resident.  He was told that the woman (a lesbian) and her partner wanted a child, so  he donated his sperm and the child was born on July 26, 1989.  His undoing may have been his willingness to have his name placed on the birth certificate and his sending of gifts to the boy periodically through the years.  

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