Black Firefighter Allegedly Planted Baltimore Noose Picture and Rope

The Baltimore Sun is reporting that the recent discovery of a rope and picture of a noose was a hoax, allegedly planted by African-American fire fighter and paramedic Donald Maynard.

On Nov. 21, Maynard and another fire fighters discovered the noose and a handwritten note that read, “We cant [sic] hang the cheaters but we can hang the failures. NO EMT-I, NO JOB.”With a rope was a drawing of a stick figure with a noose and the word “Stop” written below the message.

There has been a spat of recent noose incidents and this incident was the basis of a public outcry against racism in the department.The question here will be whether criminal charges are to be brought. If false statements were made to investigators, such charges can be brought as well as obstruction and other related charges.

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